A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 168

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 168

EP 27 – Cool New Generation (6)

American heroism is famous. It is so famous that even putting it on has become a cliché. After all, the American cult of heroes is famous.

Its influence is shown in the respect for firefighters, soldiers, and the righteous, and is well reflected in ‘image politics’, which places more importance on people than politicians’ promises.

Of course, there is no one in the world who hates heroes, but it is certainly one of America’s national traits to associate the hero with the nation… … .

I just tried to think about it that way.

By the way.

“Captain Korea! Han! Han!”

No matter how much I think about it, I don’t think it’s Captain Korea.

* * *

[The Korean delegation has arrived at Kennedy International Airport! He even seemed a bit surprised by the warm welcome of New Yorkers! Look at the data screen!]

[These are the dream team that led the international army during the European Crisis. You probably all know the Swordmaster Boy. In addition to that, there are powerful hunters who would be in the TOP 10 if they were included in the international ranking right away-]

[In particular, Hunter Han Seung-moon is Noah Lumière’s best friend and South Korean minister and lawmaker! He is also said to have a special relationship with President Li of China. As he is both a politician and a hunter, he is a very unusual character. I don’t know what the president of our country did without making friends like this until now! haha!]

“… … Me, really.”

Is this news or a celebrity broadcast?

I clicked my tongue lightly.

The Korean delegation got out of the airport and arrived at the hotel, and I was sitting on the sofa, half-exhausted, checking the news.

But even though the body was in the hotel, the mind was in the airport. The shouts that filled the place sat quietly in my ears.

If you do, will your ears be deaf?

“Whew… … .”

But rather than just groaning at the hospitality, I decided to take a deep breath and calm my mind.

Because something, something was strange.

While I was looking around the situation with such a strange vigilance, Yeo Do-yeon got very excited and put her hand on my shoulder.

If it were anyone other than me, the grip strength would have crushed my shoulders.

“Wow… … . just what? how?”

“Well. The welcome was a bit harsh.”

“No, it’s not just rough, every time you wave your hand, a shout is woah-! Just since… … .”

“… … .”

I’m excited. excited

Yeo Do-yeon was overly excited by the shouts she had never received during her martial arts days. The floor of the hotel cracked little by little because I couldn’t control my strength.

As a politician, it was something to be coldly criticized, saying, ‘What are you doing as a representative of Korea?’ But as a family, I wanted to let it go.

Instead, I found Pi Chae-won, who had maintained her expressionless expression.

“Chaewon-ah. It doesn’t seem like something is awkward… … . Well?”

“… … .”


“… … .”

“Yumma. Chaewon Pi.”

“ah… … .! yes?”

correct it It wasn’t that he was expressionless, he just lost his mind.

Thinking about it for a moment, it was good enough because I was immersed in the intense emotions of so many people in my constitution.

I stopped Pi Chae-won’s work for a while, rolled it up with a blanket, and threw it in the hotel bedroom.

Then he returned to the living room and checked the condition of the party. Everyone is gathering and watching TV.

[Seol Jin-woon, the Sword master! He is Asian branch commander of SSF, and… … .]

“Jinwoon! Your name just came out, right?”

“Oh, is that so? wow… … .”

“… … .”

Everyone couldn’t get out of the crucible of excitement. Not only the Hunters, but also the interpreters and officials who came with them.

“… … 🥺”

At this point, I wonder if I’m being too sensitive. Did he become suspicious after being in politics for a long time? The doctor looked at me and said I was nervous… … .

However, whether I feel embarrassed or not, the schedules I had to carry out came like a knife.

“Minister. Are you ready for the press conference?”

“Ugh. okay.”

* * *

For safety reasons, the arrival press conference was held at the hotel, not the airport. In the meantime, I was handed some forbidden words from the CIA.

And it was overly verbose.

[If possible, please refrain from talking about radiation. Also, it would be nice to know that whether a zombieized civilian is viewed as a monster or a patient is also a very sensitive political issue.

Also, if you describe Korea’s comfortable living standards in some detail, it may have a somewhat negative effect on the national sentiment, and a biased expression of a position on various international disputes or diplomatic relations may divide national opinion. … .]

There are so many things that shouldn’t be said. It was even more difficult to memorize it all.

But thanks to that, I got a rough idea of how to conduct the interview.

Being so confident, Pi Chae-won asks me.

“What are you going to do… … ?”

“If you ask me if I like my mom or my dad, I just say that I like filial piety.”

“… … .”

“Chaewon-ah. keep in mind When you’re vague, if you pretend to be stupid and mumble, even if you swear on the Internet, you’re actually eating half of it.”

neutral story.

theoretical story.

shallow story.

In the present situation, that is the correct answer.

So, no matter what kind of sensitive question I receive, I will answer it in a textbook manner.

With that in mind, I went to the press conference.

But what is this… … .



[Rep. Han Seung-moon. I heard that you went into the middle of a city occupied by monsters and rescued 1,200 civilians via the subway. How did you feel at that time?]

[Korea and Europe are at the tip of the continent. But why did you go across Eurasia to rescue flies? Could you risk your life for people you don’t care about?]

[You are both a politician and a hunter… … . Since you are a person dedicated to the public interest, I think you have high expectations for this UN General Assembly. In fact, this General Assembly was also held because the European Crisis was successfully suppressed.

* * *

[I do not know. When I woke up, I saw that I was saving someone. Actually, I want to say that the courage of those who followed me was greater than me.]

[It was natural for me to help Europe. What is the reason for a man to save a man? The spirit of Noah Lumière must be imitated.]

[This is the worst crisis in history. That is why humanity must come together at this UN General Assembly. The Nazis were won through the strength of the Union, and the Cold War was overcome through the harmony between the United States and the Soviet Union. Again, I believe that the power of strong solidarity will propel mankind forward.]

Surprisingly, these were all sounds I made.

Of course the real answer is

‘No, it’s just, well, it happened somehow.’

‘Oh, of course I should help. I can’t even show my business card in front of Sir Lumière. Shame on you.’

‘A general meeting? I do not know. I wish you well. In difficult times, we need to gather our strength.’

roughly like this

However, in the process of changing Korean to English, the dialogue was chosen as a joke.

[We can do it. I have come with such hope.]

“I’m sick, really… … .”

But after translating like that, these bastards even brought in a good voice actor and put their voices on them.

I can’t help but go crazy and jump. Even more so in that it was not distorted badly, but distorted for good, so there is nothing to complain about.

As I watched the evening news and grabbed my back, Pi Chae-won, who was exhausted from carrying out the day’s schedule, came grudgingly.

“What are you doing… … ?”

“Chaewon, look at that. Do you see the Iron Man on TV over there?”

Pi Chae-won glanced at me in the news.

Then he slumped down on the seat next to the sofa and said.

“… … I do not know. To be honest, the Minister is more like a war machine.”

“In terms of being disabled?”

“In the sense of following duty, not justice,”

“… … .”

Did he put butter on his tongue when he came to America?

I turned my head slightly in embarrassment, and the guy scratched his head with a bit of embarrassment, as if he knew what he was saying was a bit true.

“But maybe this is more natural?”


“If you look at the minister’s actions alone, it’s more than a movie.”

“… … .”

that… … That’s right.

To be honest, my life was something that would be considered an improbable novel no matter what novel it was presented as.

I didn’t know my life would turn out like this.

“… … .”

I silently watched myself on TV.

I got Photoshopped and became good-looking, and I recited nice lines.

[It’s not over yet. I won’t let that happen. Humanity can rise again. I came here with that kind of heart.]

“Ugh… … .”

[No matter how hard it is. We can do it.]

As I felt my hands and feet shrunk on their own, Pi Chae-won, who had been keeping silence, suddenly spit it out.

“… … It’s not that different from usual, isn’t it?”

“you! What crazy is that!”

“Ji, it’s true… … .”

“If you have anything that is rude to me, take it off as soon as possible. What’s the difference between me and that white Yankee bastard?”

At my violent reaction, Pi Chae-won averted her gaze as if slightly red.

And after staring at me on TV for a while, I spit it out.

“… … Hell, you didn’t say it out loud.”

* * *

A few days passed quickly.

The days were full of applause and admiration, and even the unfamiliar compliments are now dull.

In fact, I tried a lot to be quiet with compliments. This is because political life lasts longer as it is more sensitive to interests than emotions.

In fact, it was not just political life, but life itself. The more we get drunk on praise, the more we lose our judgment.

But nothing is free in this world. So, praise is the scariest thing. I’m trying to pay off a thousand nyang debt with a single word.

“Five! in this world! Isn’t it Congressman Han Seung-moon?!”

“Ah yes. Nice to meet you-”

“I miss Jung-mal!”

However, if you hand a violent handshake at the first meeting, you will still be embarrassed. And that’s the beauty in a rosy evening dress.

Her soft fingers grabbed the back of my hand.

“This is Josephine Celsus. He leads PMC Espada.”

“Nice to meet you. This is Seungmoon Han. If it’s Espa… … . Were you in charge of the defense of the Philippines?”

“Southeast Asia is our main stage. Korea is the biggest buyer. And although I am ashamed to say it with my own mouth, it is one of the seven largest guilds in America.”

This was the hotel’s party hall. And people who go to the party come out wearing heavy armor to show off their charm. And I am not immune to this.

Any politician would have to get used to social events, but my political career was far from a somewhat stinky place.

Thanks to you, I was constantly making porridge at the party.

Of course, only inside

“I wish I had time to talk closely with CEO Josephine later, rather than at a place like this.”

“Hmm. Are you asking for a date?”

“To be honest, the person who receives our tax must be checking it out. And I’m not the first person to dash.”

“Is this a typical Casanova line?”

“If you keep driving it, the deal will be cut off.”

“just joke! Then I’ll arrange a seat for you later. Nice to meet you! one!”

I dealt with people as naturally as possible, but inside I felt awkward and uncomfortable.

what is it I don’t think it fits with the Korean atmosphere.

In the first place, Korea does not have such a party culture. It is difficult to see such a flat dress in person, and it is also difficult to share jokes on the first page.

Of course, he didn’t reveal his foolish inner feelings.

In the eyes of others, he will appear as a silent and serious Asian politician.

I pay more attention to my English pronunciation than usual, fidgeting with my cane and grabbing the poop foam for no reason, making an impression and holding my weight.

So most of them were deceived,

There were a few people who couldn’t be fooled.

“No, why are you holding me like this?”

“You take your hands out of your pockets.”

First of all, Yeo Do-yeon, who was just as nervous as me, and held the same Cao.

“Minister… … ? Where are you uncomfortable?”

“You seem to have a headache. When the scan is over, go up first and go to D.B.”

Pi Chae-won frowned at the headache.

“You are strong. Is it the first time for a commoner to come to a place like this? … ?”

“I do not know. I’m the type of person who starts with a tax audit when it comes to socializing.”

Cheon Geum-soon came in and out of this spacious party hall as if it were her own home.


“… … Minister?”

It’s Lumiere.

She came up to me with a few people and said hello.

“You look a little unhappy. Are you okay?”

“… … haha. It seems a bit awkward in a place like this.”

“That… … Are you going to be a politician?”

“I am not the concept of a powerful person in the dark. Lumiere is just light.”

“Then come out to the world of light. Let me introduce you to some people. This is Chancellor Merkel, who serves as the head of the permanent advisory group of the Knights Templar. And Daniel, the European branch manager. He is my old colleague.”

I greeted the familiar elder politician I had seen a lot on TV and the hunter in rubber gloves I had seen briefly before.

The elder politician was quickly caught by someone who approached him and disappeared, and the hunter wearing rubber gloves sat down at the table, presumably knowing Pi Chae-won and Yeo Do-yeon.

Thanks to that, I stayed with Lumiere and had a conversation.

she smiled softly.

“When I saw the appearance on TV, it was Captain Korea.”

“I don’t have a hobby of wearing joljjols, and I don’t even have a Taegeuk-patterned shield.”

“It would be good to get used to it. The world likes heroes more than you think.”

“The atmosphere is very different from Korea.”

“Of course it will.”

Lumiere hit the mark.

“Isn’t Korea tough enough to need a hero?”

At that moment, I realized the identity of the strange discomfort that had plagued me for so long. It feels like the sense of uneasiness that has accumulated over the past few days has burst.

I said the answer.

“… … The country is taking the lead in making heroes.”

“It was like that in the past. More so now. Not only the state, but also the media and guilds are taking the lead in making heroes. It sells well.”

Hero making.

It was something that Korea did even when it was difficult for a long time. It is a policy that grants a heroic image to the hunters and allows even vicarious satisfaction to the desperate commoners.

However, as the situation in Korea improved and the side effects of heroism were revealed, it was also a policy that was abandoned.

what are the side effects

‘Hunter’s Classification’.

It was also a situation where I tried to stop by biting the foam.

And this is a society where that has already happened.

Lumiere glanced at the party leader. Numerous Hunters were naturally mixed among politicians and entrepreneurs.

“As you can see, in America, hunters are loved a lot. Especially famous hunters were given nicknames. It’s funny.”

“It’s a feeling I can’t understand. By the way, does Lumiere have a nickname too?”

“I have always been a European saint.”

“ah… … Is that how you feel?”

To come to a society where what you were trying to prevent like that actually came true. Maybe this place is a dystopia for me.

With that in mind, I scan the party hall with a different look,

Pretty weird things started to happen.

* * *

Although the Korean delegation gained a lot of popularity, Seol Jinwoon was particularly special among them.

First of all, the video filmed during the Battle of Calais has garnered 1 billion views on YouTube for the first time since the gates opened.

dark night. In the historic battlefield called the Defense Battle of Calais, the sight of him wielding a blue sword and moving among the monsters left a deep impression on the public.

In the broadcast related to Hunter, the highlight cut of the video was necessary for about 2 seconds.

In addition, as the head of the Asian branch of Knights Without Borders, he was teaching numerous hunters, so his influence in the industry could not be ignored.

Besides, he was only in his early twenties, the position of vice president of the Korea Hunter Association, and the contribution of the new category of ‘night’ to the tactical position of the physical hunter.

Rather, it can be said that his status abroad is stronger than in Korea, where there is a sense of being buried by Han Seung-moon.

“Ugh. This is Espada’s S-Class Hunter Michael Lee. I’m also of Korean descent, so it’s nice to meet people in the same direction. Seol Jinwoon student.”

Seol Jinwoon was followed by a certain hunter.

Of course, Jinwoon Seol, the party leader, was always surrounded by a lot of people, but Michael Lee showed no sign of falling away from him.

The problem was the words he spit out.

“Ah, but how high is Seol Jinwoon in the Hunter Ranking? ah… … No? This can be happen.”

“I enjoyed watching the video of the defense of Calais. Wasn’t that a joke? Wasn’t it by any chance that you did it on purpose?”

“I heard you set up a survival camp in Dongdaemun before. Isn’t survivability a joke?”

Every single statement touched Seol Jin-woon’s heart, and later, he even began to touch Seol Jin-woon’s wrath of the Dongdaemun camp.

In the end, Seol Jin-woon, who is famous for his calmness, said a word.

“Stop it.”

“What are you doing?”

“… … tt That’s it.”

Seol Jinwoon lightly kicked his tongue and ran away from him.

However, Michael Lee yelled at Seol Jinwoon’s back in the head.

To the extent that the noisy party hall becomes quiet for an instant.

“what!? Do you ignore people because you are famous?”

“… … .”

“Hey. Isn’t a person with no ranking too rude to a senior in the industry? Is fame a skill?”

In the end, the purpose was to ask.

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