A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 161

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 161

EP 26 – Necessity (7)

Politics is about fixing the country.

Weave the waku, hit the work, and outsource it. In the process, fights ensue, someone embezzles, and sometimes falls.

In that sense, this project has been completed. It was relatively easy compared to the initial estimate, but of course the aftermath was not small.

Let’s take a look at just a few of the big ones.

first. The mischief of the social leaders was revealed to the public.

It’s because of the mud fights and all kinds of revelations. From now on, it is up to the prosecution to decide who to arrest and when, so it is expected that the domestic political and financial circles will become compliant for a while.

second. The Second Korean War was canceled.

Relations with North Korea deteriorated when the ROK military unexpectedly attacked Jangjeon-eup. Naturally, North Korea, which has created a market for organ trafficking, is reacting extremely sensitively.

As such, the Second Korean War was put on hold indefinitely, and as it was originally scheduled to coincide with the US presidential election, the US is also showing some discomfort.

And third. I resigned.

This is a very important issue.

First, the dinosaur ministries called the Portrait Management Department will become vegetative for the time being, and as a result, affiliated organizations such as the Supercognition Support Agency, Hunter Academy, and Portrait Research Center will float away.

There is a burden on the government as to who will be the next minister, and gallstones are formed in the stomachs of those who have pointed their fingers at me, and of course, the atmosphere in the public office is also disrupted.

It really can be a significant impact.


Most importantly.

-Excuse me. Are you Minister Han Seung-moon?

“Oh, yes. What’s going on?”

-that… … Looks like I’ll have to empty the mansion.

* * *

“Get out of the room.”

“… … Yes?”

Seeing Pi Chae-won’s dazed look, I smiled and touched the leather sofa.

“You have to take this and go.”


“The official residence is where the minister lives, but I am no longer the minister. So now I have to leave the house.”

“… … no. I didn’t mean it in that way.”

Pi Chae-won, dressed in a dull suit, stared at me with cold eyes.

“I wonder if the reason you forced me to go to work on the weekend was to move things.”

“I’ll buy you some jjajangmyeon.”

“I’ll buy it for you, so can I just go?”

“Go, to multiply!”

“… … You didn’t originally plan to buy a ponytail, did you?”

wow. Pi Chae-won’s cold eyes turned into a dagger and pierced his chest. Since when did you become an adult who only made excuses like this?

I decided to put aside excuses and show my honest self.

“If it’s black, you bastard. I have no legs.”

“… … Really, Minister, you always exceed my expectations.”

As he shamelessly spread the iron plate, the guy let out a deep sigh as the ground went down. Then I looked around and gave a rough estimate for moving.

“TV, refrigerator, air conditioner, sofa, bookshelf… … And do all those massage chairs belong to the Minister?”

“I think we just need to move the sofa and bookshelf. The rest belongs to the state.”

“Only expensive households were paid with national taxes.”

“I buy your pizza every day with tax.”

“This is a reasonable consumption.”

Pi Chae-won was wandering around the house bluntly, then suddenly came up to me and shook her head.

“No matter how you look at it, it seems difficult for the two of us to move.”

“You have to move on your own. I have no legs.”

“It’s not that you don’t have legs, it’s that you have power.”

Now Pi Chae-won stared at me like I was looking at some kind of human garbage.

To be sure, calling out a skinny girl over the weekend and carrying the bookshelf and sofa by herself wasn’t something a bastard would do, I thought.

Of course, I am also a person with that kind of discernment. There was no way that Pi Chae-won could have summoned him alone.

“Don’t worry, I’m not the only one who called you. I even called all the secretaries in the House of Representatives.”

“That’s fortunate.”

“But everyone resigned yesterday.”

As I was about to start swearing in earnest, almost all the secretaries slapped me in the back. He fell in love with the taste of money offered by the chaebols.

Actually, it’s also because I didn’t take care of my surroundings. It would have been fine if I had given the secretary a little bit of pocket money. I couldn’t.

This is my old shortcoming. If you focus on your work, you won’t be able to take care of people. Is it because I have been living alone since my school days? Every day when I go to my aunt’s house, I get punched in the back telling me to call and live.


The scandal of an affair (?) between me and the victim, an inappropriate relationship with a minor, etc. All the unsubstantiated negatives about my private life were coming out of their mouths.

And since it was Pi Chae-won who was monitoring the secretary and reporting to me, it was enough for him to understand the current situation with a brief explanation.

“Did everyone run away?”

“okay. Still, I was going to forgive you if you came and hit me with a Granjeol. How come you can’t even see your nose?”

“… … So, am I in a situation where I have to fly it all by myself?”

“Still, Yoo Jae-young did not betray and did not resign. Seeing that he didn’t come, I think he was pissed off because he touched my dad.”

“that… … You call me on the weekend… … not. coming… … .”



After pondering for a while, Pi Chae-won made a brief conclusion.

The boy bluntly pulled out his phone.

“I call the dragon.”

* * *

“Aww… … After all, black cows do a good job.”

“What is this bastard?”

“Thank you for your help.”

Yeo Do-yeon, who came wearing a black sweatshirt and a hiking jacket, was like a black cow. It is truly a sight to behold, going down the stairs carrying furniture the size of one’s hand with one hand.

I sat on the sofa and watched Do-yeon Yeo working, and Chae-won Pi diligently took pictures from the side and posted them on Instagram.

In the end, Yeo Do-yeon taunted me the most.

“Where did you just sit and watch? Am I an employee of the moving center?”

“I’ll buy you some jjajangmyeon.”

“… … Tangsuyuk?”

“I also buy kansho shrimp.”

Yeo Do-yeon worked like jerky with the sweet and sour pork I had delivered, but she still grunted little by little.

“hey. You can just do this for the NIS staff. Agents are all over here.”

“No, sister. What are these people who wipe behind politicians?”

“So isn’t it?”

One of the agents who was carrying the luggage trembled.

Yeo Do-yeon scratched the back of the head shyly.

“no… … Did you even need to call me? This is it.”

“sister. At least, when these people were taking the civil service exam, did they think that they would later move into a political moving house? I also have to call my family and have them work in order to save face.”

“At the time that you put it out of your mouth, it seems like you have no face or anything… … ?”

Just as I was about to refute Yeo Do-yeon’s words, I heard a bang outside the window and a knock on the wall.

Behind the window was a young girl in a school uniform. He pointed at me while wearing a high bar.

“mister! Don’t keep getting involved in the field, and bring me some Doraibana from Paketsu.”

“He doesn’t even go to school, what kind of uniform is he wearing… … .”

“I’ve seen how you feel as a middle school girl!”

I rummaged through the bucket, pulled out a screwdriver, and handed it to Gam Ji-yoon.

and added bluntly.

“If you even wear a school uniform, why don’t you just show respect?”

“A child must act like a child to be affectionate!”

“But why would he say that?”

“Hey kid… … !”

He patted me with his elbow and smiled bashfully.

And with a bright smile, he put a dagger in it.

“But uncle, it’s been a while since I’ve seen you, so you’re really dry.”

“Everyone will die someday.”


“You too will be old someday.”

“I’m still young and fresh, so I don’t understand… … ?”

“… … Be twenty years old People don’t grow day by day, they die little by little with each passing day-“

At that moment, I shut my mouth at the intense death I felt behind my back.

Yeo Do-yeon’s angry voice is heard.

“… … What are you talking about to a kid?”

Gam Ji-yoon, who was watching the scene, added.

“right! I am a child!”

Yeo Do-yeon, who had her hands in her pockets and was shaking, also shouted at Ga Ji-yoon.

“hey. There’s a magical girl. Go downstairs with some cupboards on the roof. The stairs are too narrow to go down.”

“It’s getting off now!”

By the way, the reason he asked me to bring a screwdriver was because he broke the closet door and ate it.

* * *

A lot of things happened, but in the end, I packed up my belongings and left the residence.

“… … .”

As I was looking at the official residence that I had called Yongdal Truck and moved to, with a complicated and subtle feeling, I heard Yeo Do-yeon’s serene voice.

“ha… … ! It’s finally over.”

The tall, tall woman relaxed her body lightly and asked me.

“hey. Do you have a house to live in other than the official residence?”

“Your Excellency saved me one. There was a villa in Busan.”

“… … Villa?”

“It is a detached house with an ocean view in Haeundae, and the market value is 32 billion won. I have a yard.”

“Well then, is this our house now… … !?”

“yes. It’s monthly.”

“The plague.”

Yeo Do-yeon clicked her tongue with a sullen expression. It seems like he was trying to eat every day of his life.

He pouted his mouth with a grim expression, and I shrugged lightly.

“What a meticulous person I am, have I not even prepared a house to live in?”

“okay. Do you have a car?”



A used foreign car that my aunt picked me up when I entered college. The domestic K5 that was elected after being elected as a member of the National Assembly. Now it must be squashed and circulating somewhere in Seoul.

And the government has already announced its policy to compensate property damage caused by this disaster ‘universally’.

In other words, if you compensate each one, the national treasury will be reduced, so it is said that the welfare is excellent.

“… … Can’t I get my car back? then?”

“Did you know that now?”

“I didn’t know because I rode a bulletproof Equus every day… … .”

I’ll have to do it twice in the next election.

I cursed the president inside. Because the wall was too small to swear on the phone.

Anyway, I got rid of my regrets about the car, but the worries about the car still remained and my heart was heavy.

“… … The public car was abolished because of the public interest. What do we do. I don’t have a car to drive tomorrow.”

“Do you have any money saved?”

“If there was, I wouldn’t worry about it.”

Sebi puts it in the donation box for the coming in. Right now, I have monthly rent and living expenses for next month, but if I get a car, I have to eat only cup noodles from that day.

In the end, I hurriedly asked a question.

“Old, how much do lawmakers ask for at the bank… … ?”

“Would you like to go once? I think the reaction will be hot.”

“Come on, don’t be kidding… … ! I’m in a hurry right now!”

“Just across the street is Kookmin Bank. Borrow money and buy a Mercedes-Benz at this traffic light.”

I was biting my nails with a really urgent mind, so the Mercedes-Benz waiting for the signal moved slickly.

towards us.

“Uh… … ?”

Wanting to do something, I stepped back, and the Benz driver’s window went down, revealing a familiar face.

“babe. Are you moving?”

“… … uh? Mr. Chen?”

“Hmm. I’m here to carry some luggage. It looks like it’s over… … ?”

“… … no. It has become a burden.”

I’m craving for a little chaki.

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