A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 149

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 149

EP 24 – Mouth (4)

The soldier looked up at the sky.

The sky is clear in autumn, but today the sky is cloudy.

It looks like it’s going to rain.

“… … .”

Time passed so quickly. The world has changed so much. The first soldier, 哨兵, was only looking at the horizon, but the soldier could feel the change in the world.

said the soldier. The successor was terrified.


“Illness! Kim Sang-jin!”

“Hey, that mountain in front. It used to be very dense.”

The soldier turned back the years.

“I. f**k off. When there was a hit and run in Seongnam, the siege was breached and the troops were smashed. I deserted and fled to Wonju.”

“… … .”

“From there, the refugees got a car and rode down, and they were reconvened here at Sobaeksan. starter. He was half surrendered, but he still hasn’t been discharged due to the record of desertion at that time.”

“… … It must have been difficult.”

“The hardest part was blocking the monsters here. The brown bear battalion, which was originally supposed to come, spread out from nearby Mt. Worak. I’ve been blocked by gangsters here – this is it.”

In the aftermath of that time, Mt. Sobaek was withered without a single grass. Now, only ashes or ashes of smoke are sometimes heard.

And the soldier who escaped without being able to set up a fence calmly recounted his memories.

“After five hours, the monster pushed down. Was there a proper raid? Was there any artillery support? The tank that was supposed to come spreads out from the next mountain. They were dragged by force, and the slender-looking guys grabbed their guns and turned around and ran away. It wasn’t even a riot.”

The soldier looked up at the sky. The sky was overcast then as it is now. It was snowing profusely at night.

“… … It looks like it will freeze over on a dark night. In the distance, a red eye glow glimmers. In the forest, something evil comes running and bites me. If I shed tears and runny nose, it will freeze quickly and it will sting… … .”

That winter was particularly cold.

And it was thanks to the hot flames that it was able to endure that winter.

“Then some people popped out from among the refugees.”

“… … .”

“With the old man on the boat. With a girl in a school uniform. Also, there were about three more. They are doing something flashing from their hands and running towards the monster.”

But all those flames are gone. Now even the ashes have been blown away by the wind.

“… … So.”

Such old and painful memories.

It was hard and tiring, but I can’t forget it, and even if I remember it now, it’s a bit bittersweet.

“… … just. I said so.”

It was just a typical Gunbari experience.

* * *

the next morning.

Hong Seon-ah brought a fancy Starex, and me and the bodyguards filled the car.

However, the accompanying bodyguard was three times the usual size, so two limousines followed the van. Perhaps, with this number of people, any city can be turned into a wasteland.

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