A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 164

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 164

EP 27 – Cool New Generation (2)

There is a Korean restaurant on the outskirts of Busan. It is a house where you see the atmosphere rather than the taste. The price is unnecessarily high, so the general public does not come often.

Instead, politicians often go. It is said that the president also visits frequently.

At least that’s how it is known on the internet.

“Uh, come on!”


“I will guide you. Come this way… … .”

As soon as we entered the Korean restaurant, the staff got busy. They led me to a deep room, where there was a heavy elevator.

I did not climb the elevator alone. This is because, in order for the elevator to descend, the Korean restaurant employee’s card key was required.

“… … .”

kuung. As the staff operated the button, a heavy mechanical sound resounded.

So, the elevator descended for a very long time.

Towards 200M underground.

* * *

The elevator door opened, revealing a lobby full of people.

“Connect to the Situation Control Room! hurry!”

“This is the control room!”

“Then connect to the site!”

“The scene is North Korea!”

“… … .”

Codename The Blue House was very busy. In the lobby of the extra-large bunker, military uniforms and suits are mixed to form a chaos.

again. again.

As I stepped into the basement with a cane, the NIS agent who was guarding the elevator looked at me and trembled.

“Oh, come on! Minister!”

“How is the situation?”

It was a conference room, so I didn’t need any guidance because I usually came and went. I immediately strode over and listened to the report.

“There was a large-scale unrest in Pyongyang, and there were reports that Ri Yong-su had died. However, the situation is not yet fully understood-”

“Then are you sure?”

“There is a civil war in Pyongyang.”

A senior NIS official explained briefly.

“An unknown force has attacked Pyongyang. As a result of satellite observations, the city was half-burned into a sea of fire. The rebels are confronting the People’s Army.”

“Is it a coup?”

“It’s still under investigation… … .”

What are you all figuring out?

When he frowned in urgency, he hurriedly turned around without speaking. I didn’t want to be marked as incompetent.

“It is said that it is not a battle between the old army and the army, but the army and the superhumans! In the process, our informant reported the death of Ri Yong-su!”

“Are you sure?”

“It is said that a huge explosion blew up the tin palace into an underground bunker. Given that the current People’s Army command system has been broken, it appears that most of the key personnel have died.”

As I listened to the report, I arrived at the conference room. The agent ran a few steps, opened the conference room door, bowed hastily and retreated.

thump –

As the thick iron door of the conference room closed, silence suddenly fell.

“… … .”

The conference room was very quiet.

“… … anybody home?”

I guess I was the first to come.

* * *

Dark and heavy lighting.

There is a marble round table in front of a large monitor. It’s a majestic conference room that looks like something out of a movie. Also, Yang Pan-seok knows how to look good.

“… … .”

But I don’t know why the leftover rice crackers are placed on the round table. It seems to be the taste of old people.

Oh Dodok. Oh Dodok.

As I was muttering about three rice crackers, the conference room door opened and someone came in.

“… … A minister?”

“Ah, Governor Won Ok-bun. Long time no see.”

Between the dark, razor-shaded eyes, the hazy eyes stared straight at me. Wonok-bun trudged over and sat across from me.

“okay. one minister. what happened Ri Yong-su is dead?”

“I do not know. I just got a call too, so I don’t know.”

“… … Where are the two presidents?”

“You seem to have gone somewhere. Or you haven’t come yet.”

“… … Give me that one.”

“Are your teeth okay?”


A disabled person and an old man sat down and munched on rice crackers. We weren’t very close, so the atmosphere was a bit awkward.

It wasn’t that there wasn’t any hate, though.

Fortunately, it wasn’t long before a new face arrived.

“Ah, hello… … !”

Yoo Hyeon-jong was the governor of Gangwon.

I have been in a relationship since the Uijeongbu retreat, and one of the retreats is a commander who was amazingly good at it.

Thanks to that ability, he oversaw the isolated northern army in Gangwon-do and evacuated millions of people from northern Gyeonggi-do to Sokcho, Gangwon-do during the Seoul incident.

And for that achievement, he even became the governor of Gangwon, and he still held practically the military power of Gangwon-do.

Most of the people living in Gangwon-do now owed their lives to Yoo Hyeon-jong. either military or civilian.

Anyway, as Yoo Hyeon-jong is a soldier, he knows the current situation better than I do.

I opened my mouth to ask him a question.

But it was one step late.

“No, Minister Han! What is it? The redhead is dead?!”

“… … I do not know. I don’t know either.”

“… … You really don’t know?”

“In the first place, the governor shouldn’t ask me about it. I am not a soldier.”

“Oh right.”


I replied roughly and waited for the next person, but this time Prime Minister Yoo Jae-kyung arrived sweating profusely.

“Gosh. Prime Minister is here. What is this-”

“Minister Han! How the hell did this happen?!”

“Iknow, right.”


“Would you like some rice crackers?”

“… … no. Water, please.”

When he returned to his seat after passing the Samdasoo to Yoo Jae-kyung, a trusted expert came to him.

“You were there first. Forgive me for being late.”

“Oh, it’s been a while. Commander.”

Kim Doo-sik, the commander of the Chungcheong County District, is the de facto number one in the ROK Armed Forces.

He strode into the conference room wearing a reliable military uniform.

I opened my mouth to ask him about the current situation.


“Minister Han. How did this happen?”

* * *

“brother! No, one representative! How the hell did this happen… … !”

“I know.”


“The two ministers sit here.”

Yang Il-ho filled the end of the round table with a bewildered look. This is the entrance seat.

As a result, all the seats were filled except for the top seats where the yangban-seok would sit, so it seemed that everyone who could have gathered had gathered.

“… … .”

I looked at the crowd right next to the senior seat.

Prime Minister Yoo Jae-kyung,

Won Ok-bun Jeonbuk Branch,

Commander Doosik Kim, Chungcheong-gun-gu,

Hyun-Jong Yoo, Governor of Gangwon Province,

Yang Il-ho, Minister of Portrait Management.

These are the guys I always see. It seems that almost everyone who will gather has gathered.

Since I was summoned for this kind of thing, I didn’t feel much tension anymore.

To the extent that Yoo Jae-kyung suddenly approached Yoo Hyun-jong using Kim Doo-sik as an excuse and started chattering.

“There were rumors that our Governor Yoo Hyun-jong was good at his work, right?”

“Ah, ah…! No, Prime Minister.”

“Isn’t Gangwon-do actually the center of the hunter industry? Rumors spread among hunters that the governor does a good job! Hahaha!”


I glanced at the clock and saw that several hours had already passed. It seems that Yang Pan-seok is going to be a little late, so we decided to start a simple discussion rather than just chatting.

I opened my mouth to the left.

“everyone. Civil war broke out in North Korea.”

“… … .”

“… … Ah yes. And yes.”

When I opened my mouth, the conference room became quiet. Although it was a bit red, I continued speaking cautiously.

“It seems that Lyon-su is also dead… … Do you see this as a coup? Governor Won Ok-bun?”

“… … Why are you asking me that?”

Because you have a knack for the minds of rednecks.

Of course, I couldn’t really say that.

“Aren’t you the one who achieved close cooperation with North Korea? Because you are so professional… … .”

“If anyone hears it, do you know what, I think I ate a fictitious day with a gangster?”

“… … .”

After hearing those words, I carefully looked back on the actions of Won Ok-bun, the Jeonbuk Governor, and no, Won Ok-bun, the former acting authority.

“… … Hmm.”

First of all, it is the story of Won Ok-bun when he was contacted by Ri Yong-su, then Minister of the People’s Armed Forces, and then opened the bunker where Kim Jong-un was hiding.

In addition, because China is begging for reinforcements (Gam Ji-yoon) as an excuse for the eastern coast nuclear power plant, it is also Wonok’s fault that North Korea bit it instead of arguing with Japan.

In addition, it is Won Ok-bun who made the big deal by sending the entire Baekdu bloodline and the rebels there, and stealing all the nuclear bombs except for the two strategic nuclear weapons.

Lastly, it is Won Ok-bun who succeeded in maintaining an amicable relationship with North Korea even though my personality was destroyed by pushing the monster to the north during the Seoul incident.

“… … .”

I don’t think there has ever been a president in the history of constitutional history who has been so close with rednecks.

As he was looking at him with strange eyes with that kind of thought, Won Ok-bun showed his inner feelings as if his feet were numb.

“… … It was a problem that we had to anticipate from the time we overturned Jangjeon-eup.”

* * *

All claims have a basis.

Power is ultimately the assertion that ‘you must listen to me’, and of course, the stronger the evidence, the stronger the argument.

“But now the legs don’t fit.”

Won Ok-bun evaluated the current situation as follows:

Ri Yong-su’s foundation was broken.

When the ROK army occupied Jangjeon-eup and the South Korean government threatened the effective control of North Korea by acting as a proxy for administration, the dictator’s authority was crushed to the ground.

“So, what’s special about it?”

“… … .”

“Because I’m weak, I’m biting like a deokdal.”

When Won Ok-bun finished explaining, the crowd fell into silence.

The one who broke the silence was the yangban-seok, who had already entered the conference room.

“That’s right.”

“Oh, sir, are you here?”

“It’s been a while, everyone. Thanks for coming together so quickly. Everyone just sit down.”

Everyone, except for Won Ok-bun, was about to get up, but the president in a sloppy suit stopped it with a gesture.

Then, grumbling towards Wonok-bun, he took a seat at the top.

“How come our Won Governor doesn’t even pretend to get up?”

“All courtesy is solemn.”

“Uh-huh, construction should be separated.”

“What kind of vacancy is this? Just the faces I see every day. I’ll be fine now aren’t you guys? haha… … .”

Won Ok-bun had this kind of relationship, friendship, and power with Yang Pan-seok, and he was showing it off in this way right now.

Of course, now that everyone knows the habit of a person called Won Ok-bun, he thought he would, but it seems that Yang Il-ho and Yoo Hyeon-jong are a little shaky.

To break the trend, Prime Minister Yoo Jae-kyung opened his mouth very politely and clerically.

“… … dismissal. Are you sure that Chairman Ri Yong-su is dead?”

“Well. He said he flew into the bunker.”

“Then, isn’t that the work of the United States? … ? After the end of the Second Korean War, didn’t it seem urgent.”

Yang Pan-seok shook his head. and told the crowd.

“The United States is saying that it has absolutely nothing to do with the current situation. Oh yeah. one minister. Do you have any guesses?”

“There is not.”

“Then let’s believe what the Chinese Ministry of State Security says.”

Yang Pan-seok explained the current situation with a tired expression.

“The people who attacked Pyongyang are the militia. The revolutionary army who resisted the dictatorship got up after hearing about the Jangjeon-eup incident. When the fact that the people’s organs were sold abroad became public, it seems that if the revolution was started now, it would be well-received abroad… … .”

However, the North Korean government was actually a close friend of the United States and South Korea.

The militia didn’t know that.

It can be a rather embarrassing situation.

“… … Anyway, the situation was so ambiguous that I ended up responding in the first place.”

“Ah yes.”

Yang Pan-seok’s initial response was simple.

“I ordered two Jindo dogs, and all the hunters who were active north of the Chungcheong Line were put behind them. On the Gangwon-do side, a temporary defense line was established by tying Sokcho and Jangjeon-eup in North Korea. And I told the Americans to send a fleet to the Korean Strait.”

“Oh, yes. You sighed. You acted wisely-”

“Then, we dispatched superhumans belonging to the National Security Agency to retrieve the last two strategic nuclear weapons that North Korea had. But as I wandered around, I found a place where they hid a pile of nuclear bombs. I just told him to blow it up.”


“The second-in-command of the Ri Yong-su administration strongly protested, so we dealt with it roughly. I succeeded in getting the cooperation of the third person, so I took control of the People’s Army. And now they are trying to make contact with the leaders of the Revolutionary Army… … . It is roughly like this.”

“… … .”

“okay. The initial response is finished at this point. What would you like to do now?”

To be honest, I thought maybe I could go home now.

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