A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 180

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 180

EP 28 – No Country for Superman (11)

The image of Han Seung-moon reflected in the media was largely divided into two. An innovator who brings international justice. Or a politician who rules Korea from behind.

The reason for the extreme difference between the two images is that there may be a frame conflict between the Democratic Party of America and the Republican Party, but the truth is that people don’t know much about an Asian named Han Seung-moon.

However, Noah Lumière was a person who thought he knew Han Seung-moon well. And in fact, half of it was. from public friendship to private acquaintance.

He was a far more civic person than the media illuminates. Sometimes it even got boring. But when it was necessary, he was more daring than anyone else.

He is a person who values the conscience of a good human being. He valued goodness, followed morals, and was sometimes engrossed in political interests, but was fundamentally kind.

If she recalls that she was very nervous about the sharp and nervous impression from her first meeting with Han Seung-moon, the evaluation she made even now was quite ridiculous.


Noah Lumière looked unfamiliar to Han Seung-moon after a long time.

“… … Did you smoke?”

“It doesn’t bloom often.”

“I didn’t know.”

Lumiere looked at Han Seung-moon, who started the year with a complicated expression, and thought.

Maybe he didn’t know him. Saying that.

* * *

“Whew… … .”

I cleared my mind as I looked at the cigarette smoke.

I was prepared enough that I could be f**ked if caught, but when I was discovered by the person I hated the most, I was more embarrassed than complicated.

I don’t think it’s going to be a wholesome story, so it’s probably right to let the little ones out for now. I beckoned to Pi Chae-won briefly.

“You go out.”

“yes? However… … !”

“Wait outside the door.”

“… … All right.”

Even at this moment, he was instructed to spy on the minds of others, so it was even shabby. But what to do? this is my job

Of course, those feelings did not show on their faces. As Pi Chae-won carefully left the office, I naturally spoke.

“They drove Korean hunters a good hunting ground… … .”

“… … .”

“I will admit it.”

There was no evidence that Lumiere had entered her, but her eyes were sincere. I repaid that strange trust with honesty, and Lumière, who faced the truth, even seemed disappointed at first glance.

“that… … I did.”

“… … First of all, I have divided the risk levels of all regions into three levels-”

“no. I am not interested in that.”

She shook her head.

And he looked at me with a blank face.

It’s hard to see the blue eyes that remind David Kim these days.

“Why are you like that?”

“… … .”

“I know that politicians have a duty to be patriot. But aren’t you a person before a politician? Then, as a human being, isn’t there a duty to follow?”

You’re a human child, so why are you playing with people’s lives? It also meant that playing with a human life is a human child.

I answered as carefully as possible.

“You are a politician before you are a person.”

“… … what?”

“Don’t you know? Politics is not a very human field.”

Of course, this explanation could not convince her. It was something you could tell just by looking at her cold expression.

“Whew… … .”

Suddenly, I took a sip of a cigarette, wondering how it happened.

In the past, it seemed that I had coughed a little, but now it doesn’t feel that stinging.

Just like Cha Jae-gyun.

“… … Long ago. There was one person named Cha Jae-gyun.”

* * *

The world has become hell.

Because of their sudden awakening, I don’t know if they are hunters who play fresh on other people’s heads. Life was a hell for the 40 million people who had to eat rations while a family of four lived in a semi-basement studio.

But pain is always relative, and somewhere more hell exists.

Of course, it was not a hell created by monsters, but a hell made by humans was even worse.

“Japan abused its public power for the safety of its social leaders, and the Yakuza filled the void. And civil war broke out. Now even the militia led by the Japanese Communist Party has joined, and all kinds of paranormal people are running rampantly and cutting people down.”

“The United States has not been able to contain the spread of infection because of the conflict between the presidential candidates. Also, we fought for a long time over whether zombies are human or not. In the end, those who said that zombies were human were bitten and killed, and those who said that zombies were not human were in danger of being executed when a vaccine was developed.”

“China? Even though I sometimes have dinner with President Lee Choong-bin, I get goosebumps whenever I think of that person who killed more people than the Korean people. I’m sorry to be face-to-face, but Europe is no longer a class-based society. The EU has literally become a feudal union where masters and vassals are united.”

The Islamic extremists, the Mexican drug cartels and the African Warlords’ Coalition are not worth discussing. A state that exploits its people in pursuit of their desires without ideology or belief was not a state but an organization.

But Korea is different.

democracy. people’s sovereignty. Liberalism.

No one can deny that this country is Korea.

The world became hell, but we were living in Korea.

“I think it is fortunate that our people are complaining that they do not have money. Isn’t it a much more humane life than asking for help? Besides, the economy is showing the prospect of gradually improving no matter what anyone says, and I am not too frustrated because I know that the president of our country is a capable human being.”

“… … .”

“If it was frustrating at first, I changed it. What.”

The next thing to say was something that required a little bit of determination.

I took a deep breath. And exhaled with thick smoke.

So that the foggy smoke can cover my shameless face a little bit.

“… … and. I believe that Vice Minister Cha Jae-gyun has made a huge contribution to creating such a country.”

“… … .”

“At first, I intervened in the deaths of 600,000 people in Kaesong during the Seoul incident. What kind of bastard do you blame for killing 400 people? Now I can’t even remember if it was 200 or 500. Anyway, I don’t deserve it. At least for me.”

It was a statement that would end his political life if the transcript was released.

It was very uncomfortable, even unpleasant, my bare face.

The supporters were sure to turn their backs on me, and I myself turned away from this disgusting aspect, but in the end, this was my true intentions.


“… … .”

Lumiere looked at me with cold eyes and kept silence, and I continued my confession in front of a European saint with a deep sense of shame.

“… … Of course I’m sorry. If you’re not sorry, you’re not human. I even saw the victim die right before my eyes.”

“… … .”

“But at some point, you suddenly realize. ah… … . Some people have to look at people as numbers.”

Once I confessed my feelings, the next time I felt comfortable.

I have revealed my ugly side.

“So this time, we drove Koreans to a good hunting ground. I am not the chosen one.”

“… … .”

“Of course I would be offended. Even those who have benefited from me will curse at me. The player is honest, but the referee made a biased judgment at will.”

But politicians are not judges.

“… … Even if I get insulted, if it is in the national interest, I think it is right to do it even if it is against the law. Someone must have blood on their hands, and I didn’t send someone who was willing to put blood on my hands.”

“… … .”

“so… … Someone has to take their place.”

The grand eloquence is over.

Noah Lumière’s answer was simple.

“It’s a classic excuse for dictators.”

“… … .”

“It can’t be me. It’s for everyone. Isn’t it hurting people by saying that?”

Han Seung-moon’s response was also concise.

“You don’t think I know that?”

“… … .”

“I know. You do it knowingly. He is a politician who has been chosen for that.”

Sacrifice of the few for the many. A leader’s decision for the country and nation.

A shadow of a transitional period faced by an era crueler than ever.

In front of a European saint, the shadow of a politician was too deep.

“… … linear. belief. philanthropy. It’s something I really like.”

“… … .”

“but… … . Sometimes you need a superman, not a good man.”

* * *

Spider web.

Lumiere recalled the spider’s web.

It seemed like a spider’s web was fluttering behind Han Seung-moon.

“I’m sorry, but that’s my principle. Lumiere.”

“… … .”

He was a person who drew his own line and lived locked in that line.

At the same time, he was running parallel to her.

Han Seung-moon shook his head with a bitter smile.

“Even if it becomes a public debate anyway, it will end in a line where only me will be hurt. That’s how it was designed in the first place.”

“… … .What kind of trick did you do?”

“Although there are very few, it has also given benefits to the American public guilds and mainland Chinese guilds. If it turns out, it will be raised by large American companies, and China will face accusations of why 94% of its troops are made up of refugees from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Central Asia.”

He had already finished all the preparations.

“More than anything. Will America stand still? Democrats will do their best to downplay the Australian War as a waste of taxation, while Republicans will try to defend the attack somehow. If that happens, my misconduct will be covered up, and I will repay the favor by releasing some stimulants.”

Han Seung-moon always showed a gentle smile, but it was more of self-help than of a careless attitude.

Lumiere responded coldly to this.

“What if I go on my own attack?”

“Then it will be a big deal.”

Han Seung-moon meekly admitted defeat.

And added a word.

“But you won’t.”

“… … .”

It wasn’t wrong. The night sky in Calais, France. The best moment of my life that Han Seung-moon gave me. Lumiere has not yet forgotten.

Even on the moral level that she values, Han Seung-moon was not allowed to attack. In a sense, he was also a person who contributed more to European peace than Lumière.


It was hateful to be greedy with that.

“It… … ! Does anyone know that!?”

“… … !”

Lumiere got up from her seat.

Then he put his hand on his chest and raised his voice.

“At least you couldn’t tell me!”

“That, that-”

“Who do you know with a desk bite? I am from Doctors Without Borders! While you were a politician in the National Assembly, I sewed hundreds of skins a day in Kashmir! At least Han Seung-moon is more professional than you! Do you know how many lives I have killed and saved with my own hands?”

it was fact

Regardless of whether he has a career or not, Lumière is a great man who has already saved hundreds of millions of people.

And there were only 40 million Koreans.

“Do I look like an uncompromising desk clench? I also worked with the French president! I’ve seen all sorts of dirty things! nevertheless! Still, you’re doing this to save people, aren’t you? Because that’s something someone has to do!”

it was fact

Unlike hypocrites who only talk about justice and peace on the surface, she was a person who had a consistent, one-way life.

“If you were going to do the hammock in the back by yourself, why did the council president let you do it? If you are going to make a fool like this and eat it all by yourself with that good political power, why do you think I am the chairman and have you sit down!”

“Oh, no-”

“In the end, you don’t get caught trying to do something bad and you get caught, so it’s not like you’re selling the past and making a fuss!”

it was fact

It wouldn’t be a crime if he didn’t get caught, but it’s been three months since he got caught. In the first place, Han Seung-moon was not going to be caught.

And people sometimes fail to admit the truth and become irrational. It becomes emotional, especially when fighting close people.

Han Seung-moon was no exception.

“what? Yaburi? What does that mean?!”

“I have nothing to say!”

“But isn’t it too much to come out like that to someone who helped? You came here as a reinforcements in the first place! It’s not that I’m not talking about any country. It’s a step back from fighting others. What kind of Hitler should I sit and listen to!?”

“When did I say I was Hitler!”

“That’s why the yellow-haired foreigner didn’t help… … ! Anyway, I drove almost all of the good hunting grounds to Korea and Europe, but when I see them being insulted like this… … .”

“Did you drive me to a good hunting ground? Don’t say nonsense! I’m on my way back after checking everything. The monsters on the European side were much stronger and more numerous!”

“You’re making a strange noise all of a sudden. Korea and Europe hunting grounds are only less than 1000km away. This is a bigger continent than Europe, but that’s the level of a neighboring town. But what kind of monsters are different?”

“her. Does that mean the monster has even gotten stronger in the last month? Are you telling me to believe it? Rather, it is more credible that Korea deceived us… … .”

“Oh, I can’t put you in danger! Common sense!”

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