A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 170

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 170

EP 28- No Country for Superman (1)

“Operation ‘Brave New Generation’ has been proposed to the Senate.”

“The Brave New Generation plan has been introduced to the Senate.”

“It seems to be the president’s will to bring the public opinion together by going through the formal declaration of war. It will probably go down as the first declaration of war against ‘non-human things’ in federal history. I do not know. Some critics are criticizing whether the parliament is being used for political ceremonies… … .”

“President Trump has declared a ‘war on monsters’. All U.S. troops were ready for battle, and the international community was also sounding the alarm. There is a lot of speculation, but there is no doubt that a large-scale military action will continue.”

“Monster Land. A land occupied by monsters. It won’t be difficult. Let’s reclaim the occupied land. Australia, Japan, Siberia and even the Sahara.”

“The reason monsters are scary is not because they are strong.”

“Because they multiply indefinitely.”


“What a scary number.”

* * *

As soon as the UN General Assembly keynote was over, the media around the world turned upside down.

This is because the resolution submitted by the President of the United States, ‘Brave New Generation’, was too sudden.

To eradicate the monsters that multiply infinitely in Monster Land.

That the monsters are enough to come out of the gate.

To make the Earth human again.

“In conclusion, we want to take the lead in this world again.”

“I do not know. It’s easy to say, isn’t it something that needs to change the entire planet?”

“Then the human race must work together.”

“… … Huh.”

In fact, it was the sound of starting a war for the fate of the race.

But suddenly you hear something like that on the morning news. everyone is freaking out

Even the person who spoke was the president of the United States, so it was impossible to call it crazy.

However, as with all secret plans in the world, some high-ranking people knew it in advance.

And one of them was me.

That’s why I’m facing the CIA Director.

“As Rep. Han Seung-moon is well aware, this resolution will be unanimously approved. If you vote against it, you will be treason against humanity for whatever reason.”

“… … .”

“If not, I will make it happen.”

Say ‘I’ll do that’.

I don’t know if this means somehow passing the resolution unanimously, or if it’s meant to stifle the bastard who voted against it,

In any case, the will of the United States seemed firm.

After all, it was related to the next presidential election in the United States.

I smiled lightly and frowned.

“What… … Was your first point of attack in Australia? The moment you put the Stars and Stripes in Oceania nicely, does the US presidential election begin?”

“I will not deny it. But it is also clear that the ‘Brave New Generation’ operation is a military action for the future of mankind, beyond political interests.”

The CIA director asked me in a very businesslike manner.

“By the way, have you considered our offer?”

“Are you talking about leading an international organization?”

“To be precise, I want to appoint you as one of the heads of a new international organization.”

The United States will exterminate Monster Land on Earth through Operation Brave New Generation.

Deal with monsters that multiply infinitely, figure out the expected location of the gate with the Horus system, and reclaim the sky and sea.

In the end, the ultimate goal is to make the gate object not an object of fear, but just a mine that pops out of mana stones.

through strict management and control. And that’s not something America can do.

“It is an international organization for that. What is your name? I think this too has a deep American sensibility.”

“I think of it as a strategic homeland intervention, enforcement and logistical station.”

“It’s a shield. Isn’t there a lawsuit against Marvel?”

“So we are changing it to something else.”

Anyway, for ‘management’ of Hunter and Gate, there had to be at least one plausible international organization.

It was just aggression for the US to ‘manage’ other countries’ gates and monsters on its own accord.

So, we are going to create a cause through an international organization.

As in the old days, the great powers did not rule the world directly, but through the UN Security, WTO, and IMF.

The CIA Director said to me.

“There will be a new organization for all superhumans. We will create internationally accepted regulations, coordinate matters that require international cooperation, and above all, have operational control over all superhumans participating in this operation.”

“… … He is quite powerful.”

“Probably one member of the council from Korea, the United States, China, Russia, and the European Union. It was commissioned by the head of state.”

A council that leads an unstoppable international organization.

and five councilors.

But in the end, it is the heads of state of great powers who appoint the councilors.

“… … .”

In the end, it was meant to control all the superhumans in the world according to the tastes of the great powers.

Perhaps this was the most natural logic of force, and fortunately, this time we were the great powers,

Still, I couldn’t help but shiver a little.

As if reading it on my face, the CIA director smiled softly.

“It is because the political burden is so strong that South Korea is appointed as the sixth permanent member of the UN. It was burdensome to stimulate sensitive Japan with civil war for nothing. Still, isn’t this the most mutually comfortable way?”

“… … Oh yes.”

It seems that this yangban misunderstood why I was shaking.

As a powerful country, I was stung by oppressing superhumans, and I wasn’t upset because Korea wasn’t listed on the permanent board.

“Still, if you disclose the recipe for the stimulant, I am willing to make Korea a permanent member of the UN Security Council immediately.”

“… … Yes?”

“Literally, in fact, that’s what made the whole world safe, wasn’t it?”

Blinking his eyes at the sudden offer, the CIA Director asked me with a sly smile.

“How do you think?”

* * *

-therefore. What did you do?

“I said I would consider it carefully.”


“It was carefully considered.”

Of course the answer is ‘NO’.

Just as North Korea did not give up its nuclear weapons, South Korea will monopolize stimulants.

Why does China bring rice to us when its people starve to death? Why isn’t the US showing a comparatively bullshit attitude toward us?

Why does Europe treat a country on the other side of the continent as half-brothers? Why is the international community not checking Korea’s monopoly?

What made Korea grow so far?

The reason was simple.

“The probability of a Hunter’s natural awakening varies from study to study, but in general, it is extremely rare. And Hunter Academy produces tons of new Awakeners every quarter.”

Although it varies slightly from year to year, many countries are benefiting from Korea. And there is only one country in the world that can give this benefit.

Since it’s such a yard, if you feel a little sarcastic, you can reduce the supply of stimulants. They are already intervening in Southeast Asian politics in that way.

Of course, if Gapjil is severe, we may be hit with taguri, so we’re fighting against each other, but even so, Gap is Gap to the end.

“Actually, world peace may be a little faster if we reveal the recipe for the stimulant, but… … .”

-okay. okay. We are Korean politicians.

Anyway, yes. So this is a natural choice.

Yang Pan-seok didn’t seem to know that either.

– And that’s not what I asked in the first place. this man Are you going to accept the seat of an international organization councilor?

“… … I will probably do it.”

– You do it. If you don’t do it, you don’t do it. What else is ‘probably’?

“actually… … . Aren’t there a lot of problems?”

The question is who will appear as Russia’s representative right now. They are in the middle of the Cold War right now, so what are they trying to do if they only elect one representative?

It cannot but be said that the United States will be involved in the Cold War inside Russia.

And there is a risk that the ‘Brave New Generation’ operation and the role of the super-popular organization that will lead it will be viewed as interference in internal affairs.

They say they are going to get rid of all Monster Lands on the planet, but how do you plan to touch central Japan right now? I’m in a civil war

In addition, China and Russia also have a lot of land, so there are a few Monster Lands inside the country. But if the US forces landed to catch the monster and there is a problem… … .

“Then things get complicated again… … .”

I think it’s a little bit awkward in my mind.

However, Yang Pan-seok made a clear decision. Guess who wasn’t a judge.



– No one else can do it but you.

* * *

“It happened.”

-… … .

I informed the people around me about my future career path.

He lay ill, saying he was worried about the family’s reaction, and all his half-broken acquaintances said congratulations.

However, the case of Yang Il-ho and Lee Ho-jeong was slightly different.

Yang Il-ho was busy with his job as the Minister of Portrait Management, so he couldn’t even answer the phone at all.

Ho-Jeong Lee,

-ha… … .

Take a deep breath from the

the guy asked me

-Then you’re leaving the domestic political arena now?

“Well. I have no idea how the ban on concurrent office as a member of the National Assembly will be applied.”

-No, no, the first thing the United States offered to put you in that position was because you wanted to take advantage of your international political status. At that level, the domestic political scene doesn’t really matter, does it?

“It is different between domestic and international. There is also a Ban Ki-moon case… … .”

– That’s the difference between this and that. you know my brother

“… … is it.”

Apparently, Hojeong Lee didn’t like the fact that I was going to the council.

I was a little worried about what the hell was going on, so he carefully confided his thoughts.

It was a pitiful voice. not like a guy.

-… … Everyone is leaving little by little.

“What? Ilho leaves you!? It was very dubious that he looked like a lamb-”

– No, no, what are you talking about? Ilho leaves as Minister. My brother is going abroad. I’m the only one left in Parliament.


I guess that was the sound.

Ho-jeong Lee complained in a slightly weak voice.

-Is it because politics seems like a job that really sucks people in? Who do you fight with every day? Grabbing and wrestling with raccoons pretending to be stupid… … .

“The power is still with you.”

-I do not know. Is it power that you get by fighting every day? Besides, in the old days, the members of the National Assembly were completely idle and eating compared to today. You know because we see it from the side.

“It’s the same age these days, so people in their twenties are also the leader of the opposition party.”

-Why did you start politics?

The sudden question was too heavy.

I tried to answer without thinking, but remained silent for a long time.

In the end, an awkward answer came out.

“… … well.”

There must have been a reason for something frivolous and grandiose, but I can’t remember it now.

It’s probably because it’s no longer useful.

the world is going crazy I’m half crazy too. I came here just because I lived like that.

Life is like a novel, but it’s not as interesting as a novel.

So that feeling was just that. I borrowed someone else’s mouth and said.

“The archangel looked at me and said so. Why are you buying it?”

– Uh… … I scratched an itchy spot.

“… … Do you think of me as well?”

-Isn’t there anyone like that?

For a moment, I tilted my head, wondering what’s wrong with my life, and the guy first revealed his worries.

-anyway… … . I want to quit politics. really. Whenever I deal with Shin Soo-kwang and Chung Jung-yeop and people who are crazy about power, I think I go crazy too… … .

“Originally, the National Assembly and the military were just a bunch of idiots. Ilho looked at me and said the same thing. It’s hard.”

So, if you’re really struggling, you can quit. When I secretly conveyed this meaning, Hojeong Lee replied with a grin.


“Uh, huh?”

-Oppa, when I was young, I was a little fussy. Have you ever lived with a dirt spoon in your life?

“… … .”

To be sure, I lived in an orphan as a disabled person, but my aunt was a good lawyer, so there was nothing lacking.

There were people who took over my parenting roles, and I wished I had hysteria to them, but they never harassed me.

Rather, because he was disabled, he passed Hankuk University as a caring person, did not go to the military, and thanks to that, he got a job early as an assistant, and that’s how he became a member of the National Assembly.

To me, who had never been weak, Hojeong Lee gave advice in an ambiguous voice.

-Someone may not need a reason to be in politics. It’s just so exciting to go upstairs.

“… … .”

– In that sense, I see this as a good opportunity. I used to go into politics with my brother’s name every day, but from now on, I’m going to go into full solo play.

The guy confessed to me.

– If it goes well, it’ll be fine. If it’s f**ked up, it’s going to be f**ked up. But just thinking about when I was young, just being in a place like this now doesn’t make me feel so good, can’t I?

“… … .”

-… … uh I had a drink and I’m a little drunk. Anyway, I’ll sleep now. Guy Ilho is working overtime today. Why don’t you just bring a man?

“Hey, you bastard.”

– Boy, I’m joking, I’m joking… … .

“cheer up.”

-… … Yes. Thank you.

“… … .”

the call is over.

I stood there for a while and thought about various things.

My head was very complicated.

We also have to catch those who hunted Korean hunters and did biological experiments. I’m also worried about North Korea, where Yang Pan-seok knows how to do it well.

The civil war in Japan seems to be getting worse. The Russian Cold War is terrifying when and how it will change. It looks like the gate will open right above your head.

I have always come this far after suffering from panic and anxiety.

And through that life, I have learned one thing.

“… … hello? Uh oh, Jinwoon.”

If you have work to do.


“Let’s talk with me.”

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