A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 19

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 19

EP 5 – Hunters (2)

“Miss Pi Chae-won. There are a lot of people in Apgujeong.”

So I’m trying to cast a pyrotechnic

“I’m going to go to Seoul to help those people.”

I’m also building a little bit of awareness.

“Do you think we will be able to come safely?”

Will it be okay?

Pi Chae-won lay on the bed and looked at me with blank eyes for a long time. The girl muttered a little.

“Even if I tell you not to go, you won’t go.”

* * *

“…are you saying you want to go to Apgujeong?”


Cha Jae-gyun’s cold eyes. and subsequent interrogation.

“I think I need an explanation.”

I don’t think it’s okay to lose it to you, the fireman.

“We need to give people confidence.”

Beside the yangban stone, I learned many things. Once ‘national’ was attached, they could eat half of anything and enter.

“People are afraid.”

I continued speaking with a stern expression on my face.

“Millions have died. It means that the entire nation has lost at least one acquaintance. However, there are thousands of people living in Apgujeong. What do people think?”

Cha Jae-gyun, as always, kept silence with a grim expression. I muffled my voice with a sad expression on my face.

“I think the whole nation would want my family to be among those thousands. And they will hope that the state will rescue them. My going there is a kind of token. The state has not abandoned you-”

“It sounds good.”

“What would it be like to have Han Seung-mun at the site of that history?”


Cha Jae-gyun shook his head with a tired expression. He gave me admiration and admiration with his tired eyes.

“I have met a lot of politicians in my 38 years of public service, but this is the first time this has happened to me.”

“It’s just a mind that thinks of the people.”

Of course, the real reason was the recruitment of superpowers. And the first smoke screen to hide it is political greed.

There are other reasons for the legislative acts of the original lawmakers.

“Because the beginning is always when you are hungry for attention.”

“Are you saying that you will risk your life? It cannot be allowed. The rescue operation is carried out by the military on its own.”

“…I know this shouldn’t be the case! me too!”

The second smoke screen, loyalty.

“…There is one guy named Kang Seok-ho. I saw a face I thought was dead on the news.”


“I have been drinking with you since we were members of the National Assembly. He’s a grandparent like me, and he’s a guy who has done everything he can to feed his four younger siblings.”

I bowed my head with trembling eyes.

“…when I ran away from Seoul, I threw it away.”


“I want to go and say I’m sorry. Deputy Minister.”

I sat in the wheelchair and smiled helplessly.

“Please, send me there.”

Interpretation: I’ve lost face like this, but if you don’t send it, I’ll take it as that you don’t want to work with me.

You’ll never lose a pyrotechnic man, you bastard.


“Are you crazy?”

“Why is everyone looking at me crazy these days?”

“Seoul? Seoul? this person…! Gattorai bastard…!”

Yeo Do-yeon threw a pillow at me. Still, it looks like it has a lot of horns because it’s rough.

“Anyway, I can’t go!”

“Ah, you’re going by helicopter anyway. Just send me some.”

“Are you doing this because you want to die now? uh!? Do you want me to finish it with my own hands now before the monster catches it and eats it?”

“ah! Why are you so stinky!”

The kinetic energy was a bit strong for a squishy, but I could never deny this argument.

If you want to get out of the puppet state of Yang Pan-seok and gain a political presence as Han Seung-moon, you must not miss this opportunity.

Apgujeong attracts the national attention.

A flame magician that should never be taken away.

It is an opportunity of genius Il-woo that cannot be conceded.

I am the one who came this far. And my judgment said that now was ‘each’.

“I always knocked. So I got a gold badge.”


He resolutely shot at Yeo Do-yeon, who had a look of embarrassment.

“When an opportunity comes, it’s stupid to miss it.”

“Yeah, you bastard.”

uhm. This is a message I was aiming for.

“…Anyway, I have to go to Seoul myself.”

“Are you really going to die if you keep trying?”

“If you want to go into politics with a nameplate, you have to give up a certain amount of money and run the game.

“under! Hey, baby…!”

Yeo Do-yeon pointed at me and warned me.

“Are you even risking your life to seize power?”

“Who will live?”

I removed her finger, which had reached my forehead, with the back of my hand. And quietly chanted.

“Top of transport helicopters. 7 combat helicopters. Even Apache.”


“Ten transport helicopters carrying 50 people, and seven combat helicopters that can slaughter a village alone.”

The plan for the rescue operation of Apgujeong established by Cha Jae-gyun was simple.

Rescue citizens by alternately deploying helicopters that can accommodate 55 people. Seven combat helicopters guard the site.

it’s money This cannot be done unless the oil from the Arabs is also cut off and the jet fuel does not rot and overflow. He even borrowed a USFK helicopter.


“My late Excellency Sir shut up the entire airport.”

Gimpo, Incheon, Yangyang, Jeju. Daegu, Cheongju.

At the beginning of the crisis, the president shut down all airports. No other chaebol can run away with money. Then he died.

Thanks to this, the airport was occupied by soldiers, and our Commander-in-Chief Cha Jae-gyun requisitioned all the jet fuel held by all domestic airlines.

“Well, it’s a shame that Korea is a country that refines and sells petroleum, and it has some oil in its possession…”

If the tank had not been able to roll because there was no oil, a big problem would have occurred by now. Fortunately, Korea is not such a poor country. We also have a large stockpile of oil for war.

“Resources are scarce, but the political significance of Apgujeong is quite large. So the Deputy Minister also made a big decision…”

You have to paddle when the water comes in.

I bit my nails in agitation.

“It’s a great opportunity. really. Do you know what I mean?”


Yeo Do-yeon sat down on the chair with a tired expression.

“I don’t know what the f**k you are talking about. Can’t we just go somewhere dangerous? So far-”


I’m not going anywhere dangerous

shut your mouth

working normally

get married and have children

If I were to die of old age.

“If that’s the case, I wouldn’t have been in politics in the first place.”

I am an ambitious person.


“……Can I go too?”

“Yes? Where are you?”

For a moment, he held out his flippers as usual, but the cold-jaw raised his round glasses and smiled softly.

“I heard that you are going to Apgujeong.”

“No, how about that, anyway! Are you crazy?”

I can but you can’t.

“Senator! Just one time please. It’s not that dangerous, is it?”

Why is this uncle doing this all of a sudden? Hold on, the journalistic spirit has exploded.

“Uh-huh, why are you like this all of a sudden!”

“Does a reporter need a reason to go to the scene?”

A person who doesn’t know how to live a round life suddenly becomes tough. Maybe I’m blinded by the scoop, if that’s the case, I won’t be a war correspondent.

No, in general, don’t you think that the death of one Korean is more important than the death of 241 people in the civil war in South Sudan?

I guess he was a yangban full of a sense of justice that was useless than I thought. Maybe I smelled something suspicious in Apgujeong.

“Put this down!”


tt A clicking sound was heard from right next to it.

“Ji Yoon-ah.”


– Tung!

The flue that bounced in the air flew to somewhere. He was locked in bed, rolled up on a blanket, and sealed.

Hwa-ran Cheon and Ga-myeon Gam, who quickly subdued the flu, came in proudly and said to me.

“Now that he deserves to live, his original personality seems to have returned.”

“……Are you really there?”

“Because it’s a stage show…”

Ga Ji-yoon was riding on top of her rolled up daddy like a caterpillar, and he was hopping around and chopping his daddy finely.

I think the weight of a father is like that. My child is 7 years old, so I don’t want to weigh around 15kg. Parents have to endure the original 15kg jump on their body.

Cheon Hwa-ran smiled leisurely.

“I’ll hold you there, so go ahead. He was trying to do something big for you, and he almost caught his ankle.”

Oh yeah. me. Yeo Do-yeon dried me up and said don’t go. Hwaran Cheon looked at me while drying the cold and said to go.

It’s ironic.


-Ah. Chamsuri, Chamsuri 5008. Unit 4 waiting for takeoff. superior. The wind is a bit strong. Wait.

Helicopter takeoff seems to be delayed. I relieved my anxiety by fiddling with the slightly loose prosthetic joints.

Aren’t monsters popping out of the sky? It’s a little scary too However, I am a little worried about bringing Yeo Do-yeon.

I go because of my greed, but I can’t take my family with me. Actually, I know this is dangerous.

Still, what should I do? It is impossible for a person to live by doing only what he wants to do.

– True Eagle 5008. Atmosphere is good. Roger. ……Yes? uh

The helicopter engine, which was just about to take off, calmed down again. Someone is running from afar.

Not at the speed of an average person-

– Whoops!


“Okay! Uncle, please leave!”

Yeo Do-yeon, who ran sprinting from afar, ran into me and shouted.

The pilot glanced behind him and moved the three instrument panel switches up and down with a snap of his wrist. cool.

“Ah, sir…why are you here?”

“Why are you here?”

I didn’t ask you to go with me because I was worried. You must have followed me because you were worried. He even went to the upper level of the control room and asked for permission.

Yeo Do-yeon was sitting in a helicopter chair and fastening her seat belt to see if the speed was comfortable. I opened my mouth in a hoarse voice.

“Are you really going?”


“Speak with headphones on.”

Yeo Do-yeon received the headphones from the soldier. She quarreled with me as soon as communication was established.

“You just insulted me.”

“Don’t be silly, are you really going?”

“You are safe.”

“Do you believe that?”

Instead of answering, she raised her middle finger and grinned, and the answer was full of it.

– A eagle. Chamsuri 5008. Unit 4 waiting for takeoff. Roger Wilco. I’m going to succumb. Oba.

The helicopter soared towards the sky of Seoul.


“Okay, let’s get to the basics first. Ten transport helicopters will take turns carrying 50 people from Apgujeong to Namyangju.”

“How many people are there-!”

“There is a volume control on the headphones, so don’t make your voice louder. a little. In any case, the details are not yet known.”

“Then how long does this take-!”

“I don’t even know. A day and a half at best, a long time at a later time.”

“What should we do-!”

“You just have to go and stay until all the citizens escape by helicopter. Trust to give me faith. Apologize to Seok-ho as well.”

And we also included our cute pyrotechnician.

Take a live broadcast across the country and try acting as a star.

Before being called a yangban-seok scarecrow.

Yeo Do-yeon crossed her arms and crossed her legs with a puzzled expression. It was only then that I had some free time and paid attention to the outside of the helicopter.

Smoke rises in the city.

Somewhere in the distance, a high-rise building built to boast of money is emitting only black smoke like a burning tree.

Sculptures of people on the street. The blood that would have spread red hardened and appeared black.

In fact, I didn’t feel that a human corpse was that cruel. After all, if they are scattered piece by piece, they don’t even know they’re human.

It’s just, it’s so shabby.

Family, power, money, dreams, each one of them had something of their own and lived really hard. Laying down on the street and giving yourself to maggots.

How did the world become like this?


The world was like this

Kashmir. Middle East. South Sudan. Balkan. South Ossetia. Moldova. slum. Mexican Cartel. North Korea.

It was just originally this way.

by the way.

“Are you aware of this now?”

-Ah. eagle. 5008. What’s going on? over. …what the f**k?

At the same time as the pilot spit out a swear word in a hoarse voice, the aircraft shook violently once.

It is a strong wind. If it wasn’t for the seat belt, I would fall to the floor of the helicopter-


A terrifyingly high scream was heard. It’s a scream that rips the air apart.

The pilot lowered the helicopter almost to the ground. I feel like my body is bursting.

at that time. Something passed over the helicopter from behind.

For a moment, there was a crackling sound and the aircraft shook violently.

And it started spinning like it was going to fall.

“Hey Niemi-!”

The pilot used evil and manipulated the control stick. Eventually, the aircraft regained some stability.

A soldier asked the pilot.

“Park So-ryeong! What happened!”

“b*tch…! I got my ass kicked!”

“Wow, what!?”

“You’re such a chubby bastard that you’ve got your tail flapped!”

Upon closer inspection, the pilot was balancing, not driving.

In other words, the helicopter was damaged enough to crash immediately when the steering wheel was released.

I just hit our top and checked where the beast passed.

I can only see big bat wings, but it’s clearly making a big turn and coming back towards us.

The pilot quickly turned the helicopter sideways. As our body leaned to one side, we circled and headed towards the lower left.


The helicopter stopped in mid-air. Of course, it was still wobbly, but the pilot was balancing the steering wheel with godly dexterity.

Where do you stop now?

I looked out the window and saw the roof of a high-rise building directly below. Although it is a bit high, it is not high enough to fall behind.

One of the soldiers who let out a twinkle opened the door and jumped straight out. Then he could not jump off the roof and fell down the building and died.

As soon as I unfastened my seat belt, Yeo Do-yeon hugged me. and ran hard.

I closed my eyes. the wind ruffles my hair All I hear is the sound of helicopter engines.

With a strong impact, we rolled over and rolled a few laps.

My ears are deaf and my vision is blurred. I barely got up and saw a few soldiers from the helicopter jumping off the roof.

One fell down the building as before. In general, they landed well on the roof of the building.

Now, the pilot’s fate was obvious.

The monster returned and collided with the helicopter.


A roar and flames filled the air. A few propeller fragments skimmed near us, but fortunately no one was injured.

I looked at the cloudy sky.

There is a gate in the air we passed through.

As I was looking at the place in despair, Yeo Do-yeon hit me in the back of the head and dragged me along.

“…dog, cypal.”

The world doesn’t just go the way you want it to.

Gambling failed.

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