A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 144

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 144

EP 23 – The Wonderful World of Hunters (4)

sleepless night.

A single room on the top floor of the hospital. In the cold weather, only the sound of the heater can be heard, but the clock hand points to 3 in the morning.

It was dark outside the window, but the lights of the city were brilliant, and the air defense network was still in place to stop the monsters that flocked to see the lights, and the hearts of the people who made the lights were still alive.

“… … .”

The reason why I can’t sleep at night and my eyes are blinking is probably because my mind is harder than my body.

The secretary rebuked me to fix my circadian rhythm, but the reason I couldn’t sleep was in my mind, not my body.

So, in the dark night, keep your palms on the cool windows all the time. While looking down at the night view of the city, it was not to sleep, but to fall into deep thoughts.

* * *

Those in power always decide how to do something.

But changing something is unwelcome to everyone, and keeping something is the same as breaking something. Therefore, politicians are not always welcomed by everyone.

What matters is that you can stand him.

One day in the red Han River that feels like a long time ago now. A piece of advice from Yang Pan-seok, who was driving a yacht, touches my heart these days.

that we have to endure If we do not move forward, the country will not survive.

“… … .”

In the end, I ran like crazy and got here.

It wasn’t clear if it was the right direction, but it’s something to be proud of to have lost this country and escaped from the pit of fire.

However, it was not yet known whether the place where he escaped from the pit of fire was heaven or hell. We were in a wasteland and had to rebuild a broken city.

And that was entirely my burden.

“… … .”

Yang Pan-seok is trying to make me president.

Of course, the future has always been fickle, but it was not that I did not know who the Korean public opinion was going to, just as I put Lumière on the throne of Europe because the times have found a hero.

At this point, it’s a tedious and boring question, but I doubt I’m qualified. I am not as bold as Cha Jae-gyun, not as agile as Wonokbun, and not as dense as Yangpan-seok.

But if you ask me if I’m good like Lumiere, it’s not.

And the tiger seems to come when I say it.

“… … .”

dark hospital room. The phone rings at 3 in the morning.

“… … hello?”

-Minister. Are you all right?

It was Lumiere.

* * *

“… … It’s almost the end of the year, so I need to prepare for the Hunter Academy. Are you going to visit Lumière at that time too?”

– Hmm. When is the date scheduled?

“Around mid-January.”

It was scheduled as soon as possible. The Hunter Academy was an event that generated more than 1,000 Awoken, and of course, the more frequent the Academy was, the better it was for humanity. Of course, in the national interest.

“Besides, the improvement of stimulants has progressed quite a bit, so now you can choose between the physical world and the mental world. “Although you have to break through 70% of the time, it will be a big help from a macro perspective.”

– Oh, really?

“sure. The curriculum has already been subdivided. The physical world is a knight, a tank, and an observer. The spiritual world is telekinetic, elemental, and healing. etc… … .”

Academy education has already begun to be elaborated by relevant researchers. All new hunters in Korea are compulsory to receive this primary education course,

We call them Third Generation Hunters.

The characteristic of the 3rd generation hunters was that they were hunters who went through a thorough mental examination by the government and completed compulsory education at the academy.

Although there are very few of them than the 2nd generation Hunters, I just hope that they will become a little more systematic and moral superman. Thanks to the improvement of the stimulant, the ability was generally excellent.

“Anyway, you can look forward to it. Lumiere.”

-Visit Korea has always been something I was looking forward to.

Thank you so much. But she quickly changed her voice.

– By the way. Minister.

Lumiere asks.

– You even called me to say hello, but what is the symbol of just talking about work?

“What did you eat for dinner?”

-Uh, um… … Sandwich?

“Why not sure?”

– I just hit him on the plane.

“Take a good meal.”

-I don’t think it’s something you’ll hear from a person lying on a sick bed… … .

It was a sarcasm in a voice mixed with laughter. She continued speaking in that voice.

-Academia in early February. I think I’ll be able to see you sooner than then.

“Are you coming to Korea?”

– Probably going to Japan. It’s because the situation there isn’t very serious. Yakuza and government troops, yes. It is likely that the Knights Association will be engaged in relief work.

“Hunter Seol Jin-woon will leave the country without difficulty. Depending on the situation, I will join as well.”

– That’s not what I meant, but… … . Anyway, thank you. Minister. There are also rumors that the UN General Assembly will be held soon, so I think we will see you soon.

“Overseas business trip is tiring… … .”

We continued the conversation, half-mixing nonsense and important stories. When I woke up, it was already close to 4 in the morning, and Lumiere said goodbye to me.

– Oh my, the time has already come. I don’t know if I’ve been holding on to it for too long.

“No, no, it’s fine. Now is the perfect time to relax.”

-Fortunately, the. I called to find out the time difference. Was it 3 pm in Korea now?

It was three in the morning.

I opened my mouth to correct her mistake, but her words came first.

-If it’s okay with the Minister, can I contact you often during this time?

* * *

hello. Political commentator Sannabi.

I didn’t expect to see you again in just one day, but I didn’t expect the world to be shaken up in one day. Is this what you usually call a keynote?

[CNN news capture. Behind the two anchors, a picture of Gam Ji-yoon smiling brightly is floating. This is a picture I took with the men wearing safety helmets at the construction site.]

I thought this situation would act as a red flag for Minister Han Seung-moon’s reorganization of the Hunter Rank system. I also expected that Minister Han Seung-moon would put the brakes on unreasonable private intervention.

Who would want to measure their abilities with a bomb-like meter? It’s also semi-compulsory. Anti-coercion is more hateful than original coercion.

However, it seems that someone catches a mouse instead of breaking their nose even if they fall backwards. Gam Ji-yoon quickly became a worldwide celebrity, and her approval ratings for the regime soared.

I don’t know what the difference is between the possibility that a Korean girl might be the world’s strongest hunter and the rise in approval ratings for this regime. It is in the national interest, so I will not criticize it.

However, accidental events or individual capabilities are always uncontrollable variables, and true national power comes from precisely engineered systems and administrative systems.

[Prime Minister Yoo Jae-kyung in progress. Wearing thin-framed glasses, he looks intelligent. Minister Han Seung-moon is halfway across the corner of the photo.]

In that sense, let’s take a look at Prime Minister Yoo Jae-kyung’s actions at the beginning of the crisis. At that time, he was probably just the head of the budget department of the Ministry of Finance.

Instead, he was leading the government building in Sejong City. Since he shared power with Cha Jae-gyun, he would have had more authority than he is now.

As those of you who have read my blog will know, I have highly valued Korean technocrats from a very long time ago. Except for the personality aspect, of course.

In that sense, Won Ok-bun and Yang Pan-seok have acknowledged the administrative power of Prime Minister Yoo Jae-kyung, who was appointed by the dirty and stiff economic bureaucrats. The proof is that he is still holding his lifeline at the center of power.

I am sometimes amazed when I look at the Korean economy, which has managed to survive a year of trade cutoff and GS-started corporate war, overcoming the moratorium declaration and the collapse of the dollar index.

Although many people resent the government for saying that chicken is expensive, those who have learned a little will know how wonderful it is that the monetary economy is being maintained… … .

* * *

The world has been turned upside down since the morning breeze.

[…] … The overseas paranormal society is shaking with an unexpected Korean wave. The protagonist of the rumor is Gam Ji-yoon Hunter. Known as the first 9th grade hunter in Korea.]

[…] … Gam Ji-yoon is a representative first-generation telecommunication magician. Although he is entering middle school next year, he is said to be a veteran who participated in all the big battles in the modern paranormal society-]

[…] … yes! No. 1 hope for recruitment in the domestic construction industry! Minister Han Seung-moon’s favorite hunter in the field! A super elementary school student who protects Korea! Our section TV directly-]

[…] … As the possibility that Gam Ga-yoon could be the world’s strongest hunter was raised, some in the foreign press are conspiracy theories that this fire may be a Korean play-]

Precisely, while I was sleeping, foreign public opinion seemed to have turned upside down.

Humans have always been creatures that compare themselves to others, and Hunters are no exception. The unofficial rankings among hunters were already being discussed openly through broadcasting and public opinion.

The story of a man with psychic powers who broke the measuring instrument with just his hand was interesting enough. Even more so because it was a young girl.

So this is what came out

“The world’s strongest hunter… … .”

And the Korean Wave, which came from abroad, turned Korea upside down. In a way, it was natural.

Yang Il-ho, who was flipping through the channels in the guard’s seat in the hospital room, murmured.

“Someone said that even if they fall backwards, they don’t break their noses, they catch mice. I thought there would be protests against the introduction of the Hunter Rank system, but things are actually going well.”

“Where did you hear that expression a lot?”

It was an expression from the mountain butterfly column. Yang Il-ho lightly raises his eyebrows.

“Hyung, do you also take a look at the wild butterfly column? It’s hot these days.”

“I’ve seen you for a long time. You’ve been famous for a long time as an Internet conservative commentator, right?”

In the corner of the hospital room, Hojeong Lee, who was looking at her smartphone with her legs crossed, tickled.

“Do you have any expertise in the brain-fiction that stutters on your blog? Seeing the technocratic bureaucracy talking about it every day, I smelled like my grandfather when I was in the 5th grade.”

“There are opinions that are too favorable to tech bureaucrats. Even so, the mountain butterfly yangban hit all the big cases since the time of impeachment. I wonder if there is a voice saying that this floor is currently in office.”

I had a habit of sifting through internet newspapers and political community sites every morning, and even these days, I looked up my articles on Namoo Wiki.

So, I was able to be confident that I was quite quick about Internet issues.

“The mountain butterfly was not the kind of person who never thought of the yangban. I personally consider myself to be a floor worker. Or maybe there was a source in the upper ranks.”

Ho-jeong Lee shook his head to see if he was convinced, and Il-ho Yang smiled kindly and took a piece of Bacchus and returned it to us.

“Aigoo. Everyone was successful, but how is the atmosphere the same as in the past?”

“Why the atmosphere?”

“I don’t think we will go to a Korean restaurant in the future, and we will eat yukgaejang bowl noodles.”

“Huh? look at this Are you ignoring me now?”

I talked to Yang Il-ho, but Lee Ho-jung answered with a grin.

“Oppa only likes lumps of sodium.”

“Hojeong, you’re not too harsh on Sodium. He said he felt sorry for him.”

“Your brother is a patient. Aren’t you taking too many painkillers?”

“Then I am the patient. Is it egg white?”

At my words, the National Party floor leader and the standing chairman of the National Assembly Portrait Management Committee were startled and stunned. They both looked at me and begged me to stop.

Is this power?

Also, words have power.

Anyway, I decided to stop joking around and ask how the guys are doing after meeting after a long time.

Ho Jeong-i became the floor leader of the Kuomintang, while Il-ho is the standing chairman of the National Assembly Portrait Management Committee. They’re the ones who boiled and ate cup noodles in the parking lot of the National Assembly building. very impressing

“What is Ilho, are you comfortable working in the National Assembly these days?”

“I’ve been drafting bills all day. It tastes like death.”

“Aren’t you still stuck in the National Defense Party?”

“Passing laws is easy, but making them is hard work. It’s not changing the law, it’s making it from scratch. Besides, if a minister approves a bill, they give it another new one, and when they finish it, they give it another right away. Very- I think people are bill-printing machines-”

It seems like a lot has accumulated on me. To be honest, it was true that I ate a little too much, so I answered with a shy smile.

“If you twist, how about seizing power… … ?”

“Wow, this guy is crazy. really.”

“No, if it’s really hard, run for president. You don’t have to be taller than me.”

“Oh, let’s go. brother. I hate you.”

As I was harassing Ilho by stabbing him in the side with the remote control, Hojeong Lee intervened to see if he didn’t want to bully my man.

“But I think Ilho did better when he was a secretary than when he was the standing chairperson. When it’s time to speak, I have to scream a little. Are you fooling around alone?”

“Hey, how do you yell at grandparents though… … .”

“Does it take a day or two to pass the time to speak at the National Assembly? If the mic is off, keep your mouth shut. That’s what the chairman is supposed to do.”

If you look at Ilho, he’s as handsome as a club juggler, and it’s oddly fun to watch him get caught and live.

If I poked Chae-won occasionally, the gold-seul looks good, so I asked Ho-jeong Lee how to say hello without much worry.

“Hey, Hojeong-ah. Isn’t Shin Soo-kwang making trouble lately?”

“I’m fed up with what. Before the end of my term as the non-chairman, I went back to trying to lay the groundwork.”

“Last time I had a shave at the refugee camp.”

“It’s amazing to see what you’re doing. Are you afraid of what to do now?”

Su-gwang Shin was the leader of a refugee camp in the metropolitan area from the beginning. Even now, he is a politician with the main support of refugees.

If such a Shin Soo-gwang goes to an extreme, it must mean that the situation of refugees in the metropolitan area is that much precarious. Because it meant they wanted an extreme and aggressive leader.

In a short conversation, having put all the information I could get into my head, I started to roam around and make fun of them.

“hey. But when are you getting married?”


Yang Il-ho, who was sitting in the guardian’s seat, spouted the Bacchus he was drinking.

on my face

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