A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 14

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 14

EP 4 – Big paintings need big brushes (1)

While sitting around the table in the dormitory and making breakfast with boiled eggs and yogurt, Cheonhwaran smiled leisurely and started unraveling the tide.

“I met Lee in Capoeta, South Sudan. When I went to medical service.”

“Are you a doctor?”

Didn’t you say you went to Cheonhwa Pharmaceutical?

“I was very weak when I was young.”

She recalled with sad eyes.

“My father set up a research company to save me, and he cured me. What. It was a rare disease that I can’t remember the name of anymore…”

Also, Cheon Hwa-ran’s father was not an ordinary person.

“It seems that they killed several people after conducting clinical trials to save me. The next one is obvious, well. Later, when I grew up, I found out about it, and out of guilt, I went to the civil war zone and volunteered for medical services…”

She smiled happily and chin on the cold. He was smiling as if he was going to fly away with Gam Ji-yoon and Gam-seok.

“I was almost killed by the government army for treating the rebels, but Jiyoon’s father rescued me.”

“Are you a war correspondent?”

“yes. There was no way back, so we ran away from Africa for a year together and filmed a romantic movie. When I returned home, Jiyoon was in my stomach.”

* * *

Yang Pan-seok was not able to manage it, and he was fiddling with the beard that had grown slowly.

“The most ideal scenario would be to reconvene the National Assembly.”

Impeachment, Legislative, Special Committee. If only the National Assembly was normalized, it was safe to say that it was a half-win game.

“You don’t know where and how many lawmakers live.”

“That’s the problem. That’s why I’m going downstairs.”

Even though Seoul was destroyed, it was nothing more than the destruction of the upper floors. In other words, local power is still in existence.

“The District Attorney’s Office, the National Police Agency. Mayor, city council, city council…”

“First, we need to mediate the republican-democratic confrontation.”

“okay. It looks like the military wants to eat Korea, but it’s just that we have to fight for nothing to lose our flesh.”

But, really, Republicans and Democrats united, so what? If they even created something like the National Defense Party, it was clear that they would soon be brought down while being cursed as a one-party dictatorship.

“It’s picking up key points. key point.”

Yang Pan-seok looked at him with a gloomy look and poked the desk with his finger.

“In the case of the prosecution, only the chief prosecutors. In the case of a provincial council, it is only for the chairperson level. You are proposing a tacit alliance.”

“It looks like an invisible adhesion.”

“There is nothing good about pretending to be with the military for nothing. You shouldn’t give the penman a tee to keep the gunman in check.”

Yang Pan-seok smiled happily and finished the explanation.

“Come on, I’m done. What are your plans?”

“After showing off well to Cha Jae-gyun, I have to put a spoon on the psychic army.”




Yeo Do-yeon looked at me with contempt.

“Do I have to do this?”

“Come on, jump!”

We were in an open field near the headquarters. It was to test Yeo Do-yeon’s physical strength and my superpowers.

Yeo Do-yeon jumped in place with a reluctant expression. It feels like riding a ride.

“Wow! Fisherman!”

Ga Ji-yoon came up to us with a bright smile. I answered Yeo Do-yeon while carrying her.

“Hey, Jiyoon. You’re not playing right now.”

“How are you and your uncle?”

look at him

“hey! He’s a year older than me, so why am I an uncle!”

“My mom told me not to call a woman an aunt!”

Hwaran Cheon has been very professional in educating children.

Yeo Do-yeon was carrying me and jumping 2 meters high, and Ga-ji-yoon was floating around us.

Cheon Hwa-ran, who was watching from the side, covered her face with her hand as if she could not see it.

Yeo Do-yeon, who kept jumping, got mad at me.

“Hey man! How long do you run!”

“Who keeps running?”

Yeo Do-yeon threw me on the ground. I grabbed Yeo Do-yeon’s waist and stood up and brushed off the dust.

“Mr. Cheonhwaran.”


“Did you see anything blue, magical power right now?”

“Well, I can’t see well…”

Ga Ji-yoon, who was watching from the side, smiled broadly.

“Your unnie is blue, but because I got along with you, you became green too!”

This is a bit interesting.

“If my sister and I stick together, will I become stronger too?”

“How do I know?”

“If you touch, do you share superpowers?”

“Don’t ask me.”

“Are you talking to yourself?”

As I was rolling on the dirt after being hit by Yeo Do-yeon in the stomach, Ga Ga-yoon approached me with worried eyes and held out her hand.

“Kee eh! Heh heh…!”

“mister…? it’s okay?”

When Ga Ji-yoon puts a hand on my back,

body came up

“…ho ho.”

“Hey hey!”

It floats up like a state of weightlessness.

As I beckoned to the bluish mists in the air, I was able to swim in the air holding Gam Ji-yoon’s hand.

“Oh, this is fun.”

“Is not it? Is not it?”

Yeo Do-yeon crossed her arms with a pathetic look.

“Do you want to get older?”

“Do you think I tested this to swim with him?”



“I also have superpowers.”

Cha Jae-gyun, who was handing over the documents, sent an interesting look.

“If you come into contact with a psychic, you can share their abilities.”

“It’s interesting. There are three psychics in one party.”


Cha Jae-kyun let out a small sigh. There was a hole in the wrinkled forehead.

“It has been three days since we moved the National Intelligence Service and the Security Agency, but we have not been able to find a single one.”

Good luck. I guessed his intentions.

“Looks like you want to build a mobile strike force. Is that correct?”

He nodded without a word.

The ROK Army is besieging Seoul, but monsters who have broken through the encirclement are fighting in the southern part of Gyeonggi-do.

There is a mixture of civilians and monsters, and they can’t even launch missiles. However, if you send special forces, the bullets may not go through.

This is a time when monster hunters who can use superpowers are needed.

I’m going to take a step here.

“Excuse me, can I help you?”

“Already the NIS and security agencies are in charge, but…”

It also doesn’t just pass.

I’m not an idiot, why would you put me in? The sound of becoming a lieutenant general in the army and becoming a deputy minister meant that he had already reached the height of his political career.

The intention to take the spoon should have already been grasped, and at this point I have to make an offer I can’t refuse.

to win his favor.

“Well, there are ideas that only politicians can do.”

“I do not know.”

“I heard that the agents were messing around for three days. Excuse me, but how did you act…?”

If a member of the National Assembly sticks out like this, it will inevitably be difficult for the victim.

Cha Jae-gyun replied with a trembling look.

“…We are in the process of selecting reliable people from within the National Intelligence Service and the military and bringing them into contact.”

“Will it take a lot of time?”

“It’s not that important to find superpowers.”

What would you do if you found a superpower and hit it with a magic stone? If you roll your eyes, a big accident will happen.

So, it seems that they are trying to organize a special forces unit secretly by gathering people who are loyal to the country or have control over…

“Aren’t you thinking of doing just one business with me?”

Politics and business are basically a single sheet of paper.


The next day, I explained all the plans to the party and visited the vice-minister’s office with Yeo Do-yeon.

“We only make one foundation. What’s your name, Han Seungmoon Foundation, Seungmoon Foundation, Seungmoon’s Gamjatang, SM, anything is fine.”

I showed my big picture to the deputy minister.

Three fingers up.

“There are three things we need most.

An organization where superpowers will work.

An organization to study superpowers.

An organization that will manage superpowers. Is that correct?”

Cha Jae-gyun nodded his head.

“I will do all of this by running three profitable businesses with one foundation. To do that, we need your help.”

“Let’s hear it.”

First, you need to establish a foundation.


Contribution of founder’s property, notarization of foundation purpose, drafting of articles of association, check by the competent authority, application for establishment permission, confirmation, registration of establishment of competent court, etc.

Numerous procedures, both administrative and judicial, were required.

“The foundation will be established in Seoul on paper.”

The emergency martial law commander oversees all ‘administrative’ and ‘judicial’ in the region. And in front is the actual Seoul martial law commander.

“If the vice minister puts in the effort, we can make a cut within three days.”

“Tell me more.”

OK. If you’ve come this far, you’re half way there.

“The foundation will run three profitable businesses.”

“I know that the foundation cannot operate a profit-making business.”

“Public projects such as social welfare, R&D, and educational welfare are possible.”

Of course, I needed permission from the competent authority, and it was very tricky, but in front of me there was a chunk of ‘authority’ walking around.

I continued the explanation without interruption.

“first. social welfare work.

We will use the powers of our superpowers to build homes for refugees, clear the rubble of collapsed buildings, rescue people, and capture monsters.”

“Is that an organization for psychics to work?”

“Anyway, it is only a matter of time before the existence of superpowers is revealed. It is also important to manage such an external image in order to appear as moderate as possible in society.”

“Incorporate superpowers into society?”

“You have to roll it as a secret organization, because if you announce your psychic powers abroad, you will be very talkative.”

I smiled confidently and pointed to Yeo Do-yeon.

“People like Yeo Do-yeon and Ga Ji-yun are heavy machinery that walks around. You don’t have to use it only for fighting.”

In fact, when Yeo Do-yeon was in college, when she was working part-time at other convenience stores, she ran alone at the construction site.

The class leader even tried to cast when he quit Nogada due to his aunt’s torch. He didn’t even have superpowers back then.

Cha Jae-gyun answered with a still expressionless expression.

“Social welfare work seems to be fine. What is the next R&D project?”

“The foundation will set up one R&D.”

“R…, what?”

“Research and Development! It is a R&D company. We plan to study superpowers, their principles, and how to use them.”

There is also a researcher at a pharmaceutical company named Cheon Hwaran with a medical license. She will be conducting R&D.

Of course, you can ‘social welfare’ in the field, but she was pregnant.

Cha Jae-gyun raised a question.

“…Is there a law that monstrous research is a public service project?”

“Rep. Yang Pan-seok will make it. Until then, it will be possible to survive with the guarantee of the martial law commander. And isn’t it a public service project?”

“I didn’t protest, but I would open the legal justification. That’s fine. Please tell me more.”

Cha Jae-gyun answered in a softer voice.

“The last one is education welfare…”

Here’s a bit of a problem.

“Aren’t you thinking of setting up an orphanage?”

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