A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 186

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 186

EP 28 – No Country for Superman (17)

Every day of Noah Lumière was a war. Not an idiomatic expression that every day is a war, indeed, she spent most of her 24 hours a day on the battlefield.

As it was a common practice in Europe, there was nothing new about it, but although war is something you can get used to, you can never get comfortable with it.

“Ugh… … .”

Lumiere, who woke up from his slumber, had to grab the radio before he could unravel his messy hair.

The walkie-talkie tells her.

-Townsville vigilantes are down! The monsters are coming! Ants Spot in District C, Richmond. An estimated 70,000 individuals. Approaching towards Sydney. All, Daniel Wellington is stranded in the canyon! This is Lewin Schmidtseva. Operation Horizon was successful. Return to headquarters. Camp Wairuna has collapsed. There are no survivors.

Lumiere answered hastily.

It was an almost paroxysmal level of response.

“… … The Queensland defenses have already fallen. When you get down to Townsville, the Northeast is a complete mess. Defend the Budekin River, even if it kills you. I will go there now.”

However, Lumière suddenly comes to mind.

This is the Verdekin River.

“… … what?”

The radio was off.

* * *

Noah Lumière sat on the bed for a long time.

how long has it been

Someone lifted the tent entrance.

“Five? You woke up very early. When you wake up, let’s eat bread first.”

“… … Daniel?”

“Why are you grabbing the walkie-talkie? All broken things.”

It was a bearded Westerner who entered the tent. He snatched the radio from Lumiere’s grasp while wearing thick antistatic rubber gloves.

And put baguette bread in the hand where the walkie-talkie was.

However, Lumiere stares into the air without moving. Daniel Wellington blinks at the sight of not even touching the baguette he loved so much.

“… … Is this man out of his mind?”

At that moment, Lumiere returns a sharp answer.

“… … Being French and knowing how to like baguettes is typical racism.”

“Then give it to the British.”

“Turn it off.”

Lumière took a large bite of the baguette. After all, it’s her favorite food.

She mumbled as she mumbled the bread.

“Uh… … . Better than British food.”

“Is this lady arguing in the morning? How delicious is that hard loaf of bread? It’s not like I’m old enough.”

“It tastes better than stuffed herring heads in apple pie.”

“shit. lost,”

Lumière ate a baguette lightly in an instant.

Then, glancing at the crumbs in his mouth, he asked Daniel a question.

“Wellington. How is the war situation?”

“It’s crazy. still.”

“Specifically, how do you get mad?”

“I filled the Verdekin River with the corpses of monsters. Still, a horde of white wolves is coming over the horizon. First of all, Lewin and Gwynn are going up to the sky and bombing…”

“You smelled blood. Burn the body.”

“Then what about the by-products? I don’t have enough money, so the commander-in-chief is eating baguettes.”

“shit. That’s the problem.”

Australia, a symbol of hope, has returned to living hell. The United Nations withdrew completely from Australia.

There is a lot of debate about the reason. Maybe Australia made an artificial monster, or the US conducted a biological experiment at the same time, or it’s all a Chinese fake.

Of course, none of that meant anything.

What is important on the battlefield is something else.

“Daniel. How is the supply chain across Queensland?”

“We cut off support from Southeast Asia. All that’s left is the ones in Townsville.”

“…and among the refugees, starvation is starting to appear.”

“The Australian National Guard will love it. Because the useless military family decreases.”

“Wellington! mouth!”

“I’m sorry, but no one can block my snout. And did I say wrong? If the army had cared for the refugees so much, they would have crawled out of Sydney and defended Townsville by now. But right now, isn’t it the reality that the commander of the Air Force and the commander of the Navy spread their crotch to the chaebols because they want to seize power?”

The reality facing the Knights Society was a little more ridiculous and miserable than the current issues of the international community.

But they continued the conversation so familiar.

“…for now, let’s get rid of the Brisbane side.”

“her? You’re only doing things that are insulting.”

“It will increase the burden on the military and vigilantes, but Brisbane is relatively safe. But if Townsville falls like this, the Northeast Coast will be devastated.”

“I know that. know. But Brisbane isn’t the corner where most media-loving refugees gather. If I remove the troops from there, I’m sure I’ll be eaten by all kinds of insults, right?”

“Is that important now?”

“Oh, damn it… it is.”

“Let’s think about what’s important first. Isn’t strategic judgment often against the common sense? If you don’t want to be insulted, go home.”

“Don’t be bullshit.”

The operation meeting of Knights Without Borders has always been like this. Compared to being treated as a hero of the world, the level was cheaper. It is a conference hall where nonsensical nonsense and swear words come and go.

Although there were only Lumiere and Daniel without Lewin, Michael, or Ismael, the cheap atmosphere was still there.

But they also know that this mood cannot last.

As the laughter ceased, silence began.

They realized reality in silence.



persists with tenacity.

That was the reality.

“…Ado Hill’s friends have returned safely?”

“I was able to catch the early morning flight back.”


“It’s going to be okay, Shibal…”

The knights’ main forces were returning one by one. Because the citizens of Europe are sick of this war. No one has a hobby of paying taxes on an unwinnable war.

Australia is a bigger land than the European continent, and most of it is a living hell designated as Monster Land. Fortunately, it was possible because there were few people.

There are only 7 million people on this huge land. Fewer than 20 cities were inhabited by humans. Everything else fell apart.

In other words, Australia is the only place where 20 cities can be defended somehow. However, the reason Australia became this way in the first place is because the military only defended it that way.

While humans were safe and defended, monsters thrived on this land. The queen sat down in the canyon and vomited numerous beasts, and those beasts reproduced and evolved.

Then it got to this point.

The monsters have now become monsters running around the desert like a home, and have evolved into a form that can respond to air strikes and even firearms. Even defense is now difficult.

Ultimately, the fundamental solution was to annihilate the monster. He needed more firepower than their productive capacity. And not so long ago, that condition was met.

But the politicians ate it all up.

“Anyway, politics is a problem, politicians…”


“Isn’t it because you were suddenly harassed in China, and then large American companies responded to you, and then your friend went away alone?”

Defense is possible, but attack is impossible. The Knights Society alone cannot handle this vast land. That alone confirmed defeat.

As the days go by, the monsters will grow stronger and more numerous. Then there will come a day when it will collapse. That is the moment when humanity is defeated.

Daniel Wellington points to reality.

“… outside intervention is essential. Because if this happens, everyone will die. How long do you have to endure? Until the monsters say, “Oh, they’re wrong-” and go back through the gate?”


“Lumière, I think you need to make a decision soon.”

A decision was needed.

Otherwise, a miracle was needed.

And then, something unexpected happened to them.

“Noah! Daniel! Turn on the TV!”


“Oh, quick!”

Lewin Schmidtseva flew into the tent. The white-haired telecommunication magician hurriedly looked for the remote control.

Lumiere grabbed the remote control by the bedside. And turned on the TV.

Something was happening.

[…] China and the United States have decided to conduct large-scale nuclear bombing. Currently, the Chinese Strategic Fire Fighting Force is deployed in the South China Sea, and the US Navy’s 7th Fleet has started moving slightly from Guam. About 400 nuclear warheads are expected to be projected across Australia, indicating that the US Department of Defense is even considering whether to deploy an ICBM […]

* * *

Noah Lumière was a European war hero and an aide to the French president. Thanks to this, her political sense was very outstanding compared to the general public.

It’s not like Han Seung-moon’s bizarre tricks come out, but at least it wasn’t too much of a problem to figure out how things are going.

“Everyone, calm down. There is still room for compromise. This is not an agreement at all with the Australian Government!”

The US and China have stopped fighting.

That’s what the Australian nuclear bomb meant.

The US can cover up everything that happened in Australia with a nuclear bomb, and China can stop the US from turning Australia into a logistical base. Who would build a military base on radioactive fallout?

Now, China has succeeded in defending its hegemony in Southeast Asia, and the US government just needs to shift the blame to the Democrats and proceed with the election.

As such, this large-scale military action had extremely political reasons.

However, the safety of the Australian people was not taken into account in that interest.

“The side effects of radiation are the biggest problem. Aside from the adverse effects it has on humans, it is unknown how the monsters will change. Right now, because of the indiscriminate airstrikes, the monsters went down to the ground, and then this four months came, isn’t it?”

Lumière reassured the Knights Society by claiming this.

“There is absolutely no way the Australian government is in favor of nuclear bombing. Right away, the people came out on the street with pickets. If we accept nuclear bombing as it is, the prime minister will be dragged to the streets.”

But the politicians betrayed her expectations.

Early that morning, the Prime Minister of Australia fled to England.

To be precise, I was attending an international conference as a member of the Commonwealth. Family members and all property are never accompanied to the meeting.

And the Australian military declared as if waiting.

Welcome to nuclear bombing.

* * *

“Chief Lumiere. The Prime Minister has left a request to return as soon as possible. He said the public opinion was the worst.”


“If a nuclear bomb is dropped, we cannot fight like we do now. You can’t drive Hunters into a fallout, right? The people of Europe are concerned about this.”

The words were soft, but the reality was harsher than that. The prevailing opinion is that Lumière’s personal greed has made Europe an international protectorate.

Of course, Europe did not perish because she protected them with personal greed, but public interest is not tolerant of the hero’s heart.

Europe demanded of her.

“…you have to leave.”


The Knights Association should be withdrawn from Australia.

That was what her followers wanted.

Of course, no one knows what the outcome of a nuclear bombing will be. However, no matter how you think about it, monsters are not creatures that die from radiation. It was unlikely that a monster several kilometers underground would be killed by a nuclear bomb.

However, those left behind must fight against the underworld beast in a land covered in radioactive fallout. It is unclear whether it is possible to burn this huge continent with a nuclear bomb in the first place.

But the world told her.

[There has been a large-scale protest in Paris. Baptiste, deputy governor of the National Front, who led the protest, issued a statement to the knights to return home as soon as possible.


Of course, if it had been her before, it would never have been broken.

He would have been by the side of the marginalized no matter how much criticism he faced, and he would have fought with all his might on the battlefield that everyone turned away from.

But now she had people to blame. She is no longer a hero, but a leader. Selection as a gain and selection as a group are clearly different.

So in the end we couldn’t save everyone.

He couldn’t remain a hero forever.


Noah Lumière looked at the TV with bloodshot eyes. All the media and political forces were turning away from Australia. This is the result of the US and China ignoring Australia.

And now it was her turn. He even felt it was time to abandon Australia.

The world shouted at her to stop being a hero.


The time has answered it.

She smiled and accepted it as fate.

[This is just breaking news. WPO Vice-Chairman Han Seung-moon issued an emergency statement. I will connect you on the spot.]

[It’s not over yet. Stop large-scale nuclear bombardment, we have provided 500,000 stimulants to Australia.]

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