A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 112

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 112

EP 19 – The sword should be used as a blade, not a body (6)

An unfamiliar energy began to permeate the government building in Sejong City.

At least the public officials who go to work there will be acutely aware that something is happening. And Prime Minister Yoo Jae-kyung, who was the pinnacle of public service, was no exception.

“Bring management leader #17! hurry!”

“Are you there, Secretary Park Seon-jong?”

“hello? yes! yes! I got a notice!”

Yoo Jae-kyung, who got off the black Equus, saw the lazy government officials running around, and was seriously worried about whether the gate was open in Busan.

Yoo Jae-kyung glared at the aide who was much bigger than him and shot him.

“hey. what is this?”

“I, me too…”

The assistant only tilts his head in bewilderment. Yoo Jae-kyung headed to the prime minister’s office, tilting his head with a dissatisfied expression.

The hallway, like the lobby, was filled with the cries of officials running around.

and. The moment Yoo Jae-kyung entered the office.

“Hey, hey…! What…!”

After checking the cooperation documents piled up like a mountain on the desk since morning. Yoo Jae-kyung felt as if he was running away from sleep.

Yoo Jae-kyung strode through the pile of papers. What kind of bastard has turned Sejong City upside down since morning? The culprit caught my eye right away.

The same signature was written under all the notices.

Minister of Portrait Management, Han Seung-moon.

* * *

“It’s fun. Go ahead.”

“Ugh. Do you think it will be ok to proceed?”

“It’s not that bad either. Proceed?”

“Enough. Let’s proceed.”

“It’s okay. Proceed.”

These are the words that Han Seung-moon has in his mouth these days.

Just as a newborn baby puts everything it touches into its mouth and sees it, Han Seung-moon was advancing everything it touched.

It seemed that his eyes had turned slightly.

Of course, it was the people who died, and Yoo Jae-young, an intern in the parliamentary office, was no exception.

“What is Ji-ji Yoo Jae-suk…!”

Sook – !

She sighed and piled up the fifth paper cup in the corner of the desk. It is hard work that cannot be sustained without drinking five cups of coffee a day.


He was 149cm tall just like his father, and he was just like his mother, so he looked like child labor exploitation at first glance.

Except for her particularly young appearance, she was an ordinary office worker. In fact, they were treated that way.


Yoo Jae-young, an intern secretary, had one big secret.

Follow me – !

“yes! Assemblyman Han Seung-moon’s office, huh? Dad?”

[Jae, Jaeyoung-ah…! Is your job okay…?]

It was that her father was Prime Minister Yoo Jae-kyung.

For that reason. The scene of an intern secretary in the House of Representatives’ office hung up the phone while getting nervous at the Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea.

“It’s business time…! Stop…!”

[Uh, come on, wait. Jae-Young-]

It was a taboo thing that could never be revealed that his father was the prime minister. How did it happen? To be honest, somehow, I got stuck in the interview.

If he was caught talking about it, he could be misunderstood that Yoo Jae-kyung had put a spy in, or he could be involved in a dispute that he had asked for a child’s greeting, and maybe even a scandal that he had inserted his daughter in order to marry Han Seung-moon.

At the very least, if the father of the intern’s secretary in the office of the ruling government is the prime minister, don’t you usually think of the dark and closed nature of power rather than coincidence?

If Han Seung-moon suffered damage like that, the arrow of anger would have returned to her father.

Therefore, Yoo Jae-young’s work life was a series of tight-knit tightrope.

Then one day,

“Ugh. Jae-young?”


At Han Seung-moon’s light gesture, Yoo Jae-young ran swiftly and bowed politely. He looked slightly sullen.

“Please tell the Prime Minister to contact you at a good time.”


A gloomy Hanjeongsik restaurant that often had secret meetings with Yoo Jae-kyung during the election season. I pushed Yoo Jae-kyung, who seemed to be sitting on a cushion of thorns, from the main point.

“The technological development of our large corporations is dazzling.”


I needed a knife holder.

A bastard who can forcefully oppress the chaebols.

“Well. The Jeju Research Complex lacks basic technology.”

The backstory was omitted. Because it sounded quite dangerous.

Fortunately, this veteran high-ranking official seemed to understand enough to say this. even to his position.

“…to do it. We can’t gather athletes from all over the world and make them weave from sandals.”

So I had to force the big companies to vomit the technology.

And there is only one right person for this job.

Former Minister of Strategy and Finance,

The order authority of the Fair Trade Commission and the Financial Services Commission.

In addition, Jang Jang, a former member of the Won Ok-bun regime.

The chaebol George did not have a swordsman like Yoo Jae-kyung.

Yoo Jae-kyung had frequent conflicts with chaebols in the process of controlling the Korean economy from the beginning. In fact, during the hearing, he was assaulted to the point of sounding a horse.

Mainly, there was a controversy over the aide’s abuse of power, and there was a little bit of gossip on social media. The problem is that it was on the 9 o’clock news. Yoo Jae-kyung bowed his head at the hearing and became Prime Minister.

This was also proof that the press had now gained freedom by freeing itself from the strict press control of the Won Ok-bun era and winning the election of Yang Pan-seok.

And that freedom is the freedom to play the pen and receive money.

In other words. It was the chaebols who rolled Yoo Jae-kyung into a chair. It is because the policy momentum is weakened by making the prime minister crippled. That way you can run your business comfortably.


It was really easy to impulse a wounded puppy. With just a little touch, poison can turn into a crazy dog.

“Do you need to take a bite?”

“……No, what. I would like to, but.”

“What are you doing? How great are our companies? Samsung Psionic, SK Innovation, and even the GS Magical Division.”

Yoo Jae-kyung flinched at the word GS.

His rebellion is that of Cheon Geum-soon. Who sparked the M&A war between large corporations and made blue-chip companies crippled?

I’ve been playing a game in the Korean economy to make a lot of money, so can it look good?

Of course, I and this yangban both tacitly (half-actively) cooperated at the time, but politicians are people who change their minds in seconds when it comes to me and Bari.

So, from Yoo Jae-kyung’s point of view, Cheon Geum-soon was a crazy rabbit that gnawed at the Korean economy, and was an economic criminal that should be caught right away.

“No, what. Korea Development Bank, Fair Trade Commission, Financial Services Commission. Isn’t that a lot? They’re not ignorant gents, so if you send me a signal, I think we’ll be actively cooperating.”

“…Aren’t you afraid of retaliation?”

So I leave it up to you to spread the responsibilities.

Instead of saying that, I just smiled.

Sometimes you need an excuse rather than a reason.

“The Prime Minister will not be held accountable.”

“…what do you mean?”

“It’s all VIP orders.”

The corner of the mouth of this veteran civil servant rose at the sound of not having to take responsibility.

“…there is no need to go to the Financial Services Commission.”

Yoo Jae-kyung raised her luxurious gold-rimmed glasses slightly.

“Depending on how you interpret the vote, even a child passing by can be arrested for tax evasion.”

The eyes of the venomous civil servant began to burn.

“It can be arranged at the National Tax Service line.”


[Are you crazy!?]

Yang Pan-seok over the phone raised his voice with great effort.

[How are you going to do it behind the scenes?]

I looked at the TV in the corner of the office with dry eyes. The announcer was introducing the awakening of a famous celebrity, Mr. Lee, and his heroic deeds.

Of course, in the news subtitles, harsh words such as ‘tax investigation’ and ‘confiscation and search’ are quickly passing by.

“…… huh. Someone taking blood pressure medication-”

[When I said I was going to promote portrait reform, when did I say that I was George of a conglomerate!?]

“Did you get any money during the election? Why are you so sensitive?”

[It’s not even a fuss because I’ve been answering calls since morning!]

Also. It was a move like a president who was elected with the support of the media and the chaebol. I sluggishly passed.

“……a! What! it’s okay! Aren’t they business people anyway? It will be nice if you return the money later. After the reform, the magic stone income will increase, and then you will have to pay it back.”

[okay. Anyway, I’m dry enough!]

“If anyone asks, I will say that the president is angry with me.”

Yang Pan-seok’s voice instantly calmed down.

[right. Anyway, if you need anything more, please contact me.]


[By the way, isn’t it too violent to be ripped off to get some skills? Politics in a way that makes enemies becomes difficult later.]

“You know there is a saying that you need to boil the water to catch a big fish.”


– Knock! Knock!

It also doesn’t look like a yangban.

“sorry. A guest has arrived.”

[okay. hard work.]

When Yang Pan-seok hung up the phone, I beckoned lightly. The aide opened the door, and a woman in a white suit rushed out.

A familiar, thin voice was heard. It wasn’t as easy as usual.

“Oh no…! How did this happen…?”

“Uh, Mr. Chen. You said you were under a tax audit? I’m sorry for what has happened.”

When he gestured to the aide, the office became a secret room for the two of them.

I started to drink a warm barley tea in the corner, and Cheon Geum-soon sat down on the sofa with a deeply distressed expression and bit her nails.

“I used to be a Kuomintang line… this isn’t it!”

“I’m sorry. Well.”

Cheon Geum-soon, who was more crying than usual, rumbled wildly and threw the scarf embroidered with black embroidery.

“I poured 20 billion won during the election!”

“Why does the number increase every time we see each other?”

“I heard it. Anyway!”

Cheon Geum-soon glared at me and folded her arms, and I smiled leisurely and held out the barracuda tea to her.

“Because the VIPs are saying that the chaebols should be disciplined…”

“…the director said that all of this was the minister’s arbitrariness?”

“It is a blatant lie. it.”


“What kind of power do I have to control the chaebol?”

He shrugged lightly, but Cheon Geum-soon didn’t believe it. It was obvious from the fact that his lips were sticking out.

What. It doesn’t really matter what she thinks.

The important thing is that I am the only person who can protect the GS group.

I smiled smartly.

“Ah, I have something to suggest to you.”

“I’m not going to listen.”

“It makes money.”

“You tell me.”

“Where was the jurisdiction of GS Aegis now?”

Each guild is assigned a jurisdiction.

To be precise, it is the role of managing the local monsters so that they do not grow more than necessary. It also bears a bit of defense responsibility for the area.

In other words, you can only hunt in that area and collect magic stones. In a world where magic is money, it was natural that the larger the jurisdiction, the larger the company size and profits.

Of course, the selection of the jurisdiction is the responsibility of the portrait management department.

And in the case of GS.

“…Youngwol, Samcheok, Jeongseon, Pyeongchang, and Gangneung.”

It was around the southern part of Gangwon-do. It is closely related to the main force of the Chungcheong Defense Line, and although the number of monsters is sparse, it is a land of yolk that is constantly supplied.

It was also the biggest benefit I gave her.

I asked her.

“Aren’t you planning to expand the jurisdiction a little?”

“…too much is dangerous. It’s a perfect situation for Hunter Sue.”

“Hunter, you can choose a new one.”

“Where are you going to get it?”

“I do not know. Roughly…”

Seeing me smile, Cheon Geum-soon trembled as if she sensed an ominous premonition.

however. It was too late to run away.



Cheon Geum-soon, dressed in a stylish white suit and stylish scarf, decorated the entire page of the newspaper in a very crooked but stylish pose.

Her concept article went something like this:

[Defense Agency launched! GS large-scale business expansion.]

[GS Defense Agency, the first international PMC!]

[Large-scale recruitment of second-generation hunters, investment of 46.96 trillion won!]

Crazy – !

When I folded the newspaper and put it on the table, I caught my eye, sitting across from it, the Jeju Governor Chung Jung-yeop. I feel it every time I see him, but only his face is a very handsome middle-aged man.

He was holding the business plan I had given him, and he had a very perplexed smile.

“Jeju Advanced Science and Technology Complex…”

“How is it?”

“…..ha ha ha!”

The audience laughed softly. It was his trademark that aunts like it so much, but it didn’t work for me.

I urged him.

“The horse is a high-tech park. He had an ambitious plan to create the Silicon Valley of Northeast Asia. After all, aren’t you just building apartments?”

“It’s embarrassing, but it is.”

“I’d rather have the Portrait Research Center be placed on some site this time. Why don’t we convert the apartment area into a Hunter Lab and Academy?”

“……ha ha ha!”

“ha ha ha! Is it difficult to find land on Jeju Island? I need your help, Governor. I.”

The audience expressed displeasure with my proposal.

“I’m sorry, but the high-tech science complex project is being promoted by a special corporation called Jeju Free International City Development Center. It is a public institution under the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport…”

It was a typical public official’s excuse and euphemism to go to the next department because it’s not under his jurisdiction, but-

“……ha ha ha! is that so?”

“ha ha ha…”

“By the way. Governor.”

it didn’t work for me

“Who appointed the chairman there?”

“……Heh heh heh heh!”


The audience frowned with a handsome smile, but I had no intention of letting him go. I grabbed his hand tightly.

“The governor is so popular. I heard a lot of people follow.”

In fact, it’s not about popularity, it’s about power.

In Jeju Island, the head of a basic group is appointed by the governor, and the autonomous police also have the authority equivalent to the presidential decree by the governor’s order.

In other words, Jeju Island is perfectly the governor’s Nawabari. The place that starts with the provincial governor and ends with the provincial governor is Jeju-do.

I showed a soft smile.

“With a little help from the governor… I think things will be really easy, right?”

Chung Jung-yeop did not even put saliva on his lips and recite euphemisms.

“of course! It’s me, Minister, the words I want to help are like a chimney…”

The audience was really sad. At least that’s how it looked.

“Actually, I am coordinating the opinions of many people. There are many aspects that it is difficult for me to make a judgment like this on my own.”

It was the sound that the chaebols were paying attention. Now, among the chaebols in Korea, there are few people who do not live on Jeju Island.

Even Arab and Chinese chaebols have come to Jeju Island quite a bit. Of course, in expressing a proper ‘patriotism’.

Therefore, Chung Jung-yeop is a person who has no choice but to represent the interests of the wealthiest people in Korea. In the beginning, one of the support bases for this person was the FKI. It was the audience who ate dinner with Lee Gye-yong every day.


From the point of view of the chaebol, it was obvious that they would think that it would be beneficial to build an apartment ignorantly and play with the world’s most expensive house price rather than putting some human weapons in the neighborhood.


Now, the reality is that we are sitting in an apartment building on a vast piece of land in the Jeju High-tech Industrial Complex, which dreams of becoming the Silicon Valley of Northeast Asia.


Most importantly.

That was not my thing.

“In today’s world, it’s easy to demolish an apartment. Let’s stop the construction and build the Hunter facility.”

“……ha ha ha!”

“I heard that the Jeju Autonomous Police Expansion Act is pending.”

“……ha ha ha.”


“……Tell me.”

I repeat. The Jeju Autonomous Police Corps listened to the governor’s order. Korea was a centralized system in which the Commissioner General of the National Police Agency took control of the police power, but Jeju Island was the only exception.

It is a kind of local government.

Originally, there were a lot of tourists, so the organization was created to keep the traffic order. In the current situation, that role would be very different.

Since the population of Jeju Island has more than tripled in the first place, and the key period of government and business has been relocated to Jeju Island, revision of the Police Act was a necessary issue.

the problem is.

“Aren’t the bills floating around for two months now?”

“…that’s right.”

It is said that the National Assembly is debating whether to put the Jeju Autonomous Police under the head of the National Police Agency or leave it under the governor.

No matter how much Chung Jung-yeop uses his dragon, he is unable to pass it because of opposition from the National Defense Party. Thanks to this, there has been no expansion of the Jeju Police Department at all.


There were only two people in South Korea who could solve this problem.

One is President Yang Pan-seok.

the other one.

“Do you like the apartment, Governor? Do you like superhuman facilities?”

who is it

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