A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 17

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 17

EP 4 – Big paintings need big brushes (4)

It’s been 3 days since I’ve been acting like crazy

“……It’s fine.”

“thank you.”

“Surprisingly, you seem to have a knack for the legal profession.”

“You’re welcome.”

Cha Jae-gyun stamped the documents I handed out and nodded.

“By the way, why did you name it this way?”

‘The Monster Damage Restoration Foundation’

To be honest, it’s a bit of a weird name.

“I don’t have a lot of naming sense…”

If you name the Han Seung-Moon Foundation the Han Seung-Moon Foundation, it would be too much of a breaking news.

“Oh, is it?”

“So it was the most intuitive decision.”

If you give it a complicated name, wouldn’t people call it the Han Seung-moon Foundation?


“Did you arrive in Busan well?”

– Whoa. My heart is heavy because I’m the only one here.

“You seem to be laughing right now.”

– I just met my granddaughter.


Rep. Yang Pan-seok arrived in Busan via the land route from Gangwon-do. It was with political figures rescued from Gangbuk.

– First of all, I had a showbu with the mayor of Busan. He’s currently ranked number one in the Republican Party’s presidential nomination, and it’s roughly the same code as us.

“Who are you?”

– My head is stiff, but my ear canal is thick.

“I get it.”

-I’ll make a good seat for you later. by the way.

Yang Pan-seok’s voice filled with anticipation was heard.

-How did the Vice-Minister confirm the foundation case?


– Great!

Over the phone, Yang Pan-seok called for joy.

-Don’t worry about the little things. This town only cares about inflation, it won’t care what you do.

“Is that so?”

– Soaring oil prices are more of a problem. They cut off oil from the Arabs.

The sea route was blocked.

-Fortunately, the government building is located in Sejong City, so it is unlikely that the central government will collapse. It seems that the chiefs of the office are holding out while riding stupidly.

“It’s unfortunate that you’re lucky. First of all, there are lawyers and wild laborers here, too, so Waku is roughly attached. We must crush it with the authority of the martial law commander.”

-I can’t change the legislation right now, so I’m going to contact the Republican Party from my side. You know it won’t be fun if you bite it uselessly.

“Thank you, Senator, I feel reassured.”

– Oh, my. You talk more with you than your children. Even though the six-headed bastards have already decided on the distribution of the inheritance. Because I’m living, it’s rather boring.

what He’s a raccoon-like yangban, so he’ll do well.

There was no time for me to worry about this grandfather.


Cha Jae-gyun has called me often since that day.

“How is the business going to be run by the foundation?”

“The road network is paralyzed…”

“One can of tuna is 70,000 won…”

He seemed to think of me as an idea bank.

“The clerk is in negotiations and can start business in the near future. Can you requisition one research institute in the northern part of Seoul?”

“You control access by designating only roads for the military to use. I was terrified to see the tank and the Sonata used together.”

“If daily necessities are requisitioned at a hypermarket and released for free, who will buy a can of tuna for 70,000 won? I’ll steal it anyway, but just throw it away.”

I often helped out with non-military things and became friends with him. Exactly, it was trusted.

He went to the mayor of Dongducheon, who said he could not give him land, and persuaded him with political logic. Sending envelopes to reporters who occasionally come to visit.

“……The 98th Tank Battalion of the 2nd Armored Brigade was accidentally bombed and six civilians were killed.”

“I will hold an emergency press conference about the current state of the armed forces. It will definitely attract attention.”

“……I will definitely pay you back. Either way.”

Even black work was often undertaken. Anyway, when I was an aide to Rep. Yang Pan-seok, I often carried black money, so I wasn’t particularly concerned.

The only problem is,

“…there are no hunters who can use it as an immediate force.”

“You still haven’t been able to find it at the National Intelligence Service and the Security Agency?”

“It seems that the number of psychics is surprisingly small.”

Cha Jae-kyun frowned and sighed.

Preparations for the establishment of the orphanage were well under way, but feeding the minors with magic stones and then sending them to the battlefield immediately was a daunting task.

I don’t know if it’s a construction board. Anyway.

“Vice Minister, it seems that psychics are rarer than we expected.”

“…Gam Ji-yoon, Yeo Do-yeon, Cheon Hwa-ran, and Senator Han. Even if there were 4 psychics in one party?”

Suddenly, a thought came to my mind.

“We were right under the gate when it opened.”

“…if false,”

“People who are in the vicinity of the bizarre phenomena have bizarre powers. Isn’t that a pretty good guess?”

We have been discussing the supply and demand plan for psychics for a long time, but no sharp numbers have come out.

In fact, I did not actively comment.

It was because I had already taken control of the supply chain of the orphanage, so if other routes were broken, my influence would decrease.

Whether in politics or business, monopoly is very important.


I was lying on the bed in the dormitory, covered with a warm blanket, and staring at the ceiling, but the reality is still not real.

It looks like a monster will pop out from behind the door at any moment. I also remember the red eyes of that blue monkey cub.

There are times when it’s a little scary.

I glanced around the inside of the dormitory.

Hwaran Cheon went out today to find a suitable place for a research lab, and instead, a cold was lying around her children.

Of course, Ga Ji-yoon is flying away from her father in the air. Now it flies so fast that a cold can’t catch it. To be honest, it’s just a matter of time.

I’m going to have to release my superpowers to the media soon, but I’m really worried about that. There are already a lot of rice cakes because of various videos.

Hojeong Lee is a slightly thin and weak type, so she worked overtime for three days and couldn’t get out of bed.

Yang Il-ho seems to be a little better than I have ever been, because I’ve been like this every day. He was fiddling with the remote control buttons in front of the TV.

Nervously, I press and hold the button to see if the remote control is working. If you look closely, you can see that he is holding the remote control upside down. are you crazy

Anyway, not everyone is normal.

peck. I leisurely put my mouth on the straw in the yogurt. Sugar is in my body, so I’ll live a little now.

“Are you going to live?”

Yeo Do-yeon bit her tongue and sat down on the bedside.



“Will you hit me if I ask you to bring me another yogurt?”

Yeo Do-yeon hit her chin with her clasped hands. Fortunately, this time around, it was a knock-off.

“……What should I do next?”

She suddenly muttered mournfully. There is news on TV that a large-scale gas explosion has occurred in Seocho-gu.

Actually, I don’t even know what to do now. I hid my anxiety and made a bluffing bluff.

“That’s something we have no choice but to do.”


“Let’s do our best in our respective positions.”

Soldiers defend the country. Doctors save people.

Politicians do their best to seize power.

In fact, it was a bit prickly to do this to seize power in the midst of this, but looking back, it was the same even when the world was ok.

Hundreds of thousands of people are being killed in large numbers in Africa and elsewhere in civil wars, and I wasn’t trying to seize power.

The only difference is whether death is visible or not. So I comforted myself.

All of a sudden, I thought that Cold and Cheonhwaran were a little bit amazing. Did you not go to the civil war area as a war correspondent after leaving Korea University? Cheonhwaran also went to do medical service.

Maybe they are the people the world needs more than me.

It was a bit of an ironic irony that I was the one who could have a bigger impact on the world.

I tapped Yeo Do-yeon.

“Let’s play entertainment, not news.”

“Are you going to do that in the meantime?”

“Cable rebroadcast.”

“Do you want to see it in the midst of this?”

“Oh, it’s a bit complicated. I want to see entertainment…”

I was bored so I started brushing my teeth. It was a long habit.

“Children who like detectives and politics scold their parents for watching strange and low-level dramas.”


“But that’s because adults are filming politics in real life. So, I don’t want to get too complicated even in the drama because I’m tired.”


“It is right now. Who knows what a dog-like situation? That’s why I don’t want to hear ‘we f**ked up’ even on TV.”


“So, turn on some entertainment.”

“You play it yourself. no hands? No feet?”

This is a bit of a targeted mentor.

at that time,

“Oh, Senator…!”

Chaewon Pi, who had been unable to escape the shock for a long time, spoke to me for the first time.

“Uh, student. What’s up?”

Pi Chaewon was an implicit handlingism inside the dormitory. He is squatting in a corner every day and staring blankly at family photos on his smartphone.

Even when the battery had run out and the phone was turned off, I was staring blankly at my empty phone.

Not everyone asked, but it was certain that he had probably lost a family.

Otherwise, I would have wandered the streets of Paju and Yangju by now, looking for family among the refugees.

In fact, I have secretly scripted magic stones. If you can absorb it, take care of it. But it didn’t really matter, so I left it alone.

Pi Chae-won was the first to get up and come to me. Even with trembling pupils, he grabbed my hem and pulled me.

“Chi, under the bed. Hide under the bed…!”

“Uh, huh?”

“Everyone get out of the window!”

“Hey, student? okay-”

” hurry-! ”

is he crazy His face turns red like an anger control disorder, and he curses at us. Everyone turned away from the window with a slightly tired expression on their faces.

I have a problem. I’m on a bed by the window, so I can’t get out of it right away. Still, something feels strange and I try to get out of bed quickly.


Pi Chae-won hurriedly pulled me down, and I just rolled off the bed.


I barely touched the ground to get up.

“no! student! Now this is-”

“Shut up!”

This guy hit me. The handicapped person with short stature, narrow shoulders and little muscle mass could not overcome the strength of only one high school girl and fell to the ground.

oh my god

– Boom!

with a roar

The window shattered and flames rushed in.

All sorts of debris is raining down.

hot. It’s the real fireball you see in movies.

Fortunately, the explosion subsided quickly. Fortunately, our room was not damaged very much.

Pi Chae-won seems to be confused. His entire back was burned and he suffered severe burns.

Yeo Do-yeon hurriedly tore the clothes that had caught on fire, and carefully picked up the droopy guy and laid him upside down on a healthy bed.

I lay blankly, then grabbed the cold-blower’s hand and got up. And I glanced at the bed I was in.

The bed was completely melted, and large pieces of iron were embedded in it.

I looked at Pi Chae-won, who was wounded and fainted.

definitely have to admit.

If it wasn’t for him, he’d be dead now.


“… Among those who died in the accidental explosion of the 98th Tank Battalion, was there a daughter of a helicopter pilot?”

“I have nothing to tell you. sorry.”

“Oh, no. I’m not trying to get an apology. It’s the vice minister’s way, because I’m also supporting it.”

this barn. You worked hard, and the side effects are already coming out. In fact, looking at it, it cannot be seen that it is entirely the vice-minister’s fault.

Oh, I don’t know.

A helicopter pilot crashed into the martial law command. A man who was a widower turned his eyes over when his daughter died.

Fortunately, our room was a bit far from the bombing site, so it was a pity, and if we did it wrong, we would die in droves.

Even if Chaewon didn’t evacuate me, it was an instant death. I feel dizzy.

“Hey, Senator?”

When I came out of the deputy secretary’s office, the cold person who was waiting in front of me creaked and started talking.

“Oh, are the kids okay? It doesn’t hurt…”

“Yeah, luckily it’s fine. Jiyoon stopped the fire…”

“Have you already created a shield with your telekinesis?”

“Ah, it’s not that important anyway…”

The cold person cautiously continued speaking.

“Hey, for my job, I have a little bit of a good memory. There was a bit of a hiccup, but I couldn’t tell you because I think I heard it wrong. sorry.”

“Oh, no. What are you talking about…”

“That chaewon student. When rescued from the roof and reached the headquarters. Didn’t you say thank you to the senator?”

“It was.”

“I didn’t say thank you for catching me.

I said thank you for opening it.”


“How does that student know that you opened the door?”

…a useful tool has arrived.

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