A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 179

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 179

EP 28 – No Country for Superman (10)

“… … Why do you think this monster is stronger?”


“No, the taste is a little different… … .”

Yeo Do-yeon, who had been hunting for a while, clenched her fists and tilted her head. She calmly shoved her fist into the monster’s corpse.

Woo Jijik! Black blood splashed on her face as the monster skull shattered.

While Seol Jin-woon was slowly taking a step backwards at the shocking visual, Yeo Do-yeon saw this and gently waved her blood-stained hand.

“no! look at this! Do you have a different taste?”

“Ah, I see, just a little… … .”

“I don’t feel like crushing my bones!”

* * *

It didn’t take long for Seol Jin-woon to suspect Han Seung-moon. I had the most important heart attack.

“I will ascribe the blood that Koreans will shed on foreigners.”

The aspirations heard in the thick cigarette smoke. The moment I remembered it, I didn’t need any guesswork.

However, presuming Han Seung-moon as the culprit and exposing his wrongdoings were completely different issues.

‘… … It’s a bomb.’

There were not one or two people to be separated at the moment of the explosion. From Han Seung-moon, who will suffer a fatal blow to his political life right now, to all businesses related to Australia, to Korean hunters who will bear all kinds of disgrace.

In particular, this war was a political war related to the US presidential election, and although Seol Jin-woon is not a politician, I could easily guess that if this happened, the United States would also be in an uproar.

Seol Jinwoon made a decision.

‘Ask. should be buried This is a bomb that should not be released into the world.’

However, the case of Yeo Do-yeon was a little different.

“Why is this monster bigger? Am I the only one who feels that way?”

“… … I don’t know.”

“no. Something is strange.”

Although Yeo Do-yeon was hitting with her senses without even measuring it accurately, that ‘sense’ was a person who entered the supernatural realm.

The size of the monster, the thickness of its hides and bones, and even the number of individuals.

Yeo Do-yeon clearly noticed the bizarre difference between the monsters.

And clenched his fists, he concluded.

“The monsters here are bigger, stronger, and more numerous than the Korean hunting grounds. This is obviously… … .”

“Uh, uh… … !”

“The monsters on the European side are getting stronger!”

Yeo Do-yeon grabbed Seol Jin-woon’s shoulders with a sad expression.

“Jinwoon. this is kinda weird Hunters are in danger!”

“yes. Yeah? yes!?”

“shit. Where is the headquarters here?”

Yeo Do-yeon immediately headed to the knights’ headquarters. Seol Jin-woon was dragged to her with a pale complexion.

If you stop prematurely, Yeo Do-yeon will find out, and if you let go of that, a nuclear bomb will explode. If we fight with force, we lose.

Seol Jin-woon desperately worked on Yeo Do-yeon.

“Come on, wait a minute, sister. If we pass on information that is not yet clear to the command, it could lead to unexpected setbacks.”

“no. My feeling is certain. You should see Lumière right now.”

“Well, then, shall we go to the minister first? First of all, because we are Korean… … .”

“Every minute is important, how do we get to 800 kilometers from here! And anyway, Seungmoon and General Lumière are allies, no, it doesn’t matter because they are friends.”

It was in front of Lumière’s office that Seol Jinwoon, who had been so restless, came to his senses.

“Come on, wait!”

“Miss, I’m surprised!”

“… … I will tell the general manager. Come back at once.”

When Seol Jin-woon, who was blocking the front of the office door, asked for a favor, Yeo Do-yeon couldn’t even push it away.

That’s when Yeo Do-yeon nodded her head with a dissatisfied expression.

“I think you can just tell me now.”

“… … !”

When Seol Jin-woon turned his head in amazement, his blonde hair was sticking out of the crack in the door of the headquarters office.

Wearing a light blouse, Noah Lumière dabbled in large, Western-style eyes.

“What’s going on?”

“No, nothing-”

“The monsters are getting stronger.”

Seol Jin-woon tried to pretend, but Yeo Do-yeon was faster.

Lumiere sensed the unusual atmosphere and frowned slightly.

“Please speak.”

“I would like to state first that this is purely conjecture based. But as a South Korean magistrate, let me tell you. I think the monsters on the European hunting grounds… … .”

Yeo Do-yeon explained the self-inflicted kind.

It was a bit of a bizarre story to hear, but Lumiere nodded without hesitation, judging that it was a matter of human life at stake.

“Let’s call a meeting right now.”

“… … !”

Seol Jin-woon was crazy and dazzled.

I haven’t felt this sense of crisis since I was surrounded by monsters in Calais for two days.

In the end, Seol Jin-woon decided to somehow stop the public debate.

“… … Wait. Please postpone the meeting for now.”


“… … actually-“

* * *


The sound of a cat came from the dim monitor.

“Are things going well?”

The old man in the dark screen patted the cat and lowered his voice.

“It’s a bit noisy these days. I’m not talking about Democrats, but Hunters are also forming unions… … .”

“This is the intended situation. Don’t worry. dismissal.”

“Then I’m glad.”

The screen was dark, so his expression could not be revealed, but Yang Pan-seok’s voice was mixed with laughter.

He continued speaking softly.

“I have a lot of things to laugh about these days. The Jangjeon-eup incident destroyed the business world, the media, and the opposition, and the economy was revitalized with magic stones pouring out of Australia. It was a lot of work.”

“… … I just acted wisely at that time.”

“To be humble.”

A giggle could be heard over the dark screen.

He talked about the economy.

“After all, war turned out to be money. Isn’t it the first time in history that a mana stone comes out of a corpse? I have never had so much money in Asia.”

“The continent is wide and there are many monsters. Hunters from all over the world are flocking to hear the news that the outpost and supply network have been built.”

“You said that you were in charge of the operation there. Then, where do you control the import and export of Manastone?”

“There is a committee in charge, but I am confident in my life.”

“great. As soon as the quantity comes in, release them all and make the manastone price plummet. To make it easier for large companies to import.”

“After all, since we monopolize the technology, the price of energy batteries will not plummet. Yes. All right.”

“I deal with minor objections on a political level. Are there any problems?”

“yes. There is not. by the way… … .”

I asked Yang Pan-seok, who sat like a terrifying black screen with a cat on his lap in the dark screen.

“Why did you turn off the lights in the office?”

“A sergeant touched the toad’s nest by mistake.”

“… … like that.”

“Where were you going before?”

* * *

War is a continuation of politics.

There is no fight just for fighting.

After all, it was a floor that everyone moved with a purpose of some sort.

The United States was moving under the assumption that it would solidify its position as the leader of the United Nations by retaking Australia and win the next presidential election.

China is trying to destroy the image of a ‘just America’ by invading the hunting grounds of the United States, etc., and trying to destroy the image of a ‘just United States’, and divided Russia is continuing the competition for dispatching troops as if it were a competition for legitimacy with the international community.

The PMC industry also accepted this war as a turning point.

Most of the guilds could not exceed the level of vigilantes due to the cut off international exchanges, but they were doing their best to make a name for themselves and become a multinational conglomerate through this war.

in that crucible of confusion.

Someone was secretly taking advantage.

“hey. Chae Won-ah. Call the finance department and fix it.”

“… … .”

It is said that in 3 years of Seodang-gae, it is said that they will defeat the samun-nanjeok. Even Pi Chae-won was now at a level where a calculator for political engineering reflexively rolls when he hears the words.

1. Unlock Manastones in the market.

2. Manastone price drops.

3. Manastone income becomes easier.

4. Samsung Psionic and SK Innovation, which import magic stones and process them into batteries, have monopolized the technology, so they can sell their balls at a high price.

Chaewon respondent quickly made a decision and pointed out the problem.

“If the manastone price drops, the hunters won’t wake up. No matter how tax-free it is, you will see a drop in daily wages… … .”

Cunning plans flowed out of Han Seung-moon’s mouth. Seeing the words blur a bit in the middle, I think I was just thinking.

“then… … Let’s cover our eyes with a budget. I don’t know for the time being if it is issued to PMC in the name of human resource development support. In the meantime, our officials will pick the mulberry.”

“Where do you want your budget to come from?”

“National Pension.”

Pi Chae-won stared at Han Seung-moon with cold eyes.

Maybe it was because his original complexion was gloomy, so the atmosphere with his dark eyes was not a joke.

Han Seung-moon turned the topic by trying to ignore the cold gaze.

“By the way, what happened to Europe?”

“Today was a winning streak.”

The grand strategy for retaking Australia was a siege. Hunters of numerous powers will set up a base on the outskirts and move towards the center.

Therefore, it was very easy to compare the performance by faction. And the most active force in Australia was the Knights Without Borders.

Han Seung-moon was confused as to whether he should like this or not.

“Lumière is so… … . That’s great. Is not it?”

The war against monsters was the first type of war that appeared on Earth. In that sense, Lumière, who was active from the beginning of the crisis, was the most experienced general on Earth.

She swept the battlefield with her subordinate hunters. Using the shield in reverse, he crushed the flying monster on the ground, and with the laser he learned from Han Seung-moon, cut off the head of the giant monster and bombarded the ground.

At the same time, improving the physical abilities of the hunters, healing injuries, and strategic judgment was almost perfect, so there were few hunters who could match him.

Han Seung-moon looked a little envious.

“The system was different from ours there. It’s almost like an army level, but something.”

Korean hunters were good at street fighting, and European hunters were accustomed to all-out warfare.

The Korean hunter had good synergy with the Korean Armed Forces, but the European hunter knew how to fight without military support.

In the end, each had their own pros and cons, but in the end, it was the European hunters who had the advantage in Australia.

Han Seung-moon didn’t seem to be able to do that, so Chae-won Pi added lightly.

“Still, in Korea, there is no need to fight in groups of hundreds of hunters, so maybe it’s a good thing.”

“okay. Europe doesn’t have an army. So I guess that’s why Hunter served in the army. Our kids are babbling because they don’t have military support right now, but European kids don’t care about supply networks or vehicle support, but they march on their own. Where should I get the vehicle? … .”

After that, Han Seung-moon muttered to himself with bloodshot eyes.

Pi Chae-won intervened because it seemed somehow pitiful to see him.

“Did you eat breakfast?”

“Uh, huh? no?”

“I brought tuna onigiri, so please have some.”

“He brought his rice balls without anything to drink… … .”

Han Seung-moon grunted while grunting and bit the rice ball.

“okay. What’s your next schedule?”

“I think you should wash your face first and then wipe it off.”

* * *

“Ugh. Ask the hotel staff to change your toothbrush. I have all my teeth… … .”

“… … Uh, Senator?”

“okay. Did I mention that Darwin Air Force Base would put a picture for social media? Should I apply BB cream?”

“no. The schedule has changed a bit.”

When she came out of the bathroom after taking a bath, Pi Chae-won’s expression hardened.

I looked around, wondering what was going on, and Lumiere was sitting in the living room.

“Lumière? No, how-“

“Let’s talk for a moment. Minister.”

“No, if you come so suddenly… … .”

“Are you surprised?”

Lumiere’s voice was so cold that he couldn’t even dare to answer, but only nodded.

She shook her head expressionlessly.

“I was very surprised too.”

“… … .”

“Sit down.”

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