A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 160

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 160

EP 26 – Necessity (6)

Black Equus gently crossed the road.

Yoo Jae-kyung, who was driving the car, suddenly thought.

The way to work is unfamiliar.

“… … .”

Of course, the street trees are not different from yesterday, and the city is as bleak as yesterday. It’s just a daily commute to work.

But why is the way to work suddenly unfamiliar?

The reason could be found at the entrance to the government building parking lot.


A security guard armed with a firearm knocked on the driver’s windshield.

“Black Equus, please tell me the requirements for visiting.”

“Uh… … I went to work.”

The guard’s face suddenly contorted.

“… … haha. You have to tell me your rank or give me your civil service card. what kind of work Is this your first time going to work?”

“ah… … sorry.”

“Give me your official ID.”

“Uh, um. I guess I left it behind.”

“Uh, really… … .”

The guard’s tone of voice changed into a bad one. It seems that I misunderstood something. The security guard started admonishing the residents who came to steal the parking space.

“mister. Impersonating a public official these days is a big deal. This is the parking lot for senior officials. I understand that there is no parking space, but if you keep doing this, is it a violation of the National Security Act?”

It’s not like in the old days, when you can sneak it into the parking lot of public officials.

“Ts. You should be arrested first. For now, I’ll just write the name down. Give me your ID or driver’s license… … . What is your name?”

“This is Prime Minister Yoo Jae-kyung.”

“you… … re… … what?”


* * *

As I was living, all sorts of things happened.

‘The prime minister doesn’t know how to enter the public parking lot… … .’

A small laugh leaked out of Yoo Jae-kyung’s mouth as he was walking in the lobby of the government building. It was a comedy that happened every time I let the driver park the car.

Come to think of it.

How long has it been since you first took the steering wheel yourself?

“… … ah.”

Only then did Yoo Jae-kyung realize why the commute to work was unfamiliar.

On the way to work, I usually sit in the back seat of an official car and catch it for nothing, but this was the first time I had driven myself to work.

As I reached that point, as if my ears were opened by the sound of a clock just before I went to sleep, white noises from all directions resonated in my mind.

“Chief! The circuit break broke! GS seems to be waving again… … !”

“Oh, honey. I think I’ll be working overtime today… … uh huh I’m not talking about someone just going to work. No matter how you look at it, it’s not enough to finish today… … .”

“Yes, as soon as the embargo is released, articles are pouring in. First of all, we are closing the server with DDoS, and there are a few issues that seem to need to be deleted by solving the part-time job… … .”

Everyone was holding their own place, burning their own lives, and fiercely carrying their respective responsibilities.

They were not his subordinates. It wasn’t even a part of society. just a person

Just like you when you were young.

“… … .”

I have reached the age where I feel unfamiliar with things that are truly normal.

Suddenly, Prime Minister Yoo Jae-kyung looked into the palm of his hand, which had grown old.

The calluses formed along the pen marks are not being erased.

“… … .”


How long has it been since you’ve been driving?

The new way to go to work is probably due to a change of mind.

* * *

Full-scale reform has begun. In fact, it was no exaggeration to say that it was a purge. Because most of the social leadership was grinding in a blender.

As the ROK Army occupied Jangjeon-eup, numerous evidences poured in. As the doors of the Supreme Court opened wide, powerful judges called the ‘four major powers’ drew their swords.

Prosecutor’s Office, Police, Audit Office, National Tax Service.

The media screamed as the dagger pierced the heart of the business world, but the public opinion heightened by the president’s speech called for the destruction of all established elites.

As the upheaval in South Korea became serious enough to be reported by foreign media, the KOSPI plummeted, and the muddy battles of the overturned powers continued day after day.

At that point, Prime Minister Yoo Jae-kyung intervened.

He took the wheel of government and began to go against public opinion.

The government put down the mangani’s hilt and picked up a scalpel.

Those were the Financial Services Commission, the Fair Trade Commission, the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission, and the Ministry of Personnel Management. Then, under the leadership of the Office of Government Policy Coordination, a sharp operation began.

Compensation recommendation, exclusive accusation, administrative adjudication, appointment of personnel.

The unbridled power of the prime minister neatly subdued the business and public society. It was a major operation to lift society as a whole, but the reaction hardly returned.

This was because a person named Yoo Jae-kyung was adept at the physiology of this floor.

Although it is a world where public officials are precious, there are many people who want to enter that position. Thanks to him, even if he was given a light punishment, he received his resignation from those around him.

Although chaebols are powerful, they move according to profit and loss anyway. Thanks to this, even with a light compensation recommendation, they ran like dogs and bit each other’s flesh.

Yoo Jae-kyung induced infighting of the enemies through such ‘light’ and ‘relative’ punishment, and then accelerated the internal conflict by manipulating interest rates and the stock market.

Then he shoved the prosecutor into the gap and pulled out the body. As a result, the supply and demand of the chaebol did not escape the investigation.

Of course, some wise people shouted that the internal conflict should stop and unite, but GS Group, which was ordered by Han Seung-moon, was ravenously licking the stock that had plummeted, so large corporations started a forced chicken game.

like that.

A storm swept through Korea.

The storm overturned the sea above and below the surface of the water. The secrets of all those in power were revealed to the world, and those who were moving under the water were also involved in a fierce battle.


under the water. lower than that.

There are also fish that move in the deepest mud.

* * *

“Hasn’t Han Seung-moon come?”

“I don’t know. How many weeks have you been diving already? … .”

The buzz of reporters filled the Houses of Parliament.

After the opening gate. The access of reporters to the National Assembly has been strongly controlled, but today it has returned to its bustle as before.

Because the President has come to Parliament.

“This is KBS Han Suk-kyu! You made a comment that President Yang Pan-seok’s emergency order was inappropriate. Are you thinking of withdrawing your opinion!?”

“Uh-huh, when did I say that your orders were inappropriate? It’s a bit cautious. It is only natural for lawmakers to worry about the president. First, let’s make it clear that this is a concern, not an objection-”

Yang Pan-seok decided to give a speech at the National Assembly.

This is because the National Assembly will vote on approval of the ‘Emergency Order for Administrative Execution’ today.

And that ‘urgent order’ was an indirect declaration of war on North Korea.

In the end, if the National Assembly canceled it, the national dignity would not be lowered that much. If there is even one negative vote, it is really out of shape.

Naturally, the people wanted a unanimous vote in the National Assembly, and the president himself brought reporters to induce him.

The problem was that the issue being handled today was not ‘post-approval of the president’s emergency order’.

With the powerful government momentum, all kinds of bills flooded in, and among them, the worst bomb called the ‘military-industrial separation law’ was mixed.

As a result, many members of the National Assembly gathered three or three and murmured as if they were having a strategy meeting.

“… … First of all, administrative agency execution must be approved unconditionally. Even if you look at the public opinion. Yes? But the Military-Industrial Separation Act is absolutely not allowed!”

“Does that make sense? Shin Soo-kwang has already shaved his hand. Rep. Park, do it too!”

“her! Are you just saying that your son-in-law has been arrested by the prosecution right now? You can’t write politics like that, man… … ! Let’s see it big!”

The interests of numerous politicians were sharply opposed, and Hojeong Lee and Ilho Yang were no exceptions.


Hojeong Lee sharpened her teeth. and muttered muffledly.

“… … I’m going to kill all the bastards I’ve slaughtered this time.”

“Hey. Calm down… … .”

“I’ll show you what the nomination massacre is. It’s all cut-off. all looked after Where the f**k are you going to touch us and wipe your mouth?”

“If the nomination massacre is wrong, the image will be ruined… … . There are also rumors that the Shin Su-gwang side is being ripped off. Just take it in moderation and finish it… … ?”

“… … Parasites are scarier than mosquitoes.”

Yang Il-ho and Lee Ho-jeong, who put their heads together, continued the tactical meeting, while the YTN camera filming it was thrilled at the thought of uploading the ‘Affectionate Assemblyman Couple Series’ on YouTube.

“Gosh! House Representative! Have you been at peace?”

Shin Soo-gwang smiled naturally and approached him and greeted him. Ho-jeong Lee changed his expression in an instant and responded politely.

“Oh… … ! long time no see? How was the Vice-Chairman?”

“haha! I won’t be able to do it!”

Ho-jung Lee and Su-gwang Shin exchanged greetings with bright smiles. Not long ago, it was hard to believe that they were trying to kill each other.

Of course, objectively, the winner in this situation was Lee Ho-jung, but there was no sign of discouragement in Shin Soo-gwang’s expression.

Needless to say, Shin Soo-kwang has always been a spokesperson for refugees in the metropolitan area, and most refugees live near the border where land is cheap, and if there is a war this time, the most dangerous place is near the border.

In other words, the overall public opinion supported the Han Seung-moon series including Yang Pan-seok, but Shin Soo-kwang succeeded in gathering the core supporters.

“… … .”

“… … .”

Thanks to this, this uncomfortable relationship still maintained a tight tension, and all the cameras in the hall began to pay attention to the two heads of the Kuomintang during their meeting.

First, Shin Soo-gwang smiled kindly and spoke.

“Gosh. Did you say that our secretary-general had an accident in the floor representative’s office the other day? It’s not something I’m going to apologize for, but I’m still very sorry.”

In other words, I sent someone to lay down the floor of the floor plan. It wasn’t something he was going to apologize for.

“What are you talking about? haha! It may be the case when opinions differ. What.”

Ho-jeong Lee replied, ‘What are you talking about?’

“ha ha ha. As our floor leader said, there would be no worries if the party views are well combined. I hope you will gather your wisdom in various ways.”

“… … That’s right. of course.”

“Isn’t it better not to do anything that would make you feel sorry for each other?”

If it was wrong, it was a party, it was Nabal, and it meant that they would leave the party as a group.

“… … !”

Ho-jeong Lee trembled.

Of course, if a large-scale withdrawal from the party is achieved, it will inevitably inevitably inflict a huge blow to Lee Ho-jung. He said that he was a politician who couldn’t keep up with what he inherited from Han Seung-moon.

And above all, these words touched Ho-jeong Lee’s sense of competence.

“… … .”

At this, her face instantly hardened, and in the end, Yang Il-ho, who could not stand it, tried to get up.

That was then.

[…] … !]

A cry erupted from afar.

It was quite a loud noise, so everyone turned their heads. Some even went back to their seats like a student who heard the homeroom teacher’s coming.

However, Hojeong Lee and Ilho Yang did not turn their heads. They just smile meaningfully and look at each other.

Perhaps it was because he knew who the main character of this loud noise was.

[…] … !]

The clamor did not subside and grew stronger and stronger. It’s as if someone drove reporters to this place.

As a result, the National Assembly fell into a sense of tension, and Shin Soo-kwang quietly closed his mouth and returned to his seat.

It wasn’t just Shin Soo-kwang. Most of the members of the National Assembly were the ones who pointed their fingers at the portrait management department, so many lawmakers returned to their seats in half-terrified and looked down.

Eventually, when I heard the sound of the door opening from the back of the Houses of Parliament.

Parliament greeted him in silence.

“… … .”




The sound of walking down the stairs with a stick.

Ho-Jeong Lee and Il-Ho Yang. Stopped behind the two.

* * *

At the National Assembly plenary session that day, the approval of the ‘President’s Emergency Order’ was decided,

The ‘Gun-Industry Separation Act’, which was called the ‘Hanseungmunbeop’, was abandoned after fierce opposition.


‘Amendment to the Reduction of Age Restrictions in the Child Labor Act’

‘Plan for the expansion of public daycare centers and restructuring of the operation structure’

‘An additional supplementary budget for support for fostering 3rd generation hunters’

passed, etc.

Since there were more than hundreds of bills passed together, it did not attract public attention.

After that, the political, media, and business circles were delighted with the fact that they had blocked the military-industrial separation law and mocked Han Seung-moon,

A week later. Han Seung-moon resigns as minister and faces a great headwind.

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