A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 184

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 184

EP 28 – No Country for Superman (15)

“How did this happen! how!”

[…] … Calm down for a moment.]

“It’s a total retreat! What does this mean!”

The South Korean government decided to retreat. It was Yang Pan-seok’s arbitrariness made without consulting me. I questioned him.

“Australian monsters are artificial biological weapons? Did the US know that and didn’t send US troops in? The Australian government failed to create a bioweapon? What do you mean all of a sudden!”

[What are you talking about? It’s just that China exposed it like that.]

“… … That’s not how it ends. Up until now, the Australian press has been vehemently criticizing our hunters. But they say the Australian government is behind the incident. So a few hunters beat the reporters to death.”

[…] … Such.]

“But I don’t know anything. Is that all? Even I didn’t understand the situation at all. Because of all the suspicions, the command is now half-assed and blaspheming, and the hunters run rampant with the momentum to beat anyone to death at any moment—”

[Hey. Seungmoon.]

“… … .”

[Han Seung-moon… … .]

Yang Pan-seok quietly called my name.

It was a voice that came out of nowhere.

[People may or do not need to know everything. Especially politicians. Do you know what the phrase ‘if you know it hurts’ means? You have to bury something in your heart.]

“… … What do you know?”

[Does it matter what I know? Does it matter whether China is right or America is right? Does it matter if it’s an earthworm or an ant that’s underground? No one can see what’s on the ground anyway. This person.]

“… … .”

[It’s muddy. muddy… … . In the end, no one knows. So just believe what you want to believe. So let’s see the essence.]

Yang Pan-seok told me to look at the essence,

The essence of what he said was supremely simple.

[It was just that China attacked the United States. With the help of the American Democrats. Did you understand?]

“… … .”

[The Australian War is now over because of the political fight. All that’s left is the instigators who sell the mines. And there are only hunters who are suffering from turmoil.]

“… … .”

[so… … Let’s step out, this is what I mean. Don’t ask any more.]

“… … .”

The inside of his head was dyed white.

Suspicion arose suddenly. Australian government-led biological weapon. Allegations of U.S. involvement. 7th guild general retreat. retreat from the Chinese Federation. US Democrats are pursuing impeachment proceedings. Monsters who use strategy. A giant monster that roams the underground.

I don’t know anything.

Suspicions and clarifications scrambled, China and the United States started a sharp war, and the US government drew its sword against the opposition and corporations.

The world was suddenly plunged into chaos. And taking advantage of the chaos, the monsters moved. Monsters in human skins were more frightening than non-human monsters.

How the hell is it going?

Suspicions are piling up. Politicians who drive hate rather than truth. The media pours out blind anger. Australian monsters that are so neglected.

In this world of demons, Yang Pan-seok ordered me.

[…] … The war is over. Retreat.]

to be a monster

* * *

“Retreat! What crazy is that!”

“… … .”

“Seven million people live in Australia! Are you saying that if we leave, they will all die!?”

I convened my staff to make a sound judgment. And the cold-jaw expressed his intention not to retreat no matter what.

“Isn’t this just a political fight… … ! The US ruling party and the opposition party! And America and China! Why are we retreating when we’re just fighting with bullshit!”

“… … .”

“Of course, the great American guild also retreated. China has also retreated, and almost all of the hunters are running away. But the important thing is that there are some people who have nowhere to run!”

The cold-blooded person vomited feverishly with blood on his neck.

“Minister… … ! Don’t abandon people who have nowhere to run. so just run away If you run away again. Eventually we will have nowhere to run.”

“… … .”

“This is not a human-to-human battle, it is a human-monster battle. It’s a crime against humans to just step back from here… … .”

The words of a war correspondent who pursued justice for the rest of his life were truly impressive.

It was a businessman who made money by selling blood.

“Once at the Eui-Chong, it was decided that GS should retreat.”

“Hey, Mr. Chen… … !”

“Inspector Gamcheol. I understand too. Abandoning 7 million refugees and retreating. It is natural for human beings to feel pain… … .”

President Chun put his hand on his chest with a sad smile.

But it didn’t seem that sad.

“But when the superiors are biased towards their emotions, isn’t it the case that the subordinates bleed? After all, we are in a position to order others to go out to fight… … . Then you have to think from a public point of view… … ?”

“I am also thinking and speaking from a public standpoint. When a person forsakes a person, there is always a price to be paid. Why did the Arab dictators fall so in vain?”

“It collapsed due to lack of money. Are you talking about the Arab Spring? At that time, only the dictators of countries without money died. Are the UAE oil giants safe?”

“The hatred of that era gave birth to IS.”

The cold and the archangel faced each other without retreating a bit.

Since both of them have a clear philosophy of life, there is no room for compromise.

“In the first place, it wasn’t a place we didn’t have to go… … ? Hunters came for money and fame. If you can’t give it to me and ask me to fight, it’s a breach of contract.”

“If a person has a conscience, power must also have a conscience. What is the just thing we can do in this situation? Giving hope to 7 million people to retake Australia. You made enough money, so let’s throw it away and run away?”

“It is because of the United States that such an unusual monster emerged. However, no U.S. troops, except the garrisoned troops, participated in the war. And the 7th guild also went home, China went home, and only Europe and Korea left, what are you going to do?”

“You have spoken very well. Why would Europe stay? Aren’t you doing this to protect morality? Anyway, all the stories I’m talking about now are just suspicions. It’s just a suspicion with political intent! Getting caught up in it and going to retreat is no different than a gang of government officials trying to profit from political chaos!”

“What if that interest is the interest of the country and the people? Oh, I’m really tired… … .”

In the end, the archangel pressed his forehead tightly and muttered as he bloomed.

Her voice became a little colder.

“Let’s see it realistically. In reality. No, everyone else went home, but they say that we are the only ones left as volunteers. But is there anyone who fights in this situation?”

“… … Apgujeong faction, Dongdaemun faction, and Europe right now-”

“Not those superhumans. Just ordinary hunters. Those hunters who struggle with not being able to catch even a single ant. They are just hunters who gather to help people within their reach. Why would such a hunter want to die while volunteering in two places?”

“… … .”

The archangel coldly pushed the cold.

These were the words as a representative of Korea’s largest PMC.

“Aren’t our kids like that? Do you want to live? Is that wrong?”

“… … I never said it was wrong. But it’s the same for everyone who wants to live.”

“7 million Australian refugees. Poor people. But why does the Korean government take care of them? with Korean national taxes.”

Then the arrow returned to me.

CEO Cheon gave me a bitter look.

“No, why do these words come out of the mouths of chaebols? Isn’t this something politicians should be aware of?”

“… … It’s because it’s a political relationship.”

“ah. right.”

The archangel returned to his usual form in an instant.

She groaned and ate her mouth.

“Wow… … . Anyway, I’m against it. It’s a war that doesn’t fit the bill. No one wants to fight. right?”

“… … It is.”

“Anyway, someone has to put up a gun. If you’re scared, we tie it together. I’ll retreat without permission first and get a little sloppy, so if the public opinion boils, will you come back and pretend you can’t win?”

“Thank you for your words, but I have no intention of ignoring my responsibility.”

After all, I’ve never been afraid of being cursed while in politics. But what is sad is the human conscience in the end. How sad it is for people to give up on people.

But there are times when you don’t have to be human. There are times when you need a superman who doesn’t look at the world through the eyes of ordinary people, and who measures profits with numbers and calculations.

In the end, it is a conscience that someone has to throw away,

Somebody has to wear a gun.

“… … .”

However, I asked the last question out of regret.

It was a very quiet, dry tone.

“Hong Seon-ah, President of the Association.”

“… … yes.”

“What do you think, President of the Association?”

“… … .”

Contrary to my expectations, there was no hesitation in her answer.

she laughed

smiled in vain

It was truly a smile that had a wonderful life.

* * *

Han Seung-moon decided to become a superman.

He put his conscience aside for a while.

As a result, the outer walls of Darwin International Airport were full of refugees.

“please… … ! Please burn me! Even this child, please!”

“Hey you bastards! Are you still human!?”

“Don’t step on it! Don’t step on it! aah- !”

There was no need for the police to fire rubber bullets because of the crowd of citizens. Force field magicians belonging to the Presidential Security Service effectively cut off tens of thousands of people.

The protesters moaned like they were blocked by a glass wall, but no one listened, except for YouTubers who wanted to get views.

Even if the 7th largest guild in the United States was retreating, the media did not move because it was not politically beneficial to illuminate the lives of refugees.

On the other hand, the atmosphere inside the airport was peaceful.

“Ugh. Do you see all the benefits of the government in your life?”

“Would you like to buy some whirlpool potatoes? Samsung called a food truck.”

“uh! babe! Yes. I’m getting on a plane now. Are the kids okay?”

The war is over.

There will be no soldiers mourning their return.

Of course, some hunters kept silence thinking about their colleagues who had been buried in the desert, but most of them were veteran hunters, so there weren’t many who showed sadness.

However, Hong Seon-ah was watching this with a soft smile. And she smiles when she’s sad.

“… … .”

It was sad. I don’t know what’s sad, but it was sad.

It is good that the Hunters return safely. As the president of the Hunter Association, it is natural to put their safety first.

But she wasn’t sure. The person I depended on the most is no longer in this world, and my life is just being blown away by the winds of the world.

What are the principles in her life?

What is her line?

I do not know.

“… … this.”

I don’t know if that’s right.

That was Hong Seon-ah’s true intention.

she is a superman Somehow, he gained undeserved power and went to high places, and he was also fearful of being affectionate with a high person.

But her heart was normal. In fact, it was slightly less than normal. Because I was weak and I was ill. But with that kind of heart, people’s lives must be measured.

Is this correct?

Hong Seon-ah thinks.

“… … .”

A person’s conscience is for self-satisfaction. So it is bad behavior to harm others for him. In that sense, Kim Chun-sik was a bad person.

But Hong Seon-ah loved Kim Chun-sik. Not rational love, but human love… … this is not just love Let’s be honest. Because I can’t forget the dead, so I’m still doing this. To be honest, I hate it, though.

“Whew… … .”

How did life get so complicated? I want to beat the president of the association. I’m tired of trembling because I don’t know when I’ll be purged by Han Seung-moon.

However, when Hong Seon-ah disappears, the Apgujeong faction ceases to exist. Even the last traces of Kim Chun-sik disappear. Now, they will be called the first-generation Hunters, not the Apgujeong faction or Dongdaemun faction.

The first generation refers to an era that has already passed. With that said, her era ended long ago. Hong Seon-ah without Kim Chun-shik is not Hong Seon-ah. I just realized that

I just struggle with not being able to forget it.

That was Hong Seon-ah’s life.

At least until today.


It was an awkward Korean pronunciation. Someone ran from behind Hong Seon-ah. And he hugged Yeo Do-yeon, who was far away, deeply.

Yeo Do-yeon greeted the woman who rushed at her in awkward English.

“… … Mayer, Captain? What about the Richmond vigilantes here—”

“Are you going?”

“… … I’m sorry.”

“it’s okay. I found out that the younger brother is Han Seung-moon?”

She was a hunter who was close with Yeo Do-yeon. It is also the captain of the Richmond Camp, Australia.

“I came here to say hello, okay. In fact, members of the vigilante group also came along, but they said there was a threat of terrorism and they didn’t let me in.”

“Did you say my name?”

“That’s why they let me in. And I’m a healer.”

Director Meyer and Yeo Do-yeon said goodbye sweetly, and Hong Seon-ah watched the scene from afar.

“Anyway, thank you for saving the Richmond camp. Everyone is thankful to Doyeon. The children wrote the letters and put them in their bags, although they had it taken away at the entrance saying they might contain bombs.”

“… … At this point, do you resent me?”

“You know that now?”

Manager Mayer smirked and shook Yeo Do-yeon. And he looked at him with sorrowful eyes.


A sincere thank you is back. Yeo Do-yeon blushed in embarrassment.

“Oh, thank you.”

“why. Are you ashamed that you saved 42,689 refugees in Richmond?”

“Oh really!”

“ha ha ha!”

The vigilante leader Meyer smiled broadly with a face full of hardship, but Yeo Do-yeon was not in a position to smile even if she wanted to.



“Are you going to Korea?”

“no. I can’t.”

The vigilante leader refused the offer of asylum to Korea without any hesitation.

When Yeo Do-yeon was silent with a complicated smile, she calmly explained the reason.

“If you wanted to run away, you would have run away right away.”

“… … yes?”

“There are less than 0.1% of superhumans in the world, and there are a lot of people who want to hire superhumans. Hunters in Australia were people who could go abroad if they wanted to. all.”

“… … .”

“But they trust us. You’re holding our pants crotch to save you. So what do you do? I have to protect you.”

“… … .”

“Is there any particular reason why people save people?”

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