A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 167

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 167

EP 27 – Cool New Generation (5)

There is no first class on airplanes these days. This is because not only jet fuel has become incredibly precious, but also an escort is required for the plane to take off.

It would be against economic logic and national sentiment to maintain a luxurious VIP seat in such a situation. So, in Korea, the concept of first class has already disappeared for a few years.

But not today.

“Wow… … .”

As soon as I got on the plane, I was spontaneously exasperated. To add a bit of exaggeration, this is a hotel room, not an airplane seat.

The same goes for Pi Chae-won with her mouth wide open. He whispered to me in a cautious voice as he unpacked his luggage.

“Hey, can I be lavish like this? … ?”

“I know. In fact, it’s my first ride too. Only airplane seats kill people.”

“No, it’s not, but what if the media later says gossip… … .”

“… … Now, your mind is also half a politician.”

uhh I looked at the first class in a very cute way and rolled my feet, but when I heard it, it was a surprisingly realistic worry. So I returned a realistic answer.

“This time, Samsung developed an engine for airplanes. So it costs less.”

“Then, is the plane we boarded also operated with magic?”

“no. That’s for publicity purposes. The truth is, it’s just jet fuel. What do you believe in riding on an engine that has just been developed? Besides, I’m going to the national team, but if I struggle in economy, I lose face.”


Pi Chae-won nodded as if she understood now.

“That’s why people don’t want to pay taxes.”

* * *

“If you twist, you go to economy.”

“Let’s collect taxes well, this is it.”

As I was unpacking my luggage while chatting with Pi Chae-won, someone stood up from the seat next to me. She took off her rabbit-shaped sleeping mask and rubbed her eyes.

“Let’s be quiet… … . People are sleeping.”

Saggy eyes, shabby suits, frizzy hair, and dark circles that seem to collapse at any moment.

It was, of course, a familiar face.

“No, why are you sleeping here, Mr. Chun?”

“uh… … ? Minister?”

“Then, who did you know that you were arguing with?”

“I also thought he was an old man… … .”

“This is a big day person… … .”

Cheon, who lightly ignored my words, smiled at Pi Chae-won with sleepy eyes.

“It’s been a while, Chaewon, hasn’t it? I think you’ve been fine all this time. My hair is fluttering… … . Can I touch you?”

“Does CEO Cheon also attend the general meeting?”

“The general meeting is also a general meeting, but in fact, we are going to the United States to find business partners. You don’t know how blessed our employees are when the boss runs so hard… … .”

While President Cheon was talking nonsense, I unpacked my things and lay down on a cozy chair.

But I had to get up right away.

I waved my hand with a business smile.

“Oh! Jinwoon!”

“Ah, hello… … .”

The Vice President of the Hunter Association in his early 20s greeted me with a cringe. Jinwoon Seol was also the head of the Asian branch of Knights Without Borders.

“Mr. Jinwoon. You’re speaking at a general meeting? Did you prepare well?”

“Ah yes… … .”

“Haha, it feels really good to be able to go together this time. I hope that we will come together to raise the national prestige.”

“yes… … .”

“… … .”

🥺 Apparently, young hunters are burdened with interest from those in power. The reaction is not encouraging.

Still, as I kept trying to say something, someone behind Seol Jinwoon grabbed my wrist.

“Why do you keep flirting with him?”

Yeo Do-yeon shook her head lightly.

“Jinwoon. Go and unpack. I’m going to talk to my brother.”

“why. Let’s get to know Jinwoon a little too.”

“What’s a half-hunter?”

“Are you trying to get rid of me right now because I hit the hunter industry gensei?”

“… … .”

Yeo Do-yeon whispered in my ear. Unlike the tick-tick a while ago, he looked a little worried.

“… … The rumors that the president of the Hong Seon-ah Association became half-broken because of you have turned around. The atmosphere is a bit like that. Be careful for the time being.”

“… … ah.”

* * *

next day.

I woke up on the plane.

It’s not an idiomatic expression of waking up after sleeping, it’s really just that you closed your eyes all night and now you’re awake.

“… … .”

The morning sunlight seeps through the window of the plane, and Pi Chae-Won wiggles his hair and falls asleep, and the sound of typing on the laptop is heard next to him.

I turned my head to the source of the sound.

“… … Mr. Chen?”

“Oh, are you awake?”

The archangel greeted him with a bright smile, but he couldn’t hide his shabby cheeks.

I gave her a strange look.

“… … Boss, I stayed up all night while stocking again.”

“what? I did Hantang with the theme of Han Seung-moon… … . How did you know?”

“I’ve been banging on my laptop all night, can’t I? No, by the way, what else is Han Seung-moon’s theme week? Why can’t I get paid to do business under my name?”

“You don’t know the details… … . By the way, are you saying you couldn’t sleep because of me? I’m sorry for this… … .”

If you think about it, CEO Cheon and I are only talking to each other, but strangely a conversation is established. I smiled shyly and scratched the back of the head.

“No, well, it’s not that I couldn’t sleep because of Mr. Chun. It’s just an airplane, so I can’t sleep well.”

“Oh. Minister, is this your first flight?”

“I was going by helicopter in the past, and there was a time when the gate was opened right above it… … .”

“… … .”

The archangel closed his mouth with a strange expression, and Pi Chae-won made a hoarse voice while sleeping, whether bad memories came to mind.

As I slowly pull out my hair that keeps fluttering, I hear a notification that a plane has arrived in New York.

[The aircraft is currently over the Atlantic Ocean in the United States. About 40 minutes later, the destination is New York. I will arrive at John F. Kennedy Airport.]

[After a while, the plane is going to pass through the US radiation shield, so it looks like the aircraft will shake a bit. We ask for your understanding.]

radiation shield… … ?

Come to think of it, I heard that a nuclear power plant has exploded quite a bit in the eastern United States. I was worried inside, but I tried to hold on with the feelings of Lee Myung-bak, who chewed cucumbers in Fukushima.

“The shield… … ?”

I looked out the window to see what the hell it was.

And my mouth was wide open.

“… … This, what.”

A huge station field surrounded the city.

* * *

The force field was translucent and bluish. At first glance, it looked like a dome over New York, but it was like an electric current flowing like plasma.

I can’t explain more because I’m a liberal arts major, but anyway, it looked like something out of a sci-fi movie.

Even after getting off the plane, it was so strange that I was just looking at the sky, so I didn’t notice the presence of someone approaching me.


“… … Ah, Lumiere. You came first.”

Lumiere, dressed in a stylish suit, smiled lightly and asked for a handshake.

“Welcome to New York. It’s been a long time since Seol Jin-woon, the branch manager, and Yeo Do-yeon, Hunter.”

She was holding a first aid kit, squatting next to me and starting to put on white surgical gloves.

In addition to her, many medical staff came and surrounded us. I looked around, wondering what this was, and she began to explain.

“Did you know that the eastern part of the United States is highly polluted with radiation? In particular, New York is a port city, and nuclear power plants are usually built on the seashore, so to be honest, the situation is serious.”

“The world’s largest metropolis is irradiated, no, it’s hard.”

Therefore, the burden on the US government is bound to be heavy. I wonder if it would be okay to force a little bit of force at the general meeting.

With that in mind, Lumière rummaged through the first aid kit.

“So the United States has come up with some countermeasures. The most representative is the shielding station manager you saw while entering the country, and the second is this.”

She held up a syringe. It contains a green solution. looks ominous

Lumiere explained the syringe.

“It is a drug that frees the human body from the threat of radiation. When a nuclear power plant explodes, even if you are right next to it, it won’t hurt. But if you’re next to a nuclear bomb when it goes off… … You know?”

“… … Yes?”

“It is similar to stimulants in that it transforms the body through magic. Anyway, Europe had a knack for potions from the beginning, and the US outsourced it to us. That’s why it’s a drug… … .”

Lumiere looked at me with a slightly suspicious look.

“… … Have you ever heard of it?”


“It’s something that has been out for a while. The Minister of Portrait Management of the Republic of Korea doesn’t know that… … .”

“… … Um, I need to study a little more.”

“no. no. It means envious. Wouldn’t it be safe to say that Korea has nothing to do with these things? Please do not misunderstand. I am not a foreigner Maybe a foreigner made a mistake-”

“Hey, I didn’t get it wrong. Besides, now I’m at the level of even rapping in Korean… … .”

“Then I’m happy. Come on, put your arms up.”

She casually walked over my arm and pointed an alcohol swab. And he threatened me with a green syringe.

I was startled and stretched out my arms.

“No, wait a minute. If it works on the same principle as a stimulant, isn’t it a lifesaver?”

“Don’t worry. In the early days, the lifespan of the product was reduced by about 4 years, but the lifespan of the product nowadays is only about 1 week. If you can sacrifice one week and be freed from the threat of radiation for the rest of your life, wouldn’t it be a surplus business?”

“Ah, no, I don’t know what kind of effect it will have on my body… … .”

“Clinical studies have shown that at least it will be less harmful than failing this and enduring New York radiation. It is an item worth over 1 billion in the old market price, so please sell it calmly.”

“Hey, this… … ! Illegal operation! Illegal operation!”

“This is the doctor. And the reporters are filming, so smile.”


In the end, I got the injection and rubbed my arms with tears in my eyes. Lumiere took the first aid kit back with a remorseful expression.

“It’s something I decided to inject into the minister someday. I feel cold now. This works well. Trust me and put your mind at ease.”

“… … Was this right for Lumiere too?”

“Closing nuclear power plants is a major issue for national defense. I’ve been busy with this in the past. Most of the nuclear power plants in Europe were probably shut down by me and my colleagues.”

“… … okay.”

In other words, she had already injected this drug a long time ago.

It meant that he had saved the world by lightly throwing away his four years of lifespan.

* * *

I broke up with Lumiere for a while. We walked through the long aisle of the airport.

At the forefront of the Korean delegation, which consisted of dozens of people, was me and Pi Chae-won.

“Chae-won. What is your schedule for today?”

“After a press conference, lunch at the White House, and a good night’s sleep at the hotel, I think we will have individual meetings with the leaders of each country, and then attend the UN General Assembly the day after tomorrow.”

Pi Chae-won frowned slightly and tilted her head while skillfully manipulating the iPad.

“But there is no script for the press conference.”

“Hey. Is this American style or not? Are there any press guidelines here?”

“no. It’s just a mistake. Of course, I don’t know if it’s a mistake or intentional, but I think the press conference should be held on a whim. Maybe the reporters didn’t give the U.S. government a questionnaire.”

“It’s an ad-lib, what’s my main specialty? Let’s not worry too much about it.”

As I was walking slowly towards the airport lobby, I suddenly heard a noise from somewhere.

Something. It seems to be screaming. It seems to be buzzing.

“… … what?”

Its identity became more certain as we progressed towards the end of the hallway.

the sound gets louder

Eventually, the moment the airport door opens.


What you see in front of you is a crowd that fills your field of vision. The heated shouts ringing in my ears.

While all the banners were fluttering like flags, for a moment, I was surprised by the heat and backtracked.

“… … !”

New York welcomes us.

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