A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 187

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 187

EP 28 – No Country for Superman (18)

「Jindo dog: 500,000 is more than 1% of the Korean population, and 500,000 is more than all hunters in Korea. Are you going to spray that number of stimulants abroad? I am the opposite.”

「1 win month: This time, the Hunter Union is around 300,000, isn’t it? Even with extracts from each country, Australia could not be wiped out, but I think 500,000 donations are reasonable… … . ㅇㅇ Well, the number of Korean hunters has never been announced, so how do you know?」

「Jindo Dog: This is the working group of the GS defense agency. 500,000 went too far. Han Seung-moon is either crazy or politically showy. I’d rather spread it domestically, but throwing it abroad is a waste of money considering the manufacturing cost and expected cost.”

「Mingus: I want to become a hunter too, but I spread it abroad. It’s also made with our taxes for free. Then I will be able to pay taxes from now on.”

“ALAM: No matter how much tax it costs, it’s cheaper than the cost of seven million lives.”

「Spicy Fat 32: f**king two bastards, they are throwing taxes in the air to play a hero. If Jiji couldn’t save someone and relieved the guilt with taxes, would the 1st siege really break her head with a butt?”

「Friendly Loyalty 6: The Jeolla-do Yangpanseok government that was illegally bounced off due to manipulation of comments and public opinion!! Do you think it is as good as a grain of rice to admit that you did a great job for the sake of a free Republic of Korea and true people for more than two years after you took power in a foolish way!? I can assure you, it’s not even a speck of dust!!!!1 Stop it now. The only way to come down quickly with Han Seung-moon, a swindler, is the best way to save the lives of you ignorant bastards.”

“Woo Jung-wook: Power without a conscience harms people. Let’s see our people for a long time.”

「MPA: Ibosho, I have a conscience, but if I don’t have money, I will starve.」

* * *

“Isn’t that a country little thing?”

“… … .”

“What is 500,000… … . 오십만이 누구네 개새끼 이름이야?”

“… … Your words are too harsh.”

“Even though I can’t use my cell phone, I can tap on a calculator.”

I don’t know if the calculation of the Wonok is about numbers or political engineering. However, the fact that Won Ok-Boon visited Yoo Jae-Kyung was a sound that he had made a definite decision no matter what.

Prime Minister Yoo Jae-kyung betrayed Won Ok-bun at the decisive moment in the last presidential election. And offering a business partner to a traitor was something he could only do when the opportunity really came.

Yoo Jae-kyung could not let go of the tension because of Won Ok-bun, who came suddenly.

He fidgeted with his Lindbergh glasses, hiding his nervousness and responding coldly.

“… … What did you come here for?”

“… … .”

“… … Ahn and my daughter are in the room. I don’t think I’ll be able to serve you very long.”

Even if the landlord begs to leave, the uninvited guests do not seem to listen. Rather, he noticed that the landlord was nervous and even laughed at him.

Won Ok-bun casually gulped the red cap soju in front of him. It seems that the tone of the prosecutor’s office is revealed in the way he even looks a little sarcastic.

“Big… … .”

“… … !”

Yoo Jae-kyung is frightened just by looking at Won-ok-bun’s drinking form, so Won-ok-bun spit out a word without hesitation.

“Are you buying a nice house?”

Won Ok-bun looked around Yoo Jae-kyung’s house. It is a two-story detached house in Seogwipo, Jeju Island. It was filled with all kinds of luxury interiors that I received as a gift from my long public life.

And there were so many family photos that it was a little bizarre. There are family photos on the walls, on the dining table, on the dressing table, and even on the door of the refrigerator.

At that point, Won Ok-bun decided how to play with Yoo Jae-kyung.

“How long do you think you will be able to stay here with your family?”

“… … What are you talking about all of a sudden?”

“If Han Seung-moon becomes president, will you leave the old people alone? This is it.”

Before Yoo Jae-kyung reacted, Won Ok-bun spoke quickly.

The cunning words continued in a voice like a big man.

“Once you and I go to jail.”

“… … It’s been a while since you’ve been here, so what kind of gossip-!”

“Are you the Prime Minister for Economic Affairs? What does Han Seung-moon believe in using 500,000 stimulants? Anyway, the cost of the stimulant and the manufacturing process are confidential. It’s possible that the stimulants can ruin the economy and put the blame on you.”

It is possible, but there is no evidence.

However, Won Ok-bun made the evidence on the spot.

“It’s not something I’m talking about. Inside the prosecution, they are turning their backs on me.”

“… … .”

“Yang Pan-seok is the son-in-law. And Prosecutor Kyung-soo Kang, who intervened in the election of the National Assembly by Seung-Moon Han. He has taken over the Supreme Prosecutor’s Special Investigation Department and is causing a reaction within the prosecution. What does this mean?”

It was true that Yang Pan-seok’s son-in-law was rebelling against Won Ok-bun inside the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office.

It was also true that the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office’s Special Investigation Department worked closely with the Portrait Management Department.

However, it was a matter of different interpretations as to whether it was an action with the next presidential election in mind.

Won Ok-bun dug into that gap.

“This government is doing well. you and me Don’t you understand?”

“… … .”

“Yang Pan-seok replaced Han Seung-moon as president.”

Won Ok-bun gulped down the soju and showed honesty.

I acted out the message asking if I would say something like this to you with facial expressions and gestures.

However, Yoo Jae-kyung was also a person who had a strong career in public service, so it was not easy to get over it.

“… … Even if you fight Minister Han Seung-moon with me, you won’t see much fun.”

“Do you see me doing this?”

“Isn’t it?”

Wonok-min smiled bitterly.

It was a pitiful laugh.

“If the stimulant support is successful like this, Han Seung-moon will become a hero in the international community as it is. Even if it is a world superpopular organization or something, it will be supported. Then Yang Pan-seok will try to amend the constitution.”

“… … .”

“Oh, in the first place, the problem of a decrease in the labor force was not discussed for a long time. With the labor law lowering the adult age to 15 soon, isn’t there a lot of voices calling for hunters to participate in politics and to lower the age group for the right to be elected as a member of the National Assembly? who said that Is this Han Seung-moon’s left arm, Lee Ho-jeong?”

Won-ok-bun raised his voice as if he was genuinely frustrated and pointed a little.

Yoo Jae-kyung’s pupils widened.

“If the age limit for the presidential election right at this point is lowered to 30, who do you think will be the next president?”

“… … .”

“Let’s think about Yang Pan-seok’s position. In this damned situation, what do you and I trust to be president? Are you going to jail? So it’s not like I’m working early. This man.”

Yoo Jae-kyung’s expression hardened coldly.

I don’t know if his heart will be hardened coldly.

After a moment’s silence, he took off his glasses and put them in his pocket.

“… … What do you want from me?”

“People do not know that the economy will collapse if the stimulants are removed now.”

“… … It’s not that the economy is collapsing. The economic recovery is going across the water.”

“Are you giving up on our interests and sprinkling money on the country in strangers? This is a violation of the duty of a high-ranking official. It’s called impeachment. But it’s confidential and you’re hiding it. The president wants to succeed his right arm.”

Won Ok-Moon suggested.

Jaekyung Yoo heard.

“You are the only one who can tell the truth to the people. That’s why I came.”

“… … .”

“Even if you spray it when you spray the stimulant, you shouldn’t spray it like this. People do not know how much money is going abroad now.”

Clouded eyes gleamed between the razor-sharp eyes.

Something I didn’t know whether it was patriotism or anger passed by.

“Put a referendum.”

“… … !”

“I can’t see a young guy selling his country just because he cares about his conscience. These are the words of a person who was at least once deputy head of state.”

Prime Minister Yoo Jae-kyung sat in his seat for a long time without moving.

The best economist in Korea was solving the most complex calculations of his life.

The answer came.

“… … I will not fall for the words of the deputy.”

“… … .”

“It is very clear that you are aiming for the next presidential election by fighting Minister Han Seung-moon.”

However, Yoo Jae-kyung also had a belief.

I don’t know if it’s an ambition in the mask of belief, but that belief made Yoo Jae-kyung move.

“… … Still, economic recovery is right in front of us, and we cannot let the people pass without knowing anything.”

“… … .under!”

“I will only announce the amount of money used to support stimulants. If the stimulant support is successful, the economic recovery will pass. I’ll just let the people know about it. Whatever you do with it, do it yourself.”

Won Ok-bun laughed at Yoo Jae-kyung.

It was a cynicism to the traitor.

“Am I the one who declares war to hold a referendum?”

“… … As an economist, I do my bare minimum. I don’t know how you’re going to twist it, but nothing more, nothing less.”

Prime Minister Yoo Jae-kyung gestured expressionlessly. It was a blessing

The steps of Won Ok-bun who achieved his goal and left the house were really light.

She smiled happily in the back seat of the limousine.

It was the half-laughter of a face paralyzed person.

“… … That’s something nobody knows.”

Is it patriotism for the economic development of the Republic of Korea, or is it the anger to sit on the president’s seat that moves Wonokbun?

Is it the professional spirit of an economist who tries to prevent the outflow of national wealth, or his ambition for the presidency?

It was something no one knew.

even themselves.

* * *

[My fellow citizens. Today I stand here with a sad and sorry feeling… … .]

Prime Minister Yoo Jae-kyung held a press conference without discussion with the president. He mentioned the manufacturing cost of the stimulant, which was kept as top secret, and the current situation in the Republic of Korea.

Korea is on the verge of overcoming the economic crisis with the funds it earned from the Australian War, and if the stimulant aid is successful, the economic recovery will fail.

The country has been turned upside down

Citizens ran into the streets.

People were outraged about two things.

The first was that the manufacturing cost of the stimulant was very low compared to the price sold to citizens.

The second was that the government had hidden from the public that the price of 500,000 stimulants was to give up on the economic recovery of the Republic of Korea.

At that time, Won Ok-bun, the governor of Jeollabuk-do, came forward.

[Overseas support for the awakening system is the opinion of former Minister Han Seung-moon, who is a representative of the Republic of Korea of the WPO Council, and not the official opinion of the President of the Republic of Korea. In other words, this declaration of support is an unofficial matter for which the government has not clearly expressed its opinion.]

[And in accordance with Article 72 of the Constitution of the Republic of Korea, the President may hold a referendum on foreign affairs, national defense, and other important policies related to national security.]

[Currently, the public opinion on overseas funding is extremely divided, and that Won Ok-bun will officially request the president to hold the 7th referendum in constitutional history.]

Her declaration had three meanings.

First, Minister Han Seung-moon and the government of the Republic of Korea were separated. He downgraded the power of Han Seung-moon’s declaration to an unofficial one.

second. The Jeollabuk-do branch was hit by the central government policy. I imprinted on the people that I was a person who could stand up to the president.

And third. They did not simply oppose overseas aid, but cast a trick called a referendum. Now is the time of the general election, and considering the meaning of the act of ‘election’ in Korea,

It is safe to say that he showed a strong will to destroy the Yang Pan-seok administration.

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