A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 153

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 153

EP 25 – The Strongest Inspector of All Time (3)

The National Forensic Research Institute has been busier than ever since its foundation.

Two of the autopsy officers grumbled as they examined the photos of the corpse.

“My wife looks at me and smells like a corpse… … .”

“Aren’t you glad you even saw your brother-in-law’s face?”

What follows is a sigh, not a conversation.

It was their daily routine that they couldn’t even leave work to check the identities of hundreds of corpses that flooded every day. More than ten million people have died.

Of course, in today’s world, civil servants are the best, but it was also true that seeing more corpses than people makes life skeptical.


Someone came to me in such a daily life.

“Aigoo- you work hard!”

round glasses.

gentle smile.

sharp eyes.

And a bundle of Bacchus in a yellow rod.

Reporter Gam handed Bacchus to the researchers and smiled softly.

“I came to look at the corpses left by the NIS. Would it be okay?”

* * *

Being an Inspector General of the Portrait Management Department was no different than a thug in public service.

This is a concept that has nothing to do with civil service positions.

You are a close associate of a politician who thinks that the president will one day eat the president, whether it is the next one, the next, or the next, so what kind of public official would be reckless?

Thanks to this, the reporter was able to stand in front of the body in an instant. The corpse he found was almost like a piece of shredded meat.

“Is this preserved as it was when it was discovered?”

“Oh, yes. It is embalmed, and the body’s magical power is also removed… … .”

The researcher explained very calmly.

a familiar sight

The reporter asked about this.

“Ah, do you also remove the magic from your body?”

“Yes. If you leave the organic matter containing magical power as it is, it may change a bit strangely… … . After spraying with neutralizer, preservative treatment is performed. and… … .”

An explanation followed with various technical terms.

“Hmm… … .”

My wife was a pioneer in this field, and my eldest daughter was a psychic who used a lot of energy, so Gam could understand half of the explanation.

In that sense, the researcher seemed very good at disposing of the Hunter’s corpse.

The reporter patted his ragged beard and asked a question.

“Huh… … Hunters seem to die a lot.”

“It’s a job you risk your life for, isn’t it? haha… … .”

“Well, you never know when or how you will die… … .”

It was a bit difficult to discuss death, so the reporter started talking with a smile on his face.

“I want to make sure that the hunters don’t die as much as possible. tt… … . What was the cause of this person?”

“Ah, the damage is so bad… … .”

“Then why do other hunters usually die a lot?”

“Uh, well… … .”

After a short deliberation, the researcher suddenly answered.

“… … teeth?”

“… … uhm.”

Reporting principle first.

find something special

* * *

The reporter thought.

Why is Oh Myung-hoon’s death ‘special’?

To know him, you had to know about ‘normal’ death.

“… … .”

The reason why monsters attack people has not been revealed yet, but the way monsters attack people has been standardized.

Monsters usually eat people.

That’s why they bite people when they do.

So the reporter analyzed the dead bodies.

“… … .”

Most of the corpses were in a very pitiful state, with only a small part of the body remaining, or more than half lost.

It’s because of being eaten by a monster.

However, Oh Myung-hoon’s body was different.

“… … How many bones are there?”


“Can you analyze the body composition of this?”

The researchers could not even get home from work and rummaged through the pieces of meat in tears, and the results were rather interesting.

Most of what made up the shredded meat was bone fragments and muscle fibers, but hardly any constituents of the internal organs were found.

“… … Almost no internal organs left? A lot of bones.”

“Doesn’t wild animals eat the intestines first?”

“The monster is not an animal that eats bones… … .?”

Monsters eat people. Eat regardless of location.

It was said that if you eat half, you just eat half, and you don’t choose only the intestines to eat. At least that’s what he knew.

The reporter questioned this.

“… … Do you want your intestines to rot?”

“Ugh. I do not know. The time of death was not far from the time of discovery of the body.”

“Are you saying that the body was not left unattended to the point where the intestines rotted away?”

“… … Yes?”

The second principle of reporting.

“… … .”

Produces stimulating brain fissures and smashing evidence.

* * *

There is a corpse that is presumed dead by a human. It is a corpse that has been eaten by a monster and is half-crushed, but strangely, the internal organs are completely missing.

However, monsters are not beasts that only eat their internal organs.

‘… … what.’

‘Then why are there no organs in the body? It’s only this person… … .’

An ominous feeling flashed through my mind.

Gam first sought advice from an expert.



“Is there a monster that only eats internal organs?”

“Why don’t you ask if there is a monster that pours sweet and sour pork?”

The name ‘Han Seung-moon’ suddenly flashed across Gam’s mind, but he shook his head to shake off his thoughts and asked the question again.

“Well. Are there any monsters that eat only the internal organs?”

“… … Can’t we eat dinner and talk? It reminds me of the past, and it’s a little disgusting.”

Hwaran Cheon frowned and put down the spoon. For her, the memories of Seoul remained a kind of trauma.

“If you are reporting that you are writing a reportage or something, choose someone other than your wife. Because I don’t even want to think about that damn thing even at home.”

“No, why are you scolding me for writing a book?”

“It’s because you think you’re going to write a book, and you run around.”

yum. Cheonhwaran ate pickled plums with a spoon. Reporter Gam responded with a bitter smile to his wife’s gloomy eyes staring at him.

“I am not investigating. Just, the minister, know what, so-”

“Is it dangerous?!”

“no. It’s not dangerous-“

“Is it dangerous!?”

“… … Well, it’s not dangerous-“

“Is it dangerous?”

It was an obsessive question.

Chun Hwa-ran looked at her husband who was needlessly just and far-reaching with a pale face, and in the end, the reporter surrendered to her worried eyes.

“… … It’s nothing. Just, an NIS agent died in North Korea, so let me investigate.”

“… … Did you say you would do it?”


Gam Ga-yoon, who was floating around in the room and fiddling with her cell phone, dropped her cell phone at the sound of a roar coming from the kitchen.

* * *

I sent Gam Ji-yoon back to the room, who was surprised by what was going on. Hwaran Cheon responded to the reporter’s question by pressing her forehead tightly.

“… … Monsters are basically flesh. It evolves according to its surroundings from the moment it jumps out of the gate. That’s why we sometimes see similarities to the animals we know.”

When Gam’s eyes lit up and took out the notebook, Cheon Hwa-ran sighed and smiled. Because I fell in love with those eyes in the first place.

“… … okay. So the monsters inside the gate are a little… … It’s creepy. The finished objects from Instant Gate are particularly disgusting. It’s like an extraterrestrial creature that has nothing to do with the Earth’s environment.”

“Then how is your diet?”

“Even if they look a bit strange on the outside. The mechanism is different. There is no concept of a digestive system. Because it moves with magic.”

“Then why are you eating people?”

“So… … Well… … .”

Cheon Hwa-ran was in trouble for a moment. I am choosing a metaphor for introducing expertise to non-experts.

“… … It’s not about eating organic matter and turning it into nutrients. It is used as a building material.”


Of course, because it was an explanation of science, I did not understand the department of literature very well.

Hwa-ran Cheon added an explanation to the reporter’s face.

“It’s not about digesting something to make nutrients and then producing cells from it. They just eat people and evolve their bodies into human bodies.”

The essence of the monster was a slime made of flesh. It was an evolutionary body whose basic form was a mass of flesh mixed with tentacles, mucous membranes, and eyeballs.

“If a monster eats a person weighing 80 kg, he gains 80 kg. Humans are decomposed as they are, forming the body of a monster.”

“… … .Then, isn’t there a monster that chooses only its internal organs?”

“right. There is a thousand won and five thousand won apart, and no one picks up just one.”

“… … okay?”

The reporter was confused.

It was because there was a wrong corner in Cheon Hwa-ran’s words.

Clearly, there was no monster that coveted only human internal organs.

However, there are definitely monsters that crave human guts.

“… … .”

The monster’s name is Human.

* * *

“A man killed a hunter, took out his organs, and then threw it into the wild?”

“Yes. Minister.”

“Is that proof because there were only a few intestines in Oh Myung-hoon’s crushed body?”

Gam’s report was very shocking. If that’s the case, wouldn’t that mean that there are criminals or criminal organizations targeting hunters in North Korea?

As he frowned, reporter Gam added.

“Of course, there is no solid evidence, and it’s just a matter of judging from the circumstances.”

“… … What if that guess was wrong?”

“If I’m wrong, am I responsible for it?”

“Uh… … That’s not it.”

“Then, shouldn’t we have to investigate again from the beginning?”

“… … Is that so?”

The reporter smiled softly and shrugged.

“It’s normal to work hard like this, whether it’s an investigation or an investigation.”

Watching him sit on the sofa and eat red ginseng candy with a smile, he will automatically laugh. Reporter Gam was such a person.

Thanks to you, I was able to laugh lightly while discussing this terrible conspiracy theory.

“Certainly, that’s plausible. It’s a very plausible conspiracy theory. It’s creepy.”

“Am I good at writing novels?”

“… … her. It was.”

Although I responded normally to the clever words, the moment the word ‘novel’ came out of the reporter’s mouth, I had no choice but to heighten my tension.

“… … .”

Looking back, Gam’s ‘novel’ has never been wrong.

I picked up his guess again.

“… … It’s a superhuman hunt for organs.”

Of course, it is not clear whether the NIS level 8 hunter was killed by a monster or by a human. If I had to say that I was level 8 in the first place, I was a level 8 hunter that I didn’t know about. Because he was a yangban who played in the shade.

So he was hunted for humans? Long-term robbed? who? why? with what guts?

There is only one evidence that one half-crushed corpse had no intestines.

Of course, the deeper you dig, the more laughter comes out.

The problem was that the person who put it in his mouth was a persimmon reporter.


just as expected.

“Look at this. Minister”

“… … What are you doing?”

He handed me a map.

It was a map of Gangwon-do.

Dozens of red dots were stamped near Mt. Geumgang.

“A hunter’s corpse with no internal components. They were all alone, and the bodies were very horribly crushed.”

“… … .”

“Isn’t it surprising that such a corpse was produced roughly once a week?”

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