A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 165

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 165

EP 27 – Cool New Generation (3)

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is monitoring many countries. Of course, their daily life was not so easy. Mainly in a psychological sense.

“What the hell is this damn report!?”

Director Jaina Hespel threw the papers today. And he poked at the doorknob.

“get out! This chewy guys! ”

“ooh, Chief… … !”

“Did you get stuck in your ear hole!?”

The director, who chased away the agents with a voice that sounded like he had boiled a train barrel, grabbed his head and slumped down in a deep sense of lethargy.

“I… … .”

My lower lip was all chapped because I wore a f**k in my mouth every day. Alopecia areata also seems to come from the crown of the head, and stomatitis is so severe that it is impossible to eat.

It was a typical stressful life.

The causes of the disease were varied.

“Hey, like a dog… … .”

First of all, the drug cartel that occupied South America. Perhaps these motherf**kers were not satisfied with their job as the alley leader, they were engaged in a civil war with each other, and little by little, they were advancing into the southern United States.

And IS, these historic chews are informing the world that the guys who have done bad things are better. Wiping the backs of the oilers with the Quran.

Of course, China cannot be left out. After ruthlessly trampling on Taiwan and Hong Kong, President Li Choong-bin is now advancing into Central Asia with the aim of conquering the world.

Even Russia right up there is the worst powder bin. Moscow government and Vladivostok military. The moment this East-West civil war broke out, it was clear that the Eurasian continent would be covered with radioactive fallout.

okay. Against the backdrop of civil war, Japan cannot be left out. Government troops like idiots and Yakuzas like idiots. Even the militia that rose from that gap.

In central Japan, monsters are already crawling out of the gates to make a living, and the US main fleet is in a situation where it is impossible to separate them from the wind.


“… … Hey! Whoa!”

The real nerds were different.

* * *

“What are all these crazy people?!”

It was the first word the director uttered when he entered the Oval Office. At this, the strong old man who was looking at his smartphone replied bluntly.

“okay. I hate Democrats, too.”

“Korean! korea! Those damn peninsula bastards!”

“ah! korea! Those are tough psychos too!”

At the pleasant reaction of the president, the director let out a breathless sigh. Then he sat down on the sofa in the office, shaking his nails.

“… … Wasn’t there a North Korean militia that supported us on our side?”

“The friends you made to use during the Second Korean War? I remember throwing it away when the plan went awry.”

“Because Korea is attacking Jangjeon-eup because of political problems. What the hell are you thinking, they attacked Pyongyang. It even succeeded and killed Ri Yong-su.”

“Hmm. That’s fun.”

“What’s even more interesting is that South Korea dispatched special forces to North Korea within 20 minutes of the first report. And in just one hour, we succeeded in seizing two North Korean strategic nuclear weapons. Do you see this as a coincidence?”

“… … Hmm.”

“Even the special forces found dozens of nuclear weapons that Ri Yong-su had to the end. And blown it all up. When Lee Young-gil, chairman of the standing committee, protested against this, he shot and killed him, and Bu-il Choi, the head of the general affairs bureau, took over.”

“… … .”

“It took three hours to get here. And I don’t usually call this a coincidence. What the hell is 3 hours? While we go shopping at Walmart, the South Korean special forces seize nuclear weapons, blow up secret warehouses, assassinate North Korean leaders, and take command of the People’s Army on their way home? What is this? Yes? f**k! aah-!”

“Be gentle with your words.”

“Stop that f**king twitter and talk like that! dismissal!”

In other words, the director of the Central Intelligence Agency was claiming that South Korea proceeded with all the incidents deliberately.

The director bit the foam in his mouth.

“When our side, who found out about the situation late, tried to put the brakes on it, they brought in the Chinese Ministry of National Security to block it. In addition, Lee Young-gil, chairman of the standing committee, was an insider on our side. Of course, the South Korean government was not informed, but it is no coincidence that the South Korean government put him out in the first place.”

The chief’s eyes were already half-turned. A hoarse voice followed.


“… … .”

“Korea is the most dangerous.”

The president had no choice but to admit this while swallowing his saliva.

A stable national defense, a strong government, and a systematic social infrastructure. There’s even a miracle called a stimulant.

A powerful enemy is not scary. Because America was more powerful than that. But the unpredictable enemy was America’s real threat.

“While we have been beaten by the ruling party, the opposition, and the big business, they have created stimulants, nurtured hunters benevolent to the country, and made China and Europe our allies.”


“Psionic engines, energy batteries, and hunting devices. Does it make sense to say that the three major strategic industries we announced last year were all taken over by the three largest Korean conglomerates?”

A question that stabs the bone.

The president of the United States was silent for a moment.

“… … .”

While PMCs of large corporations are lobbying for an S-class hunter, enacting the Hunter Regulation Act that is unfavorable to competitors, and even sabotaging to win the technological competition,

Samsung Psionic, SK Innovation, and GS Aegis have grown into global conglomerates. It was a splendid achievement centered on the Jeju Chosang Industrial Complex.

On the other hand, while the Korean government is accelerating without a brake, the US government is in a situation where all sorts of political offensives are followed by touching the steering wheel.

“… … Hmm.”

The president made a decision after deliberation.


It was the difference that made the small country win the big country.

At this, the old man grinned.

“Let’s leave it alone for a while. I don’t see this as threatening. As usual, the director should focus on South America and the Middle East.”

“Then why don’t we drop nuclear bombs on Korea?”

“Sometimes I am afraid of our Hespel Director. That’s right now. I have to go to dinner with my daughter now, so quickly disappear from my eyes.”

Having said that, the president put on a suit, whether he was really going to a restaurant, and the director had no choice but to leave the office with a sigh.

The chief shook his head.

“What the hell are you thinking… … ..”

It wasn’t just a sound aimed at just one person.

* * *

“The eel is very sweet! It’s sweet!”

“Why do you keep drinking alcohol when you say the eel is delicious… … .”

“Oh, really! If you’re going to ruin the atmosphere, just go home!”

“He brought him… … .”

Lightly pouting his lips and tearing his eyes, Yang Pan-seok grinned with a sullen face. And a glass of soju.

“Ego… … Take it!”

“Aren’t you running too much today?”

“When we were drinking, if we kept saying hateful things while drinking, we were beaten with a bottle of alcohol.”

There were empty soju bottles lying nearby, so I quietly drank alcohol, but I couldn’t help but get caught up in Yang Pan-seok’s excessive drinking.

I’ve been in business for 4 years, so it’s strange that I don’t know how much he drinks. And in my view, the yangbansuk has crossed the line for a long time now.

In the end, instead of grilling the eel, I took the bottle of Yangpan-seok.

“Are you going to stop here today?”

“Hey, man… … !”

“If you keep doing this, then Prime Minister Yoo Jae-kyung will act as acting. If a person who likes smoking and fishing also likes alcohol, he strikes out as a man.”

“My wife is also dead, so what’s wrong?”

“Hey… … .”

A fishing spot deep in Mt. Jirisan.

The smell of grilling eels wafts through the clear lakeside, and two drunkards surrounded by bodyguards grabbing bottles of soju and arguing.

“Leave this! this man! I rolled the wheat into the parquet while you were drinking formula!”

“Oh, stop drinking! I think you are crazy now, sir!”

“I killed hundreds of thousands of people in three hours, so are you crazy!?”

“… … !”

For a moment, I felt like I was drunk.

Perhaps it was the same with Yang Pan-seok, he looked at me with puzzled eyes for a moment.

“… … .”

“… … .”

“… … .”

“… … .Don’t pretend you didn’t hear it.”

I nodded my head silently, and Yang Pan-seok tilted his glass with a bitter expression on his face.

The drinking party after that was just silence.

I could only hear each other pouring alcohol on the quiet lakeside, and I started working on the masterpiece with the mindset that I would drink it all up rather than give Yang Pan-seok more alcohol.

the problem is,

“… … huh?”

It was just that mine wasn’t that strong.

* * *

“Ugh… … !”

I open my eyes with a hazy mind.

The sky was dark. it’s night

While the sound of crickets was heard, the cold night wind dried up the sweat.

The full moon dimly shines through the dark clouds.

“Are you awake?”

“… … ah.”

“I woke up.”

Yang Pan-seok handed me the Cassava Myungsu. Still, the hangover didn’t go away, so I lay down with a hazy mind and looked up at the sky.

“… … .”

The sky was very dark. The side view of Yangpan-seok was also very dark. A person who can crush people with a single stamp. An old man who lived such a life.

Suddenly, this thought occurred to me.

Do I have to do politics even when I see this kind of thing? Why are people so greedy for power? Why do politicians do politics?

So I asked.

“… … Why did you get into politics?”

Senator Yang. When I was an assistant, my habit of mouth popped out. I exhaled and noticed.

Maybe I still want to remain his assistant. My politics was too harsh for me.

While I was in my thoughts for a while after I asked the question, Yang Pan-seok, who had been silent for a long time, spit out.

“… … Well. Is it because of our out-of-towners who were taken to Samcheong Education University and died? Is it because of my mother who died from a vase?”

“… … .”

“In that sense, I started politics because of Chun Doo-hwan, but I’ve never had much of a relationship with that yangban.”

Yang Pan-seok looked at him with a very thought-provoking look. Or, because I thought about it for too long, I became dull.

“It was because of Park Jong-cheol who threw the flamethrower. Kang Ki-hoon became a judge. Yongcheol Kim. And Lee Hoi-chang and Kim Young-sam went into politics, and Yoo Jae-kwang and Woo Sang-ho went to the Democratic Party… … .”

Yang Pan-seok has listed numerous names for a long time. Kim Jong-pil, Roh Tae-woo, Roh Moo-hyun, Won Ok-bun, Han Myung-sook. They were all stepping into his life little by little.

Was he drunk too, or was he drunk from the past? His voice was muffled as usual.

But in the end, Yang Pan-seok asserted.

“I started politics because of people. But not now.”

“… … Why?”

“It changed too quickly.”

Does the world change or people change?

Yang Pan-seok, who murmured, silently grabbed the fishing rod and stared at the lake shore with an unfamiliar expression.

“In the old days, when someone died, I fought until I died. Afterwards, even if anyone dies, it’s just like that. Also, politics was originally done in the back room, but suddenly, what SNS or YouTube? … .”

“… … .”

“It’s really funny to see Park Ji-won, who dominated almost everything during Kim Dae-jung’s time, and later appeared on variety shows like Maritel or something. You and I drank a lot… … .”

Yang Pan-seok self-made.

“… … Time is fast. People change eventually. it’s from me I used to fight with tears in my eyes because one person was hit by a tear gas, but now I just grind hundreds of thousands of people without even blinking my eyes. Isn’t it?”

Yang Pan-seok looked back at me and smiled broadly, and there was no real shadow in that smile. He smiled as usual.

Why is he not different from usual?

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve always had a shadow on my face, so I can’t tell them apart, or if I don’t care about them anymore.

I had to ask him one more question.

“Why the hell did you buy it?”

“It’s tiring to weigh reasons to live. Looks like you’re still drunk. Don’t make the sound of shriveling hands and feet, get some more sleep.”

“… … .The world has changed so much.”

Times change and people adapt. People who read newspapers see the news, and those who read the news see SNS.

The world that used to know how to grieve over the death of only one person mourned only after hundreds of people died, and now it is no longer able to mourn for the death of hundreds of thousands.

“… … .”

My judgment destroyed the personality and caused more than 600,000 casualties. In fact, there are very few people in Korea who do not know this.

Still, a lot of people support me. Is it something to be thankful for? Or is it a sad thing?

Yang Pan-seok defeated North Korea, and South Korea is now entering the ranks of superpowers. But is the world better than before?

Numerous questions float through my mind.

But I couldn’t answer a single question, just lay back, staring at the dark night sky.

“… … .”

The cold night wind blows, and the sound of crickets gently wets my hair.

The full moon appeared through the dark clouds, and the scent of alcohol slowly permeated my mind.

By the time I closed my eyes, I thought that even in the dark night sky, the stars were still shining.

* * *

I slowly opened my eyes. Light leaked through between the eyelids. it’s not sunlight Yellow hair shines softly.

While a terrible headache was ringing in my head, I suddenly did something embarrassing yesterday. what is that Emotional feeling… … .

“Uh… … .”

Anyway, I’m not crazy right now.

So I’m slowly getting my mind right. Lumiere, who was staring down at me, reached out to me.

“Are you out of your mind? Minister?”

“Ah yes. thank you.”

“Drink some water.”

With his head in the house of the magpie, he got up and shook his head for a while, with a sloppy face that had not yet opened his eyes.

Then, at Lumière’s bright smile, who was looking at me, I felt the backflow of the water I was swallowing.

“Big, gagging… … ! big bang… … !”

“Long time no see. Minister.”

She calmly patted me on the back, and I coughed and wiped away my tears.

“Lou, Lumiere?”


“Hey, when did you come to Korea?”

“Just now.”

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