A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 118

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 118

EP 20 – Hunter Academy (5)

The state of the gate is divided into three.

Code Green where no monsters appear.

Sporadic Code Yellow.

Code Red where the gate runs rampant.

This is also a term that distinguishes the ecosystem inside the gate. Please check the attached document for details.

In particular, Code Red’s runaway phenomenon is called Monster Wave abroad, and it has been found by domestic researchers that it is a phenomenon caused by the saturation of the ecosystem inside the gate.

In other words, the size of the gate and the risk of the monster wave are proportional.

A prime example was the red alert in Calamilli National Park in Australia at the end of last year. It is the only case where a gate with a diameter of 5 km or more ran into a runaway.

In just three days, an area six times the size of the Korean Peninsula was transformed into a monster. In particular, even the queen appeared in some areas, and tactical nukes were dropped. Fortunately, no infectious individuals were found… … .

The Calamilli Gate runaway is now considered the biggest cause of the loss of more than half of Oceania. Similar examples are the Bilyuisk Gate in Siberia and the Marua Gate in Central Africa.

Ah yes. The outbreak of infection in central North America was classified not as Code Red, but as an initial response failure for infectious individuals, so please refer to Dr. Rudeldolph’s lecture that follows.

What I want to note is,

Seoul situation.

In other words, it is the first preventive war against monsters.

* * *

“The diameter of the Seoul Gate was not as big as the gates I was talking about, but it was huge enough, and it was clearly ahead of Code Red.”

“However, the Dongdaemun faction and Apgujeong faction hunters, as well as the South Korean military and Minister Han Seung-moon’s joint operation, rushed the gate early. And in the end, we succeeded in closing the gate.”

“Therefore, I think that the concept of preventive war should be introduced in response to monsters beyond the protection of the Chungcheong Defense Line. Now the hunter must actively enter the gate.”

“Whether it’s controlling the population of beasts inside the gate, or closing the gates suspected of being Code Red early. We move away from the defensive attitude and take an arithmetic approach to monsters and gates… … .”

Hunter Academy wasn’t just for hunters.

It means that entrepreneurs and scientists were not only drinking wine while hunters exchanged know-how.

So, the 7th day of the academy.

A paranormal society seminar was held.

Numerous scholars and business people gathered in the banquet hall to present their vision. And the first order of honor was Hwaran Cheon, the head of the Korea Portrait Research Center.

Of course, I was in the front row, and in the same line as me, Samsung President, Chinese State Council General Secretary, EU Commission President, Hunter Association President… … .

“Hmm… … .”

And the head of the GS group sat down. As an added bonus, she was also the CEO of the Executive Board of the Hunter Association.

Cheon Geum-soon wore a white suit as usual. The dark circles are covered with makeup, so the skin is very soft.

I whispered to the woman sitting next to me.

“… … Did you enjoy the pizza?”

“It was delicious because I ate it with Red Bull.”

“Hmm… … !”

It’s tight. I’ll have to get it out with money soon.


Hwaran Cheon continued his presentation coherently in front of numerous guests.

“… … However, even if a preventive war is carried out, the only way to determine the state of the gate is with the naked eye of high-ranking psionics-”

“It’s a horsepower meter. Although it is still a prototype model, it is possible to determine the danger inside the gate near the gate-”

“It will be necessary for miniaturization and commercialization in the future, but it is necessary to put it on a military truck and put it into action-”

Cheon Geum-soon poked my elbow.

“Are you okay with that?”

“Is that so?”

“yes… … . Is it possible to determine the profitability as well? It was like the production of monsters in Code Yellow. Or an average manastone grade… … .”

“I’m not sure, but I’ll pass the idea on to the researchers.”


Cheon Geum-soon smiled brightly.

“I can’t be the only one… … .”

* * *

“jusqu’à ce qu’il obtienne toute la douleur. Until all pain is conquered. Sanofi potions will not stop. thank you.”

“The shortening of the lifespan of potions, healing and stimulants is due to the consumption of telomeres. But, why don’t telomeres regenerate? DNA! DNA. Hesitation in the life sciences binds us… … !”

“Samsung Psionic Engine 3. A new innovation is imminent. Samsung will open it. That is all.”

French pharmaceutical companies, Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology, Samsung Psionic, etc. also made outstanding presentations.

And since a politician was a job that could be counted as a result of anything that happened during his tenure even if he only sucked his fingers, I watched this with a smile.


The GS group wasn’t too easy either.

“GS Shield Core. Activate this tiny core to create a shield within a 1m radius. When the core grows… … ? The shield also increases… … !”

Cheon Geum-soon, who went up on the podium, was holding a small core in her hand, and she continued to speak quietly while wearing a bluish protective film.

“It blocks bullets and even monsters. It also withstood a car traveling at 80 km.”

She smiled softly and continued explaining, and I looked at it with delight.

Also. A woman who knows what makes money.

The key selling factor of that product is that it is not the Hunter’s armor, but that even non-Awakened people can protect themselves.

In other words, it is a product that will attract the eyes of rich non-awakened people.

The reporter who noticed him asked her a question.

“Chairman Cheon Geum-soon?”

“Chief Cheon.”

“Ah yes. Mr. Chen? Is Shield Core a product that even non-Awakened people can use?”

“I am writing now.”

“Ah yes… … .”

The reporter scratched his head awkwardly because Cheon Geum-soon replied so sharply, but the wealthy and powerful non-awakened people in this seminar slowly began to bubble their mouths.

Even the secretary of the Tang Dynasty in China, who is next to the paddle, hastily exchanged whispers with his aides.

And I had a chat with Lumiere.

“What do you think of that scene?”

“Barrier users are one of the top priority for recruiting shelters or guilds.”

“It will become a must-have for hunters… … ?”

“No matter how expensive a potion is, it is likely to be treated in a similar way, as if it were purchased at the cost of life.”

I shook my head, and the reporter continued to ask questions to Cheon Geum-soon.

“Ah, at what level is the price calculated?”

Cheon Geum-soon laughed softly.

“Not for sale.”


“I don’t sell it.”


No, that’s some kind of bullshit.

Suddenly, the atmosphere began to cool down. Cheon Geum-soon continued speaking with a smile on her face.

“Only hunters from GS defense agencies can borrow it, and there are no plans to over-produce it for commercial use, except for mass delivery to the South Korean military.”

The reporter inquired at the nonsensical sound.

“My wife, Mr. Chun! May I ask why you are not selling it?!”

“It is an outside expense.”

“Is it a unit price problem!?”

“It is an outside expense.”

The reporter frowned as he poured out additional questions, but Cheon Geum-soon decided to cut it.

“We plan to supply 20% of our annual production to the government free of charge. Considering the manufacturing cost and process, I think it is fulfilling its social responsibility.”

* * *

shield core.

Personal Shield Generator.

If sold to chaebols, politicians, and hunters as a luxury strategy, it was a product that would generate enormous profits. This is especially true in these days when Bitcoin is more stable than the dollar.


Cheon Geum-soon gave up on selling it and chose to increase the market power of the GS defense agency. They threw a whopping 20 percent to the government and even ordered them to take bullets.

And, in my opinion, such a monopoly position in the hunter industry was incomparable to anything like an instant.

In an era where fists are closer than money. Hunters are bound to be valuable in one way or another.

And if you maintain a monopoly on this floor in any field… … .

“I became the Minister of Portrait Management.”

“Ahaha… … .”

“I wonder what will happen to Mr. Chun.”

If GS Group can become a leader in the PMC industry, it will sweep away everything, including money, power, and force.

One thing I’m curious about… … .

I wonder if I’ll just watch it.

And she wasn’t a woman who didn’t know that.

“What kind of bullshit did you do that?”

“Ahaha. Woah, are you okay… … ?”

“Whew… … .”

After the seminar, a banquet was held.

And I took Cheon Geum-soon out of the banquet hall, went into a hotel room, locked the door, and interrogated her.

“CEO Chun’s screw is missing, and it’s not a day or two, and if you get angry at each one, will your hair fall out more?”

“Ahaha… … !”

this isn’t a gag

I looked at her with cold eyes.

“Are you laughing at the heads of large corporations, threatening to cooperate with the National Tax Service while playing chess at the gathering place?”

“Oh, I’m sorry… … .”

“I’m not sorry, but why did you do that?”

If it’s wrong, you can prosecute Cheon Geum-soon and drive the GS Group stock to the bottom, then tear it up and hand it over to a few affiliates and other conglomerates.

That is the time when it is possible. So everyone bows down moderately, but why is he suddenly saying this?

The thing that scares me the most is no. what is worrying

It wasn’t that he wasn’t the kind of kid who was going to be pissed off for no reason.

“Isn’t it because each stock in the front and back deserves to be hit?”

“Uh… … .”

“Because I have a headache for nothing and I don’t want to stir-fry. Let’s clean it up and play shobu. What are you doing this for?”

she replied

“It’s a gamble. What… … . If it goes well, it will wipe out the Korean Hunter version. If it doesn’t, I’m going to get a little bit of gas… … .”

“… … Have you ever been pissed off with the Hunter grade performance system?”

“Ah, that’s it, isn’t that a problem that can be solved if I also long for a subordinate? I’m a CEO too, but it’s not like I hold onto the little things all night long… … .”

“Hey… … . I’m tired, so let’s start with the basics.”

“There’s something I’ve been looking at all night lately… … .”

Cheon Geum-soon smiled and made a coin-shaped gesture.

“Money says more than you think.”

“Oh, yes.”

“I’ve been watching the stock market and the dollar for the past month. That’s why I stayed up many nights.”


“So, after I did some archery, it seemed that in the near future, a minister would grab my crotch and cling to it… … ?”

“Hey… … .”

I questioned her.

“Do you want a mat?”

“Don’t be too angry… … . I am a person who knows how to take responsibility for what I have done. If nothing goes wrong, the entire defense agency… … If not until then, I’ll get my hands on the Hunter Association.”

“… … .”

“As an added bonus, I do some volunteer work for national projects. President Yang is very busy these days, so let’s build a building and do some free volunteer work.”

“… … .”

“What are you doing so… … ?”

In a dimly lit hotel room, with her back to the night view of Jeju Island, she smiled.

“Were not people who like to gamble… … ?”

* * *

In the midst of a buffet-style banquet placed under a splendid and gigantic chandelier, numerous psychics, entrepreneurs, politicians, and scientists were hanging out.

Yeo Do-yeon wandered among the sounds of laughter. As usual, in a loose shirt.

The sight of him poking around the buffet with his hands in the pockets of his trousers. He was like a starving lioness wandering the mountains of Kilimanjaro in search of food.

People around her got tired of the vicious momentum and ran away from her.

at that time,

Someone put a hand on Yeo Do-yeon’s shoulder.

“Auntie, are you at the convenience store?”

“Uh, Mr. What is it, uncle?”

Han Seung-moon and Yeo Do-yeon began to get along as if they had promised.

“Where is the yukhoe?”


“Just take it from your plate.”

“Do you have a conscience?”

“Your conscience is more of a problem for you to bring me over there.”

Han Seung-moon struck the prosthetic leg with a stick. There was the sound of metal hitting each other.

When Yeo Do-yeon was about to attack Han Seung-moon,

“ah! Mr. Jang. Yes Yes. Hahaha, it’s an honor for me. Vice-President Ri Choong-bin should have been here as well. Ah yes. I’m sorry I couldn’t thank you in person. Yes. Thank you for saying that.”

Han Seung-moon started talking to the Chinese Tang Dynasty sergeant or something. To be precise, he came to Han Seung-moon from there and greeted him.

Yeo Do-yeon watched Han Seung-moon talking with the Chinese bread for a long time. I thought we’d be fussing with the remote control in the corner of the room for the rest of our lives.

“… … .”

Oh yeah. what is it

In fact, when I saw that he had been studying all day since high school, I knew he could be anything. different from yourself.

“Umm… … .”

It seems to me that I am happy

It may seem awkward

stuffy thing… … . not so far.


It was a feeling that was hard to describe.

So I just laughed.

* * *

They wandered around the buffet in the banquet hall for a long time, but Han Seung-moon would be caught by a passer-by once every five steps and listened to him.

After a meal that doesn’t even look like a meal. Night street on the way back to the hotel.

“… … Yes. Once the minor circumstances are confirmed, keep it for now. Yes Yes. Also, it is true that Cheon Geum-soon bought it. Oh, you already have it in your cabinet? Then, I will shoot the anti-monopoly law on the Kuomintang side first. I’ll give it to you soon… … . Yes, thank you, Prime Minister. Yes. See you soon.”

drip –

Han Seung-moon hung up the phone.

“Aren’t you tired? … ?”


Yeo Do-yeon snorted.

“I don’t think I even ate properly.”

“You didn’t even eat your sister.”

“… … That’s right.”

They quietly walked down the street.

“… … Ramen?”


When we went to the convenience store together without anyone telling us,


A sound was heard.

“… … .Well?”

Yeo Do-yeon took out her cell phone and checked the text, and grabbed the hem of Han Seung-moon’s clothes.

“… … hey.”


“The disciples say they’re drinking, so you want to come?”

* * *

During the academy, Hunters freely asked for teaching, taught, and shared friendships. And it wasn’t just knowledge that went back and forth between them.

Sometimes friendship, sometimes love, and mainly,





A drink went by.

The 14 hunters, who were sitting in a dark corner hotel room, spread all kinds of alcohol and kettles and shared drinks.

They were all boy soldiers. He occupied a gloomy hotel room because he could not drink alcohol in the banquet hall.

“… … Was ist mit deinem Bier… … ?”

“Ahahaha… … ! Yes, eat a lot! A lot of!”

“Ist das Wasser… … ?”

It didn’t make sense, but the atmosphere was good.

“Who did you call?”

“Um… … Mohad, Min-ho, Do-yeon,”

“No, did Doyeon also call her sister?”

“Isn’t she a teen?”

“paddle! paddle! Sertin! minus two!”

“What the… … !”

Then, the door to the hotel room opened.

“Where are these sackies who don’t even have blood on their heads drink alcohol… … !”

“Uh, sister… … !”

“Eat without an adult!?”

Yeo Do-yeon threw all the alcohol she had swept from the convenience store into a plastic bag, and the boy soldiers took the cans of beer like zombies flocking to the corpses.

Dasol Yeo, who was very drunk, put a K2 on her back, and a gear hung on Yeo Do-yeon’s thigh. and rubbed the face.

“Hehe… … . You can drink… … ?”

“You are a soldier. eat.”

“Wow… … It’s a military junior high school girl… … .”

“Don’t make any nasty noises.”

Jo Jung-sik, who was watching the scene, grabbed Yeo Da-sol by the back of his neck and pulled it off Yeo Do-yeon’s leg. The boy smiled shyly at Yeo Do-yeon.

“You must be tight, but what are you doing… … .”

“You didn’t buy it with my own money, did you?”


Yeo Do-yeon pointed her thumb at the water bottle behind her, and Han Seung-moon limped into the front door.

“Were Captain Jo and Hunter Yeo Dasol here? … ?”

“… … uh?”

“… … Jinwoon?”

“… … Oh, how are you? … .”

“… … Chaewon?”

“… … .”

“… … When did everyone become so close? Except for me.”

* * *

Lewin Schmidtseva.

The first impression of Han Seung-moon, seen by the representative telecommunication magician of Switzerland, was that of a typical politician.

That kind of image that controls the Hunter Association from the back of the Korean superhuman society, agitates public opinion, and controls the government as the president’s right hand.

“… … .”

It was a sensitive and rough-looking subject, and seeing them smiling and laughing every day, it seemed like they were plotting something insidious and throwing an ashtray at their subordinates in the office.

So when I heard that it was a relative of Instructor Yeo Do-yeon, I was surprised, but I had a vague thought that the relationship between the two of them would be just as bad.

of course-

“No, Doyeon smoked a cigarette when she was in middle school… … . uh… … !”

“Oh shut up!”

Seeing his younger brother getting a headlock while exposing his weakness, that first impression faded away.

Dasol Yeo, who was hugging a rifle without a magazine, asked Seungmoon Han.

“ah… … . Then, was Doyeon the older sister Iljin?”

“Not that. I’m just trying to piss my mom off-“


Han Seung-moon was a person who knew how to make people happy. Although he was not good at pronunciation, he spoke English and Chinese and approached the hunters warmly.

[Ah, Vice-President Ri Choong-bin, how are you? I originally said it was coming.]

[Sa, do you know the CEO… … ?]

[then! friendly! Every time I come to Korea, I drink alcohol!]

[Yeah, it was… … !]

Although some hunters were conscious of his power and froze, most of the hunters were already listening to him.

“Actually, it must have been the foundation of the Hunter Association. For a few days and nights, under the Shinbundang line, they clashed and made a fuss… … .”

However, Lewin was more interested in his attitude than his story.

EU lawmakers have always maintained an overbearing attitude towards Hunters. Moreover, the shelter leaders are not ordinary people, so when the political panel opens, all sorts of unsightly things will unfold.

Especially recently, the EU has been going mad.

Citizens rushed to the streets to control the hunters, and some hunter leaders began expelling polarized rebels from the shelters.

the actual death penalty.

A political strife began to lead to the death of someone. Lewin sometimes felt like she was Anne Frank.


Hate is sweeping Europe.

In response, Lewin spoke to the politicians in the East for the first time.

* * *

“ah… … Is Miss Lewin from Switzerland?”

“I’ve only worked at my parents’ cheese shop since I was born. I have come all the way here.”

My first impression of Lewin Schmidtseva was very unusual.

white hair.

It is also the frizzy hair that only the elderly would have. It was the kind of thing I could see in my head when I looked in the mirror.

Apparently, Lumière saved the Hunter with the upper and lower body separated, but did he say that his hair was leaking white?

I asked her in poor English.

“Maybe Miss Lewin is with the Lumière Executor… … .”

“Lumie unnie travels all over Europe by herself, looking for people. And when Lumie came to Western Europe, I was called up and worked together.”

“ah. Are you some kind of member? … ?”

“The organization of the EU Central Army is like cheese with holes in it. I can’t explain it exactly… … .”

“I get it.”

It seems that the hunter who was healed by Lumière was right.

There is nothing wrong with being friendly, so I smiled softly for the first time.

“haha! How is Korea? Are you comfortable?”

“… … I do not know.”

Lewin’s eyes fell coldly. like that He still has a cold impression, but now he looks harsh.

“Even if your body is comfortable. My heart is not.”

“… … this. May I ask what part you are uncomfortable with?”

“Rumie-sister was right.”

Lewin looked at the glass of soju with eyes full of excellence.

“… … A place that reminds me of old times. So he said it was really good. Korea.”

“… … You mean Mr. Lumiere?”

The girl nodded slowly.

“They said I’d love this place too… … . I think that is probably wrong.”

Lewin handed over a few cans of beer and smiled sadly.

“… … Sometimes longing can hurt—”


The hotel room door opened.

The boy soldiers who had been lying on the floor got up in surprise, and Lumière, who was looking around the room, fixed her eyes on Lewin and strode forward.


“Lu, Rumi… … ?!”

Lumiere slammed Lewin’s head into the bean.


She said something to Lewin in French, and Lewin pouted his mouth and turned his head.

I didn’t know what he was talking about, but seeing him stealing Lewin’s alcohol gave me a rough idea.

Lumiere, who had been longing for Lewin like a mouse, suddenly met my eyes.

“… … Minister?”

“Good afternoon. Lumiere.”

“… … Why is the minister here? … ?”

“I was forcibly taken away.”

Lumiere looked at me for a long time, and I secretly avoided it.


“… … hmm. That’s good.”

“Yes… … ?”

“I was just looking for it.”

Lumiere smiled softly and held out a hand to me as I sat down.

“Would you like to go out for a while?”

* * *

As we stepped out onto the hotel terrace, the summer night sea welcomed us. The wavy horizon shimmered in the city lights.

As the sound of the waves and the laughter of the people harmonized in a pleasant way, Lumiere’s halo shone faintly under the night sky.

She looked up at the half moon in the sky and suddenly murmured.

“The Korean hunters were okay.”

“… … yes?”

“It literally means.”

Lumière, who was sitting on the railing of the terrace and looking at the scenery, looked at me and smiled softly.

“I thought Korean hunters would be ten times stronger than European hunters.”

she grinned He must have been a little drunk.

“Because Korea is 10 times better than Europe.”

“… … ah.”

“… … I thought it was because of the Hunters.”

Lumiere’s hair began to sway in the sea breeze.

“… … People are the same everywhere in the world.”

“… … .”

“Whether it’s Korea or Europe. just ordinary people. In a strange world. I was just fighting to keep things normal.”

she asked me

“Are there any heroes in the world?”

she confessed

“I know hundreds of millions of people are hailed as heroes, but I know I am not a hero. Where in the world are there heroes?”

“… … You seem drunk.”

“People like you are trying to save the world. Europe wants each other to kill each other, Korea… … .”

she stopped talking

“this. Was it a little ugly?”

“Who would say such a thing to the bailiff?”

Lumiere laughed and pointed at me.

“I think it’s because of you.”

“… … yes?”

“The reason why Korea doesn’t want to kill hunters.”

There was a feeling of a little gibberish, but her emotions were extremely clear.

“People cannot reject Hunter. Hunters trust the government. It is because of you.”

“… … I’m half-baked.”

“That is the most important thing. Because it can fill everyone. I-“

She opened her mouth to say something, but in the end she couldn’t utter it and smiled sadly.

Noah Lumière smiled bitterly and shook his head.

“… … How the hell did the word get messed up? one.”

“Hmm. Now I know that Korean is at the level of a native speaker.”

“sure. I studied hard.”

I pondered for a long time.

I want it to be like this.

“… … .”

I was already losing too much.


I finally asked her.

“… … For what?”

“… … .”

Silence continued.

She seems to be the same.

“… … I do not know.”

After hearing the sound of the waves six times,

Lumiere laughed softly.

“Can you hear me?”

“… … yes?”

She didn’t answer.

Amidst the silence, the sound of waves and laughter from the hotel blended in.

and realized

This is Hunter Academy.

It was the first step towards world peace.

“I didn’t know it was going to be like this until a month ago.”

And that was exactly a month ago. Lumière said he would betray Europe for the sake of Europe.

“Maybe the reason I said I was going to asylum in Korea was because I wanted to run away.”

“… … .”

“So just… … .”

Lumiere hesitated for a long time.


In the end I chose

“… … Say thank you.”


“I wanted to.”

Merci beaucoup, Ministre.

She left with those words.

I stayed on the terrace for a while and watched the sea.

The moon was very bright.

* * *

I stayed alone on the terrace and watched the world.

The city’s brilliance is overcoming the night.

It was beautiful.

And not long after, I got a call from Ilho Yang.

“… … hello?”

-New, news! Did you see the news?!

It’s an urgent voice.

“… … what?”

-The U.S. Department of Defense has announced the largest gate ever!

London, UK, gate detection system, EU official announcement, etc.

There were several words in Yang Il-ho’s urgent voice, but

I instinctively realized

“… … Close the airport, yes.”

-… … Yeah?

“Close Jeju Airport.”

Academy is over.

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