A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 135

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 135

EP 22 – Make world great again (1)

After the dark night,

dawn has come

The morning in Calais was quiet.

That’s unbelievable.

“… … .”

Lumiere’s platinum hair fluttered in the breeze that blew in the warm morning sun. Halo is indistinguishable from sunlight.

She is looking at the horizon. The horizon dyed red. The sea of blood that ran down the mountain of corpses.

And it was, by no means, a beautiful landscape.


A sea of blood swept over the city, but man was still alive, and a mountain of corpses piled up, but man was upon it.

“… … .”

That was enough.

“… … .”

Actually, more than enough.

* * *

It goes without saying that mind-reading is a very convenient ability. Unless we live in a world where people are dying.

Do you know what it feels like to die? How does it feel to have your family die in front of you? How do you feel about being eaten alive by a monster?

If you feel these emotions all day long, you will not be able to speak or walk properly.

I don’t know if this expression is appropriate, but there are cases where people starve to death while eating three or three meals a day.

That was the reason why Pi Chae-won desperately learned how to control her powers.


Even if you cover your ears in the middle of the battlefield, only Lee Myung is bound to be heard.

And the death’s deathbed was terrible enough just with the afterimage.

That too was thousands of terminal horses.

“Uh, uh… … !”

A terrible headache wrapped around Pi Chae-won’s head. The girl survived by chewing the pillowcase.

Of course, this isn’t the first time this has happened. However, it was not an experience that I got used to by going through it twice.

The afterimages of sadness, pain, and cruelty that are difficult to even describe filled my heart.

The girl was clearly in the underground bunker, but the blood that flowed down from the ground slowly seeped into the ground, eventually staining the girl’s heart with dark red blood.

The fact that Pi Chae-won came to her senses,

It was around the time when Han Seung-moon arrived and opened the door to the underground bunker.

* * *

“… … Are you Chaewon?”

An underground bunker in the dark Calais. The room is located third from the innermost. I found the chaewon there.

Since the supply was so poor, the beds and blankets all smelled disgusting.

I carefully lifted the blanket covering something roughly round. A girl in the blanket appeared.

“… … Chaewon?”

The girl lying on the bed was rolling around like a beanworm. hugging a pillow

His long hair covered his face, so he was confused for a moment, but he was clearly a Fijiwon. Although it was tight, the suit I bought was right.

“… … Chaewon?”

“… … .”

“Hey, wake up… … !”

The child was not even moving, so he took the pillow he was hugging. You don’t know how hard he was biting the pillow.

Only then did the boy slowly turn his head.

Your eyes are so blurry

“… … Minister?”

“… … okay.”

“Minister… … .”

The moment I saw the shabby figure of him, honestly, my feelings of affection and gratitude took precedence.

How much trouble must this little guy go through in a foreign country, trying to fix the world?

The guy came up to me with a blank face, and I patted the little guy’s trembling little shoulder.

“… … Good job.”

“… … .”

The first thing he said was a feeling, not a greeting.

In fact, he was trembling, so it was more like a small mumble than talking.

“… … Minister.”

“… … okay.”

“I think the world is so, so strange… … .”

There was a faintly trembling voice that had been locked up.

“… … It would be nice if you came back properly.”

“… … .”

I couldn’t answer that.

“… … That’s it.”

He didn’t even know what the real world was, and he was too embarrassed to ask what it was.

“… … .”

just. As a politician.

I just leave it as a small homework in the corner of my heart.

* * *

The first thing the survivors did was remove the body. Of course, burial could not be done in this situation, so the body was burned straight away.

Through the smoke of burning corpses, the cries of those left behind mixed in, and the tears of the living fell drop by drop on the bloody water on the floor.

Yeo Do-yeon was also adding to those tears.

“… … .”

It is said that he lost several comrades. Tears were dripping down from among the people in front of the crematorium.

The family is crying with tears in their eyes. The people she mourned were people I didn’t know.

I stared at it for a while from the side, then finally put a cigarette in my mouth and walked away.

“… … .”

The more we get immersed in micro emotions, the more impossible it is to make rational judgments. Sensitivity and reason had to be mixed in the right proportion.

Especially when walking on a single rope like now. I quickly ran away from the funeral home.

My escape was on the roof of a nearby building. Even here, there are bloodstains on the floor as if the body had been removed.

“… … .”

It was the moment when I took out the lighter with a depressed mood.

“You are here.”

“… … Jinwoon?”

“… … It won’t take long.”

I wondered what this meant, but I soon realized what I was just seeing.

I ran away because I was running away, but I was watching the funeral even from the roof.

Seol Jinwoon came over to me and leaned against the railing. And I watched the funeral being held in the plaza in the distance.

The square was full of hunters.

“… … After a few hours, he said he was heading back to the battlefield. To close dozens of gates.”

“… … .”

“… … The funeral will be the last.”

I carefully shook my head.

“It would be a luxury to collect bodies inside the gate.”

“… … me too Did I say it as if I was the only one who knew the obvious?”

“It’s not obvious. Only those who have fought will know.”

“… … But everyone here will know.”

“It would be.”

“… … Yet we are still gathering.”

Seol Jinwoon smiled bitterly.

“It’s strange.”

“… … What do you mean?”

“There are still people like that in the world.”

If that’s weird, what’s the real world? It is refreshing to hear that the world is strange twice.

“… … .”

It seems that I was at a loss for words for a long time without realizing it. Seol Jinwoon smiled brightly.

“… … Uh, Minister?”

“… … Ah yes. What’s going on?”

“thank you.”

“… … .”

Seol Jin-woon’s serious eyes looked straight at me.

“I am not good at speaking, so I can only speak like this. Thank you very much. Minister. Thanks to this, many people have survived.”

I looked into the boy’s eyes.

It was cold and sat down.

I asked him.

“… … Jinwoon said he was 20 years old, right?”

“yes? No, 3rd grade… … .”

As he was talking, he changed his words as if he didn’t want to.

“Ah. That’s right. I’m 20 years old. It’s been a year. Come to think of it, I didn’t get my ID…”

“… … I, Won.”

If you look at me with such a vague look, I am 20 years old again.

I smiled bitterly and shook my head.

And I asked him to shake hands.

“I am very grateful. Seeing my sister is safe, I am relieved.”

“… … What is Doyeon’s older sister? I am always in a position to be indebted to.”

“But don’t be too friendly.”


“It’s a joke.”

Seol Jinwoon tilted his head shyly when I was joking around.

the guy asked me

“… … By the way, how did you come to know that we are dangerous?”

“Oh, what is it? The timing was just right. One thing happens, yes… … .”

“What happened… … ?”

I smiled lightly and shrugged.

“There is a coup in China.”

* * *

If we look back for a moment,

I succeeded in deriving quite unpleasant conjectures with the help of the co-winder and CEO Chun.

It means that the US is trying to subdue Asia by supporting a coup d’état by China and to dismantle the EU by overthrowing France, the axis of the EU.

Of course, various socio-economic details were sharply intertwined in the process, but this was roughly the case if only the main stem was captured.

‘… … The United States is trying to prevent the birth of a superpower other than itself.’

[…] … .]

‘Having experience dealing with the Soviet Union, you know how dangerous it is. That’s why I’m desperate now.’

And now that I’ve reached that point, I’ve decided not to waste any more time.

It went into fact checking.

‘Am I wrong? dismissal?’

[…] … .]

Beyond the phone, Yang Pan-seok remained silent for a long time. Instead of answering, what came back was a sigh.

[…] … ha.]

And that sigh was the clearest answer.

‘… … That’s right.’

[…] … okay.]

Yang Pan-seok briefly explained to me.

[Around North Korea in the next few weeks, very, quite… … There are going to be some messy events going on.]

‘Is the US intervening under the pretext of the confrontation between Korea and China? … .’

[And the coup is going on in a chaotic confrontation.]

‘… … We will cooperate to some extent. What’s the price?’

[Korea gains a status similar to that of a permanent neutral nation.]

It was a pretty sweet price. Yang Pan-seok continued speaking calmly.

[Based on China’s food aid and US security aid, Korea will become a kind of utopia. It is the most comfortable and affluent country in the world, and a strategic point where even stimulants are supplied.]

‘Instead, in the international political arena, are you playing the role of the American flag?’

[Not even a minion. I’m going to go roughly like a bystander. That’s it, though… … .]

The explanation was enough.

Abundance at the price of silence.

It was a share handed over to Korea. It was also the best we have achieved by sabotaging American plans.

I calmly chose my words.

Talking about Korea’s free sovereignty here is ridiculous. It is childish to discuss the Fat Pig’s Dilemma.

It was a problem for historians and philosophers, not for politicians.

At this point, there must be circumstances that I am not aware of, and Yang Pan-seok chose the best outcome based on him.

This is the result of a negotiation made by a politician who is incomparably old-fashioned, and it is the merit of the person in charge who endured the post of president.

I believe in him.

I’m sure this was our best ‘now’.


ask him

‘… … Are you satisfied with this?’

[…] … .]

‘Actually, I don’t know much about state secrets or anything like that. Still, I know that the United States can destroy Korea and Japan with just one 7th Fleet. It is also a country that can be destroyed with a single missile equipped with five or six nuclear warheads.’

war with America.

Of course, it is a future with little possibility of realization due to political and humanistic issues. However, the future is not without realization.

No matter how crazy the middle of the US was or how much the dollar became a piece of paper, the difference in power between Korea and the US needed no explanation.

I hate to admit it.

Korea cannot surpass the United States.

This isn’t a novel. No matter how much you try to wrap it up with patriotism and nationalistic sensibility, the difference between population, national power, and military power cannot be overcome.


‘Because the world is like this. Because we took America’s weakness. We have come to a position where we can negotiate on an equal footing with the United States.’

[…] … .]

‘Are you satisfied with this result? Are you sure you won’t regret the fact that you didn’t hit us any further?’

Politicians are always a career with choices.

Party, nomination, constituency, policy, ideology, economy, line, faction, public opinion, media, budget proposal, slush fund, political and economic collusion, and conflict with the police and police.

All politicians live on a single tightrope all the time.

There are no politicians without it.

The moment you fall off the rope,

Because I can’t be a politician anymore.

‘dismissal. Perhaps this is the last time in history, when we have a relative advantage over the United States.’

[…] … .]

‘This choice now, in such a broken world, could affect the life of the country of Korea.’

so that,

No matter how gentle you pretend to be,

All politicians were basically victors.

And I asked the most successful shooter.

‘Are you satisfied with this level?’

[…] … .]

‘I’m hungry, so I’m going to give it a try. How can I not be enough with a hand like me?’

The president of this country responded.

[…] … Seungmoon.]

‘… … yes.’

[There are a lot of behind-the-scenes stories that you don’t know. I can’t even tell you about it word by word.]

‘… … .’

[This is a more delicately tuned board than you think. If you shake it up, you may not even be able to get it.]

‘… … .’

[…] … Do you have any plans?]

There is a plan, of course.

In fact, it is not a very elaborate plan. In fact, it was half a collision with emotions, and I’m in a situation where the screw came off slightly because of my sister, so I’m not sure what will happen.

but. Poor people have their own way.

I was obviously a politician, but I was half-bad.

‘… … From now on, we will lead the renegotiation with the United States. And it’s a very rude thing to say-‘

[I’ve been sarcastic enough so far, so I’ll tell you first.]

‘For now, we are going to start slashing one by one.’

* * *

“… … So, I went around one by one and gathered hunters. Things turned out to be easier than I thought. There have been cases where we persuaded them over the phone on the plane.”

“… … .”

“One time, I went right before a monster crashed into an airplane… … , Lumiere?”

“… … .”

Lumiere’s expression, knowing the full story of the incident, seemed to be more attractive than expected.

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