A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 159

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 159

EP 26 – Necessity (5)

[Han Seung Grammar, ‘Backwind’. Will Minister Han Seung-moon, who pushed for portrait reform, be fired?]

: Recently, Minister Han Seung-moon was brought to a corner in the controversy surrounding the ‘gun-industrial separation law’. The main issue in the political and financial world is that the government is trying to take over the hunter industry. In fact, if the Han Seung-moon Act is passed, the government will hold the collar of domestic PMCs.

In a situation that has been followed by numerous protests, Minister Han Seung-moon Han is said to be living at home without any expression of intention. Minority leader Lee Ho-jeong, known as an aide, continues to protest, saying it is a ‘large-national policy’, but the reaction of public opinion is not very good.

While there are even theories of responsibility towards the Blue House, attention is being paid to the Blue House ahead of its reshuffle.

Comments: 999+

* * *

“ Victori Muni: The US 2 -pro -young cubs say that they are now squeezing Han Seung -moon ”

「Did it go around Human: I… … I don’t know now. I don’t know what you’re talking about”

「Jeonggong Villain: Why aren’t there any articles about the prosecution’s start to rob Hunters? You look like a dog hahaha.”

“Jeong Seok-Kwan: Han Seung-Moon is blinded by power and wants to destroy the country. It’s the same with all those who came out at a young age. I can’t help but be disappointed with the disappointment.”

“Pidoolgi: Han Seung-moon is insulting John 1 and moving the prosecution. Look soon, something explodes and the hunters get caught one after another, and the Military-Industrial Separation Act is passed smoothly. I haven’t seen that bastard for a day or two, so what are you so excited about?”

「Sea Butterfly: Something is coming. We should have foreseen such a political catastrophe from the moment a politician with no administrative experience took over the role of minister.

The paranormal revolution that the government calls for is ultimately a restructuring of the industrial structure. Of course, there is bound to be friction with industrial capital. And Korea has traditionally minimized such conflicts in the form of political-business collusion. This is usually called win-win. In this case, it’s war.

The general public reacts very sensitively to the collusion of the establishment, but in fact, it is never as serious as when the establishment began to fight each other. Because there is a political risk. And this kind of friction is non-productive friction. If most of you have been watching this, you’ll understand what I mean.

Minister Han Seung-moon made a mistake. Do you push through all sorts of snares about what should be done through enough social discussion? Not only is it a process that lacks democratic legitimacy, it is also consuming national power in a strange way. This is not normal government.”

「Cod roe bibim hurupjeom: Is there any problem that the elected member of the National Assembly is going to make a law?」

“Victory Mooney: Still, I believe in Han Seung-moon. Public opinion is very confusing, but Han Seung-moon has always been right.”

「Pan Bungi: Why can’t you tell me you’re flirting because you f**k the chaebol bastards?

「Eukbosu: In a semi-basement studio in Chungcheong Province, while a family of 4 searched for a supply spot on Google Maps, the chaebols strangled and put the pretty secretary of the hunter under the desk.」

「Nyangi nobi: I really messed up the comment box… … . There’s no one to talk to.”

「rain293: But I also took Han Seung-moon as a secretary for a minor high school girl. If I said that, I was so restless because I was scolded by the big guys.”

“Junggong Villain: He’s an adult now. It’s highly legal. And would Han Seung-moon take a child who doesn’t look like much? It’s not that I’m a strong superpower. Are you all crazy?」

「rain293: You’re pretty」

「Junggong Villain: I admit it」

「rain293: If you need a strong person, you go hand in hand with Ga Gam Yoon. … ? That too, leaving her older sister, who is called Topclaw in the physical world… … ? This is an angle.”

「dormrwjstk: You have become such an absurd country! Is it normal for Han Seung-moon’s head to roll the economy to dictatorship? You know that a darkly young thing is a fool for the people! It would be right for the cyber gangsters to stop instigating and study more.”

「we34t9i8: No, it’s a grandpa. I think it was Han Seung-moon. The hunters’ organ sales are now being robbed by Wonok-bun from the very end. The game is already over, so don’t make a fuss and save some taxes nationally (meaning I’m going to die haha)”

「Pan Bungi: Long-term hacking hahahahahahahahaha Conspiracy theories, please. Kim Eo-Jun is not a nerdy teacher.

「Nyangi nobi: … … I’ll have to pull out the real lan line. There are only psychopaths on the internet these days… … .”

“Namjung Woo: The world is crazy”

「dldn: Breaking news! The ROK Army raids Jangjeon-eup, North Korea!”

「Nob Man: No」

「Nobman: No, it’s f**king real.」

* * *

South Korean troops occupied Jangjeon-eup, North Korea.

When Prime Minister Yoo Jae-kyung decided to set a gun, Yang Pan-seok proceeded without hesitation. And that was enough for one night.

1 o’clock in the morning.

From the beginning, the ROK Army, which had been gathering in Gangwon-do on the pretext of training, surrounded Jangjeon-eup. Most of the soldiers could not tell whether it was training or actual combat, but the commanders who had been trained in a bad battle quickly took control of the Geumgangsan area.

The sudden attack of the monster caused some casualties, but not significant damage.


The encirclement was also completed in the sea. The port city of Jangjeon-eup is now completely surrounded. Telecommunication magicians atop the warship secretly flew through the night sky and dropped paratroopers. To be precise, they themselves were also included in the paratroopers.

2:15 in the morning.

It was an ambitious night, but Jangjeon-eup was brighter than ever. All the hotels were enjoying a noisy banquet, and red lights flashed in the nightlife and brothels. Thanks to that, no one noticed even if the red blood flowed.

3 o’clock in the morning.

Small clashes broke out. With the sound of sirens, the attack by the ROK Army was announced, and the People’s Army armed with firearms and unregistered superhumans responded.

And the shield core of the GS group has been proven to have sufficient practicality even in person-to-person combat. The bullets could not penetrate the defensive field of the paratroopers.

3:35 in the morning.

The paratroopers dispatched to Jangjeon-eup were all paranormal. And seven of them were the Dongdaemun faction with Seol Jinwoon. They proved that anyone can become a human butcher by surviving one year in the middle of Seoul.

4 a.m.

All organ trafficking connections in Jangjeon-eup were neutralized. All that was left was the hundreds of fugitives fleeing in all directions and the head of the South Korean army waiting for them.

4:15 in the morning.

Some helicopters trying to escape abroad were shot down or detained in Jeju Island.

5 o’clock in the morning.

A telecasting magician, who is estimated to be an A+ rank, started a riot. Most of the key Witnesses captured by the ROK military died.

The telecommunication magician worked for the purpose of destroying evidence of long-term transactions, and as she was a white woman, it was presumed that she belonged to a foreign PMC.

In response, the on-site commander ordered the capture of the telecommunication magician.

5:05 in the morning.

Telecommunication Wizard (Unknown/A+Rank) was shot and killed by Marshal Yeo Dasol (Level 8/B-Rank).

Deputy Marshal Yeo Dasol said the reason for refusing the arrest order was to prevent further damage to civilians.

However, it is highly likely that the fact that Marshal Jo Jung-sik was seriously injured during his capture was also taken into account.

5:55 in the morning.

Operation ‘Eradication’ has ended.

The only officially counted deaths were 32 from the ROK military. The death toll in Jangjeon-eup has not been officially counted.

The unofficial count is 732 people including civilians, of which 519 people were damaged by an unknown telecaster of A+ rank.

The telecasting magician’s active time was only 5 minutes.

6 o’clock in the morning.

The embargo was lifted, and all media outlets at once switched to a government-friendly attitude. But the prosecution’s war had just begun.

9 o’clock in the morning.

President Yang Pan-seok made a speech to the public.

* * *

“… … My fellow citizens.”

“yesternight. The ROK Army cleared the entire area of Jangjeon-eup, North Korea.”

“It was a den of criminals. It was a city of gambling, pleasure, and prostitution, and a hotbed of organ trafficking with tens of thousands of dead bodies.”

“It was the North Korean puppet regime that formed such a market for organ smuggling, and the government understood that a large number of North Koreans’ organs were being shipped overseas to raise slush funds for North Korean dictator Ri Yong-su.”

“In this process, our people were also kidnapped and killed. Their bodies became the slush fund of the dictator. Accordingly, the government cleared Jangjeon-eup this morning. I could clearly see what the price was for touching the people of the Republic of Korea.”

“Currently, we are closely investigating whether there are any people involved in organ trafficking in Korea, and it is revealed that some insurgents killed our people and then sold their organs overseas through North Korea.”

“… … My fellow citizens.”

“We have lost a lot. I have lost a loved one, I have lost my home, I have lost even the capital of this country.”

“But we won. This is because we have not lost the most precious thing. Some say it is justice, it is conscience, it is good, but the most important thing is that it is the value that makes us human.”

“My fellow citizens!”

“We did not allow them to take everything from us, but we are planting new hope in this broken land. And now the whole world is paying attention to the hope that this Republic of Korea is! I overcame it and overcame it and came this far!”

“But be careful!”

“We were able to overcome because we did not forget our conscience, because we set justice right, and because we did not lose hope. We must keep it to the end. For a person to remain a person. In order for people to live like people.”

“But unfortunately. There are people who have lost it. Those who have given up on remaining human. These are the people who ended up fighting monsters and eventually became monsters, and they do evil for the purpose, not the need.”

“I will ask. What should Korea do?”

“I will ask. What should a person do?”

“you’re right. Human beings have to face it. As human beings, we have to fight. That’s the right thing to do. No matter how much the world has changed, we have to prove that even humanity has not changed.”

“At this moment, with a solemn heart, I am announcing the ‘Presidential Emergency Order on the Administrative Execution of the 5 North North Korean Provinces’ in accordance with the provisions of Article 76 (1) of the Constitution. In addition, we request the convening of an extraordinary National Assembly to deliberate and approve this in accordance with the provisions of Article 47 (3).

“This measure is a measure that enables a kind of administrative surrogacy that if North Korea fails to fulfill its government obligations, the South Korean government can charge North Korea for expenses after fulfilling its obligations on its behalf.”

“With this, at least in terms of administrative law, North Korea is recognized as an administrative agency of the Republic of Korea. Also, whenever North Korea fails to fulfill its obligations, we will intervene.”

“This is an inevitable choice at this point, and North Korea will now have to admit ‘administrative subordination’.”

“Whether to accept this as a compromise or a declaration of war is the North Korean choice.”

“However, no matter what choice is made, the Republic of Korea and its good people will always devote themselves to making justice right.”

“Justice is very just and fair,”

“I will be firm.”

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