A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 134

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 134

EP 21 – Knights Without Borders (16)

Noah Lumière looked up at the sky.

“… … .”

The night was not dark.

The night was never dark.

It was just that there was no starlight.

* * *

The blue gate lights lit up the world. It was a bitter cold light.

It felt kind of creepy, though.

But what was really creepy were the monsters crawling in the blue light. Distorted flesh came dripping with saliva.


A hairless mammal with four forked mouths rushed in, and Seol Jin-Woon took a step aside and cut off the beast’s head.

Her hair fluttered in the smooth movement. the cold night wind He had a clear blood.

“… … .”

Seol Jinwoon’s sword path was extremely smooth. A blue flash of light moved gently step by step and slashed through the air.

But the boy’s eyes were clearly cloudy.

concentration is scattered.

The moment the sharp, brittle instinct becomes dull, the body leaning against the sword has no choice but to stumble once.

“Ugh… … !”

Pain comes along with a deep sense of weakness. The torn muscles convulsed, and a terrifying feeling of helplessness hangs down the body.


The reason he was able to stab the sword into the jaws of the monster that rushed in while staggering was probably because of his responsibility to the people behind his back.

“hey! it’s okay!?”

Do-yeon Yeo, who had guessed that the boy was not in good condition, approached the area and stopped the monster. Thanks to this, Jinwoon Seol had time to catch his breath.

But it was rather poison for the boy.

When Seol Jinwoon’s sword, which had been moving due to inertia, stopped for a moment, the boy staggered loudly.


It seems that he bled too much and was anemic.

And it was the battlefield where that momentary stumble was directly linked to death.

“… … !”

The fist was flying.

The fist of a very large monster reached right in front of his nose.

It was so vivid that even bloodstains and flesh were caught between the yellow dead skin cells.

It was such a fist that, if hit, the entire upper body would be blown away. In fact, the expression of the front paws was a suitable form.

However, the body did not move.

To be precise, it was moving very slowly.

“… … .”

The boy’s world slowed down.

It was a phenomenon called a pole lamp.

The boy thought death was nearer than ever.

… … Thought.

… … Thought.

I couldn’t do anything other than think.

Closing his eyes for a fleeting moment, the boy thought about many things.

‘… … .’

In a world where there are no monsters, if you normally graduate from high school, go out of the gym as planned, and inherit your parents’ kendo.

How did you feel?

Was he bowing his head to his parents because he spent every day listening to the cheers of elementary school students and got hurt in a fight with each other?

Or did he spend his life teaching the health-conscious uncles and aunts how to wield a knife, sometimes ending up with the officials and sharing samgyeopsal with soju?

Maybe it was a luxury kendo studio that produced national representatives, or maybe it was because the business didn’t work, so he sold a commercial building and acted as the owner of the building.

“… … .”


I don’t know if there is a if in history, but at least there is no if in life. If you mourn if in life, that’s what you call regret or regret.

And to get caught up in such a thing, it is the habit of those who survive for a long time to be absorbed in reality.

At least Seol Jinwoon thought so.

“… … .”

But where are you now?

‘Before death.’

If so, wasn’t he faithful to reality?

‘It was faithful.’

where am i

‘It’s a battlefield.’

So, why are you on the battlefield? Did you want to save someone? Did you miss blood? Did you think of life-and-death battles like extreme sports?


Then why am I heading to the battlefield?

It was only in the face of death that I could be honest.

It’s because I miss you.

The memories of my childhood that I can no longer go back to, the teachings of my father, who was a retired national team candidate Naburin.

The dream of holding a wooden sword while suffering from muscle pain and bloody bruises, the dream with close friends who promised to save people in a dimly lit classroom.

Before I was drenched in blood and reality, the dream that moved me.

It was contained in a sword.

“… … .”

As far as thinking goes,

At last the boy’s world became quiet.

In that silence, without gunshots, screams, pounding sounds, or even a flurry, the boy thought quietly.

I already knew, how could I not know?

The sword doesn’t exist.

The one he holds is the sword, and the one he wields is the bem. So is life. Doing is profitable, cutting is the heart.

You can’t expect the Way in a crazy world. So is the law. A person’s behavior cannot affect the tomb.

So what’s important?

is a row

It is actions that give value to human life. And the decision to take action is the will. It’s a dream. Hope.

Instead of trying to survive in the world, walking your own path is the way to survive.

others are cut

Now the world will have to survive me.

That is my duty, for those who died for me, and for those who died for me.

“… … .”

like that,

The moment the swordsman opened his eyes, the monster had already been cut.

The blue flash no longer blazed fiercely.

It was just quietly hovering around him.

“… … .”

Silence pierced the air,

The swordsman drunken walked the blue night.

* * *

It was a blue night.

Doom has come to the city.

Lumiere instinctively felt him.

“… … .”

The shield surrounding the city began to weaken. As it was the ability he had cast and maintained, he knew it better than anyone else.

Her shield can cover the city. This ability was awakened by seeing the death of a comrade during the defense of Paris.

According to the analysis of the scientists, it is said that the magic is condensed to create a thin film.

If spread out to this extent, only small species such as blood bats and sword eagles could be blocked, but large species classified as dragon species or sky fish have great strategic value in that they can be shot down with anti-aircraft guns as soon as they enter the shield. there was.

At least the Hunters could only look ahead and fight. The teeth that flew from above did not pluck his throat.

But now I had a gut feeling that the shield was going to be neutralized.

This meant that the city would soon be destroyed.

“… … .”

Tears of blood began to flow.

It is a sign of depletion of magic power.

His eyes were bloodshot like they were about to burst, his hands and feet began to tremble, and his brain started spewing painkillers, and the pain was gone.

a sign of death

Ironically, I was fed up and smiled first.

“… … under.”

This shield was the number one reason for wanting Lumière in every European city. Even those who praise her as a saint may have wanted this shield, not themselves.

In other words, her pure good intentions were not appreciated by anyone.

Doctors Without Borders, who have not awakened, are also wandering around the battlefield to save people. Who praised them as saints or saints?

In the end, the formula for being holy was something people put on, and in an era when people’s morals were buried in the ground, people were never holy.

The same goes for yourself.

Are you not resentful?

“… … uh, huh.”

Some say she’s a stupid volunteer. He said he was a good-natured person with nothing in his head.


She is a veteran of Doctors Without Borders. He wandered around the Middle East and Kashmir to save people, so he was the most sensitive to hatred and confrontation between the rebels and the government forces.

don’t know about politics

So is the current situation.

A map of the conflicting relationship between Britain and France, the subtle hegemonic behavior of the United States, and a map of loopholes in the European gate and Horus system, which have been corrected as errors.

If you stand at the center of all these events, you will know instinctively whether you want to know or not.

How ugly it is to be human.

“… … .”

she just.

You just do it knowingly.

Because there is no reason not to do it.

“… … .”

So, Lumiere doesn’t trust people.

I knew all too well that it was her selfishness that wanted everyone to be as selfless as her.

Not everyone knew she had an unknown Muslim passerby who protected her from terrorist bullets in her childhood.

She is just doing her beliefs.

However, walking down the road often leads to misery.

“… … .”

She and the Hunters defended Calais in order to capture as much as possible the monsters heading south.

They are in the north, the behemoth is in the middle, and the French Air Force is in the south.

Therefore, the French Air Force must pass through the flying monsters to support them. Or the rowing far and round.

In addition, the French Air Force had an obligation to protect the refugees from the south. So, in order to carry out the operation as efficiently as possible, he asked for help from the US troops stationed in England.

But the Americans are not coming.

The French government is well aware of this. How many contacts have you sent there right now, and how many are military satellites and reconnaissance planes?

However, by this time the French army did not come.

“Uh, uh… … !”

The government abandoned them.

It would be nice if this was because of the US sabotage, but the US was not a country that used such ignorant methods.

Whether the French government was subsequently secured by the United States or chosen as a rival to keep Britain in check,

There were a few political scenarios that came to mind, but they were all meaningless.

What’s important is

that the country has abandoned them.

One politician who thought she was truly a comrade.

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… … !”

He couldn’t tell whether he was sobbing or being heartbroken. She sat down, staring at the chilly blue night sky.

And he held out his hand, shaking like an aspen, toward the night sky.

Tears of blood flowed down her cheeks.

The sky was bright, but there were no stars.

“Uh-huh, uh-huh… … .”

like that,

The forsaken saint, under the wretched night sky,


very quietly,

I closed my eyes.

* * *

That was then.

A pounding sound was heard that vibrated the sky.


Lumiere opened her eyes.

Her shield was gone.

The monsters that were wriggling in the darkness of the night sky were also gone.

And it was the first time I had seen such a night sky.

“Hey, what is this… … !”

The sky is open –

It was a look that could only be expressed.

All the dark clouds and beasts disappeared, as if a huge hole had been cut in the sky above this city.

As if peering into the Milky Way and star clusters, the stars in the night sky were shining brilliantly.

Dark clouds rolled over in a circle as if pushed by something, and the full moon appeared for the first time in the clear sky.


“… … ?”

Starlight moves.

and it blinks

… … Was the starlight green?


Lumiere looked at the communicator in surprise. A familiar voice came from the communicator, which had been silent for hours.

-… … Ah, ah, can you hear me?

“… … Daniel?”

-Can you hear me, aunty?

The voice continued.

– Ah, ah, Daniel Wellington, an independent S-class blitzkrieg who was just expelled from the British Association. Parachute down to Calais, France. If you fire an anti-aircraft gun, you’ll get tired of it, so you know that.

“… … All, Daniel? He, he, there are still monsters in the sky-”

– Don’t worry, the f**king little boy has organized it all in one room. If you don’t grind your anti-aircraft guns there, it seems like you’ll land safely. over.

Lumiere did not understand what was going on,

Communication is not over.

-… … Shelter Dunkirk. vigilante commander. Shehiz Adohill. Joins Calais with 32 members of the vigilante group.

-sister! Can you hear me!? This is Gwynn Schmidtseva from Amiens! Is Lewin okay!?

-Clan Champmer. All under the clan leader Zuhi Wilter. Planned landing at Saint-Pierre Park.

-Moscow. This is Serge of Spetsnaz. Long time no see, Lumiere. I have come to pay off debts in St. Petersburg.

-Lumière! I’m going down with Mohad! Stay alive!

– This is Natalia from Armada. Air support teams launched an intercept from the western defenses. In the middle of the monster over there, some madman is running rampant with a sword, is that your friend?

– This is the Vatican. Psykers are going down with containers loaded with potions. Air traffic control please. over.

– Doctors Without Borders. A total of 86 elite selection personnel. Landing at Anconne Square.

“… … .”

Lumiere’s hand began to tremble like an aspen.

It was similar to the previous one, but it was definitely a different kind of trembling.

She looked up at the sky.

“… … ah.”

dark, harsh,

In that cold blue night sky.

Thousands of airplane lights were gathering to draw a beautiful Milky Way.

“… … Ahh.”

Noah Lumière doesn’t trust people. She was the one who walked alone without looking back.

However, there were many people behind her as she quietly walked.

she saved and looked at her.

Numerous actions and karma.

Actions are rewarded with karma.

so. the current landscape.

Those countless starlights that bless her.

That beautiful night sky full of goodwill and hope.

It was only the appearance of the life of a man named Noah Lumière.

“… … Ahh.”

I couldn’t be happier either.

* * *

And behind her, someone appeared.

“… … I don’t know if you would have liked the present I prepared for you.”

turak –

A suit came down from heaven and set his feet on the ground. She had a gold badge on her chest, and next to her was a girl in a hoodie.

Noah Lumière turned to the familiar voice and rolled her eyes. Naturally, tears flowed.

The suitor flinched at that desperate look.

“… … uh, um, that. Sorry. Last time I was-“


“Uh, huh?”

“It wasn’t like the radio food here.”

At the girl’s urging, the suitor’s face slightly blushed.

And, with the communicator hanging from his neck,

Greetings carefully.

“… … Republic of Korea. Minister of Portrait Management, Han Seung-moon.”

“… … .”

“I have come to meet the general manager of Knights Without Borders.”

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