A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 123

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 123

EP 21 – Knights Without Borders (5)

Pi Chae-won thought,

The French president was not an ordinary person by pretending to be.

What are the benefits of just directing the situation where the prime minister has f**ked Korea?

Did he cut off support for Britain, reinforce French nationalism, excuse Korea and Britain that this was all because of the prime minister, and even protect his moral image?

A person in power should not show off cutting someone down for the sake of a cause. Because voters might think that they too could one day be decapitated.

In that sense, the French president was a good politician.

Of course, from the French point of view.

“ha… … .”

No matter how much each person has their own position, Han Seung-moon and this person are the same. Do I have to eat like this to gain power in this world?

Of course, as long as Pi Chae-won could look into the heart of the president, there were certain means. Whether it’s finding weaknesses and threatening them, or engaging in a war of revelations.

The problem was that this was a foreign country.

And Pi Chae-Won was a person who knew that he could go to the goal by messing around in someone else’s territory. Even more so in times like this.

“… … .”

What would you do if it was Han Seung-moon?

* * *

“I, I… … That bastard, that… … !”

“Come on! Soak it!”

The wings of the monster that flew in this direction were crumpled. Ga Ji-yoon crumpled up the monster like crumpled colored paper and threw it away.

“Is the sky clear these days? Did the military guys work hard?”

“Well. They say they have received some THAAD from the US military.”

“Ahaha… … !”

Ga Ji-yoon came down to the ground with a natural smile. On the ground, the bodyguards waiting for us and the hunters wandering around were standing there.

“Whew… … !”

This is Jecheon.

It was the site of the gate closing work for the expansion of the free hunting zone.

* * *

The border with the Chungcheong Defense Line is a free hunting zone. However, if you go a little further, it is a designated area for the guild. It was also an area where only selected guilds could enter.

It was classified as such because of safety concerns. It is similar to going to a low-level dungeon for a low-level dungeon, and a payo-en to a high-level dungeon.

In that sense, the empty seats of the 30 hunters who left for Europe were larger than expected. Those people’s abilities were also abilities, but the area they were in charge of was empty.

That was the reason I ran on the field with Ga Ji-yoon. We were closing the gate near the line of defense.

“Kyaa… … !”

This little kid gulped the bottle of water and whined, pounding my back with the empty plastic bottle.

“Ugh. I’m tight… … .”

“Ugh. Would you like to buy me some meat?”

“It is natural! Anyway, I’ll go to the camper and come back!”

“Uh… … ?”



Ga Ji-yoon flew towards the camper in an instant. I shyly scratched the back of the head and looked around.

Through the rubble of the collapsed building, a piece of flesh that was not known whether it was a human or an animal could be seen. I silently recognized the blood as a passing landscape.

It was the same for the hunters who came and went around this area, whether it was the PMC or the Supercognitive Support Agency, they carried out their work calmly.

It wasn’t that my conscience or heart was worn out, or that it wasn’t for such a grand reason.


It has become such a world.

Aren’t you supposed to eat rice to live?

“okay. have to live I have to live… … .”

While Gam Gam Yoon was away for a while, I wandered around the scene where I had just successfully closed the gate.

The blood-stained hunters poured bottled water into their heads and shook their heads, and the people around them grabbed the hunter with the bones exposed on his thighs and poured potions into the affected areas.

In one corner, a public official who was measuring the amount of magic stone glanced at me and gave strength to his voice.

The angry hunter accidentally touched the magic stone, absorbed it, and made a ‘f**ked’ expression on his face.

It didn’t seem like the scene was moving quickly.

at that time.


Fireworks erupted in the air.

Hong Seon-ah flapped her black coat and strode out. She smiled softly and asked the task force.

“Is the door closed?”

“Yes, President of the Association. Jecheon Gate 3, Gate 4, closed. Oh, and four survivors were found and transported at a Lotte Mart near Jecheon Middle School.”

“Oh. That’s fortunate. Are you infected?”

“We didn’t test it, and we started with the vaccine.”

“Still, we don’t know when and where an infectious individual will mutate. Call the quarantine officer before transferring to the first camp.”

“Oh, yes. All right.”

“okay. The emergency helicopter you requested will land on the playground in 20 minutes, so send those in serious condition first. The rest will return to the original schedule. And since I called supporters to carry the magic stones, I don’t have to dispose of them here.”



Hong Seon-ah cleared the scene with her soft charisma and approached me without hesitation stepping on the corpses of monsters.

I looked at her with curious eyes.

“Oh, Minister, are you here?”

“ah. yes.”

“Ahaha! Are you saying that you are having a hard time eating? this?”

She smiled brightly and slapped my forearm, and I rolled my eyes and scanned her up and down.

“Hmm. What’s with those hot eyes?”

“No, that… … .”

Hong Seon-ah put her hand on her side and smiled. Then he shook his head and fluttered his hair in a flashy fashion.

“why. Did you fall in love again… … ?”

“Isn’t it hot?”

Suits, coats, leather gloves, and boots.

To be honest, it was cool, but it was a fashion that made me feel hot just looking at it.

“What is this doing in August?”

“If that’s enough, is it not a problem to be hot or cold now?”


“Elsa doesn’t catch a cold.”

“Drink bullshit.”

“It’s not bullshit.”

She pursed her lips and shook her head.

“Honestly, when you fight a monster and you get blood on it, it makes you feel bad. Besides, some are bloody sticky. Even blue!”

“So you want to minimize skin exposure?”

“Yes. Wouldn’t it be a shame to apply soap five or six times in the shower and not have a problem with your skin – all you have to worry about is just throw away your blood-stained coat.”

“… … Throw it away?”

“Isn’t it a bit like sucking on clothes?”

“Hey, are you very hungry?”

She clicked her tongue as if she didn’t know something and lifted her fingers.

“I spend as much as I earn! This will create a trickle-down effect! According to the disclosure of public officials’ wealth, I have more wealth than the Minister, right?”

“It’s a fortune and Nabal, and I’d rather eat a bite of chicken leg and throw it away. What is this doing?”

“I am not that much of a scum. Anyway, it’s nice to be able to try out various fashions these days.”

Somehow these days, articles like ‘Seonah_Goddess_Direct Shot.jpg’ are the best.

Searching for ‘Han Seung-moon’ on all kinds of community sites every morning has become a small habit, so I used to come across various information quickly.

So is this.

“By the way, the president of Hong Kong.”

“Aren’t you able to call me as sweetly as Seon-ah?”

“I’ve never been warmly called. Not ‘Ms. Seon’, but ‘Ms. Hong Seon-ah’ – Oh, Mr.

what am i talking about now

Anyway, I found out why Cheon Geum-soon couldn’t keep up in front of Hong Seon-ah. When I talk with him, the subject goes to the mountain.

It’s a cool urban girl style if she just keeps her mouth shut, but it’s a problem because she doesn’t keep her mouth shut.

I regained my composure and asked her again.

“Chairman of Hong Kong Association.”


“Are you taking any medicine?”

“Did you take the medicine?”

I whispered to her as little as possible.

“no. That psyche… … .”

“… … 🥺 Who is it?”

“The hospital staff was rude and made a fuss with a hidden camera. For once, the employee acted quietly. Write down.”

“… … .”

drenched. drenched.

Hong Seon-ah looked at me for a long time with a unique and subtle expressionless expression, not knowing whether she was smiling or not.

And as always,

“… … thanks!”

In the end, he smiles brightly.

* * *

It was a tiring day.

It was yesterday, it is today, and it will be tomorrow.

I threw myself on the bed with an inexplicable moan.

“Gyaah… … .”

Shin Soo-gwang, while raging inside the Kuomintang, doesn’t he keep tapping me to eat Ho-jeong Lee?

Chung Jung-yeop clings to the chaebols, so he secretly puts economic policy-related lobbying in the policy line of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

All sorts of newbies in politics think they’re going to blow up their names, and they’re arguing, ‘Han Seung-moon ate up his national defense-‘.

“ha… … .”

The yangban, who can’t even manage the hunters properly, is blaming him for why he eats the minister, so now his hair seems to be leaking and falling out.

Politicians kept their mouths shut today after being patient and patient, as an example, after grabbing and beating a member of the National Assembly by the head.

However, domestic public opinion is not very good.

It’s a shame that the chief of Cho In (former Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency) had to solve some drug cases involving celebrities and the head of a large corporation.

Apparently, the fact that 30 hunters had ‘out of control’ abroad seemed to bring a lot of anxiety to the people.

But what can I do? The repair is mine. So you’ll have to do what you have to do.

Having concluded that, I gulped down a can of cold deja and milk tea in the refrigerator.

“Big… … .”

By the way, what is Pi Chae-won doing now?

I need to make a phone call-

Just as I was thinking, the phone rang.

“Hey, Chaewon!”

-… … Minister?

“Are things going well? Would you like to go to Europe? Are you okay?”

-… … Just. What. Yes.

“okay. What’s up?”

-… … just. little. I remembered and called.

* * *

Pi Chae-won explained everything.

The French president has no intention of sending reinforcements to Britain. Rather, he has the prime minister to elicit anti-Korean sentiment, and he is only taking a step back and observing the situation. Even Lumiere and Best Friends, it’s difficult to know what to do.


Han Seung-moon’s answer was simple.

[There is something about Britain and America.]

[Explore it.]

That was why Pi Chae-won visited the vice president of the British Hunter Association.

“Daniel Wellington. Vice President of the British Hunter Association.”

“… … I am Pi Chae-won, Secretary to the Minister of Portrait Management of the Republic of Korea.”

It was pretty easy to meet him. He was already in France, and he was a comrade who went through many battles with Lumière.

And Lumière, feeling indebted to the madness of the French Prime Minister, offered himself an interpreter and arranged a meeting between them.


“… … Whoa.”

The first impression of a man named Daniel Wellington was unusual.

That was proven by the cigarette smoke floating on the table.

Lumière, unable to see, stopped Daniel who had just smoked a cigarette.

“… … Daniel.”

“What are you so passionate about with grown-up people?”

“… … Secretary Blood is a minor.”

“… … .”

He quietly rubbed his cigarette into the ashtray and put it out, then got up from his seat and threw it in the trash.

Pi Chae-won watched it silently.

He was very strange in appearance.

Long hair down to his shoulders and a shaggy beard.

A skull engraved in a black T-shirt.

Plus, leather pants that cling to the legs.

He was a man dressed more like a frontman in a heavy metal rock band than a vice president of the Hunter Association.

If it wasn’t for the big, beautiful pink rubber gloves on both hands.

Pink rubber gloves.

It was pink, rubber gloves.

“… … .”

When he returned to his seat after throwing his cigarette in the trash can, Pi Chae-won sharpened his powers. And I started brushing my teeth.

Persuasion is not the goal.

The purpose was to bring out the deep psychology of this yangban. Or, after emotionally agitating, dig a hole in the mind.

Pi Chae-won opened her mouth with a determined heart.

“… … The Minister will work closely with the UK-”

“Hey, you’ve worked so hard.”


“You say you’re working hard.”


Daniel Wellington’s reaction was markedly different from Pi Chae-won’s expectations.

That too in many ways.

“Aren’t you saying that you’re only going to bring 30 people and help? Humanity’s worst gate situation. Besides, a minor secretary came along and claimed to be the representative of the Korean volunteers.”


“Sister, please be still. okay. Ms P. As the vice president of the British Hunter Association, I would like to say that Korea’s noble and thoughtful heart will be well received, but let’s try to solve this gate situation on our own. You can go back to Korea.”

first. He turned down Korean help.

“What. Isn’t this the answer you want? You’ve been well received by Korea, so you should go back. you’ve been through a lot He’s such a savage yangban, whether he’s the minister or whatever. To just hand over the role of being insulting to a minor.”

second. He recognized Korea’s help as a political performance,

“… … There seems to be a misunderstanding. We are truly here to help the UK.”

“haha! It’s great that the young friend has a strong professional spirit! yes yes Okay, so you can go back to your country.”

“Daniel Vice President.”

“But isn’t 30 people too much? I’m really If you’re going to play, you have to do it right. I would be grateful if you tell the minister that he will trust you if you send about 31 people next time.”

Third, he was a very twisted person,

“… … You seem to be very excited, so I’ll keep it short. Can you help Korean hunters enter the UK?”

“I’m sorry, but that seems difficult. I don’t know if it’s 300 people, so you’re going to bring 30 people and use them where? Wouldn’t it be more cost-effective to deny entry to the country as a precautionary measure for spies?”

Lastly, because Pi Chae-won looks into it as an interest method.

“Damn this word.”

This cub was the type of human whose mind and snout coincided.

As a bonus, the fingers.

* * *

When Daniel’s big and beautiful rubber glove raised his middle finger, Lumiere went crazy and washed his face dry one after another.

Meanwhile, Pi Chae-won kept her expressionless expression as usual, and Daniel smirked and waved his hand.

“I’m sorry. It’s not like you, me, or politicians. I’m weird and I’ve been arguing.”

Lumiere lowered her voice.

“Didn’t I tell you to change that character? Daniel?”

“It’s not about my personality. It looks like the country is ruined, but the message of asking 30 people to praise you is even more terrifying-”

“Daniel! please!”

Daniel stopped at Lumiere’s point.

“These people are really here to help—”

When Lumière was about to vomit.


A loud siren echoed through the flies. And a voice guidance in French came out.

Since Pi Chae-won couldn’t even read Siren’s mind, the girl carefully pulled Lumière’s collar.

“… … Executor, what is this-”

“that that… … ! 4 Instant Gates opened outside of District 8-”


“Isn’t Korea also known as a black goat? Only one powerful monster pops out and disappears—”

“You Bloody Cunts-!”

Daniel jumped up from his seat and shouted.

“Shut up and just run!”


He immediately smashed the window with an ashtray and ran outside.

Lumiere followed through the hole.

“… … ah.”

The office was empty in an instant, and Pi Chae-won was just blankly holding a teacup.

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