A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 115

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 115

EP 20 – Hunter Academy (2)

The unidentified monster hesitated and took a step back. He was a suit with sunglasses and a black mask.

The boy opened his mouth in confusion. I could feel the reverberation peculiar to the North Korean dialect.

“Hey, what is this…!”

The moment I heard the strange tone of Korean, a name flashed through my mind.

A red gang who started a rebellion with tens of thousands of people in Kaesong, tried to smuggle Baekdu blood into South Korea, and betrayed Seol Jinwoon during the Seoul incident.

Instantaneous ability.

Lee Cheol-jin.

* * *

On the dark coastal road of Jeju Island, Lumière’s shield covered us. She wrapped her body around me and confronted the monster.

The important thing was that she was holding me.

I instinctively stretched out my hand towards the monster.


A beam of light came out of the air and rushed towards the monster. It was a speed that was difficult to catch up with with the naked eye, but the laser only rubbed the hem of the assailant.

A beam of light strayed from the man and burned the asphalt floor. The lightly melted asphalt simmered.

Apparently, the guy’s physical is unusual.

I spread the light on the floor to catch him. I thought I was going to light a fire on the field. It’s like dealing with Hong Seon-ah’s abilities.

The magic of light, which spread out as if scanning all directions, was attached to the body of the monster. I condensed my magic as I imagined his body on fire.

Lumiere’s magical power was clinging to the body of the assailant who was running away quickly. The magical power did not form a concrete form and was concentrated in him. It’s like big fireflies clinging to each other.


Just as Gam Ji-yoon grabbed a monster with her telekinetic power, she grabbed a monster with her magical powers, and a prison of light was created around the monster in an instant.

The assailant was trapped in a translucent force field.


Even I was surprised by my skills, and voices leaked out. If you try again, you probably won’t.

the problem is. When Lumière saw this, he was terrified and took a step back.

“Bah, what did you just-”

“Don’t let go!”

I hurriedly grabbed Lumière’s thin forearm, but she and I had lost contact once.

The monster escaped from the force field.

Then the assailant put his hand in his inner pocket, took something out and threw it at us.

Lumiere wrapped her body around me, her shield shone stronger and brighter, and the assailant shouted at us.

“Sin, I’m sorry!”

The assailant threw a thin letter at us.

The paper fluttered and fell in front of us.

The monster disappeared into the darkness again.


In conclusion, the assailant was Li Choongbin’s emissary.

Lee Choong-bin has something to tell us urgently, but it is dangerous to use a computer network, so a Korean-Chinese Chinese agent was sent to us.

Of course it would be a big deal if that bastard had a pistol, but no. Even if we had already caught the Chinese by the collar, it was a no-brainer, but seeing the contents of the letter left by the emissary, my heart calmed.

After pushing back the bodyguards and police forces that had gathered in an instant, and keeping their mouths shut, Lumière and I secretly checked his letter in the hotel room.

Nice calligraphic writing was filling the paper.

Shit. it’s chinese

I narrowed my eyes and barely read the contents of the letter.

‘Please be careful and deliver the message to comrade Minister Han Seung-moon and Comrade Lumière Executioner. Years pass and the world is getting colder, and the fresh warmth is finally embraced. I can’t hide my true joy as the season has finally come when the people can enjoy peace.

The fact that this reign is the result of the harmony of the nations is truly admiring the hearts of the elderly. But, how can you expect an insect that lives in this world to know the cold?夏蟲語氷

It is truly worrying that the narrow-minded fly worm is trying to disturb the peaceful world. I am sending an emissary to deliver a cautionary message to my dear comrades…’

So, it’s really hard to say. It became difficult to interpret because I kept mixing up old and new words metaphorically. Fortunately, the Chinese characters are quite famous.

When I was in college, the text was more difficult than the textbook I majored in, but since the sender was a human being, I desperately read the letter.


“Hey, crazy…”

I realized why Lee Choong-bin sent the letter in such a rude and idiotic manner.

The moment it leaks

The world is turned upside down.

Each of the written contents were first-class secrets with enormous ripple power.

‘The Yamaguchi-gumi Yamaguchi-gumi Yakuza forces centered on Osaka subdued Kobe Yamaguchi-gumi through a struggle and unified the government offices. On the surface, there is a confrontational relationship, but the government is strong enough to absorb many of the powers of the government. It can be said that the archipelago was indeed divided by the Hida-Kiso Mountains.’

The rise of the Yakuza.

‘So, 52 hours ago as of today, the Japanese government raided Sumiyoshikai and Inagawakai in Tokyo. About 400 people were killed by bullets, and 5,600 people were found to have been shot and killed during the sweeping operation, including members of the subordinate organizations and civilians.’

government counterattack and massacre.

‘A civil war broke out. To be precise, there were two all-out wars between the superhumans on both sides, starting with the Kiso Mountains and Shizuoka. It is impossible to determine the exact amount of damage, but it is certain that there is considerable damage to the superhuman forces of both sides.’

civil war.

‘With the intervention of the US 7th Fleet, the civil war was stopped and the press was controlled, but the central region is facing temporary anarchy. Besides, an upper-middle-class gate has occurred in Nagoya, the border of both sides, but both sides have given up protection and the city is becoming a monster.’

Those in power who abandoned the people.

‘A new monster has been discovered. In the US military, it was called the Monster Plant. In Korea, the name “Queen” is mainly used. Great joint, a large-scale biome has covered the mountains of central Japan, and monstrous structures have begun to constantly produce monsters.’

monster. calamity. catastrophe.

‘The US forces responded immediately and dropped tactical nuclear bombs to clear the area. However, the Ministry of National Security confirmed that some civilians were also killed. You may use this as a diplomatic means if necessary.’

US intervention.

‘The Government Self-Defense Force and the Yakuza are both groups that need US military support, so the civil war did not escalate but was mediated, but assassinations and sabotage are going on inside both sides. So, it seems that the President of the United States has reconsidered diplomatic credibility with Japan.’

And the American judgment.

‘The United States is looking for a new diplomatic ally in East Asia.’

diplomatic change.

‘Now, the plenipotentiary of the United States has expressed his intention to recognize the effective control of Taiwan and Tibet on our side. He also stated that he intends to dispose of the Taiwanese president who was in custody. Of course, the president is going to reject all proposals, but at my request, the US has entered into long-term negotiations and is holding its feet.’

Choongbin Lee’s advice.

‘Comrades. Judge wisely. Sooner or later, the United States will do everything in its power to undermine the friendship of the Superman League. Although I can’t write everything on the page, I’m not hesitating about all sorts of special numbers.’

And one last request.

‘Cooperation with the United States is definitely necessary at some point. Because it is clear which country is most concerned about when turning it into an enemy. However, I believe that the five senses are justified in an alliance-level treaty rather than an individual secret agreement.’

I read his last words slowly.

“…At this point in time when superhuman exchanges are taking place for the first time, it is really regrettable that we have to discuss these issues. However, this is the last hope of this old man, because in this harmony, the people begin to find peace.”

I put the letter down.

“…I look forward to a thoughtful judgment.”

Calligraphy disappeared after about two hours.

On the desk in the dimly lit hotel room, there are only white papers on the desk.


The next day, Chinese reserve hunters arrived. However, contrary to the original plan, Lee Choong-bin was not on the visitor list. Instead, a standing member of the Central Politburo and deputy secretary of the Party dynasty under the State Council came instead.


The reason was pretty much guessed. I informed Yang Pan-seok of the incident, and completed the diplomatic process as smoothly as possible.

With this, a total of 1,000 pre-administration stimulants arrived, 500 each from Europe and China. The full-fledged academy schedule started on the 3rd day.

Complete personality survey and psychological counseling, aptitude test and physical diagnosis, etc.

Counselors filtered out some of the psychopaths, Chaewon lightly beat industrial spies, and medical staff filtered out people who would be at risk if they were given stimulants.

Originally, I was going to cut it very tight, but my instructions lowered the standard considerably. About 940 out of 1,000 were confirmed to be administered stimulants.

Originally, it was intended to show that Korea had a central position in the process of administering stimulants, but the US is aiming for Northeast Asia.


“…Let’s finish this schedule as smoothly as possible.”

“It’s a sympathy.”

Lumiere and I decided to finish the 1st Hunter Academy neatly somehow.

“Once the 4th day schedule is over today, isn’t it?”

“……It will start in earnest from tomorrow.”

“I will tell you to be very careful.”

“Thank you, Minister. I’m begging you too.”

This hunter exchange consisted of a schedule of roughly 12 days.

“For now, researchers and entrepreneurs will roughly lock themselves up in a banquet hall and start interacting on their own if it’s a rice cake. Let’s schedule the presentation a little bit, and let’s just leave it alone.”

“Hunters seem to need some management.”

“Once I made some plans…”

European welcome on the 1st day,

Chinese welcome ceremony on the 2nd day,

Test and administration of stimulants on the 3rd day,

On the 4th day, safety and health check (ability test).

“About 2 people are unconscious and about 8 people are half-monstrous, so there is nothing wrong. Even if it looks a little strange on the outside, he is a human being.”

“…I will instruct you to proceed as quietly as possible.”

“thank you. bailiff. Anyway, starting tomorrow is the problem…”

Day 5. Start of large-scale training.


This is where the biggest problem started. This is because approximately 2,000 hunters will be educated by elite hunters. This is a large-scale itinerary that uses the entire spacious Jeju University.

How can educating 2,000 people and the fact that hunters work together to pass on know-how in a calm and calm manner?

Moreover, there are fewer than 1,000 newly awakened people in China and Europe combined. In other words, it was said that 1,000 hunters would be newly joined here.

“…our second-generation hunters will join us tomorrow.”

They were Korean hunters who would be dispatched to Europe on the same plane when the hunters who received the stimulant returned home this time.

And most of them are relatively newbies. Of course, everyone must have combat experience, but they weren’t just flying yangbans like the friends of the Dongdaemun and Apgujeong factions.

So they were also going to be educated at this academy.


Safety, fighting, arguing, accidents, vandalism, urination on the street, etc. All sorts of worries were unavoidable.


In the morning, there is a common class held in the auditorium. This is a class about essential common sense that all hunters should know.

About 200 people attend on-site lectures in the auditorium, and the rest watch on TV or projector screens in their assigned classrooms. Especially for foreigners, subtitles are needed, so I watched it on my cell phone.

Of course, I don’t take the exam.

It’s a loss if you don’t listen.

“There is something called a queen inside the gate. Foreigners say it’s a monster plant, right? After all, the horse is a queen, but it’s actually a wriggling building. Occasionally, a legged bastard moves. Anyway, he’s the culprit behind the production of monsters…”

“The Queen’s core is located in the center of the inner space of the gate. If you remove it and throw the disruptor developed in Korea, the space axis is twisted while the queen is regenerated and the gate is closed. Of course, you have to get out before that, right?”

“It is a well-known fact that monsters adapt to their local environment. So it is an indigenous species to haunt. They are cubs who use the terrain very viciously, and the typical example is the electric spider. It spreads spider webs on the power lines of the transmission tower and eats people…”

“Hunters are divided into two types. Physical and Psionic. First of all, physical hunters deal with the magical powers in their bodies. Body transformation and body strengthening are mostly this. And the psychic hunters deal with magical powers outside the body. My friends, who are usually called telecommuters, are representative…”

After that, each hunter was divided into two classes and took classes.

both in the physical realm and in the mental realm.

For reference, there were some people with special abilities (including semi-monstrous yangbans) like Nana and Pi Chae-won, but they were isolated early and started a detailed examination.

Anyway, the class went smoothly.

By the way, one of the professors in the physical world is Yeo Do-yeon.

“First of all, there are different ways of fighting between cubs and cubs. What is the skill of dealing with people? Boxing, taekwondo, karate, what, a lot? After all, wrestling and jiu-jitsu are martial arts against people. In fact, it’s really useless against monsters. I know a little bit about being a mixed martial artist when I was young.”

As usual, he was dressed in trousers and a loose-fitting shirt, with his hands in his pockets, and walked out sullenly. Even looking at the camera, I think the impression is very dirty.

“However, how to punch properly and how to kick properly can be used very effectively. As our power grows stronger than before, how we use our power efficiently makes a huge difference in catching monsters…”

I was a little surprised that Yeo Do-yeon gave a better lecture than I expected.

On the other hand, the lectures of people with mental abilities were a little ambiguous.

“It is said that, in theory, you can do anything with magic. Healers can spew flames, telecasters can create ice blocks. However, we usually only use one or two abilities. That’s called aptitude…”

“It’s all because we have different images in our heads. In fact, telecommunication magicians are also very detailed. Whether it’s dealing with straight forces in a gravity style, grabbing and moving objects, or cutting through the air…”

“Actually, we have to think of horses as psychics, each with different superpowers. At some point, you wake up and you have a new arm, and you just instinctively move it, but you can’t imagine a tail and then move your tail…”

On the second floor of the auditorium, Lumière, who was taking a class next to me, suddenly tapped my shoulder.


“Oh, yes.”

“Last time, that laser.”

“What laser?”

“The technology used by the emissary.”

“ah. Is that…?”

Lumiere smiled brightly and tilted her head.

“Can you teach me how to use it?”

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