A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 16

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 16

EP 4 – Big Drawings Need Big Brushes (3)


I slapped Yang Il-ho in the back of the head, who was throwing eggs in the corner.

“Why are you screaming so cutely?”

“Oh, why are you hitting me!”

“Can’t I hit you?”


“That’s not important. Everyone gather around.”

Ho-jung Lee came to me secretly wondering what was going on. I pat Yang Il-ho’s shoulder.

And handed me a thick file folder.

“I’m going to build a foundation. Service companies, R&D companies, and orphanages. The details are written inside, so take care of yourself.”

Yang Il-ho looked at it roughly and gave an estimate in an instant.

“brother. this.”


“Isn’t that a scam? When the prosecutor sees you, will your eyes turn over?”

“You have to make it legal.”


Yang Il-ho had a lawyer’s license. I was suspended for being an assistant, but it’s up to me.

“I’ll give you three days.”


“Make it legal.”

“Isn’t this the establishment of a foundation and a business?”

“By the way?”

“Are you a lawyer?”


Yang Il-ho hurriedly got up from his seat and started sweating. I frowned and pushed him away.

“Can’t talented people who graduated early from elementary, middle and high school do something like that?”

“What does that matter now!”

“Yah! Yang Il-ho, an early graduate of Korea University’s 63rd class! Were you the only one? The youngest person to pass the bar exam was a hacker!?”

“No, how do you make this legal! Just by looking at it, what companies put together in rags is just the name of a public interest foundation!”

“If not, let it be. Don’t you know the spirit of special forces?”

“It’s the Marines!”

“whatever. I’m not filthy.”

“Hey, this is what a labor attorney does!”

“Then do you do it with him?”

I pointed my thumb behind my back.

Then he turned his head back and smiled.

Lee Ho-jeong, who was sneaking out of the dormitory, stiffened in an awkward posture.

“Hey! Lee Ho-jeong, aide to the National Assembly of the Progressive Party!”

“Ah, ah ha ha. yes?”

“Lee Ho-jeong, Certified Labor Attorney!”

“I am not a labor attorney.”

“Your legislator said that he was upset by forcing him to study after following his labor attorney’s license. Didn’t you drink every day and grab me by the neck?”

“I haven’t gotten my license yet.”

“What do you say?”

I smiled broadly and pointed to the pile of papers held by the dead-eyed Yang Il-ho.

“do it.”

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