A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 188

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 188

EP 28 – No Country for Superman (19)

Won Ok-bun’s political engineering was very meticulous and calculated.

As if ready, the dominoes began to fall.

However, there was no preparation in advance. She only knew the inadequacy of this society, and she only put a needle in the most important place.

That was enough.

[…] … Fellow citizens. We are facing the worst crisis.]

Shin Soo-gwang, who was in the dark period of politics, has emerged as the center of politics again.

[Do you remember that day? 10 million people in the metropolitan area have died. Numerous buds, including my daughter, have passed away. Nevertheless, 10 million refugees in the metropolitan area are still starving in poverty and cold.]

[By the way, the government is ignoring their suffering and saying that they will provide stimulants to Australia. He even hid the truth about the betrayal. This is completely incomprehensible. Which government in the world is hurting the hearts of people who have lost their families and homes again?]

[The leader of Honam, who protected Gwangju for 10 years, became president. Five new towns are being built in Jeolla-do. Han Seung-moon, who had a fight with GS Hunter Capital, took over the paranormal society. He delays retaking Seoul because it should be used as a hunting ground for hunters, and he even sprays stimulants abroad, saying that he is now the head of an international organization.]

[Is this country?]

Shin Soo-kwang’s press conference once again surpassed 10 million views. As a result, he has established himself as the best populist in Korea.

The Shin Su-gwang affiliates within the KMT, with the poor as their main support group, declared an all-out war against the Han Seung-moon system. From the theory of leaving the party, the theory of the establishment of a new party, and the theory of leaving the party by Han Seung-moon. He attacked with all kinds of cards.

And the social leadership, who could not even speak to the government because of their involvement in the Jangjeon-eup organ sales incident, responded to this. The business community, including Jeju Governor Chung Jung-yeop, drew the sword.

That knife was the press.

[Han Seung-moon, Noah Lumière and Intimacy!]

[200 tons of Mana Stones exist in the basement of the Office of the Portrait Management Department!]

[The United States offered Han Seung-moon citizenship.]

Of course, the GS Group and the three major guilds, as well as the Magical Economy Cartel, existed, so they were not involved in a one-sided attack. Thanks to this, terrestrial broadcasters and general broadcasters maintained a pro-government attitude to the point of almost controlling the press.

However, planning rumors that spread around YouTube, podcasts, internet newspapers, social media, and various communities spread like wildfire and provoked anger.

The people were divided, and as the referendum date was set, the polls turned red.

[Overseas support for stimulants, 73.9% against]

[Poll results, in fact, more than 80% of the opposition!]

[75% against. The government surrenders!]

After all, statistics can be manipulated at will in a legal way, depending on how the investigation is conducted. The actual opposition was around 60%, but that alone was enough to bring the government down.

Of course, Yang Pan-seok and Han Seung-moon finished preparing for a counterattack.

Prosecutors pulled out a black blade from the cabinet, President Cheon Geum-soon’s scheming was once again ready to tie numerous entrepreneurs to ties, and the countless pieces of information collected by Chae-won Lee were ready to burst into the press.

After slaughtering the enemies with public power, the politicians were shivering and planning to publish thorough justifications and refutations. He also staged large-scale discussions and public hearings. That was a strategy only possible for the ruling powers.


It was one step faster for the US to launch a nuclear bomb.

At dawn, something no one expected, a terrifyingly bright flash of light crossed the winter night sky.

* * *

No one knew why the United States carried out the first nuclear bomb without warning.

However, the U.S. Department of Defense announced that the response was delayed due to prolonged political unrest in South Korea.

In fact, it restored the Queensland defenses and saved the 700,000 townsville refugees from the crisis. And the monster’s main plants collapsed. Recovery would be instantaneous, though.

In addition, the United States has developed a hydrogen bomb that surpasses that of Tsar Bomba, and asserted the relative safety of eco-friendly nuclear weapons. It wasn’t that they couldn’t make nuclear weapons anyway, it wasn’t that they didn’t make them, so it wasn’t that strange.

However, there were 32 places where the mushroom cloud appeared, including a large city in the middle of the desert called Alice Springs.

This is where a Chinese spokesperson and a whistleblower inside the CIA claimed that it was the place where experiments on monsters took place.

It has now disappeared without a trace.

Of course, no media reported on it.

Because no one has been able to determine what the political implications of this will be. It is unprecedented for 32 new nuclear weapons to explode on the ground. Moreover, it was unclear how the radiation would affect the monsters.

Even for those who are living in an era that is unprecedented in history, the current situation was a period of chaos created by twisted and bizarre political dynamics.

No one could read this era. No superman was able to get through this age of madness. All human beings were infinitely weak in the face of a world full of desires and disasters.

But what is certain is

The impact of that huge nuclear explosion,

It was enough to raise the monster that was roaming the basement.

* * *

“How the hell is this… … .”

Around 3 in the morning, the news of a nuclear bombing was heard. I couldn’t even put on my socks properly and ran to Yang Pan-seok. And the day was bright as I dealt with the situation with a dreamy mind.

I vomited 3 times in the bathroom because of stress and fatigue. The aftereffects of the hardships in the past will come, but the last six hours have been like hell.

While I was lying on the bed, I was discussing domestic affairs.

“… … Wasn’t there a hunter involved in a nuclear explosion? Are Lumière and Seol Jinwoon all right? I heard that the scope of operation and the scope of fallout overlap… … .”

“You checked it before… … .”

“Just in case you don’t know, check it one more time. It’s not these crazy cubs, but I’m f**king a nuclear bomb in the middle of the night. haha, really… … .”

“Eat porridge first… … .”

Pi Chae-won bought the main porridge in downtown Busan. It’s not beef porridge, it’s just mushroom porridge. I was going to ask him to mix some tatami, but I didn’t have the energy to do that, so I just put it in my mouth.

Pi Chae-won blew out a red-brown plastic spoon and put it in my mouth. Although it was a bit embarrassing to be over 30 and collapse due to tension, the impact of 32 nuclear bombs was enough to blow people away for a while.

“hey… … . Call a reporter. Just in case you didn’t know, Jiyoon told me to wait… … .”

“You responded well in the morning calmly. So, get some sleep.”

I lay on the bed in the underground bunker sleeping room and muttered to myself without knowing what to say, and Pi Chae-won covered my mouth with mushroom porridge. And I was half-forced to sleep.

“You have already responded well in the initial response, and now there is nothing more you can do. There is no nuclear war, and no one is involved in a nuclear explosion.”

“… … okay.”

“It seems that the president has closed his eyes now. All the generals of the Armed Forces were also summoned. If you’re nervous, I’ll monitor you, so stop sleeping. It’s because the state of your body right now doesn’t seem to make sense… … .”

Slowly, Suma came to him at his passionate invitation. My eyelids get heavy, and I’m slowly losing consciousness.

Around the time I thought I could finally fall asleep after getting out of the shock of a nuclear bombing.

The door to the sleeping room swung open and someone ran in.


“… … .”

“Sa, sa, the situation room… … ! You should come to the Situation Room!”

I got up and ran like a firefighter at the call of the NIS tailor. But the situation room we arrived at was not so cluttered.

But it was quiet. In the center of the situation room, Yang Pan-seok was sitting with a sad expression on his face, and a lot of people were staring blankly at the screen.

I suddenly realized What they saw in their eyes was fear. An unknown fear filled this space.

And that fear gradually spread to me.

“… … What the hell is going on? Why is everyone like this?”

“… … A senator.”

“No, why are you so scared of people… … ?”

Commander Doo-Sik Kim quietly pointed to the monitor.

The monitor that filled the wall of the control room was displaying a certain satellite image.

It was a desert wriggling like a snake.

* * *

It started with an earthquake.

“… … what?”

The supermarket cupboard rattled and stuff started pouring out. All kinds of food were mixed with the sound of glass breaking, and people were killed by glass windows falling from the sky.

The great earthquake is over.

The streets of the city center were full of glass fragments that had fallen from buildings, tables that had fallen down, and corpses littered with signs. Fortunately, there were no traffic accidents in this country, as there were no motorists.

“What’s happening… … !”

“here! Listen here! A person has fallen!”

“Ahhh… … ! aah-! Johnny! Johnny! Calm down!”

Screams and terror spread through the city. The person they had just been talking to had turned into a corpse. People thought disaster had come to them.

However, people realized that the earthquake was not even on the axis of disaster when the skyscrapers quietly began to tilt.


It was the sound of a steel bar twisting. It was a lot quieter than most disaster movies. Because of this, someone did not notice him even when the building fell over his head.

“… … Well?”

When the passerby looked up at the shadows cast around him, a huge skyscraper was already falling towards him.

woo woo woo woo-!

Buildings hit the residential area. The dust exploded like a gas bomb. It was a shock wave capable of terrifying dozens of kilometers nearby.

High-rise buildings collapsed, creating an earthquake-like effect. It was the moment when the monster that came up to the surface near the surface by the stimulation of the nuclear explosion caught a clear target.

“yes! Due to the sudden earthquake… … .”

“Break the window! Hit it with a fire engine! Get in right away!”

“What? Is the hospital full? We are full of wounded people, so where are we going to send them!”

The neighborhood of the collapsed building was full of people. Reporters coming to film the live news, firefighters trying to get inside a collapsed building, and doctors trying to escort the wounded to the streets.

The city was thrown into chaos. Everyone focused on this horrific catastrophe. It was even more shocking because it was in the rear far away from the front line.

But the turmoil didn’t last long.

The city was covered with sand.

It happened in an instant.

“… … .”

The desert was engulfed in terrible silence, and countless lives died in the sand.

The rooftop of a high-rise building protruded out of the desert, but even that was drowned in the sand by something.

The desert sun was still hot,

The sandstorm shows no sign of abating,

The figure of a giant snake swimming in the water swam fluttered on the surface of the desert.

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