A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 18

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 18

EP 5 – Hunters (1)

Pi Chaewon.

Sitting by the bedside, the bandaged girl looked at the girl coldly.

The girl wears a ring and a respirator and is breathing fresh fluid.

…Have you really seen the future?

The girl opened her eyes. The girl looked at me quietly, not moving. So did I.

I thought while looking at Pi Chae-won’s hazy eyes.

If the future poem 未來視 is correct,

He can’t hand it over to anyone.

We looked into each other’s eyes for a long time without saying a word.

After I made my decision, I immediately took action.

While smiling as kindly as possible, he gently grabs Pi Chae-won’s hand with both hands. This was the method Yang Pan-seok used during the election season.

“Thank you very much. A student named Chae-won Pi.”


“Thanks, I survived. I don’t know how to thank you.”

For a moment, I wondered if this was something an adult would do.

However, I am walking on the line.

If it slips, it slips. There are three family members under me.

I smiled very skillfully and began to brush my teeth. First, look down and smile sadly.

“…I won’t ask how you found out.”

I’ve already finished enlisting. No one will be able to tell you that Pi Chae-Won predicted the helicopter crash.

“This is the military, and if Miss Pi Chae-won’s superpowers are revealed. maybe……”

A little silence stimulates the dangerous imagination.

“…you can’t be free. like now.”

worried eyes. And the power to get into your hands.

It puts a direct follow-up shot with a small directing.

“I’m sorry to say things like this. Do you have any relatives you can turn to?”


Pi Chae-won rolled her eyes without saying a word. And after being silent for a while, he shook his head.

“How old did you say?”

“…and three.”

“You’re an orphan.”

Direct evaluation, causing a little discomfort.

“I am an orphan too.”

Transform strong emotions directly into sympathy. And with a light smile, raise the tone of your voice to change the mood.

“Well, actually, my aunt picked it up right away, though.”


“Are you scared?”

A heavy message conveyed in a bright voice. The intensity that comes from contrast.

And looking out the window. Speech delivered without eye contact adds to the sincerity of self-confessions.

In fact, looking into the girl’s eyes and talking to her was a bit difficult at times. it’s so bad

I calmly tried my best to draw consensus.

“Will the orphanage accept me? What should I eat in the future? The country has become like this, where should I belong…”


“It just seems like it’s going to explode.”

I continued speaking quietly.

“Rooftop. I locked it so no one else could come in. Do you remember?”


“I shouldn’t have opened it in the first place, but I did.”

I looked back at the girl with a sad smile. And I asked for confirmation.

“…the student was the one who saved me, right?”


“Then, what do you think about being the guardian of the student?”

Pi Chae-won sent me a cloudy voice with hazy eyes.


must answer immediately.

“…just, I can understand the grief of the grandparents.”

I’m a cunt. He is a dog with no connections and no money.

“We saved each other. I wonder if this is a relationship.”

The only way out is to dominate the psychic industry.

“Well, you don’t really need a reason for doing good, right?”

Never, ever pass this precious variable somewhere else.

“… Miss Pi Chae-won. I will set up a foundation.”

walking on a single line If you slip, you die.

“If it’s okay, why don’t you learn to work there?”

I am very sorry for this girl.

you can’t get away from me now


“Ahh… huh! brother!”

Yang Il-ho, who put a boiled egg in his mouth, smiled and waved his hand. Lee Ho-jeong, who is shivering neatly, is looking at him with disgusted eyes from the side.

He bought a new pair of broken high heels and ripped stockings and changed them, and now he’s wearing women’s suits from somewhere.

“You, what? Does your outfit upgrade every time you see it?”

Lee Ho-jeong smiled confidently as she passed her middle and middle hair behind her ears. People who know how pretty they are can be mean sometimes.

“I exchanged it for 28 cans of seafood bibim sauce at the clothing store.”


“After all, not all soldiers eat it. How many times do you smile at a restaurant and give me a present?”

“Isn’t that an unfair advantage by taking advantage of market price gains between civilians and military bases?”


Yo, yo, it’s back. I worked all night for 3 days to build the foundation, so I decided to take a look.

I patted the eggshells scattered like mountains on the desk and looked at Yang Il-ho.

“Aren’t you gaining weight while eating like this? Pig-like…”

“My hyung came out of Ssuljeon earlier!”

“Is that still hard?”

Ho-jeong Lee answered instead with a tired face. It seems that the aftereffects of staying up all night on the 3rd have not gone away yet.

“This is the first time people are interested in politics like these days. Just yesterday, the fight at the Busan City Council was on the main news…”

“So what do you say when you see me on variety shows?”

“A puppet of yangban-seok.”

It’s half as expected.

“Are you saying that he was elected as a member of the National Assembly from Yang Pan-seok’s attendant assistant, and he was actually elected by luck, and instead of Yang Pan-seok, he was a facelifter?”


“Can’t I just say no, even if it’s empty words?”

“yes. No.”

no car I muttered bitterly.

“Well, I have to work hard from now on. I want to have my own territory.”

Yang Il-ho tilted his head.


“If you truly approach the people, won’t you open your heart?”

I eat the psychic version.

“What are you doing?”


The cold person who had been jotting down something in his notebook closed the notebook in surprise. Glasses fell to the floor.

I lowered myself out of the wheelchair, picked up the glasses, and smiled lightly.

“What were you using?”

“Ah, ha ha…”

The cold humbly replied.

“Just, what? essay?”


“Ugh. Reports and articles, roughly, mixed. What should I say? Oh yeah. I am writing a diary.”

It was probably more like a history book than a diary. It’s a gate case written by a war correspondent in the International Department.

“It’s been two weeks already.”


Two weeks have passed since the gate opened.

The estimated death toll is 980,000. 3.4 million casualties.

Korea is enduring a history of blood and tears.

When did you not?

The cold-blooded whispered to me with sad eyes.

“If we go down 50 kilometers south from here, would a lot of people still be dying?”

“……It is. Would you like to go?”

Before the gate was opened, Gumja had already worked as a war correspondent in a foreign country hundreds of kilometers away.

“…I want to go.”

The cold-jaw lowered the gentle eyes reflected in the round glasses.

There, Gam-cheol, wrapped in a swaddling cloth, was asleep on his lap.

The answer was enough.

It’s not that I can’t go, it’s that I can’t.

I smiled bitterly and tried to enter the livelihood management after a long time, but the TV screen suddenly changed to breaking news, so I couldn’t speak.

– Breaking news. It has been confirmed that there is a large group of survivors in Apgujeong, a first-class danger zone set in the military. These are the so-called ‘Awakened’ oriented…

damn it

Crazy images flowed from the data screen.

This is a video taken from the sky with a helicopter. It was said that the media had penetrated the air defense network of the ROK Army. I quickly focused on the screen.

A few people run around the roof and chase the monster. The monster finally reaches a dead end.

There are many monsters gathered like that. Thousands of people teamed up and drove several monsters into one place.

A man who was waiting reached out his hand.

The dead-end alley was engulfed in flames in an instant.

The fist was clenched by itself.

Only one person created a pillar of fire that reached several tens of meters.

that. never lose it

As long as it was released to the media in the first place, it was no different than the fact that the existence of superpowers had been officially revealed.

A chaotic country, and a blaze of fire.

An unusual affair was about to begin.


“The press helicopter flew over Apgujeong. Does General Kang not control the air defense network? Do you want to die?”

“Sorry, I’m sorry.”

“It’s a question, not a threat. If you don’t want to die, keep an eye on the air. Did you even have a drink in the control room because there was no flying monster?”

“no. It happened so suddenly-”

“Is there anything unexpected in this situation? Who knows if the gate will open right now and the flying monster will come out? The day before yesterday, the gate ran out and broke two bridges over the Han River, so you still have room to take care of them, don’t you?”

I was able to enter the control room without any sanctions, whether rubbing it next to the vice minister worked well.

Vice Minister Cha Jae-gyun was longing for a soldier. He glanced at me and bit the soldier with his chin. The soldier quickly ran away.

look at the pose Cha Jae-gyun returned to his businesslike tone and glanced at me.

“You just came. Senator.”

I went straight to the point.

“YBC gave us an official with psychic powers instead of us.”

“…if the state of emergency had fallen across the country right now. I wouldn’t have left them alone.”

As always, his tone was a bit quick and blunt, but the content of his speech was not plain at all.

I calmed him down slowly.

“I will tell Rep. Yang Pan-seok. I cannot go with people who violate morals in a national crisis.”

“It is a broadcasting company that has already been caught trying to send reporters to the controlled area several times.”

If so, the reporter would probably be in prison now. This air coverage must have been retaliation for him.

Apparently, the side effects of this intelligent-looking yangban’s tough work are coming out.

That’s not too bad. It is okay for the military to weaken, and it is also good to increase my influence in the meantime.

It would be a big deal if he got really weak and was pushed away by the monster, but Cha Jae-gyun wasn’t that ugly of a great man.

The most important thing right now is to insert that pyrotechnician into the Han Seung-moon Foundation. You can’t lose it to the NIS.

“I heard there is a group of survivors in Apgujeong.”

“It is about a few thousand. Apgujeong’s residential complexes and hypermarkets are the main activities. I knew it right away, but…”

I mean, you know, you didn’t save it.

“I didn’t know there were superpowers.”

At the same time, on the screen of the situation room, a pyrotechnician was burning dozens of monsters at once.

If I ask you to rescue the pyrotechnics from the army and then send them to the Foundation, would you listen?

Just looking at Cha Jae-gyun’s coveted eyes, there seems to be no possibility of that.

When the sea is moving, the army is not infinite. However, the Awoken can fight again by feeding them. A simple economic logic will skyrocket the value of the Awakened.

Few people in Korea would know this, and fortunately, I was the first person to know and act on him, but the problem was that Cha Jae-gyun was not a friendly person either.

How the hell do I get a pyrotechnician to belong to the Foundation? I have no capital, no security, no power that the military can offer.

What do we do…!

Buying, intimidating, persuading, nothing comes to mind.

However, the pillar of fire the size of a two-story building is too impressive to hand over to the military. What will happen if that person eats the magic stone?

It will become a walking bomber, a human tactical weapon.

In addition, he is the first person with psychic powers officially confirmed by the whole nation. It is also suitable for use as a promotional sign. Power isn’t just power.

…the material presentation cannot be compared with the military. I think we should approach it a little more humanistically.

It’s a new gamble.

Three and three.

I am going to rescue that psychic by myself in a helicopter.

However, even if I want to do the same as Liu Bei who treats Zhuge Liang,

There was no way this gentleman would have sent me there.


When I return to the newly assigned dormitory, everyone is huddled in front of the TV.

“Hey, this…!”

Normally, it was Yeo Do-yeon who would have expressed all her emotions with one word, ‘f**k it’, but after Gam Ji-yoon’s pad lip incident, her mouth became a little more calm.

“Uh, I know.”

“Oh, no…!”

“Apgujeong Survivors Club. I heard from the deputy-”

Yeo Do-yeon snatched the wheelchair, dragged it in front of the TV, and poked her finger at the screen.

Yang Il-ho and Lee Ho-jeong were looking at the TV as if they had gone crazy. Hojeong Lee muttered.



I immediately focused on the TV.

Kang Seok-ho. No. 3 The lagoon we abandoned in Yeouido was beating the monster.


uhm. uhm.

okay. As a member of the National Assembly, I cannot blankly watch the survivors isolated in Apgujeong.

A pretty picture came to mind.

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