A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 111

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 111

EP 19 – The sword should be used as a blade, not a body (5)

A military organization affiliated with the Superhuman League.

Details are yet to be determined.

Still, the cause was set as a support force for world peace.


The horse was an international peace force, and it was close to a policy for mass production of foreign workers. This is clearly a political engineering act that started at Lumiere’s request.

The reality is, to raise awareness of the EU by establishing an independent hunter force in Europe, and to force the EU to hold on to the ankles of European hunters not to go abroad.

catch the monster.

Bring the magic stone too.

Hunter was also taken out.


The EU can get valuable lessons that can’t be paid for, and European hunters can find a place to change jobs after hitting a f**king job.

As an added bonus, we are getting high-quality talent and solving the domestic job issue. In addition, industrial development through the supply and demand of manastone was equivalent to eating pheasants, eating eggs, ditching and catching crayfish.

the problem is.

“Can I ask about the status of the international military formation?”

Lee Choong-bin caught it.

“Uh? one minister. How can you not speak?”

* * *

It doesn’t matter where the information came from.

Because it was China.

“It is a self-evident fact that the power of Korean hunters is indescribable. I am really glad that Minister Han was willing to use such power for the sake of peace in Northeast Asia.”

I had to put out the fire that fell on my feet first.

The good news is that Lee Choong-bin wasn’t the kind of person who couldn’t talk.

If the vice-president had really been determined, he would have blown it up in the press. Now, this conversation was about when we were alone in the back room, so this must mean that this yangban also has a lot left to deal with.

In other words, it could be said that the current act is to ask if there is anything to offer instead.


Actually, the easiest way is to just send it. It was the same whether it was in Europe or China, and either way, it was the same.

The problem is that China is overestimating stimulants. Even Gam Gam Yoon over there is mistaken for a biological weapon created as a stimulant.

If South Korea’s elite troops are dispatched as desired, there may be some problems.

“……yes. First of all, it is true that we were discussing the international military in close cooperation with Europe.”

“Oh oh!”

“but. Since it is closely linked to Europe’s political internals, it is likely that the international military will be dispatched to Europe first.”


Li Choongbin’s expression hardened slightly.

I swallowed dry saliva.

at that time.

“…you are truly right!”

Li Choongbin smiled softly. He continued speaking in a kind voice.

“If it’s a European insider, I’ve heard of it. It must be because of the division of the public and private sectors. Isn’t that the lack of leadership from the central government? different from us haha!”

“Ah, ah ha ha…”

I quarreled with Lee Choong-bin’s kind laugh, but my smile wasn’t my smile.

Talking about the control of the central government in Northeast Asia wasn’t a joke about Chinese ideology, it meant that I knew I could help China if I wanted to.

Li Choongbin put a sword in his horse.

“That part should be understood by our Northeast Asia. It’s the same ‘federation’.”

“Tea, thank you very much.”

He sips his teacup and begins to drip friendship. Even while writing letters.

“Hey, no words. Sehanji Songbaek 岁寒知松柏, isn’t it?”

“Oh, um, that’s a wise statement.”

The green color of pine trees can only be seen in winter.

It was a Chinese proverb.


This maxim had a back verse.

“…that’s a sensible thing to say. sure.”

Friendship is seen only in tribulation.


After sipping a cup of tea for a moment, Li Choongbin continued to speak.

“…It has been a year since a foreign object appeared and harmed people. The reason we are so healthy is because of the ties between our neighbors. I think so.”

I swallowed dry saliva.

The old-fashioned Chinese that came out of Li’s mouth sounded low and seemed to growl to me.

“…at least until now.”

Interpretation: Is Europe your only friend?

After issuing an ultimatum calmly, Li Choongbin looked at me with a quiet smile.

The eyes of this old political officer contained many things. I realized that any justification or practical limit is now useless.

As a second-generation hunter and Nabal, I felt the fact that no matter how much I whined, it wouldn’t work.

It was a word made up only of catching the edge, but he pointed out a clear blind spot.


Now is the time to give the money to China.

Otherwise, I didn’t know what these crazy cubs would do.

“……ha ha ha.”


Now I don’t know either.

I unscrewed the screw halfway and wiped my mouth.

“I think the difficulties of national defense are due to the inadequacy of superhumans. No matter how hard government officials like us try, the bullets will run out someday, but isn’t it really difficult to increase the power of a person?”

“Huh. It’s natural. How easy it is to deal with people.”

“So, if there is a way to greatly increase the abilities of Hunters……”


Li Choongbin remained silent, but I did not miss his slight twitch.

The corners of his lips went up.

“……Have you ever heard of swordsmanship?”


“this. that. It’s a martial art developed in secret by our government…”

“We have achieved quite a lot of achievements even in the actual application…”

“The difference between a superman who has mastered swordsmanship and a superman who hasn’t, is the difference between heaven and earth…”

Originally, when selling drugs, they were selling at least nutritional supplements.

Seol Jin-woon must have been doing face-to-face training or closed-gwan training in Mt. Jirisan, so I summoned the head coach and showed Ri Choong-bin the deteriorating swordsmanship.

However, even when he saw the captain slicing steel with a toy rubber knife, Li Choongbin was interested, but he was not satisfied with it.

I teased my tongue for a while.

“…Sending a hunter is only a temporary measure of self-restraint. Ultimately, we need to improve the capabilities of Chinese hunters.”

“What do you think?”

“It’s not just Hunters. A large-scale research complex is already being established in Jeju Island. Don’t we know from past history that national power cannot be brought from foreign powers? The power of a foreign power is ultimately that of a foreign power, and it is right to increase the national power for the mainstream. And Korea can help self-development.”


“Look at it, Vice-Chairman. Friendship will last for 100 years, but national power will dictate for 1000 years.”


“Ah, you have arrived. Would you like to see this video?”

In the end, it was Seol Jin-woon’s martial arts martial arts that were filmed during the Seoul incident that persuaded him.

“Think about it. under close cooperation between the two countries. If we could train such hunters in large numbers…”



Seeing him swinging a sword the size of a street lamp in all directions and grinding flying monsters like a blender, Li Choong-bin gave a standing ovation and returned to China.

the problem is.

I think I met reporters on the way.

After a long six-hour marathon negotiation.

At a soup restaurant in Busan, while I was unpacking beef head soup with rice, I checked Naver news on an urgent phone call from the public relations secretary.

[Secretary Han Seung-moon leaked technology to Chinese hunters.]

[Joint research with China, good or bad?]

[Creative growth, digging up the reality!]

[Lee Chung-bin listed, I will join the magic revolution. profession!]

None of the things that came out in the article were clear.

It is natural.

I don’t know what this is either, but how did you come up with the answer?

It was a phenomenon similar to that no one could roughly define the creative economy, innovative growth, and the 4th industrial revolution.

I think something was good

don’t know what

That’s it.

It’s not a matter of right or wrong.

Because the future was something that could not be arbitrarily cut.

Be it a scientist, a politician or an economist.

So do I.

In fact, I don’t know if Seol Jinwoon’s sword skills can be easily trained. I’ve taught them all in the first place, but didn’t they say that only one of the co-pilots could imitate them?

And the Jeju Island Research Complex has just begun to roll. No one knows how much value it will create.

It is unclear to what extent they will cooperate with China, how they will think of it in Europe, or whether other hunters will pass on their know-how.

In the first place, I don’t know if the know-how that hunters have is so valuable. Once packaged well, but…


Things started to go in a direction I didn’t expect.


[It’s okay. Proceed.]


A stylish official residence in Haeundae, Busan.

The night view of Busan shining brilliantly through the window caught my eye, and I was sitting on the leather sofa in a soft bathrobe in a relaxed posture.

A cool air-conditioner breeze blew through my still dry hair. The president was behind the cell phone he was holding to his ear, so how could this not be a model of a powerful person?

I liked it all.

Except for what Yang Pan-seok said.

[No, in this or that, the point is, isn’t it that Korea is teaching China in the end?]

“That’s right…?”

[Well, I’m not teaching you anything really important. I think the picture will come out fine.]

Yang Pan-seok had a slightly harsh voice. I tried to deter him.

“No, President. In fact, it is close to convincing Lee Chung-bin to send him back. I haven’t been able to contact Seol Jinwoon’s side in the first place…”

[Anyway, what do you mean reforming? Regarding Hunter and his superpowers?]

“That’s right, isn’t it?”

[Can’t you call that portrait reform?]

portrait reform.

The catchphrase and the first promise of yangban-seok.

“…A portrait reform?”

Words have power. Sometimes some words make a person a president. This is also a kind of frame.

Park Geun-hye had the creative economy, Moon Jae-in had the liquidation of corruption, and Yoo Jae-gwang had the stability of the people’s livelihood.

And Yang Pan-seok is a portrait reform.

[Anyway, the vendors are complaining about the price of rice and things that have been frozen. At this point, I think it would be fine if we put a little bit of pride in the nation’s pride.]

“……no. Are you telling me to go ahead with this?”

[For now, let me hold you tight. I will do the packaging.]

“……I don’t even know what this is, do I?”

[Then start thinking about it now. If you have an idea, can’t you put it into practice?]

“I do it all with words.”

[Ah… did the minister use foam?]

If it’s black, it’s black.

“……Ah yes. All right.”

[okay. Let’s go eat eel together on the weekend. leave time blank Saturday 2pm.]

“I hate overcooked fish.”

[Don’t just try to eat it raw every day.]

“Because I don’t eat eel-”

Dump – !


Anyway, it’s the same whether it’s when you were a member of the parliament or now.

i won It’s like a damn inspiration.


The indoor prosthetic leg, which was rolling on the floor, was inserted into the blunt shin. Then he got up and drank a thick McCall from the refrigerator.

Carbonic acid bursts from his throat.


Of course, the inside was rotting.

Shit. Now that this has happened, I have to convince Seol Jinwoon somehow-

Ding – Dong – !

I checked the intercom at the sound of the doorbell.

When I pressed the button, I heard a familiar voice.

[Do you have any beer?]

“Uh… huh?”

It was Yeo Do-yeon.

[I have? no?]

“Is there…?”

[Open the door.]

“Here is the official.”

[open it.]


When I pressed the button, I heard the door open from the front door. I got dressed and went out to greet the guests.

Three beggar-shaped people entered the house side by side.

“…Did you bring briquettes?”

“Shut up.”

The three were covered in black ashes.

Yeo Do-yeon was the first to enter the house and go to the bathroom.

“…I’ll wash my face.”

“Uh, uh.”

Pi Chae-won glanced at me slightly and ran towards the sink.


“……Long time no see. Minister.”

“Uh, uh. Jinwoon Mr. Long time no see.”

Seol Jin-woon, the bearded man, was standing there like a beggar.

……Seol Jinwoon?

“Oh no! Our Jinwoon!”

Before I could finish my thoughts, my body moved first.

“What is this! Wash it first! Shave too!”

I grabbed Seol Jinwoon’s hand and ran to the bathroom. Then he grabbed Yeo Do-yeon’s back while she was washing her face and forcibly pulled her out, put Seol Jin-woon in the bathroom and closed the door.

“ah! f**k!”

“Hey, how did this happen?”

“Soap for the eyes! soap!”

I rubbed Yeo Do-yeon’s face with my T-shirt that was rolling on the floor.

“Why is Seol Jinwoon here? And where did this charcoal soot come from?”

“… well, damn it. What. There could have been.”

“What kind of bullshit!”

“Aww! What are you so fussy about?!”

“Persuasion? Did you succeed?”

“Oh, I don’t know, damn it…”

“therefore. did you help us? yes…?”

Seol Jinwoon gave the answer himself.

“I heard that you are looking for someone to take over superhuman education.”


“……Maybe, is there anything I can do to help?”

At that moment, I felt the energy of the whole universe enveloped me.

Yang Pan-seok’s voice he heard earlier echoed slowly in his mind.

[Did the minister put it in the form?]

Is not it.

That’s right.

If you can’t eat it even if you put a plate on it, that’s stupid.


[Samsung Psionic New Technology Announcement, What is Plasma Turbulence?]

[A large number of Superman League standing boards were appointed. A lot of greetings from the Chinese side.]

[Cho-Ryeon International Defense Force Commander, Noah Lumière on the list?]

[Consolidation of Jeju Research Complex? Announcement of a large-scale new city plan!]

[Four strategic industries, start full-scale operation.]

[Secretary Han Seung-moon fired the signal for portrait reform!]

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