A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 126

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 126

EP 21 – Knights Without Borders (8)

When the siren sounded, Daniel threw an ashtray, smashed the window, and ran. Lumiere followed suit.

Pi Chae-won, who was left alone, looked around blankly.

“… …あ!”

A mess of cigarette ash spread a musty smell, and shards of glass filled the office floor.

Pi Chae-won slowly got up from her seat and walked to the door, avoiding the shards of glass.

“… … !”

Grab the doorknob and twist it.

I opened the office door slightly and poked my head towards the hallway.



“Ugh… … !”

A public official, who was running to somewhere, slapped Chae-won on the head and passed by.

The girl came back into the office, rubbing her hair.

that too.

“… … .”

Because this was the government building of the French Superintendent’s Office.

* * *

Even if a monster appeared, not only soldiers but also tanks would appear around the building, and all kinds of hunters would pop out and form a defensive line.

Pi Chae-won decided that this building would be the safest.

So I didn’t go anywhere, I just sat there quietly.

“… … Great!”

Although Daniel threw the ashtray for breaking the window earlier, the smell of cigarette ash scattered on the floor was no joke.

The girl sat quietly in the office with a nervous feeling.

And the judgment was not wrong.

[Chief! All four were killed!]

[…] … What!?]

[Hunters caught it!]


Within an hour, news came that the monster had been subjugated.

To be precise, he had read the superficial psychology of the director of the French Bureau of Immunity, who was reported by phone calls from upstairs, but the case was over anyway.

At that moment, Pi Chae-won slowly walked out into the lobby.

I didn’t turn on the power, but the lobby was loud enough. The French she couldn’t understand was just noise to the girl.

Of course, if you use your powers, you can ‘understand’ all these conversations in an instant, but if there were any bereaved family members among them, you would probably get a severe headache.

To read the sorrow of losing someone to a monster or the feelings of a person being killed by a monster, it was more miserable than I thought.

Pi Chae-won simply looked around quietly.

Suddenly, a murmur was heard from the corner of the lobby.

A man who appeared to be a tall man climbed up to the podium, and a number of reporters surrounded him, shouting and saying something.

So I almost missed the ringing, but Pi Chae-won managed to answer the phone.

“hello… … ?”


At the familiar voice, Pi Chae-won laughed softly.


[Are you okay!?]

“Ah yes… … .”

[where are you!]

“The Office of the Superintendent of Supernatural Powers.”

[…] … I don’t know where It’s okay, right?]

“yes. By the way, are all the Hunters okay?”

[what is it. Suddenly I can’t remember the name. Anyway, everyone is safe except for the fact that he fell backwards and almost broke the back of his head while taking a commemorative photo on the fat man’s giant body.]

Unusual words were mixed in.

“… … A giant corpse?”

[Uh-huh. Six-eyed guy, can I take a look?]

“… … Are you a giant?”

[uh. yes marin is out They only do housework.]

“… … Did you catch it?”

[Yes, all.]

“… … All four!?”

[I and Jinwoon have two. And two people in the hotel.]

It was almost mind-boggling. Especially since the TV hanging from the ceiling was showing the giant hitting the building and destroying it.

It was hard to believe, but Pi Chae-won managed to keep talking.

“… … oh First. Shall I come in?”

[If you don’t know, wait there. I’ll pick you up.]

“Ah yes. thank you.”

[Did you say Supercognition Support Agency?]

“… … The headquarters of the French Superintendence Administration.”

[okay. Call when you arrive. I am waiting patiently.]

The call was cut off, and Pi Chae-won quietly squatted down in the corner of the lobby on the first floor.

You killed all four giants. It sounded unbelievable, but the good news was good news anyway.

If this were true, it was clear that it would be of great help to the image of Korean hunters.

Pi Chae-won smiled warmly and watched a high-ranking French official holding a press conference across the row from the lobby.

Using his very slightly ability to watch, it seemed that he had not yet fully grasped the situation. I also stuttered.

“… … Whoops.”

What kind of expressions do people make when they hear that Korean hunters have caught all four of them? That was the time when I smiled so brightly.


Korean was spoken.

When Pi Chae-won was surprised, she looked up and saw a Western woman looking at her with a smirk.

“Excuse me.”

“Who, who… … ?”

“Oh, I’m sorry. The introduction is late.”

She, who speaks quite fluent Korean, held out her business card to Pi Chae-won.

“It’s TF1’s Marien Delacour.”

“… … Ah yes.”

“In Korea, it’s Mr. MB.”

“ah… … Well, you know… … ?”

“How many years have you lived? Anyway, are you sure that you are the secretary of Pchewon, who came as a representative of Korean hunters?”

“Ah yes… … .”

Apparently he’s a journalist. Pi Chae-won, who had been squatting in no way, got up quickly so that the national dignity could no longer be lowered.

Reporter Marian asked Pi Chae-won.

“Oh, can I ask you just a few questions?”

“… … Ah yes.”

“Do you have any information about this monstrous incident?”

That moment.

Something flashed in Pi’s head.

“… … I do not know.”


Something to make this work fun.

“… … .”

Of course, I wanted to do this, but the tongue root was out of control of the central nervous system.

“… … As far as I know, all four of them were caught by French hunters.”


“Daniel said he caught two.”

* * *

There is a saying that you can know a thousand roads in water, but you do not know a person in a thousand roads.

It was a saying that transcends the times when you see that people who have lost their lives are constantly appearing.

But not for the petitioner.

[Instant Gate. Can you think of it as a gate that spit out boss mobs and disappear differently from a normal gate? uh mr, what Breaking news on TF1!?]

[French hunters caught them all? Is this good news?]

[Write. Daniel’s performance. I don’t think the government will like it at all… … .]

The lobby was full of reporters, and Pi Chae-won slowly blended into it.

“ah. Excuse me… … ?”

Still, I was ranked 1st in English in the June mock exam. Of course, my conversational skills weren’t very good, but I would do anything if a person was succumbed to evil.

“Oh, uh… … Korean. A government servant.”

At her fluent self-introduction, some reporters recognized Pi Chae-won and rushed to her. It was a strange face that reporters didn’t know because it was the Korean representative who was standing next to the prime minister when he played quack.

In any case, Pi Chae-won successfully approached reporters.

And I started to take the meds.

In fact, since he was half immersed in tension and excitement, this act was more like an instinctive behavior he had learned on a regular basis.

“I Heard. uh… … French Hunters Hunt All Giants. Hour Hunter Commanded Me. Yes. Yes. Daniel Wellington Hunt to Giant. At List as Far as I Know.”

Reporters, who fell for Pi Chae-won’s clever remarks, started sending scoops from the scene on the Internet and SNS.

That’s when the snowball started rolling.

As is usually the case with the media, as soon as some Internet articles were published, all kinds of reporters started copying them and sending them to their newspapers.

The French hunters killed all the monsters in just one hour, and Daniel Wellington caught two by himself.

Of course, Daniel Wellington wasn’t French, and this contradiction was a mistake that came from the nervousness of Pi Chae-won.

Rather, thanks to this contradiction, reporters began to add arbitrary interpretations to further confuse the case.

In the end, the French government came to the culprit.


“How did this happen? Secretary?”

“ah… … .”

If you know a person.

dealing with people.

It was very easy.

“Now that this is the case, how about doing it publicly for French hunters… … ?”

“… … !?”

“I thought it would be more helpful in stabilizing people’s livelihoods… … Yes. Yes. ah ha ha… … I’m here to help, so I have to help. Yes. Yes. then… … .”

so that.

Dealing with a high-ranking French official who had been blinded by a fear of responsibility and a greed for performance was very simple.

In this way, Pi Chae-won returned the achievement of subjugating the monster to the French government.

Of course, there must have been a transcript there, so she wouldn’t be able to use this as an excuse herself.

It didn’t matter though.

Because there was no one else to detonate the bomb.


[What the HELL is going on?!]

* * *

The instinctive gambler that came out of Pi Chae-won’s improvisation, interlocked with all kinds of interests and causality, and exploded the overwhelming butterfly effect.

Paris was the heart of the EU, and the devastated 8th arrondissement was the heart of Paris. And in such an emergency, everyone was half-conscious.


There were scoop-blind reporters, civil servants panicked by their responsibilities, and even the French government in need of patriotism.

As an added bonus, even one hot-tempered hunter who can’t stand the absurdity.

“… … .”

Pi Chae-won thought the situation was very ironic. An act done half-heartedly would have such consequences.

The fact that my heart is still nervous and trembling, I thought that this was the feeling that I couldn’t live up to my name.


Politics was originally a field that only talked about results.

What he did was a hunter, but what he dealt with was a politician.

So Pi Chae-won was smiling.

Perhaps her unconscious self, who has always understood the position of others, instinctively tapped a calculator to derive their relationship, and then suddenly recalled an action that would lead to the optimal result.

“Huh… … !”

Come on now, what good is that?

The girl grabbed her trembling chest.

The results were clear.

Korea proved its ability in the most impactful way in the international community, and Pi Chae-won made a successful debut on the European diplomatic stage.

Some considered her a lucky kid, others considered her a young strategist, but it was clear that Pi Chae-Won had an overwhelming voice in the international community.

Phi Chae-won, who received a cheering statement from Yang Pan-seok and Han Seung-moon, a tender apology from the French government, and a hot interest from European civil society.

By placing Lumiere and Daniel on both sides, he clearly stated the need for cooperation for the coexistence of mankind. This is usually referred to as the cause of the cause.

like that.

The plane is ready at Charles de Gaulle International Airport.

No matter what the French president’s insides were, he held the same opinion as Phi Chae-won on the outside, so now there was nothing that could stop the Hunters.

“… … Whoa.”

She is now on a plane to England.

There is only one purpose.

Face to face with the British Prime Minister.

Taking Han Seung-moon’s warning to heart, discovering the conspiracy between the United States and Britain.

“… … .”

The girl got on the plane with a pleasant trembling.

On the plane were Daniel Wellington, who was tasked with bringing in reinforcements, and Noah Lumière, who was leading his followers to save mankind.

Of course, hundreds of other hunters also had their own circumstances. Because each person is different, they are treated as human beings.

Someone had a place to return to.

Some had nowhere to go.

Someone wanted rebirth.

Some wanted death in war.

Some wanted fame.

Someone wanted revenge.

It doesn’t matter if that attitude is rational. The mind was originally a kind of thing far from being an explanation.


There was one person here who understood people.

Thanks to that, the plane flew across the chilly blue sky.

* * *

that time.

After a four-hour meeting with the U.S. ambassador who came suddenly, Han Seung-moon lay nervously on the sofa in the official residence.

“Oh, Sea arm, nose cub… … .”

Spend the dollar as the reserve currency.

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