A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 169

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 169

EP 27 – Cool New Generation (7)

Seol Jinwoon looked at the man in front of him with quiet eyes.

The eyes of a top-class physical hunter shone.

“What, what are you looking at me like that?”

“… … .”

Seol Jin-woon was a person who had a knack for understanding people’s malice, and realized that the man in front of him was trying to bring him down from the beginning.

You shouldn’t deal with this.

“Uh, hey. Where are you going? Are you running away now?”

The boy turned and ran away from him. The appearance of running away with frequent steps as if to avoid drunkenness even made this situation funny.

A small laugh erupted from all around.

Whether that was the correct answer, Michael Lee began to get even more angry.

“what the. I don’t think it’s annoying because my seniors say nice things. Look at this. It’s good to be famous, but it’s better to be polite.”

“… … .”

“You’re still young and you don’t know what to do. If you live like that, there will be no one left to give you this advice in the future.”

Seol Jinwoon left the party hall and helped himself inwardly.

It was because the people who gave him advice had already died.

* * *

To be honest,

I was careful to think that there aren’t that many people who do stupid things for no reason.

However, Seol Jinwoon left the party hall, and I contemplated the hall with a bewildered feeling.

The guy who asked if it was Michael Lee or something, hesitating whether he was ashamed or not, sounded a victory message.

“Ah, it was nothing. I was just giving you a few words of advice.”

“I do not know. Maybe you know better what the problem was?”

“By the way, Hunter Seol Jinwoon is still young. I don’t think it’s worth the name. haha!”

“… … .”

Curiosity was greater than anger.

what is this kid doing Why the hell did this kid do that?

I guessed in several directions.

Maybe it’s a clown hired by the US government to disgrace Korea. Or it could be a spy planted by the 7th guild or something to use Korea to destroy competitors.

In any case, there must be some reasonable background to that bastard… … .

I guess that’s what I was thinking.

However, Chaewon’s report was different.

“I think it’s because of entitlement… … .”

“… … What?”

“He is a stronger knight than Seol Jinwoon, but he seems to think he lacks a lot of fame. Lately, I’ve been hearing voices on social media telling me not to follow Seol Jinwoon. That’s why he did it to do noise marketing under his name… … .”

While Pi Chae-won was also speaking, the words kept getting cut off as if it was absurd.

In any case, because of his inferiority complex, he was the vice president of the Korea Hunter Association and the head of the Asian branch of Knights Without Borders.

Because of that, if he had to deal with me and Lumière, he thought that he could raise his name.

From then on, I started getting angry.

“… … her.”

It feels like blood is gushing upside down. It felt like the blood was getting cold.

The funniest thing is that there were people at the party who sympathized with Michael Lee.

A few drunken sheepmen raised their wine glasses and shouted.

“Still a kid. baby Sometimes you have to hear the bitterness!”

“Does it mean that if you use gamtu when you are young, you will lose your habit?”

“That’s why we have to wait and see if there is no ranking. It’s a floor where skill and reputation don’t match.”

Looking at their clothes, they were all Hunters. In the first place, it was a fashion that I was proud of as I was a hunter after hanging hunting devices.

Entrepreneurs and politicians, on the other hand, looked at me with a pale complexion.

They quickly came out and gathered around Lumière.

“I can’t really open my eyes and see. I’m almost dying of embarrassment.”

“He seems to think he has become a really great person just because he is treated like a hero in the media and on social media. Is it usually called celebrity disease?”

“As an American, it’s a little bit difficult to say this. It is a pity that our public education is very poor. The average quality of education is falling, and even a person who lived in a slum will be lucky enough to wake up one day and attend this event… … .”

The party hall was split in two in an instant.

The high-ranking American hunters, including Michael Lee, pointed their fingers at the people who gathered around me and laughed at me saying that it was the political cartel.

And, in this situation, I wasn’t the one who got the most trouble.

“I, no, that, sorry, no, sin, sorry-”

“Representative Josephine.”

“Yes, yes… … .!?”

“Would you like to go out for a moment?”

Michael Lee was an S-class hunter for PMC Espada, and coincidentally, there was a representative of Espada here.

It was also the woman in the red dress who had just greeted me warmly.

I called Representative Josephine to the terrace. To be honest, it wasn’t very friendly.

“… … .”

When I go out to the hotel terrace, the cold night wind blows.

As soon as I was alone with her, I asked straight ahead.

It was a very hard and clear English vocabulary. Of course, I didn’t use those words because my skills weren’t good enough.

“Did you do it?”

“Oh, no! Absolutely not! What just happened is really-”

“I know that Espada operates in Southeast Asia. right?”

Representative Josephine nodded hastily.

I was talking.

“In Southeast Asia, Korea is the largest purchaser of magic stones. In the first place, there are few countries in the world that are comfortable enough to even import magic stones.”

“Yeah, that’s right. China’s domestic consumption is met, and the rest of the world’s magic stone industry isn’t very developed—”

“Anyway. Espada’s food line is Korea. right?”

Even funny things like the 7 largest guilds in the United States were not a big deal in front of the world’s largest manastone importer. This is the food chain of the para-industry.

This is because there are dozens of times more manastones produced by energy batteries than the amount of manastones that hunters absorb. And in the Maseok energy sector, Samsung Psionic and SK Innovation are monopolizing it.

In other words, if we are going to buy manastones from somewhere other than them-

“You are finished. You know?”

“Come on, wait a minute. Mr Han. Let’s talk a little more calmly-”

“Of course I have no intention of doing that. I don’t want to waste taxes on my pride.”

Because I was driving so fast, CEO Josephine was out of his mind.

I kept that pace and asked her in a very exasperated voice.

“By the way, doesn’t that bastard know this kind of hierarchical relationship?”

“… … .”

“Where in the world is there a producer who swears in front of customers? What if a key person in the industry doesn’t know this floor physiology and acts like a celebrity? Don’t want to do business? Stop thinking about just holding on to the monster? Do all the hunters over there do business that way?”

In the end, CEO Josephine covered her face with both hands.

My criticism was focused on Michael Lee, but the responsibility was ultimately hers. A person who works as a person can’t do it if he can’t manage people.

Perhaps she didn’t even know that, the first word that came out of Josephine’s mouth was an apology.

“really… … . I’m really sorry. one.”

“Tell me. The face of Korea and the knights’ society has been tainted. How are we going to deal with this?”

“Michael has always been aggressive. There was a little bit of a celebrity complex, but trying to do noise marketing here… … .”

“Let’s stop talking abstract. anyway. I am a politician, not a business person. Whatever my personal position, I am in a position where I have to get what I deserve for the political prestige of my country.”

Josephine swallowed dry saliva for a moment.

Like a student who was asked by the teacher how many cars would fit.

“Well, first of all, Michael will be sentenced to long-term probation.”

“If you’re in a position to keep holding on to that person, I think it would be a little disappointing.”

“No, there is a legal problem, so it is impossible to fire immediately. Instead, if you keep it at the company and don’t send it out to the field, your income will be cut off.”

“… … .”

“If you protest even a little, the team will be disbanded as a punishment. If you protest violently, you will be prosecuted and your Hunter license will be revoked. Then, if you write your resignation, you will be sued for breach of contract and fined bombs… … . Anyway. I also have the face of the CEO, so I don’t think I’m going to leave the trouble maker fine. You don’t have to worry about that.”

Josephine sent her tense eyes as if she was going to be okay with this.

I nodded lightly and suggested the following conditions.

“It seems like you are trying to poison Michael Lee with the current situation. Shouldn’t that also be morally responsible?”

This meant that we would not hold Espada directly responsible.

Josephine let out a sigh of relief with a face that had passed the big hurdle.

“… … .Then, although this situation is a personal deviation from Hunter, Espada will take moral responsibility and compensate for a certain amount. Can I donate $10 billion each to a fund for the victims of the Seoul crisis and the European Crisis?”

“… … .hmm.”

I shook my head with a stern expression.

“Add one more zero.”

‘Cause I think I’m as mad as a hundred billion dollars right now.

* * *

[The insult to Hunter Seol Jin-woon is an issue that should be taken seriously, but there is no intention of retaliation at the national level. In particular, since the hunter industry is a field that involves human life, industry workers should be more cautious and responsible… … Because that is my political philosophy.]

[Vito public opinion about the Michael Lee case is spreading all over the place. PMC Espada has publicly apologized, and it is said that they are raising a fund for the victims of the Seoul Incident and European Crisis, in which Hunter Seol Jin-woon participated. However, we do not give up our opinion on the fact that the management is not responsible.]

The sound of the radio echoed through the car, and I carefully ended the call.

“… … Yes. Jinwoon Mr. Anyway, thank you for responding calmly. Thanks, it ended well. However, next time something like this happens, you can get angry. Because I can rectify that. haha. okay. okay. Then I’ll see you in the evening.”

Duuk –

After the call was over, I stretched out like exhaustion in the back seat of the car.

“Ahh. life… … .”

“thank you for your effort. So, is this over?”

“Chaewon-ah… … . It’s not over until it’s over.”

“What else is that?”

“It means that the deposit hasn’t been made yet.”


I corrected my posture again and asked Pi Chae-won.

“Until Espada asks us to pay the price, South Korea should not lift the press control. As much as possible, I’d like to show only the neatly finished work. There is no benefit to stimulating national sentiment in a peaceful mood.”

“all right.”

Chae-won Pi quickly wrote down my instructions on the tablet, and I leaned back on the car seat with a happy smile.

“What kind of trouble is this because of one interested seed… … .”

“I heard that he was originally a hunter famous for his evil gimmick. A slightly unfavorable celebrity image… … .?”

“These bastards aren’t professional wrestlers, they have gimmicks on them?”

“The dress is also unique.”

Pi Chae-won showed me the tablet screen. A few American hunters were wearing heroic outfits. Seeing this in real life is a bit bizarre.

Lost in words due to a small culture shock, Pi Chae-won muttered mutteringly.

“Looks like it’s trendy these days.”

“… … I can’t keep up with trends because I’m getting older. okay. Any news from Korea?”

“Since the security in North Korea is paralyzed, the ROK military is blocking the monsters in various places. Some North Korean civilians were killed in an accident last night.”

“… … What?”

“Since it happened near the border, we couldn’t stop reporting. However, since Infinite Challenge season 2 started, it seems that it is not a big issue.”

“… … okay?”

Should I call this lucky? Should I say sorry?

Or should I say it’s weird?

It felt strange and complicated.

People are too accustomed to death.

I was so unfamiliar with it.

“Ah, it has arrived. Minister,”

“… … okay.”

This strange feeling did not go away as I entered the UN headquarters.

A black limousine passed under the national flag.

* * *

A huge auditorium reminiscent of the National Assembly.

I filled a chair as the representative of the Republic of Korea.

The president of the United States smiled confidently and stepped onto the podium.

A loud voice shook the crowd.

“Dear UN Secretary-General, Presidents, leaders and representatives of each country. Welcome to New York. I am honored to be a keynote speaker in my homeland, as a representative of my country, and by the people of the world.”

Suddenly, I did not realize that I was attending the UN General Assembly as a representative of the Republic of Korea.

So, for some reason, I did not hear the keynote speech of the US President.

Because the passage of time was so impermanent.

“… … When everyone was frustrated in the face of the human crisis, there were those who stood up and fought back. We call them heroes.”

The darkest hour has passed. Even the era of heroes has passed. Now a new era is about to begin.

“This is not the first time heroes have defended this land. The Greatest Generation thwarted the Nazi ambitions, and countless heroes faced evil with blood where ordinary people turned their eyes.”

But evil does not exist. In order to fight the absurdity that was too great, he had to pick up evil. That is why our world harbors evil. In the end, it is something that is neither this nor that.

“Humanity is great. History said so, and we answered it. So I am here now. We persevered, we got through it, and now we have a big leap ahead.”

People weren’t great. The superman on a white horse did not come. We are still wandering through the dark night.

“Humanity’s mission is clear.”

I don’t know what to do or where to go.

“We will reclaim our old land.”

Still, if there is something to be done. I’ll have to.

“Monster Land. Lands stolen by monsters. Australia, Japan, Siberia, Amazon, Sahara, Gobi. Numerous monsters thrive here. And they will not stop until they fill the earth with their disgusting flesh.”

Time began to run.

“As a representative of the United States of America. It signals the arrival of a great counterattack. We must retake the territories occupied by the monstrosities, control every gate on the planet, and take the initiative in new resources and threats.”

The times have called me,

“Just as the righteous saved Europe in the past. Now we, too, must stand up and fight. Therefore, I propose the creation of a new United Nations Army. They will fight for the liberation of mankind, regardless of borders or ethnicities.”

A new era is about to open. A new era must be ushered in.

However, because so much has already changed.

I’m not sure what’s great.

“Let’s inherit The Greatest Generation! The heroes fighting the great evil are none other than ourselves! Let’s usher in a new era together!”

Can we become a wonderful new generation?

“The Brave New Generation is Coming!”

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