A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 117

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 117

EP 20 – Hunter Academy (4)

The person that Pi Chae-won felt most comfortable with was Han Seung-moon.

It was Han Seung-moon who went to Homeplus with me every weekend, and it was Han Seung-moon who sometimes called when I started crying because of depression, and it was Han Seung-moon who almost hung out with me all day.

To be honest, I felt a little bit dependent.

However, it was Han Seung-moon who felt the most uncomfortable.

“… … You want more bodyguards?”

“Ugh. Don’t read your mind.”

“… … Most of the time, I don’t read it.”

Life goes on and on, and suddenly, more than a year has passed since Han Seung-moon’s life as secretary.

However, no matter how much experience he accumulated, he could not even guess what this lame man was thinking.

Exactly, I didn’t want to know.

that too.

“Buy some chocolate for a snack. With mint flavor.”

talking about snacks

“Oh right. Keep an eye on the Japanese-blooded kids. got it?”

I do not hesitate to bring this story out. how can you catch up

Of course, I could read his mind in every detail if I wanted to, but most of the time, the more I look at his heart, the more tired I am, so I kept my abilities as low as possible.

now just.

It wasn’t bad to just live life on someone’s back like this. No matter what I tried to do, the world didn’t change. So, close your ears.


You can’t help but listen to what’s coming out of your mouth.

“How is the status of the hunters who are quarantined after being given stimulants? A little less than 10 people. It’s an anomaly.”

“… … I’ve been a human all my life, and I’ve become a half monster. His personality is fine, but his mental state is a bit unstable.”

“Hey, it’s like a person trapped in a monster body… … . Can’t drugs calm you down? First, take some samples and send them to Cheongsong. Dr. Do will like it. He whined every day that there was nothing to do except flirting with the place manager… … .”

* * *

Even if I took a few hours off in the evening to teach hunters, my main job was a politician. So, you have to focus on your main job outside of class time.

And the most important task of a politician is also-


“Gee, kimchi?”


It was a photo shoot.

But I frowned at the selfie I took with Lumiere.

The photo was taken like an uncle fan flirting with a French model. Besides, if you look closely, you are an uncle, but if you look closely, you are an uncle.

“… … Hmm.”

Obviously Lumière was several years older than me, but somehow the picture was taken upside down.

And while I was in the awkward pose of a politician, Lumière even leaned over like a model in case someone wasn’t French.

It’s a picture I don’t like.

I beckoned to Pi Chae-won with an uncomfortable expression. And Pi Chae-won approached me with a gloomy tumble.

“hey. Chae Won-ah. How do you add effects to your selfies?”

“… … A filter?”

He had an expression on his face asking if he was just calling himself for something like this, but I hid my anger and asked him.

“Hey, to get rid of blemishes and dark circles… … .”

“… … I don’t think this is a problem that can be solved with correction.”

Pi Chae-won relentlessly erased the selfie and took a picture of us with her cell phone.


Magic happened.

“… … Wow, what do you have to do with a photo to make it like this?”

“Hey, a little bit of Instagram a while back-”

“Can I put this on the election poster as it is?”

I made a Facebook page on the spot and gave it to him.

“I’ll give you a raise, so take care of your social media.”

“… … yes?”

“No, there is such a thing as a publicity fairy.”

Actually, I did it because I wanted to give a hobby to Pi Chae-won, who walks around in a gloomy mood every day. Isn’t SNS a channel for communication?

If you look around the house, you will find nothing but a portrait of a portrait and the smell of incense. I’ve never seen anything change other than the furniture I had.

Whether it’s work, hobbies, or work, the sadness will disappear.

Of course, even when I thought about it, I had a bit of an old-fashioned mind, but I have had the experience of focusing on my studies since my parents passed away. Thanks to that, I went to the National University in Seoul. Although it is a model for a disabled person.


If Jung is having a hard time, isn’t it a problem to reduce work again?

I just did it because I thought so.


It was about 41 minutes later that the words ‘The Minister shoots lasers’ along with some photos were posted on Facebook.

* * *

After that, we toured the training sites of Hunters all day. They often give me some compliments and advice.

In the process, I was able to meet all kinds of geniuses.

“ruler! ruler! Gun recoil is very strong, isn’t it? You can even do evasive maneuvers by slightly adjusting the center of gravity! Especially for large species, there is not much aiming. If you just hold the assault rifle with both hands and go round and round—”

Starting with middle school girls who say that when fighting monsters, they don’t have to avoid it, but rather move with recoil while shooting with both hands.

“There are people who have changed their taste after awakening. Yes, because my sense of smell is sensitive. You have the qualities of a explorer. From the beginning of the incident, I served as a reconnaissance team at the Apgujeong camp. And more than 40% of my usefulness was the sense of smell. Later, you will have to use hearing, the sound of the ground, and even a sense of smell, but the basic sense of reconnaissance is the sense of smell. We’re like dwarfs who avoid drunken soju bottles with their sixth sense—”

“I have a question! Instructor Joe!”

“… … What is it?”

Jo Jo, who wears a school uniform that has dried up blood every day,

“The most important thing is the number of pages. Put it in a corner and give it to a group of people.”

“On YouTube, you go into the monster’s mouth and come out with his skull peeled.”

“Try it once. See how it goes.”

Even Yeo Do-yeon, who kindly teaches young boy soldiers.

Numerous hunters passed on their know-how to newcomers. And they were much more interesting than I thought. Sometimes it surprises me.

Whether it’s a method to lure a flying monster with a cell phone flash, a method to distinguish a monster that burns easily with footprints, or a method to destroy a giant monster that walks on two legs with a power pole.

And those hack tips came from hunters I don’t know well. Rather, it seemed that the skills of the unknown hunters were superior to those of the famous hunters.

Was it an effort to cover the lack of power with technology? I even thought about hiring them as teachers and using them as educators.


The most popular hunters were different.

“You should think of the sword as your body—”

“What the f… … !”

“身劍一体… … !?”

This is Seol Jinwoon

Every time he finished speaking, everyone’s murmurs followed.

“… … Hmm! him, and. If you can feel the blood flowing through your arm and let the magic flow—”

“Wow… … !”

“Sword Master… … .”

Seol Jinwoon was uniquely surrounded by a large number of people, and he continued to explain with a face blushing from embarrassment.

Every time he finished speaking, foreigners who put an interpreter in their ears were amazed by putting in all kinds of chums. The murmur made me wonder if a celebrity had come from anywhere.

And that reached its climax when Seol Jinwoon fired his sword into the sky.


A standing ovation broke out.

Seol Jin-woon’s swordsmanship was already reported in the foreign press. Powerful, efficient, and cool.

This time at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs! And the edited video from the defense of Seoul that was released on YouTube also played a role in Seol Jinwoon’s popularity.

Of course, it was natural for all kinds of reporters to rush to Seol Jinwoon as soon as the class was over.

“Seol Jinwoon! People from all over the world-”

“A brief summary of the know-how of sword-”

“Recently classified as a Dongdaemun faction-”


Politicians never lose track of time.


I poked my head at the exquisite timing. And he put his hand on Seol Jinwoon’s waist and made a friendly two-shot for the camera.

“to… … First of all, I am always grateful to the fact that talented people like Hunter Seol Jin-woon have become a strong pillar of the Republic of Korea.

Bringing reporters’ microphones is third-rate.

Reporters requesting an interview are second-rate.

Once you open your mouth, reporters come to visit you.

As soon as I started speaking, all the reporters naturally moved their microphones, and even foreign media who didn’t know me moved their boom microphones.

“And also to Lumière Executive Officer, Vice-President Ri Choong-bin, and Association President Hong Seon-ah, I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude as Minister of Portrait Management.”

The interview was continued in a calm and calm voice, with a facial expression of half sadness and half sadness.

“However, more importantly, we must never forget that this peaceful Republic of Korea was made thanks to our many pioneers and heroes, including our hunter Seol Jin-woon.”

Finally, I hit a line to appear on the main news at 9 o’clock today.

“… … The current Hunter Academy is how the Republic of Korea remembers them. I came here with that thought. We ask for a lot of support from the people.”

* * *

“No, how can you choose only such pretty words?”

“Hey, did you see it?”

“Everyone I saw!”

Yang Pan-seok put on his magnifying glasses and smirked and held out his iPad to me. My face was hanging on the main page of Naver News.

“My guess is that you picked it up nicely for the interview, so I called Chairman Lee and asked me to put some pictures on it.”

“Are you curious about this?”

“We are working on four strategic projects. Young’s reaction wasn’t very good, so… … .”

Four strategic projects.

It was Yang Pan-seok’s main promise along with the portrait revolution.

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport National Reconstruction Project.

Food self-sufficiency project of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.

The territorial sea defense project of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries.

Ministry of Health National Medical Project.

All of them were essential to Korea. Home, food, safety, health.

“… … What’s wrong?”

“all! just! all!”

“You seem to be under a lot of stress… … .”

Yang Pan-seok banged on the table to see if there was a lot of tantrums, and he continued to lament. It was fortunate that it was a closed room in a bunker 200 meters below the ground, but when the news came out, the image could be broken.

“They come out with a sign asking them to build their neighborhood first because they want to build a building, and they come out with a sign asking why they can’t take part because they will provide food, clothing and shelter instead of freezing the price of rice. I came out, and the monsters gave free medical care to the injured, so the doctors and pharmacists called me a redneck… … !”

Cologne! Cologne! Cuckoo!

Yang Pan-seok, who poured out a scream that he did not know whether it was coughing or spitting phlegm, pulled out a few Kleenex and wiped the area around his mouth.

I patted him on the back with pitying eyes.

“Isn’t blood pressure at a dangerous age… … ? Be careful… … .”

“If you cut it down to 60, politicians are in their prime, man. … … Cologne!”

“Not physiologically.”

“okay. It would be great to be young.”

write… … !

This is a bit of a goofy comment.

As I tilted my head because it was a little fuzzy, the yangban-seok moved over.

“Whew… … . In fact, the yangbans who came out saying “Pimpy” can fire water cannons, and freeze rice prices are a problem that can be pushed through administrative enforcement. If you go to the bereaved family of the monster and beat an egg and cry a little, it will be solved… … .”

“Isn’t free medical care for the whole nation a bit unreasonable?”

Yang Pan-seok nodded his head.

“You seem to have pushed yourself to step on Wonok Bun.”

“Hey, doctors are double, so if you really cut it, that’s the problem, right?”


“So why did you call me?”

“Is there any way?”


“Is there any way?”

“No, what’s the best way to pop out—”

“therefore. no?”

“… … It is not again.”

* * *

“Mr. Geum-soon?”

Of the 2,000 trainees of the Hunter Academy, half were second-generation hunters who would be dispatched to Europe as soon as the academy was over. And about 300 of them belong to the GS defense agency.

So, it wasn’t that difficult to find Cheon Geum-soon near the Hunter Academy. I visited her in the penthouse on the top floor of the GS Hotel on Jeju Island. It’s probably a building that was stolen through a merger and acquisition.

“anybody home… … ?”

Inside the house, all kinds of clothes and luxury bags were messy, and papers with Post-it notes were rolling on the floor, and above all, it was full of strong cigarette smoke.

“Collock… … !”

I coughed at the cigarette smoke and headed into the living room.

“… … who are you?”

“Uh, Mr. Chen.”

“ah… … . Are you here?”

She was wearing a white bathrobe, smoking a cigarette, and squatting in front of her laptop like an idiot. The ashtray was piled up with mountains.

His eyes were red and bloodshot, as if he were looking at rabbit eyes. It looks like he slept well for a few nights.

I wondered what he was doing with the shocking visual, but I naturally smiled and shoved the pizza in.

“Haha, I bought some Domino’s steak pizza-”

“Put it away… … .”

“Write… … !”

Does this gentleman want to knit with a National Tax Service official?

It was a little uncomfortable, but Cheon Geum-soon immediately started crying.

“If you eat it, you have to work again… … !”

“Aren’t you supposed to buy hard work when you’re young?”

“I don’t want to hear things like that from my peers… … .”

“If you want to take care of your health, stop smoking first.”

“Ugh… … German potions are good for the lungs… … .”

Cheon Geum-soon mumbled a bitter sound and got up tumbled and poured a drink from the refrigerator.

Sol’s eyes? It was a drink I had never had in my life.

“… … Well! Is it delicious?”

“Some of them were tasteless.”

“It’s okay. Give me more.”

Cheon Geum-soon poured me a drink with a disgusted expression. She murmured without a malt.

“… … Yes. So what… … ?”

“It’s no different, isn’t there a Hunter rating system?”

“Ah yes… … .”

“How far have you gone?”

Cheon Geum-soon continued to explain without strength while washing her face with dark circles.

“Ugh… … . Similar to civil servants, I was assigned a grade from 1 to 9.”


“Grade 1 is the lowest, and Grade 9 is the highest. If an out-of-standard hunter appears, there will be a level 10, right?”

“Oh, then how did you set the standard?”

“That’s why I’ve been up all night for days.”

Cheon Geum-soon started a new heartbreak.

“It’s the Hunter Academy season, so we’re getting research data from researchers from Europe and China, and we’re working on a standard to measure the strength of Hunter. China has already developed a method to improve internal magic? Maybe it’s to manage the dangerous seed hunters, but… … .”


“What criteria should be set from 1st to 9th grade, what kind of benefits to which grade, what ratio is appropriate, and whether a hunter with strong ability and inexperience can receive a high grade. What. If we dig into the details, there will be no end, but now the strands are-”

“We do it on a performance basis.”

Cheon Geum-soon’s body stiffened.

She asked me as if she had heard something I couldn’t hear. As usual, the crawling voice was trembling.


“Let’s do it on a performance basis. All hunters start at rank 1. The level goes up as you gain experience in government commissions, security work, and monster hunting.”


“And especially for medical hunters. How about giving extra points for serving at the national health center?”


“This is a VIP instruction.”

Cheon Geum-soon, who had been repeating the same words, seemed to have come to his senses, and in an instant, he started to dissuade me with a smile for work.

“Ah, ha ha ha… … ! The Minister’s speech is also quite good! Then I will reflect on that part-”

“Ah yes. thank you.”


I lightly brushed the hem of my clothes and got up from my seat. With a domino steak pizza in front of her desk that she had just cleaned up.

“Then CEO Cheon Geum-soon of the Hunter Association? If possible, we would appreciate it if you could prepare a reorganization plan based on the performance system. Especially in the case of healing-related hunters, be sure to give them extra points if they volunteer at the national health center.”

“Ah, no, that, Minister?”

“I’ll just go.”

“He, he, I’m going to eat pizza! babe! A little-”

“Enjoy your pizza.”

On the way out of the penthouse without regret, I seemed to have heard the hall of ‘Ya-ya-chi-na-‘ from behind.

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