A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 120

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 120

EP 21 – Knights Without Borders (2)

-As the reorganization of the external business division was decided at the GS shareholders’ meeting, the dispatch of GS defense agencies abroad was virtually put on hold indefinitely. President Cheon Geum-soon expressed his intention to be completely neutral on this matter… … .

-Hunter Academy has been virtually discontinued. While China’s expression of regret is followed, it is known that European hunters are scheduled to return home around 2 am today… … .

– Minister of Foreign Affairs Han Seung-moon has not yet made a statement.

* * *


As I covered the laptop screen full of all kinds of news, I saw a dwarf woman sitting in an executive chair over it.

white blouse. Smartphones and cigarettes.

“After all, America is still America… … .”

As usual, Cheon Geum-soon, who was exuding a lot of personality, died with a languid smile while also exhaling cigarette smoke.

“I’m throwing away the Superhuman League with one shot of the weather forecast, just… … .”

“I don’t know what those naughty bastards are up to.”

The most important thing right now is not what the plan is, but the fact that the plan exists.

“You can’t push the hunters into the boards they made 22 days ago.”

“Hmm. If I didn’t apply for Hunter, but the gate doesn’t open in England, wouldn’t it look ridiculous… … ?”

“If you send a hunter abroad and the gate opens in Busan, it will look like it and everything will change.”


Nothing was certain.

Does the Horus System really exist? How friendly will the EU take to the UK? Is America’s intention for the common good of mankind?


If you throw a gamble to win the trust of the EU and lose the Republic of Korea, that is the real challenge.

I don’t know if it was before. Those who have a lot to protect should stop gambling. That’s right.


“… … Mr. Chen.”

To do that, I needed her help.

“I want to delay the dispatch of domestic hunters overseas as much as possible.”

“Yeah… … !”

She clenched her fists. I guess I was just waiting for these words to come out of my mouth.

“yes! We must actively cooperate! of course!”

“… … Ah yes.”

A politician’s diplomacy is ultimately a matter of ‘cao’.

This is because the diplomacy that the people want the most is not the real interest of the Republic of Korea, but one that does not harm the pride of the Republic of Korea.

Therefore, I had to cut the dispatch of the hunters as pretty as possible. And it was the norm to subcontract the dirty work regardless of the East and West.

So there was nothing special about it.

However, if there is something special about this

“ruler! ruler!”

It was a situation where a subcontractor expected to receive a subcontract and went all-in on it.

“1 year. I will monopolize the shield core for only one year. Of course, 20% will be delivered to the government. If you confirm this, I will take care of this matter neatly.”

“Do you think other companies will develop Shield Core in a year?”

“So one year!”

“Look at this man. Does money matter now?”

“Then what is important?”

Her eyes were truly pure. To the point where I don’t even have the energy to ask any more.

I shook my head with a throbbing headache.

“… … 10 months. I’ll give you 10 months. Hunters, are you confident in keeping them in Korea?”

“That’s why you like him!”

* * *

Cheon Geum-soon immediately put the business on hold indefinitely because he complicated the shareholders’ meeting and certain business division procedures. I also secretly actively cooperated with the second vice-minister of the portrait management department.

In other words. The portrait management department didn’t do anything, but the GS defense agency gave it a go, so it turned out to be a missing plate.

To be precise, it looked like the shareholders who got out of Cheon Geum-soon’s control revolted, but everyone who knows anyway knows that this is all bullshit.

In other words, the unknown remained unknown.

Brain fissures suitably fitted in the media dominated their thinking. After all, there were very few voters who voted after these little things.

like that,

Of the 1,000 second-generation Korean hunters in the academy, about 930 joined GS Aegis and escaped the crisis of dispatch abroad.

That is, what about the rest?

“No, damn it, does this make sense?”

This is the situation.

“I understand why you don’t send people who don’t want to go. by the way!”

“… … .”

“I’m going to Europe on my own feet! It’s not enough to stop that!”

Yeo Do-yeon is a bodyguard and Nabal, and she threw everything away and came to my office and put a chess board. A crumpled door leaf could be seen over her new, creaking shape.

I muttered quietly.

“Unless I smashed the bodyguard’s pot, I wouldn’t have been able to penetrate this far by myself… … .”

“… … .”

“Do you think there are quite a few hunters who want to go to Europe?”

“… … okay.”

“There are so many.”

I replied coldly.

“therefore. ask me to send Did you come all the way here to tell me that?”

“Are you answering the phone?”

Hahaha, the phone calls have been going on since morning, so I’ve ignored her phone calls hundreds of times.

I smiled as I continued reviewing the documents I was processing.

“So are you pissed off?”

“… … Don’t play around.”

“I’m serious.”

Our conversation went as usual.

His voice was not raised more than necessary, nor was he filled with blood more than necessary.

It was said that others would say it was rough, but it was a bit vague to say that it was a fight.

that kind of


“Can’t you classify the construction?”

“… … What?”

“I am the one who was voted and elected. But where do you dare to break the door of the office and come in and put the chessboard?”

As of today, both of them were full of poison in their words.

“You’re my older sister now, and you’re bragging. It doesn’t look very good.”

“Is it a good thing to have soldiers in the hotel? There are minors, what are you doing?”

“The police, not the soldiers.”

“It will be a special police force. So did they get guns? Didn’t you hear me?”

“Does such a strict person know how to do the procedure… … .”

“Would you have listened to me if I followed the procedure?”

I sighed a little and gestured to him.

“Sit down.”

The boy sat quietly on the sofa.

“Yeah, talk. You came as the representative, right? I think the instructors will be very dissatisfied. Am I right?”

The guy nodded. Hagiya instructors were mostly hunters from the Apgujeong faction or Dongdaemun faction.

And Apgujeong. In particular, the biggest characteristic of Kim Chun-sik’s direct line is that they were family members, Nabal, and they were all already dead, so they were people who could easily throw away their lives even if they wanted to defeat the monster.

So, Kim Chun-sik gathered together next to the yangban.

Those who know how to take care of their own interests immediately followed Hong Seon-ah and moved to GS. The hunters who were with Kim Chun-sik until the very end were really slightly screwed up.

Personally, it would have been nice if the rich sensibility was limited to Korea, but it seems that the world doesn’t want to run like people’s hearts.

“okay. What are you dissatisfied with?”

“The kids who don’t want to go say so. You can’t force them to fight. But why don’t you let the kids who want to go?”

“It’s not that I won’t let you go. Will you send me later?”

“… … Do I have to believe this?”

“Listen quietly. This was originally a joint operation with the GS Defense Agency and the ROK Army. It’s not that simple. Isn’t it just the Hunters? If you count the numbers right now, the number of people going abroad according to the original plan is over 16,000, including the military and auxiliary personnel.”

“… … .”

“But look. Originally, we were going to send 1,000 hunters, but it was reduced to 200. Then, of course, you have to revise your plan. It’s a matter of dealing with people’s lives with public tax, isn’t it right that we shouldn’t do it with our fists?”

“Do European kids have plans to go? I am not going to save people first.”

As soon as I heard those words, several thoughts ran through my mind.

From the government’s point of view, you are a human resource that is in line with the public interest if you treat it as a national strategic resource rather than a person, so you cannot send it abroad recklessly.

European kids go because their house is on fire, and we don’t have enough room to even turn off their lights.

If you go to Europe for nothing and Hunter loses all your money, your approval rating will be shattered, and at that moment, your policy momentum will be weakened and you will go back to the days of portrait reform and naval lying on each other in the National Assembly.

If we lose the hunter power while blocking it, it will cause damage to the Republic of Korea.

I don’t know what the US is up to, but if the gate opens in Busan after sending a Hunter, who will be responsible?


Some were more of excuses than reasons, and some were more sophistry than evidence.

But there was definitely a reason for it.

However, none of these things leaked out of my mouth.

“… … I am.”

tell me what to do

I was now a person moving between all the lines of interest, responsibility, and authority. So this is neither good nor bad.

This was Phil.

This is a small realization that I have gained after a short but brutal political life.

Someone should be able to get out of the way and draw a line. It doesn’t matter if it’s right or wrong.

So, I can always be proud in front of Pi Chae-won.

It’s a very vague idea, I think. So, as usual, I smiled and said. I can’t tell if it’s a joke or a serious one.

It seemed that the more he accumulated his political career, the more he laughed.

“This is everything – for the country and the people – Mr. Yeo Do-yeon.”

“… … Wasn’t that a regular comment from the Namyeong-dong anti-communist office?”

“If you think so, would you think so?”

anyway. It wasn’t something I was asking anyone to know.

I smiled and handed over the papers.

“what the. There is probably no patriot like me. to this country.”

Politics was originally meant to look good to others, but it was also something that shouldn’t be done just to look good to others.

“sister. Okay, so now go in and wash your feet and go to bed. I’ll figure it out on my own.”

I spoke lightly in my usual voice, but Yeo Do-yeon was looking at me with complicated eyes.

As she left the office, she asked me one last time.

“Do you think that’s right?”

“Isn’t it a matter of right or wrong?”

Quietly, I silently stamped the next document.

“… … It is necessary.”

Afterwards, the hunters who resisted this measure were detained by the Public Security Management Bureau of the Superhuman Support Agency.

* * *

On a sleepless night, Yeo Do-yeon lay on the bed in her hotel room and closed her eyes.

Perhaps by now, European hunters were gathering at the airport and preparing to return home. Even the young boy soldiers she taught herself.

But she was lying in a hotel room, not an airplane, tossing and turning, unable to fall asleep.

In my ears, which became more sensitive than necessary, I could hear the footsteps of a police commando walking around the hallway, and my brother’s voice resounded in my mind, which became more sensitive than necessary.

“Whew… … .”

His voice was as usual.

On the contrary, his voice when he was drinking and fighting sometimes became much more intense, and his appearance was really the same as the usual guy.


Rather, the familiarity

It brought complicated fears to Yeo Do-yeon.

“… … .”

On a sleepless night, she lay on her bed and closed her eyes, and in the hallway she heard gun-wielding men moving.

The lives of many hunters who flew and crawled during the academy were arrested with only a few writings and a few phone calls.

A special police force entered the hotel, and a special task force from the Public Security Management Bureau of the Superintelligence Support Agency mixed among the hunters.

And it was only last night that the guy who did it was the guy who was lying on the floor in the same room and drinking beer.

… … The only difference was the eyes.

Everything else was the same.

The tired smile on his face was the same as when he went home from work after rolling hard as an aide. His disappointing voice was no different from when he stole a can of beer and was slightly strained.

but those eyes.

Somehow, I don’t know if this expression would be appropriate, but that look in the eyes of an office worker looking at mere civil servants, not family.

For Yeo Do-yeon, there was nothing to be afraid of.

“C-pal… … .”

On a sleepless night, she lay on her bed and closed her eyes, and in the hallway she heard gun-wielding men moving.

The sound of high heels running around the hallway in my ears, which became more sensitive than necessary.

“… … .”

high heel?

Yeo Do-yeon jumped up from her seat. The sound of high-heeled shoes was clearly approaching her.

By the time the footsteps stopped in front of the hotel room door, Yeo Do-yeon was already waiting for the guest at the front door.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

A gentle knock was repeated three times. Immediately the front door opened.

What was beyond

“… … Sister, do you have a moment?”

It was Pi Chae-won with determined eyes.

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