A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 143

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 143

EP 23 – The Wonderful World of Hunters (3)

this. How did this happen?

“fire extinguisher! Where’s the fire extinguisher!”

“Master Park! Here you go!”

“Boo, turn off the fire first!”

Hunter Rank in Korea is a performance system. The method of measuring horsepower was introduced for the first time today. So it could be said that now is a very monumental moment.

“What the… … !”

“Doctor James! Back! Back! Oh, step back a little!”

“I brought a fire extinguisher!”

I know that the safety verification has already been completed, and many hunters in the West must have tested their abilities with this machine.

Accordingly, the government brought reporters to commemorate the introduction of the system, and thanks to this, Gam Gam Yoon’s ability measurement was not a simple health check, but a small event that was already scheduled to appear on the 9 o’clock news.

“Come on, wait… … ! Isn’t this a fire lit with magic?”

“uh… … ? uh… … ?! Don’t fire a fire extinguisher!”

“Already sprayed-”

However, the moment Gam Ji-yoon put her hand on the meter,

A large machine set on fire, sparks sprung in all directions, and the entire hospital room began to burn.

It was an instant that reporters were excited.


Click click-

My bodyguards tried to cover the camera screen with their palms, but they ended up in vain as there were more reporters than bodyguards.

“… … .”

As I was watching the burning hospital room with a lost expression on my face, Ga Ji-yoon, who was staring at me quietly, pulled my sleeves tight.

“mister. Don’t be too disappointed. How do people always work out?”

“… … .”

“Would Jiyoon buy you pork cutlet? I got allowance from my mom yesterday… … .”

* * *

hello. Political commentator Sannabi. I’ve been busy with my life, so I haven’t been posting. It seems that we will be able to see you often in the near future. Maybe.

[Photo of Minister Han Seung-moon who lost consciousness and collapsed sideways. Gam Ji-yoon’s surprised expression is excellent.]

The news that Minister Han Seung-moon was lying down with foam from the morning breeze warmed the Republic of Korea. Before I start posting in earnest, I would like to wish Minister Han a recovery.

Although I hate his hegemonic and opportunistic side, and his aggressive and sarcastic way of politics, the people of this country owe him a sincere moral debt.

Including me, of course.

[Picture of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court during the judicial upheaval, throwing the baton of justice. He is Yang Pan-seok’s comrade at the Judicial Research and Training Institute. Throwing a hammer is reminiscent of Thor.]

Laws are made by circumstances. The Hunter Rank system is a prime example.

Korea uses a performance system. Although there is a difference in whether you start at Level 1 or Level 3 depending on your talent, you have to build up your achievements and undergo a screening to get to Level 9.

And it is the giants who judge it whether it is the Ability Review Committee under the Hunter Association. Roughly, the government and the association took half and half. It seems that the GS group did a good job lobbying.

In that context, the Korean Hunter Rank system can be said to be a collar that the government and large corporations have filled with hunters.

If it was the US or Europe, it would have been unimaginable. Of course, this is not meant to be biased. It is their duty for the government to manage risk.

Otherwise, this will happen.

[A map of the United States. The central region occupied by zombies is painted red, and the east and west are completely separated. In the east, radioactive contamination sites are marked in translucent orange.]

If the US or Europe had introduced the Korean Hunter Rank system, it would have been four months in a row. This is because the western world lacks public power.

Of course, in the United States, a country of lobbying, various PMCs have become large corporations and are colluding with public authorities, and in Europe, the government is just weaker than the guild, but the situation is similar in that the government cannot control the hunters.

So they chose to monitor the Hunter rather than control it. That is why the measurement of horsepower developed in the Western world.

The essence of magic measurement is to periodically check the dangers of hunters.

For reference, this is similar to China, but we will talk about it in another post.

[European cartoon. A large hand is stamping a man in a cow costume. ‘Government’ is written on the hand, and ‘Hunter’ is written on the cow.]

Korea’s performance system and Western ranking systems are ultimately a means for the government to manage hunters. Korea controls the hunters, and the Western world cannot do that, so they are monitoring them.

So far it’s fine. The problem is that Korea is greedy. This is the reason why Korea implemented the dual registration system.

It seems like a sign that they are already managing hunters based on performance and at the same time assigning ranks and checking the risks, but for the hunters, it is a level 5 but at the same time it becomes a funny form of B rank.

There will be 3 level B rank hunters and 5 level C rank hunters. Under domestic law, only the water supply system will have legal effect, but it is natural that the genealogy will be twisted in the end.

The government said it was based on international applicability, but in the end, it was nothing like bringing about administrative chaos to catch two rabbits. Because it helps the government. Everything is like that.

[Secretary Han Seung-moon looking at the camera. Sharp eyes and dark circles stand out. At the bottom of the photo, in white text, it says 28 years old.]

Personally, I think this measure stems from Minister Han Seung-moon’s paranoid vigilantism. Knocking on a stone bridge is good, but I cracked my leg when I hit it too hard.

This morning I went on an outing with Gam Ga-yoon, and I suffered a fire and collapsed, so I hope to show a more flexible attitude in the future.

It seems like they are placing too many orders for young people in their late 20s. But what do you do? being in power.

[Noah Lumière’s Facebook profile. In a very friendly manner, Han Seung-moon is given a medal. Honey drips from his eyes.]

In fact, this trend is the main characteristic of not only Minister Han Seung-moon, but also ministers from political circles. A person without administrative experience should not assume an administrative position just because he has made a contribution. This is especially true in a situation where the administrative system has collapsed like this.

This is, in fact, a chronic disease of all governments. In this country, it is usually politicians who hold power, and when politicians take control of the country, they tend to twist administrative procedures to manage risk.

In particular, the case of Wonokbun was added. The martial law period was longer than usual, and the media tried to stop breathing, and the special prosecutor and the prosecution were moved at the same time.

If I had been Wonok, I would have raised Prime Minister Yoo Jae-kyung from the beginning, and set him up as an opponent, rather than fighting a snake-eating raccoon dog like Yang Pan-seok.

If he hadn’t been so greedy that he would become president, he would not have turned into enemies of the greats of the times: Han Seung-moon, Yoo Jae-kyung, and Kim Doo-sik.

As an added bonus, he wouldn’t have been sneaking around on the election board to try for the mayor and governor ahead of the local election. Although the lessons are different, he would have remained in the history books as an excellent acting authority.

But she’s trying to make a comeback, and sadly, the Korean people aren’t inclined to give the politicians they love so much a second chance.

[Election posters for Lee In-je, Lee Hoe-chang, and Ahn Cheol-soo are linked. These are all posters from the presidential election.]

However, the reason why Yang Pan-seok appointed a young man in his late 20s as the country’s second-in-command was to put an end to the presidential election,

The reason why two representative cabinet figures of the Moon Jae-in administration were appointed to the two positions of vice minister of portrait management. It was a kind of apology for ousting the pro-affiliate members of the Democratic Party as the 386 in the past.

Thanks to this, Yang Pan-seok succeeded in bringing together political opinions and mobilizing his own Democratic core supporters.

And that would be proof that we still prefer politicians like Oyabung. Politicians do weird things because there are people who like them.

[Shin Su-gwang, the vice chairman of the National Party, is holding a haircut ceremony with the party leadership at the refugee camp in Chungcheong Province. Floor Leader Lee Ho-jung is absent.]

I always wanted a country where the administrators run the administration, the politicians run the politics, and the business people do business, leaving the party faction.

But strangely in our country, politicians do business and businessmen do politics. Administrators cannot be elected because they are not popular.

I thought things would change after the world turned upside down. Han Seung-moon gave Hunter a gold badge, and the GS group took control of the Hunter Association.

what would you do with them Although there is a shadow, the fact that Han Seung-moon is a hero of the times has not changed, and this is a country where there are not even two like him.

It’s hard to fix unfair subcontracting, and it’s easy to raise corporate taxes. I will shorten my writing, hoping that tomorrow will be a better world than today.

* * *

The one-year anniversary of President Yang Pan-seok’s term has come to an end, and it has been half a year since the European Gate was completed.

The daily life of Pi Chae-won returned to the stable area again. No, maybe it’s better than before.

Now, on weekends, even when Han Seung-moon is not called, he goes shopping alone or visits old acquaintances to serve meals.

Of course, the only thing I buy every day is a suit, and I hardly ever smile, so even my acquaintances are a little reluctant.

After winter comes spring,

Wounds will heal someday.

And accidents are always sudden.

“The Minister is going down… … !?”

[For once, I was taken to Samsung Hospital in Changwon. Secretary blood-]

“Rice, rice, is it a disease!?”

[Oh, no. That’s overwork-]

“I will go… … !”

The explanation was enough. Pi Chae-won, who had been enjoying the holiday for a long time, quickly put on a suit and called a taxi.

If Han Seung-moon is down anyway, just check the news. I looked on the internet and the article was already spread out.

“… … !”

Fire due to sudden mechanical failure during the horsepower measurement demonstration. Minister Han Seung-moon collapsed sideways after receiving a psychological shock.

“I can’t live… … !”

My sister and I told her to do it in moderation, but it seems that the limit has finally arrived.

Pi Chae-won arrived at the hospital chewing her nails, and ran to the hospital room without even knowing that her heel was broken.

So we arrived on the top floor of the hospital. The bodyguards did not stop her, and Pi Chae-won opened the door of the hospital room in sweat.

A soft voice was heard.

“Uh, are you here?”

“… … Minister?”

“Wake up. Come in quietly.”

Han Seung-moon looked very relaxed. If only it wasn’t for the dull dark circles.

Pi Chae-won looked around the room with a puzzled feeling.

In the patient’s bed, Gam Ji-yoon was asleep with a blanket on, and Han Seung-moon, wearing a ringer, was sitting in the guardian’s seat in a shirt and eating Bacchus.

And he has a cast on his left arm.

“Minister, that arm… … ?”

“no no. I just fell over because I was tired, but Jiyoon was surprised so I adjusted my strength… … .”

Gam Gam-yoon caught Han Seung-moon’s sudden fall with his telekinetic power, but it was said that he broke his arm in surprise.

“… … ah.”

“I cried for a long time because I was surprised, and I finally fell asleep.”

Clearly, Ga Ji-yoon, who was sleeping on the bed, had slightly red eyes. Pi Chae-won smiled mischievously and worried about Han Seung-moon.

“… … Can I sleep no more? Shall I ask the nurse to bring me another bed?”

“Why don’t you go home and sleep?”

“… … your arm?”

“It’s better to use a potion. In the long run, that’s even more harmful… … .”

“… … .”

“I just decided to heal naturally. Doesn’t it hurt too much?”

When Han Seung-moon answered as if it was okay, Pi Chae-won smiled mischievously. And that smile vanished at the next words.

“Besides, what if a politician collapses while working. People get some sympathy, huh? Is not it?”

“… … That’s the method usually used by civil servants-”

“I’m interested in politicians, Bob.”

“You seem to be overeating.”

Han Seung-moon passed on Pi Chae-won’s advice and handed over the request with a light gesture.

“Hey, just bring a can of coffee from the hallway.”

“Why don’t you bring me some medicine instead?”

“Huh? Underage high-tech, you bastard, are you getting more cocky with each passing day?”

“… … Minister. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to take this opportunity to take a few days off. There are four deputy minister-level government officials.”

“But in the end, I have to do it.”

“Then I would rather work from home… … ?”

“It’s a 10-minute walk from my house, so what… … .”

“Then shall we have a primary care physician in the office?”

“Ah, Saki, really… … !”

He began to get nervous when he presented the most realistic alternative to his sensitive boss who disliked this and that too.

In the first place, he had superpowers that he had no choice but to understand, so Pi Chae-won naturally understood and moved on.

“… … Still, take a three-day break.”

“okay. I thought so too.”

“Don’t even go around to manage your network. Please refrain from requesting dinner unless it is your Excellency.”

“hey. Even my aunt is not that strict-”


A knock was heard.

“Yes, come in.”

“Ah, yes, Minister, none other than-”

Yoo Jae-young, who came in cautiously, trembled when he saw Pi Chae-won, which was much bigger than him.

He was obviously nine years younger than him, but Pi Chae-won’s dark straight hair and dark eyes had a feeling of reluctance.

Jae-Young Yoo continues to speak carefully.

“Ah yes. Technical personnel from the US and the EU analyzed that there was nothing wrong with the machine.”

“Then what? Sparks coming out of a decent machine?”

“No, that… … .”

Yoo Jae-young hesitated for a moment.

“Gam Ji-yoon, it’s because she’s too strong… … .”

“… … what?”

“Somehow, the meter exceeded the capacity that it could handle for a moment, so it was said that an overload occurred… … .”

Han Seung-moon asked.

“… … How many people have measured their abilities with that?”

“Uh, um. I know that most hunters in Europe and America measure it.”

“Yes. There was never an overload while measuring hundreds of thousands of people. Does it make sense to say that this is the first time this has happened?”

Han Seung-moon instructed.

“It’s either the old machine or your fault. You’re lying to hide it. Let’s send it to our technician for a closer inspection. If a pod is caught, report it immediately.”

In international relations, it was to the benefit of the injured party for one party to commit an act of disrespect. This incident was also an international issue, as the machine was provided by the United States. Even more so because a high-ranking official fell because of that.

However, contrary to Han Seung-moon’s wishes, it turned out that there was no problem with the machine.

The media also reported so.

A machine measuring hundreds of thousands of people without any problems, measuring one little girl, caused an overload.

in other words,

It was the moment the world’s attention began to focus on one girl.

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