A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 163

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 163

EP 27 – Cool New Generation (1)


When I wake up, it’s 6:29 in the morning.

It was a little cold, so I sneeze.

The alarm set for 6:30 goes off as soon as it goes off. It’s not the alarm that wakes me up, it’s my daily routine that I turn off the alarm.

And check the morning news and radio to see if there was anything bullshit about last night.

[Rep. Yoochul Jung of the National Party was urgently arrested by the prosecution this morning. Rep. Jung is acting as an outside director of PMC Cheongsu, known for his long-term smuggling supply plan. … .]

[North Korea has fired a short-range missile at the Blue House in Seoul. It seems to be a protest against the preemptive strike of Jangjeon-eup and approval of the Administrative Enforcement Act. The Ministry of the People’s Armed Forces shall, under any circumstances, grant effective control over North Korea… … .]

[The Japanese Communist Party, which was rallying the civilian army, declared a commune in the Nagoya area. With this, it seems that the civil war between the Self-Defense Forces and the Yakuza will enter a full-fledged three-way war… … .]

Fortunately, nothing is wrong today.

* * *

There is such a thing as occupational disease.

“Hey, Chaewon. Bring management manager #17 from the policy office.”

“Where is the policy office in the National Assembly?”


Something. If I hold a ballpoint pen, I want to sign official documents, I want to tell them to go ahead with just a phone call, and I want to bring a job when the desk is empty.

I’m no longer a minister, but my body is still spectacular. My body misses the daily life full of overwork and stress.

Of course, the workload of a member of the National Assembly is not small, but the duties of a member of the National Assembly can just be automatically returned to the aide.

That’s why I’m just living my life with the feeling of just shooting a mobile game at max level and habitually running an ottoman.

“Chaewon-ah. don’t you I want to devote myself to the flow of the times in this transitional society… … ! Can’t you feel that fateful dick?”


But no one agrees with me.

They said I wanted to work more, so everyone saw me as a workaholic crazy about work.

“So, work hard while you can. This is it. You don’t even want to work later?”

“… … .”

“You must always fight with passion and vision. I can’t use it when it’s flimsy like that.”

So I went to Yang Il-ho, the new Minister of Portrait and Portrait Management, and gave him some great advice.

“I’m just going to hit you. My brother is a road minister.”

“Uh huh… … no. don’t change it go back.”

“Oh, I don’t know! I will not!”

“Hey man. I mean do it with persistence. So, kids these days… … .”

“ah! really! What if a yangban two years older than me is more like a kkondae than my father!”

“You don’t have a father.”

“That’s what it means. Words… … .”

Yang Il-ho, who occupied the ministerial office where I was, boasted that his face was already dark after a few days had passed.

As I was naturally wandering around the bathroom while watching the scene, he made a very blunt sound.

“Is this a cafe? Would you like to come every day and have a drink of barley tea?”

“Look, boy. Do you feel good about having some power?”

“Your brother was like that every day. If you twist it, take power.”

“Ugh… … After a long time, I asked him to help me with the paperwork so that I could get off work. There’s nothing you can do about it… … .”

“brother. Do you know my heart?”

“If you help me with work, it’s my hyung, if you don’t, is it my hyung?”

I was holding on to the papers for a long time while making such a nonsensical noise, the guy suddenly asked me.



“… … Why did you make me the minister?”

“What are you doing? You had the right to say hello.”

“You wouldn’t have asked your brother.”

“… … I just stabbed one word. Just ask me once.”

“… … .”

“He’s a kid worthy of this.”

Yang Il-ho kept silence with a mysterious expression.

And, it seemed vague to say anything more there, so he smiled lightly.

“Are you bored after quitting the fortress minister? You come every day.”

“Actually, I came here to take over.”

“Yes? Do you have more to hand over?”

“… … .”

Yang Il-ho wasn’t sure if he could actually become a minister. He is young, inexperienced, and lacks awareness. At least that’s how it was in the public eye.

Of course, it was not so easy to pass the personnel hearing. There were many arguments about whether it would make sense to have a minister as my subordinate and Lee Ho-jeong’s lover.

However, he proudly occupied this minister’s office.

So, I had something to tell him.

“… … There was an organized human hunt.”

“Ah yes. Long-term trafficking?”

“No, not that.”

“… … yes?”

I told Yang Il-ho a lot.

The story went on for a very long time. It was also proof that I had been hiding a lot from him.

First of all, the current organ trafficking gate is not everything that is revealed.

“… … A third force is intervening. They systematically hunted Korean hunters to uncover the secret of stimulants. And the organs were taken overseas and tested in vivo. We are investigating it in secret now.”

“… … .”

“Once I officially explained that North Korea had abducted some South Korean citizens. North Korea is not At least not the North Korean government. They have no reason to do that. So, the moment this is revealed, if you make a mistake, you will be at war with a foreign country.”

Later, up to the 3rd generation hunter training plan.

“… … I will raise orphans from the country. And after identifying personality and aptitude, I will administer stimulants, nurture them as model citizens from a young age, and then educate them at the Hunter Academy and then use them as civil servants.”

“… … .”

“If it’s good, it’s welfare, if it’s bad, it’s brainwashing. know. However, I think it is wrong to say that people who were not elected by elections are higher than those who are elected. Whether it’s a hunter or a chaebol, I think it should be controlled under a democratic government. Only then will the country be maintained.”

In that way, Yang Il-ho’s reaction, having grasped all the plans and circumstances, seemed absurd at first glance.

“… … Then the Military-Industrial Separation Act was a smoke screen, no. This is normal. that, that, what Then the supplementary budget plan is so… … .”

“… … .”

“… … ha, really. I can’t speak.”

The boy even looked a little embarrassed.

“… … So, have you kept all this a secret until now? For me and Hojeong, we are preparing the military-industrial separation law. Were you planning a supplementary budget from behind?”

“… … right.”

“… … .”

The guy was silent for a while, apparently trying to organize his thoughts. It didn’t take long since he was a good-looking guy.

“… … So, is this what I will do in the future?”

“… … okay.”

“… … ha.”

Yang Il-ho grabbed his head and bowed his head.

Then, lying down, he asked me.

“… … Can I do it?”

“I wouldn’t even recommend it if it seemed like a bad guy.”

“Ah, sir… … Why is it me… … .”

“I told you to just ask.”

In the end, the choice was his own. Perhaps the guy didn’t know that, too, and he raised his head with a more orderly look.

“… … But.”


“Why didn’t my brother become a minister?”

“I am going abroad.”

* * *

The incident started when the Second Korean War was canceled.

There the problem got serious.

“Because the Second Korean War was a joint venture planned by South Korea, North Korea, and the United States.”

First of all, from their point of view,

North Korean dictator Ri Yong-su is guaranteed a comfortable retirement in exchange for dedicating North Korea, and South Korea and the United States have agreed to liberate North Korea from the dictator and hold general and presidential elections respectively.

However, when it was revealed that North Korea had sold people’s organs, it was condemned by the international community.

Of course, it follows that Ri Yong-su’s treatment could also have a negative impact. So Ri Yong-su put the Second Korean War on hold indefinitely.

Korea overcame the resulting political loss with the revision of the Administrative Vicarious Enforcement Act. It was used as a domestic propaganda by delivering a detour declaring war on North Korea.

Of course, the South Korean army will never actually advance north. if you do

In other words, the problem arises in the United States.

“Originally, as soon as the second Korean War is over, we should have to go into the presidential race with the Stars and Stripes fluttering and performing. It fell over.”

“… … Are you serious?”

“then. Not serious. What a desperate situation for soup.”

The US government is in desperate need of achievement.

Failed to respond to the zombie apocalypse in the first place, and lost the central land and tens of millions of people. In addition, the nuclear power plant exploded in the eastern coast, the heart of the country, and radiation spread.

Therefore, the government has to fill the pride of the people abroad.

In addition, Trump’s re-election process, which was overthrown after a resolution of no confidence by both parties, was not smooth. To be honest, the president lacks democratic legitimacy.

“So, I have to show you something, but I’m in a hurry because I keep failing.”

“… … Is that why this UN General Assembly is held?”

“okay. Rather, I grew the board. According to what we have been told, something big will happen soon.”

The United States is about to open a new game.

This was not a sense of duty or justice for mankind, but an act in the president’s interest to ensure his own safety by transferring the next presidential power to the current vice president.

So I said to Pi Chae-won.

“All kinds of talented people will gather at this UN General Assembly. Do you know what to do?”

“… … You sound like a real villain now.”

“Isn’t it cool?”

“It’s not like that.”

We wandered around the National Assembly Park, each eating a piece of yakitori. Pi Chae-won is now a senior aide in the office of the National Assembly, rather than a secretary to the Minister of the High Industrial Complex.

“Oh, did you run out of water this time?”

“I was in 3rd grade, but now I’m in 4th.”

“How much has your salary dropped?”

“I do not know. I don’t know because I don’t usually look at my bankbook… … .”

“… … Do you still have only daily necessities in every corner?”

“I still think of my parents to live a luxurious life.”

“… … uhm. This can be happen.”

I, too, suddenly thought of my parents, so I fiddled with the cane for nothing. Memories of the accident flashed before my eyes.

By the way, I know that Chaewon has also been taking antidepressants for quite some time. When I think about how I lived like a bad person at the time of the rescue, I think I saw my parents die right in front of my eyes.

“… … .”

The country was still sick. There is a national trauma. As I pondered, I realized that this might be the biggest disaster.

Statistics on mental illness were obvious, and entertainment ratings skyrocketed and sales of various cultural industries increased. Mainly to help people escape from reality.

And the fact that people seek escapism is evidence that society is getting sick. The fact that reality does not satisfy the people is inevitably a very bad report card as a politician.

Can welfare solve this? How can we restore people’s lives?

If you think about the impact of history such as the Japanese occupation and the Korean War on our society right now, how will the present era change Korea in the future?


“Uh, huh?”

Perhaps because of an occupational disease, Pi Chae-won woke up from a momentary thought.

and said quietly.

“I’m a lot better these days though.”

“… … .”

Pi Chae-won turned away from me and looked up at the sky. I couldn’t see his expression, but two things were clear.

The late autumn sky was blue,

The boy’s voice was calm.

“So, you don’t have to worry too much.”

“… … .”

“… … Sometimes it’s just-“

at that time.

A bell rang.

I had a habit of storing the ringtones of important people differently, so I immediately put my phone to my ear when I realized that this was Yang Pan-seok’s phone.


The president called me.

[Come down to the underground bunker now. North Korean leader Ri Yong-su is dead.]

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