A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 166

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 166

EP 27 – Cool New Generation (4)

“There was a request from China. It was precisely the request of President Lee Choong-bin. I don’t think I’ll be able to attend the UN General Assembly, so let’s have an official meeting before that. Even in China.”

“… … It’s just that we don’t want to spread rumors of discord between the Superhuman League for nothing.”

“You are also very understanding.”

The actions of those in power have meaning in themselves. This is especially true in diplomatic relations. Because it is a place where you fight with form and face.

In that sense, President Ri’s strategy was very clever.

If only Lumiere attends the UN General Assembly and Lee Choong-bin does not appear, it may give the impression that there is a discord within the Superhuman League.

“Certainly, just getting together right before the General Assembly is enough to show off our friendship. We don’t go to the general meeting together, but we are so close. Maybe they can offer a deal first.”

“… … The Minister is very clever in a strange way.”

“I am a professional politician. By the way, why is Lumière in Korea? … ?”

If we’re going to get together anyway, isn’t it okay to gather in China? Looking at her with puzzled eyes, Lumiere let out a deep sigh as if she didn’t know that either.

“I do not know.”

“… … ?”

“Maybe I also want to show you something.”

* * *

As is often the case with government-controlled media outlets, the Chinese media have been reluctant to broadcast live. Especially when it comes to political issues.

But today, the Chinese President has ordered an unusual live broadcast. Although there is a difference of 30 minutes between the field and the desk.

Therefore, the broadcast proceeded according to the script, but the people who did not know it simply watched the TV with a nervous mind.

The announcer’s voice, exasperated by not knowing whether it is patriotism or what, is heard. It was more of a sports broadcast than news.

[Ahh! Beijing International Airport. From afar, the plane has finally appeared! Shenyang J-15 fighters launched from the proud Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning turn after completing their escort mission!]

[This is an airplane that serves two distinguished guests from China. Our People’s Liberation Army is doing great to welcome guests.]

The camera is paying attention to Beijing International Airport.

As the plane lands on the runway, the movements of journalists and soldiers become alert. This is due to the gathering of three people who encompass the hegemony of the world.

Then the plane door opened, revealing a woman in a long white coat.

[This is Sir Noya Rumiirer, the head of the European Knights’ Party. The de facto leader of the Pan-European Federation and the vanguard of humanity called the Saint, smiles brightly and waves to the people!]

With her softly shining blonde hair braided to one side, and adorned with the highest medals of all nations instead of a jeweled brooch, she turned to look back and held out her hand.

At this, one of the suitors took her hand and began to carefully descend the stairs.

[With her, Han Sun-won, the People’s Representative of the Republic of Korea. He is a politician who discusses not only the peninsula but the world, and is evaluated as the second giant in the East in the world!]

[These are China’s comrades, and these are the alliance partners. It is just thrilling that the two of them have set foot on Beijing soil for the first time. China is alive and well! everyone!]

Lumière escorted Han Seung-moon from the plane to the runway, and the Minister of Defense of the People’s Liberation Army approached Han Seung-moon as he descended the stairs.

[Ahh! Wei Fenghe presented a staff to the People’s Representative Han Sun-won. It is a precious object made of pine pine and white jade from Huangshan.]

[CEO Han Soon-won is famous for being disabled. However, as a powerful superman, he is also a master who led many battles to victory.]

The sharp-looking lame smiled skillfully. He walked towards the reporters with the cane he had been given as a gift.

They are greeted by a skinny old man in black robes.

[President Le Sunbing greets the two friends by hand.]

[Three comrades who ended the turbulence met after a long separation!]

[Is this how Liu Bei felt when she met the director? The face of the Führer is truly tearful.]

* * *

The feeling of watching a live broadcast in real time was very strange.

I heard that there is a 30-minute difference between the field and the desk, but if you look at it roughly, it’s a video with Photoshop and post-processing all done.

As I stared at the TV, I heard the embarrassment of Ri Choong-bin’s voice.

“A representative. I hope you don’t focus too much on the show. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other, are you only watching TV shows?”

“Ah, sorry. Every news comment is so impressive… … .”

“It is really sad that the CEO is fluent in Chinese. As much as possible, I would like to ask you to refrain from accessing our broadcasts through foreign media.”

Luxurious hotel room. Li Choong-bin, who looked very tired, turned down the TV volume all the way. He seems to know that he is ashamed of me.

Lumiere showed a complicated smile. Deliberate deification and heroization were all too familiar to her.

“I understand. gunman. Sometimes you need a hero.”

“Thanks for the thoughtful comments, but I also know that I am closer to Hitler than Iron Man. Any further discussion of domestic propaganda will be regarded as interference in internal affairs and we will take strong measures, so let’s stop talking about it.”

The tone was harsh, but in reality it was a joke. Li Choongbin had become a softer person than before.

So I said it backwards on purpose.

“You look more tired than before. generalissimo.”

“Hey, do you see that?”

“It’s good for the country, but you have to take care of your health as well. Even though it is said that it was between Gukgung Jinchee and Gongmyeong, Hyeondeok died before Gongmyeong, thus misleading the cause. The people I serve are always worried about that… … .”

“Haha, maybe it’s because President Yang and I are about the same age. As the day of death draws near, the will is more important than the body.”

It wasn’t something the man who brutally trampled on Hong Kong and Taiwan would say, but Li Choong-bin seemed genuinely delighted with the compliments I gave him.

Maybe that old-fashioned political officer is getting a little blunt after taking power… … I had that thought in my mind. Of course, I don’t know if this is a smoke screen or not.

When I look at his eyes that twinkle moment by moment, my stomach ache automatically. After all, he is a person who cannot slow down his tension.

Of course, he was looking at him with a bright smile on the outside, so Lumière sneaked in and added.

“Minister Han is more fluent in Chinese than English.”

“haha! That’s something I’m very happy to say!”

We had such a peaceful time. It was only natural that there were no conflicts of interest between them, and that the United States had a common virtual enemy.

Besides, we had so much benefited from our alliance with each other. There is no reason to be antagonistic towards each other, emotionally or rationally.

After finishing the meal with a smile, the staff came in, cleaned the plates, and served tea. Considering Lumière, handsome men and women were evenly mixed.

It was only when the teacup exposed the bottom that Li Choongbin came up with the main point.

“… … Therefore, at this UN General Assembly, I believe that the United States may have an incentive to establish a world order centered on its own country.”

He talked about the possibility, but in fact that was the correct answer. The President’s words are heavy laws, and the capabilities of the Chinese Ministry of State Security are not so easily seen.

“As far as I know, President Yang Pan-seok abandoned cooperation with the United States and annexed North Korea independently. Can you understand this as a sign of joining hands with China?”

“Hmm. It is a presumptuous statement, but you and I have a clear relationship with the division of labor. We can guess each other’s intentions, but we can’t say anything definitive unless we get clear words.”

“Then I will ask the representative. Are you America? Are you from China?”

“Of course I am from China.”


Li Choongbin paused for a moment. After all, Europe has already lost half the battle to the United States, so it seems that they do not want to force their attitude.

Soon, the Chinese leader exposed America’s ambitions.

“… … The US will annex Australia in the near future.”

“… … .”

“Before Oceania became an entire American outpost. I will have to stop it.”

* * *

on the way home.

“… … .”

I looked down at the scenery of China from Lumière’s private plane.

It was night, so the colors of civilization were clear. The neighborhood of Beijing shone brilliantly, and a creepy darkness engulfed it outside.

Obviously, there must be people living in all of these places. However, some live in places where it is safe to turn on lights at night, and some live in places where lighting is dangerous.

It was not something an individual could do. In the hands of so few, the lives of so many depend,

It was such an era.

I suddenly asked Lumiere. She was reading a small book (Korean word dictionary) with her own halo of light shining as a friend.

“… … Lumiere. Was Australia already a monstrous region?”

“I understand that most of the country, the desert area, has been occupied. The queen comes out of the gate and plants the plants. The monster is spawning outside the gate, not inside.”

“… … .”

Monster Land.

As the gate is left unattended for a long time, the interior is saturated, and the runaway repeats the runaway, and eventually even the queen, who created the monster, goes out of the gate.

This phenomenon occurred mainly in areas with low population density, such as Siberia, the Sahara Desert, and the polar regions. That is why each country is focusing on attacking the inside of the gate these days.

So, the fact that central Japan became Monster Land meant that the civil war there was that serious.

Lumiere added.

“The really dangerous thing is that in Monster Land, monsters are born with adaptations to their surroundings. So those monsters there are more powerful than those who came out of the gate.”

“… … Have you been through it?”

“The Norwegian snowfields were nothing short of magical. There really is such a thing as a Yeti. Was it a yeti in Korean?”

“Hey… … .”

Then the Australian desert would be no different. The plight of those who were dealing with such monsters was also obvious.

Naturally, American aid is to them a drop of water in the desert. However, China is trying to prevent this in its national interest.

For the sake of the national interest, I also have to be friendly with the thugs living next door, and Europe must not compete with China in dealing with the United States.

“… … .”

then what should i do I don’t know yet. However, it is clear which path she will take.

“… … Hey, Lumiere. Australia, but-”

“I will help.”

“shit. I thought so. Why do you live like that?”

“There is no reason not to help people. Everything else is just an excuse.”

“I do not know. Don’t you sometimes need an excuse instead of a reason?”

“Does the minister look at me like that and still don’t know my personality?”

“I am no longer a minister.”

“ah! You have spoken well now. Even the ministers are beaten and the country is overthrown. How could you never call me… … .”

* * *

“Are you ready?”


Wearing the tie that Pi Chae-won gave her, she carefully trims the prosthetic joint.

As I got out of the house I wasn’t used to and got into the car, I got a phone call with a familiar ringtone.

It is a slate stone.

– Where are you now?

“Oh, yes, it just came out.”

-okay… … .

He paused for a moment, then confessed to me in a calm voice.

-Don’t worry about North Korea and have a good trip. I don’t know about you, but actually, North Korea is something I’ve been planning for a long time. Deeper than you thought. And for a very long time.

“… … Yes. I believe.”

-okay. I also trust your judgment on the overseas side. I’ll confirm any issues, so don’t go anywhere and say you can’t because you don’t have the authority.

“Oh, it’s reassuring.”



When Yang Pan-seok finished talking, he just hung up the phone.

This was his old habit, so rather than being offended, he laughed at the old thoughts.

The sky I looked up at with such a pleasant feeling of tension was blue.

A plane took off in the blue sky.

The destination is New York, USA.

It was the heart of the world where the UN headquarters was located.

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