A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 136

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 136

EP 22 – Make world great again (2)

‘… … uhm. So. Minister?’

‘Yes, you have a cold.’

‘We bring together hunters from all over Europe, fend off monsters in Europe, and take the initiative of the EU based on the support of citizens. Can I understand this plan?’

‘The Knights Without Borders will eat the EU.’

‘No, no, wait a minute. Regardless of whether it was the Knights Without Borders or the Knights Templar. Would hunters from other countries cooperate here?’

‘After the reversal of the prediction of the Horus system was announced, conspiracy theories that the US was trying to invade Europe are publicly circulating. In a situation like this, everyone who knows would know, wouldn’t they?’

‘… … No, though-‘

‘And again, in this situation, it’s a bit far-fetched to say, but the situation itself is a bit interesting.’

‘Oh, I’ll turn… … .’

‘No, think about it. If you watch a disaster movie or a zombie movie, high-ranking people are political, and they don’t always swear at you.’

‘Now is the perfect pair. Yes. Yes.’

‘Let’s just keep it simple. Now, when the monster appeared, something complicated happened?’

‘… … .’

‘You don’t know what will happen if you kill all the monsters, don’t you?’

* * *

“… … So I don’t know how much I sold my arms to collect hunters.”

“okay. Also America… … .”

Lumiere was lying on the bed in the hospital room, and I sat at the bedside, fiddling with my climbing cane.

As she peered into the Ringer’s string running from her thin wrist, Lumière smirked helplessly.

“… … actually. It was my gift that gave me this ringer string.”

“Oh, come to think of it, Doctors Without Borders also sent dozens of dispatchers. Did anyone know?”

“My name is Doctor Choi. I’m Korean You may have heard of it… … .”

She murmured helplessly and suddenly shook her head.

“… … I thought it was a pretty touching meeting. Such a political background must have been hidden.”

“No, no. What do you mean?”

I hurriedly corrected her words.

“I started politics by selling the name of Lumière.”

Actually, it wasn’t that everyone didn’t think about the rescue of Lumière, it was just that they didn’t get the chance for various reasons.

The skyway is blocked and rescue teams cannot go, or the governments of each country have banned the hunters from leaving the country in such an emergency. That’s why.

“I just lubricated this intricate twist.”

“… … .”

“In the end, it was you who drew these people. Lumiere.”

She looked at me for a long time with a strange expression.

“… … .”

“… … .”

Silence ensued, and just when I wondered if I had made a mistake, she smiled lightly and stabbed me in the side.

“Isn’t that something you were secretly bragging about? I am such a capable person—what the hell.”

“… … Did you hear it?”

then what is it I laughed softly.

“Originally, pride is a politician’s occupational disease.”

“Minister. do you know that The minister talks so much that he sometimes hates me.”

“How come your Korean skills are improving day by day.”

“Because I studied hard.”

“… … haha.”

In a harmonious atmosphere, I brought out the main point.

“Ugh. You know that the US is trying to undermine EU power.”

“Certainly, unless the promised air strike does not come, other hunters other than me will soon get the hang of it.”

I nodded.

“And I think the reason this was possible in the first place was because the government forces represented by France were taking the lead in the EU.”

what does this mean

The work is done by field workers, but the support is done by office workers. And if an office worker who has been in power is playing around with internal politics, the scene will be a mess.

And now it’s out.

“… … Then I thought that office workers should not take the real power.”

“… … You mean Hunters should lead the EU?”

Lumiere pointed out.

“It’s a little bit difficult to say in this situation. There is another reason why I have worked for the government until now.”

It seems that she did not know anything and was taken advantage of by the government, but that she voluntarily supported the government while knowing some things.

She explained why.

“A shelter led by hunters is not a democratic society.”

“… … Ahh.”

“For example, there was a case where the guild leader had six wives, expelled the opposition to the danger zone, and deliberately plundered the surrounding area. Of course, I want you to keep in mind that this is a fairly refined expression. Because the world is the world.”

Lumiere’s expression was calm.

“Of course, not all shelters work that way. If the guild leader is indulgence, such a shelter will not last long. Most of them follow the procedure of self-destruction, so the local community has its own self-purification.”

“Ah, yes.”

“However, strength and manners are not mutually exclusive concepts… … ?”

I understood what it means.

“When you act like a b*tch, you need at least one boss to put a bullet in your head so you don’t act like a dick—you mean like this?”

“… … It is by no means easy to use the strategy of air strikes in one shelter.”

“good. understood.”

There must be a central government with a gun in place so that local governments do not get in the way. Isn’t this the word

Just last night, the central government hit her in the head and she nearly died, but is it because of her morals or her nature that she keeps her rationality like this?

Anyway, the more I look at it, the more I am not an ordinary person.

“By the way. Lumiere.”

“… … Yes, Minister.”

“Isn’t it the most ideal system in which the central and local governments do not check each other and help each other harmoniously?”

“… … Is it that easy?”

“You just need to have a solid center of gravity. What Europe needs is a leader, not a system.”

I smiled.

“For example, it has support from both the local and central governments, has high international credibility and recognition, is smart and is faithful to justice.”

“… … yes?”

“Or maybe he’s a hunter and he’s not a person who has nothing to do with politics, or someone whose name starts with N.”

“Come on, wait… … !”

“Someone whose hair shines softly like a halo. Someone who looks good with a blue coat. Or a woman who looks best with her hair swept to one side—”

“Isn’t that me!?”

“You’re pretty daring.”

“Isn’t that the sound now!”

she inquired

“Are you saying that Knights Without Borders should take over the EU now!?”

“Yes! That’s it!”

“… … !”

She covered her face with her hand as if she was going to burst into tantrums. Because I am a Westerner, my reaction is a bit strong. Conversation is fun

Of course, whether I enjoy it or not, she countered me.

“How have you been listening to me? Hunters shouldn’t be in politics in this lawless situation! I have kept my mouth shut because it is a bit of a conversation to a foreign bureaucrat, but what inhuman and disgusting atrocities have I experienced in a local shelter until now—”

“Lumière. I am well aware of the importance of civilian control. Because I am from a country where there have been two coups.”

But that’s it. I smiled lightly and asked her.

“Lumière. Were there only doctors in Doctors Without Borders?”

“… … The administrative team and technical support team make up about 40%.”

“Then, are there only hunters in the Knights Without Borders?”

And he slowly got to the point.

“Under this situation, would the politician who ran under your name, Lumière, be elected? Can’t you?”

“… … .”

“So, if the politicians belonging to the Knights Without Borders, who want the coexistence of hunters and civilians, take over European politics.”

“… … .”

“Can’t Europe be freed from internal strife and not be shaken by foreign powers to create a better world?”


In the end, what I want to tell her is this.

“… … Lumiere.”

The times were calling for heroes.

* * *

A woman was standing in a field of reeds.

The red hair swaying softly and the gently fluttering reeds seemed to move very similarly, perhaps because they were being hit by the same wind.

and before her,

A wave of countless monsters came crashing down.

Repulsive foreign objects are approaching, drooling green saliva. The woman who had been watching the scene silently stretched out her hand in front of her.


The screen was instantly engulfed in flames.

It was an artificial satellite that was taking this picture.

Since it was a high-tech military satellite, it was photographing a smaller area than commonly seen satellite photos, but what the screen was capturing was by no means a small area.

In other words, the flames she exploded meant that the large area was burned up in an instant.

The storm of fire did not subside for a long time.

And by the time the flames disappeared from the screen, the vast field of reeds had turned to ashes, and charred pieces of meat were scattered all over it.

As the woman beckoned lightly, the hunters waiting nearby began to gradually narrow the siege to hunt for undercooked meat.

and at that point,

Li Choongbin took his eyes off the screen.

“… … Hmm.”

Next to the screen was the screen, and there was the screen above the screen.

Dozens of monitors are attached to the wall. Maybe over 100.

The wall was that huge, and the monitors were large enough to fill the wall.

Ri Choong-bin admired with a voice that did not know whether it was an elastic or a sigh.

“The Chinese satellites fill each screen, and the people’s blood and sweat to create and launch those satellites, I don’t know if I should be proud of this.”

“… … .”

“The technology that catches signals from satellites in a bunker 2km underground is mysterious and… … . My heart was gone decades ago, but time doesn’t wait for me, so sometimes I feel sad.”

Just then, the cell phone rang.

“… … Look at this. Isn’t it amazing?”

Li Choong-bin answered the phone with a smile.

He spoke Chinese, and the other spoke English.

“What did you contact me for?”

– Hmm. I heard that things are quite wrong… … .

“If you go back the way you set your mind, will that be the world?”

-that… … . A very respectful spirit!

The loud English voice calmly subsided.

-Anyway. I respect the positive mindset, but I’d like to have a more productive discussion.

“What does it mean to be productive?”

– There are a few issues that need to be resolved quickly.

His vocabulary was unstoppable.

– Korean hunters are fending off monsters in North Korea, haven’t Korean politicians formed a crusade in Europe?

“Korea’s capabilities are better than I expected. In particular, Minister Han Seung-moon’s political experience cannot be ignored.”

-The most regrettable thing is that President Yang broke his promise. That’s why you can’t trust Democrat politicians… … .

Lee Choong-bin smiled leisurely and pointed out.

“It will not be the idea of both presidents.”

– Huh?

“Didn’t I tell you to be careful?”

-… … ah! Was it the young man whom our General praised to the brim?

“Knowing how to use the right time and the right time is a very precious talent. When dealing with a minister, sometimes it seems like his heart is being looked into.”

-I thought it was half bluff, but now that I’ve been hit by one, I can relate.

But the voice over the phone did not lose its composure.

– Still, we’re strong at this kind of negotiation. Even if I start with one hit, I’m confident I can win. Last time I returned two bombs.

“I wish I hadn’t gone there… … .”

-haha! It won’t happen during my tenure! … … maybe!

he asked Li Choongbin.

– By the way, it seems that changes to the existing plan are inevitable. What policy do you have in mind, General?

“I don’t know that Daemyung is for the living, and righteous is for survival.”

Li Chongbin smiled softly.

“Rather than setting up a cause and starting a coup, I would like to think about starting a coup and then seizing the cause… … .”

-… … Isn’t that a pretty risky gamble?

“The ledger is risky, but it does not steer clear of the road.”

-… … If so, it would be nice if there was something I could do to help.

“I don’t think it’s necessary.”

Li Choongbin looked around.

The underground bunker was large, grand and cozy. It’s hard to believe that this place is 2km underground.

As if to represent the climate of the continent, a red cast pedestal was laid on the marble floor, and five-star red flags were hung everywhere to indicate that this was a national institution.


The corpses of the people scattered everywhere were also red, and the things that flowed from their bodies were also red.

The soldiers and superhumans who defeated them were also red,

There was also red blood splattered on Li Choong-bin’s face.

“There is no sin in revolution, and there is a reason in reaction… … .”

Next to the throne surrounded by corpses,

Pointing a gun at the head of the tin,

He said.

“… … The revolution has already succeeded.”

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