A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 151

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 151

EP 25 – The Most Powerful Inspector of All Time (1)

The sound of the radio rang through the hazy mind.

[Recently, as the frequency of occurrence of small gates in the Yeongdong area has increased, there is a public opinion in some areas that it is a harbinger of a catastrophe. As a result, the relevant authorities have decided to introduce the Horus system to the USFK… … .]

[Your best choice. The choice of heroes who cross the line. Potion, Golden Shield.]

[E- The monster evolves explosively depending on the environment. The evidence is that European blood bats and Korean pigeons have similar appearances. Aren’t they both flying monsters wandering through the forest of buildings? when viewed in that context. The fact that bigger animals are more resistant to cold is… … .]

[The level of provocation of the gangsters is increasing day by day! This time, there was almost a casualty! In this situation, the government… … .]


[Jung-woo Kang, the vice president of Cheongho Service, who was in trouble at the time of the defense of Mangyang-ri, was sentenced to imprisonment. As the existing precedent that regarded accidents during the exercise of paranormal ability as negligence is broken, the nerves of PMCs are on the rise… … .]


[As the situation inside Japan has recently become chaotic, the government is trying to promote the return of Koreans in Japan… … .]

Check the radio every morning.

It still rings in my head

I don’t know if I’m hearing this now or if I’ve heard it before.

Because it’s a job that deals with world affairs, all sorts of hallucinations float around in my mind. Occupational disease shows no sign of getting better even after a short sleep.

It was a dry, familiar voice that brought him some rest.

“Minister. Wake up.”


“Almost arrived.”

I woke up to the calm voice.

I was dozing in the backseat of the car, and next to me was a well-dressed chaewon.

The girl took off her school uniform and handed over the tablet in a suit she was very familiar with.

“The Parliamentary Government Question. Today’s topic is diplomacy, paranormal, and security. Earlier, I heard from floor leader Lee Ho-jeong, that some people in the KMT also have momentum to work.”

“… … .”


“… … I’m tired today. Can’t you go out instead?”

“If you ask me to minister, I will think about it. And my sister told me to take some red ginseng if you are tired… … .”

When I turned away to avoid the nagging of you, I paddled through the window and saw Dongbaekseom Island in the distance.

“… … .”

“Minister. You won’t hear me again.”

“… … .”

“I can’t live.”

Flowering Camellia Island.

The edge of Haeundae, Busan where you can see the wide southern sea horizon.

A black Equus surrounded by police motorcycles raced down the overpass towards the National Assembly building on Dongbaek Island.

* * *

The Government Questionnaire was literally an annual event in which the Prime Minister and Ministers were summoned from the National Assembly to ask questions about various issues.

Of course, it was more like a political offensive than a question-and-answer, as is usually the case with questions asked by politicians.


It is no wonder that the questions to be asked by the opposition from the government are bound to be aggressive. First of all, one of the main ordinances of the National Assembly was to check the administration.

More than anything-

“The more you acrobatic kusari, the more popular you are with lawmakers… … .”

“Isn’t that a normal story?”

“I guess this is not a normal story now.”

Han Seung-moon taught Pi Chae-won in the lawmaker’s office he visited after almost a few months. Like a man named Han Seung-moon, who grumbled while chewing red ginseng jelly, playfully dig into the core.

“You mean the ruling party sucks the government, and the opposition party splits it? Because of that, primary criticisms come out – booing in the audience – and it’s a bit rough.”

“… … But now it is difficult to distinguish between the ruling and the opposition parties.”


I wonder if Pi Chae-won’s answer was satisfactory, Han Seung-moon smiled bitterly.

“The president is the National Defense Party, and the minister of the Chogwan is the Kuomintang, how can you curse?”

And he adds with a stern expression on his face.

“In other words, you never know who is going to rush when.”

It was indeed an ambiguous situation. The fact that it is a political board where peers cannot be identified caused extreme tension in all politicians.

Of course, it was also the same for floor leader Lee Ho-jung, who was sitting in the main assembly hall of the National Assembly.

“… … tt.”

She chewed her nails and tapped the calculator in her head. It was a political science calculator.

‘… … First of all, 6 people per national defense out of 12 people on the inquiry list. 6 people per party. Considering the faction, there are 9 pro-seungmun and 3 anti-seungmun. Considering the constituency’s opinion, there are 4 to 6 Ban Seungmoon. Among them, there are two babies who are tied up and can be broken. I ordered him to join the club, but if anything happens, my leadership as the floor leader is questioned. If you’re wrong, you should boycott… … !’


Yang Il-ho, who was sitting next to her, gently patted her on the shoulder.

He smiled awkwardly, leaned over and whispered in her ear.

“Don’t be too nervous.”

“… … Who cares who?”

“Who is the minister? It’s not the ace that climbed up from the Asari board. Let’s believe it.”

“… … .”

Lee Ho-jung’s heart was not at ease because the words of the person he loved the most came out not to say that he believed in him, but to believe in others.

She wasn’t someone who blamed others for her lack of ability. Ho-jung Lee just smiled mischievously and placed her hand on the back of Yang Il-ho’s hand and patted it a few times.

And the YTN cameraman, who caught it, smiled as he thought about the YouTube revenue from the sudden parliamentary video.

* * *

Two years have passed since Yang Pan-seok’s administration took office.

If you use a pencil for 2 years, it will wear out, and if you use a car for 2 years, it will wear out.

Therefore, the interrogation against the government did not go smoothly.

As soon as one member of the National Assembly went up to the stage, he pulled Jae-kyung Yoo to the answering seat. And looking down at him, what he says is a spectacle.

“Prime Minister. If you ask what the country’s most serious problem is, nine out of ten people will answer that it is the economy. By the way! Has the economy improved since Yang Pan-seok government? no! Last year’s consumer price inflation exceeded 1,200%! Does this make sense?”

“uh… … First of all, I would like to point out that the core price is around 468.5%. Among the OECD countries, where the core inflation rate has been lowered below 1,000%-”

“It’s 5 times, not 12, so that’s okay! Is this what the Prime Minister is going to say!? and! Aren’t the core prices excluding the most important agricultural products?”

“The core price is a statistic that excludes the part of the consumer price that the government cannot control. Besides, the S&P also gave Korea’s long-term credit rating-”

“Don’t you think the situation is too urgent to play with puns with statistics!?”

“First of all, I would appreciate it if you would give me time to reply… … ! And in the first place, the inquiry about the economy is scheduled for tomorrow-”

“Are you yelling at the lawmaker now!? and! Are you saying that the economy has nothing to do with national security now!? Yes!? People who should put people’s livelihood first! How can you say that!”

Yoo Jae-kyung, who used to be a bureaucrat at a desk, couldn’t stand the maniac hounds wandering around the end of the story. First of all, isn’t there a difference in the age of the tongue?

Crazy Dog tormented Yoo Jae-kyung for a long time as his eyes turned over because he wanted to ride on the air. However, the sense of smell seemed to be alive, so it went down from the stage without even touching me.

Usually these guys were excellent MPs.

Pretending to be smart and ignorant. He incites the public with dog shit even though he knows it’s nonsense. So loved by the party, yet not crossing the line.

“… … .”

It’s like clever humans. Not all are ordinary people.

In my opinion, if there was at least one such person in any workplace, it was clear that he would do one of them, whether he played properly or was behind.

And since this was the Bam Cave where 300 of the most treacherous humans gathered in Korea, the interrogation against the government was made spectacularly even after that.

Of course, I never slowed down and worked thoroughly.

“Minister Han Seung-moon. This time, Vice President Kang Jung-woo was sentenced to prison. Do you think it is legally justified? The psychic’s psychic powers are not completely within the individual’s control! But how is this classified as intentional and not negligent?”

“Korea is a country where the separation of powers is strictly observed. I have no intention of recklessly arguing with the judgment of the prosecution and the judiciary.”

“Did you intervene in the outcome of the trial? Why the hell are you so fussy about beating superhumans?”

“Please refrain from unsubstantiated negatives.”

Once I sent one.

“Minister. This member of the House of Representatives is very concerned about the magistrate’s system. In the history of the Republic of Korea, it was only during the Japanese colonial period that a public official carrying a gun and carrying out an immediate judgment and execution was carried out. Don’t you think the magistrate has too much extra-legal power?”

“First of all, I think it is a rather cautious view of history to classify the Japanese colonial period as Korean history.”

“It’s a painful history. Let’s admit it. And don’t get caught up in the little things.”

“But, didn’t you just say that the Japanese imperial patrol officers were Korean civil servants? No one else, the president of the Korea-Japan Congressional Federation said that-”

“Look! A minister!”

I sent two

“Minister. Are there any three major guilds in Korea? GS Aegis, Samsung Hunting Agency, SK Hunters. Coincidentally, all of them are affiliates of large corporations and have one potion company, and these three companies occupy most of the potion industry. But the price is all the same. Is this a coincidence?”

“I would appreciate it if you could clarify what you are asking.”

“Isn’t that a collusion? collusion.”

“I am thinking that a reasonable market price has been established.”

“her. Is it reasonable to exceed three times the cost?”

“How do you know the cost of the potion, Senator?”


“How do you know the top secret? Please tell me the cost. If it’s really tripled, I wouldn’t have looked down on-“

“No, that, a reliable informant-”

“On the evening of the day before yesterday, 38 magic stone smugglers were shot and killed in Cheorwon. I ordered it, and the judiciary approved it. This is because magic stones are directly related to national defense. It is such a world. Did you not know?”

“… … .”

“Tell me. How did you know the potion cost? If the leak of top secrets were true, no one would be free from the Constitution.”

“… … Well, actually, I don’t know the cost.”

sent three

It was a triple kill.

* * *



“Your brother is the best.”

The gloomy secret room of the newly built National Assembly building.

Yang Il-ho, who was sitting on the Hee-Hee-Rak sofa, smiled softly and punched the air.

“I’m all cool. I was worried about the serpents, but was there a very viper?”

“Am I a snake?”

“The snake is right.”

Just as he was about to grab a snake as sharp as a snake, Hojeong Lee put three cups of mixed coffee on the table and laughed.

“I just lost weight because of overwork. How do people resemble animals?”

“He was holding a cat’s face on Instagram and taking a picture. It’s a cat statue.”

“No, why are you talking about Yepi? The kid who actually crossed the rainbow bridge.”

Hojeong Lee was furious, and Ilho Yang added with self-help.

“He lived a happy life thanks to you. They don’t see everything we can’t see.”

I concluded

“But, wouldn’t it be better to wander in this world than to wander in the old world?”

At the end of the great feast, the atmosphere became so quiet, and in the end I suddenly tilted my head.

“… … But what were we talking about?”

“Your brother is the best.”

“I know that. So what.”

Lee Ho-jeong, who drank the mixed coffee like water and frowned at the already empty paper cup, cleaned it up.

“This time, the members of the legislature that I fell in love with my brother are Shin Su-gwang-gye, Chung Jung-yeop, and one of the interested seeds. The last question though. Looking at the nature of the question, the Shin Soo-gwang side took advantage of the Hunters, and the audience member side had excessive public power.”

First of all, the audience is the spokesperson for companies. The sound of Shin Soo-kwang starting to take advantage of the Hunters… … .

“… … Is it because the area where the refugees live is the economic zone where the hunters sow their money? Or are you trying to lure the retired hunter lawmakers from our faction?”

“Rather than that, I’m trying to pierce my brother’s weakness. The fact that Hunters are stalking them in the First Office. Now, no one knows.”

“Tt… … .”

Underwater work lasted long enough.

All that’s left is to pull out the knife in earnest.

Or cover the public’s eyes with a large smoke grenade.

I’ll have to look at the situation and deal with it.

However, Ho-Jeong Lee was very undesirable.

“Isn’t it time to stop the hunter regulations?”


“The part that loses politically is too big. Right now, the policy stance of this government is the 5th industrial revolution through portrait reform. It is an era when superhumans feed the country. Is it like a policy that goes against the times?”

It was a question that passed lightly. Considering the guy’s personality, he probably wasn’t really serious.

If I had really considered the hidden story of the present age, I would not have dared to ask such a question to me. So his question is a bittersweet complaint at coffee time.

“… … .”

However, because there was a heavy bar on my heart.

I smiled lightly in return.

“… … maybe. There is no patriot like me. to this country.”

* * *

3 in the morning that day.

There was always a phone call.

He smiles and picks up the phone.

“What kind of complaint are you trying to make today?”

-… … Are you not sleeping?

“Now go to sleep.”

-… … I’m a sleeping call. Not even a wake-up call. Disappointed.

She noticed her jet lag error, but since I only had a free time at dawn anyway, the absurdity of the 3 am summit was still maintained.

Noah Lumière, as usual, unleashed his inner feelings.

-… … The fortress wants people to be scarier than monsters.

“Did IS work again?”

– The accident seems to have occurred on our side. Because Armada provoked them by flying over Istanbul.

“If it’s Armada… … Is it PMC on the Spanish side? There it is.”

– Now it is safe to say that it is a country that effectively rules the Iberian Peninsula. Probably the most successful PMC in the world. I have half the sovereignty.

“How many PMCs have overthrew the state in South America?”

-That’s not the PMC, it’s the coup d’etat warlord. This one is more troublesome in that it ate only the military part, leaving the government behind.

“Aren’t you still close with Lumiere?”

– That’s the most annoying thing. How to deal with the righteous warlords?

“Friends are closer, enemies are closer. Put it aside for now.”

-Ah ? Don Vito Corleone! You know!

As usual, the conversation continued as light as serious and as lively as ever.

It’s not a bad end to the day.

However, as always, as in any case.

Things came very suddenly.

“… … Uh, I’m sorry. I think we should go in early today.”

-ah… … Did I hold on for too long?

“No, no, not that.”

I glanced at the vibrating security phone above the drawer.

“… … There was an urgent call.”

It was a cell phone connected to the NIS.

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