A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 175

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 175

EP 28 – No Country for Superman (6)

“As you all know, a confidential document was exposed. It was about the United States intervening in internal affairs while driving out the monsters of each country.”

“Of course, the culprit is China. If America eats Australia, it loses Southeast Asia. It is certain that it was confirmed by robbing the Chinese Ministry of State Security.”

“Thanks to this, the US Democratic Party raised an objection from the democratic side, and the US military can’t move anymore because Congress and the media have been quarreling.”

“But what the US government can’t stop here is that they have to eat Australia. The next presidential election will be held at just that time, so that the ruling party will take power.”

“So what do you do? If you don’t have money, you have to change people.”

* * *

Every word that came out of his mouth was like a bomb.

However, the expressions on the faces of the two who listened to me expressed calmness in their own way.

President Chun smiled, and reporter Kim was cautious.

And the reporter Gam, who was brought to New York at my request last night, arranged my words,

“So… … As the senator said.”


He suddenly took off his glasses and wiped his face. Sharp eyes gleamed between his fingers.

“The US has opened up the table for now, but the US military can’t move, but in Australia, you have to take control of it, right?”


Cheon Geum-soon, who was watching, smiled softly.

“Uh… … . there’s nothing we can do. If you don’t have money, you have to change people.”

“Certainly, the American symbol is the same as our CEO Chun’s management philosophy.”

“Ah… … ! I’m doing this for the trickle-down effect… … .”

She smiled brightly and offered a vile excuse. And, as always, he spoke naturally.

“So you’re saying you’re going to take over Australia by grinding Hunter, but you just won the position of vice-chairman of the WPO Council?”

“Well, I have no intention of making excuses for it to be a coincidence.”

I shrugged lightly in the dimly lit room. And he threw a topic to reporter Gam and CEO Cheon.

“Things are getting worse and worse. The United States and China, the government and the parliament, the Maseok economic sphere and the petroleum economic sphere. Their interests are sharply opposed.”

“… … .”

“But fortunately, I had a little bit of a prediction. And to some extent that worked, I am sitting in the position of Vice-Chairman of the WPO.”

The WPO, created by the agreement of the great powers, leads all the hunters. And the WPO acts at the discretion of the Council.

However, the Vice-Chairman of the Council has no real power. They have the same voting rights as general councilors. There is only half representation.

But it was worth doing.

“Power usually comes from obscure places. And I have quite a bit of experience dealing with that.”

“… … .”

“It’s hard to fool a good politician, but it’s easy to fool a lot of people.”

And the reality is that no matter how good a politician is, he has to keep an eye on the public.

Therefore, the remarks of the Vice-Chairman of the WPO Council are inevitably influential.

Moreover, Noah Lumière is the chairman. And she is on my side.

In that sense, it was safe to say that I had the initiative in all situations.

So, smiling confidently, the reporter summarized my words with a sullen expression.

“You mean to incite the citizens by drugging the media.”

“Well, that’s right… … .”

“yes. Good to hear.”

Anyway, the point was that the situation is quite complicated now, and that’s why I brought reporter Gam and CEO Cheon together.

“Senior Geum-soon Woo… … .”

The best intellects I know.

In addition, information collected by Pi Chae-won while chewing Tylenol.

Isn’t this a combination that allows you to look at all things from a seated position?

“In that regard, I would like to borrow your wisdom. This gap between the US and China is the best opportunity.”

CEO Cheon nodded as if he agreed, and reporter Gam lightly stroked his beard.

“Ugh. Then, tightrope diplomacy between the U.S. and China—”

“no. I have no intention of doing that.”

“Yes? In the current situation, China, the United States, or South Korea would be in desperate need of help.”

“Yes. The two superpowers are competing, and the one with Korea’s help wins. That’s why the two great powers can’t touch us.”

“… … .”

“The important thing is that neither the US nor China can touch us at this point.”

President Cheon showed an evil smile as if he had guessed what I was going through.

“While the United States and China are fighting, is it this way to rob the table?”

“There is a proverb that there is a saying that prawns burst in a whale fight, but the original etymology was that when a whale fights, the shrimp eats pheasants, eats eggs, ditches and catches whales.”

“The proverb is so baseless… … .”

“be quiet. Anyway, now is the chance for genius Ilwoo!”

I’m Tang! He banged on the desk and vomited.

“While the United States and China are fighting, let us seize the lead of the coalition! And let’s pull some mulberry while stalking the Australian monsters, this is it!”

“How much will you give me?”

“I won’t give you any money, but instead, I’ll help you dig out the pockets of hunters in other countries. Bring all the hunting devices from GS Aegis and sell them like highway buns.”

“Can I sell what is defective?”

“sure! Instead, I give some to Korean hunters… … . Yes? Do you know?”

“sure! I know morals too!”

Is there any healthy entrepreneur with such integrity? He was very steadfast.

However, the reporter’s expression was completely reluctant.

“Hey, Senator. Everything else is fine, but… … .”

“Ah yes.”

“Did you say that you are Geum-soon Woo in the left seat?”

“I am willing to change the left Geumsoon to the right gamjae.”

“… … Gam Seok Eun is Jiyoon’s younger brother’s name. I am persimmon.”

* * *

Even so, it is Pi Chae-won who spends the most time with Han Seung-moon. It is also Pi Chae-won who knows the most about the politician Han Seung-moon.

In fact, Han Seung-moon is lacking in many ways as a politician. This is the judgment that Pi Chae-Won feels because he always unconsciously sympathizes with his deep psychology.

First of all, his conscience is needlessly sensitive. So they are often indecisive. Then I’ll take some advice, but I don’t listen to anyone because I have a lot of doubts.

In fact, there were fewer than five people that Han Seung-moon completely trusted.

In the end, you do everything yourself. Yang Pan-seok criticized this for ‘the attitude of a mayor rather than a politician’, and I know the criticism, but I don’t use people very well because of his suspicious disease.

In the end, this was a fairly complex issue.

A disadvantage creates a new disadvantage, and a new disadvantage arises to make up for the disadvantage. So Han Seung-moon was a fairly inappropriate person for a politician.


There are times when all these shortcomings are offset.

“Oh shit… … .”

When the lights went out

“hey! Chaewon-ah!”


“The United States has noticed that we are trying to rob Australia. The senior secretary of state is rushing into the hotel, so take care of yourself and get it back.”


“They say it’s just to stop China. Since I keep inserting Tolerant Hunters, you can say that PMC gave me some operational power at the discretion of the PMC!”


A needlessly sensitive conscience, and the indecisiveness that comes from it. All of those shortcomings disappeared for a while in an emergency.

This is because he is basically a person who puts his duties before the individual.

In the end, all that remains is the momentum like a bulldozer. And only the agility of a loach.

“Thank you all for coming together. Are you worried because the world is too noisy these days? Haha, the reason we gathered all of you like this today is no different… … .”

Han Seung-moon was the first to give the PMCs some operational discretion. The powers of the council were distributed to the PMCs.

This was a move that embraced the coalition’s numerous PMCs and was a rebellion against the US government-led coalition command.

However, it was not difficult for the matter to pass the council. Because I knew that Han Seung-moon wearing the Vice-Chairman’s nameplate and biting his teeth was quite threatening.

However, the United Nations Command immediately objected.

“This is quite worrisome! Surely there is a situation where the Combined Command exists, and the Council has not promised to cooperate with it and lead it?”

“The political turmoil in the United States has brought the American forces to a standstill, and the credibility of the Combined Forces Command has also fallen sharply. It was only natural for the PMCs to be concerned. This was to calm him down.”

In the end, it was said that all responsibility rests with the United States.

The US military, whose pride was damaged, threatened Han Seung-moon by touching the small amount of money.

“Boo, Vice-Chairman! The U.S. military has significantly reduced its support… … ! It seems like a protest against the issue of operational discretion… … .”

“You say that the popularity of hunters in the US is no joke? Take him, make an ad, and post it on YouTube. I’m crying and begging for some money.”

The grave was thrown

The WPO has given the PMCs operational discretion as a gift. There was no reason for the PMCs to come to Han Seung-moon uncooperatively.

Numerous hunters started fundraising, which had a huge social impact.

First of all, a lot of money was gathered, and international public opinion toward the liberation of Australia began to seep.

China’s Ministry of State Security has expressed concern about the situation.

“Vice-Chairman Han Seung-moon. I heard that the WPO is starting to accept donations from civilians. From what I’ve heard, there isn’t a proper Inspection Bureau yet, but where is the capital going? Are you planning to advance to Australia?”

“What is strange about the UN accepting donations? It’s just a fundraising campaign to improve the image. But if China suspects us, it is willing to set up an inspection bureau. Americans.”

The intimidation was very effective. China immediately stopped its claim for inspection rights. will take a step back.

However, Han Seung-moon went one step further and established an inspection committee. It was a committee led by Korea. The US objected to this.

“I heard that the WPO Inspection Committee invited a Korean person. Why the hell didn’t you consult with us beforehand?”

“They will try to fill it with Americans, and China will try to fill it with Chinese. I thought Korea was at least neutral, but if you are unhappy, I will turn it over to Europe.”

As it turned out, the United States had nothing to say. Lumiere, who sat still and ate the rice cake, was only smiling.

“A minister! I heard that you handed over the inspection committee to our side. Thanks to you, I’m at a loss too. thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Lumiere. By the way, the hunters are unable to save people because the US and China are fighting.”

“Politics has always been an obstacle to justice. I’m trying to mediate, but it’s not that easy.”

“… … Should we just do it ourselves?”

“I do not know. It won’t be easy. First of all, we need to get full cooperation from the PMCs of each country… … .”


“… … There is also a money issue.”

“That’s a lot of money.”

“… … .”

“Actually, we are already promoting various things with donations. Can we expect a little more flexibility in our judgment from the Inspection Committee?”

* * *

“Did you bring this as a report now!?”

The CIA director’s voice was very split. At first glance, it even sounded dreary.

But the red, bloodshot eyes were never to be ignored.

There was a shout that sounded like a boiled train barrel.

“While Korea took control of the WPO, our councilors were just watching it!? That’s why I told you not to use the bastard who used to lick the asshole of a large corporation!”

“… … .”

“Is the president anxious to retire now and go to jail? Turns out, he was the one who loved the Democratic Party more than anyone else!? If Hillary becomes president, we’ll all be sprouted!”

It was a very inappropriate remark as the CIA director, but it was by no means wrong.

The US government was now in a vegetative state, which was very unfavorable to the current regime.

“China attacked from the outside, the Democrats attacked from within, and in the meantime, South Korea took the WPO. The situation is very artistic.”

“… … .”

“The good news is that there is no worse situation than this, right? Because we’re already f**ked! These bastards!”

A bundle of papers thrown by the director fell without mercy at the feet of the agents. The director caught his breath as he saw the agents rushing to pick up documents.

It couldn’t be worse than this.

But the horses are catching people. As soon as the thought came to mind, the TV turned into breaking news.

[Breaking News! The WPO made an urgent announcement. Many hunters have gathered at the UN headquarters, and I will connect you to the site right now.]

“… … God damn it.”

The CIA director slumped into his chair.

The director was a veteran who went through everything before and after in this world, and his insight was, of course, unmatched.

And the excellent insight made one guess as soon as he saw Seungmoon Han standing on the podium and the numerous hunters adorning his back.

“It’s really messed up… … .”

[Dear citizens of the world. My name is Seungmoon Han, Vice-Chairman of WPO. First of all, we sincerely apologize for the damage caused by the political turmoil in the past. We could fight on the battlefield when it was time to fight in Congress, and we should have paid attention to the moans of the suffering rather than the murmurs of politicians… … .]

In fact, people are less interested in politics than they think.

Most people are easily agitated, deeply empathetic, and often loyal to political issues, but in reality they are not very interested.

it’s complicated

And it is a basic human tendency to dislike difficult things.

[First of all, I respect democracy. I am a politician elected by the democratic process and stand here as a spokesperson for the public interest. But every procedure should be for people, it is not right for people to be sacrificed for it… … .]

confrontation between China and the United States. The close relationship between the WPO and the multinational giant guild. Operational dispute between the Combined Forces Command and the WPO. The leak of classified documents inside the CIA and suspicion of US intervention in internal affairs. US presidential election. Non-compliance of WPO Internal Inspection Body. Command dispute within the United Nations Command.

It’s honestly hard to understand.


So it wasn’t that important.

[People are still dying while the politicians are fighting. The guns of the army are aimed at people, not monsters. Is this a democratic process? Is this what you want? I dare say no. What the times demand is firm justice.]

The important thing was that Han Seung-moon is appearing on TV now.

And behind them are the Hunters. Each of them is a celebrity who has made a name for itself in the world.

Hunter’s highest peaks were inside only one angle. Under the dazzling flags of all nations at the UN headquarters.

And the politician and hunter, dressed in a fancy suit, recited some really cool words.

People are passionate about that.

not like politics.

[I won’t let you sit down anymore!

Hunters will free Australia from the beasts!

Already, Noah Lumière and the Vanguard of Knights Without Borders have departed for Australia!]

The most important thing is hope.

It is hope that moves people.

So the best politicians were those who could instill hope in people.

[Everyone, have hope.]

History was moving.

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