A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 190

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 190

EP 28 – No Country for Superman (21)

“Where is the monster?”

“Wise Hill, Southwest Australia! It’s 300 km from the front line, and it’s moving at high speed!”

“hello? I am General Kim Doo-sik of the Republic of Korea. If you have Commander Copperfield, try changing it. I heard that the atomic bomb was moving. What happened?”

The Korean underground bunker was a melting pot of chaos.

Both bureaucrats and military personnel fell into a panic. It’s only natural that one monster smashed the city in five minutes.

“What is this… … !”

Even Yang Pan-seok lost his composure.

The situation ahead of a referendum on overseas support for stimulants. There is no way the fearful people would like the act of leaking national wealth.

And I staked my political life on this referendum, and as soon as I am overthrown, Yang Pan-seok begins a lame duck.

Therefore, it is now a crisis for Australia as well as a crisis for the Korean government.

The moment I made that decision, I sprinted out of my seat.

“dismissal. Do you have any plane left?”

That’s when I was going to ask if there wasn’t. An urgent cry was heard.

“It’s a big deal!”

“what happened.”

“Wow, the screen… … !”

When the signalman tapped the computer, a satellite image was sent to the central monitor.

It was a scene no one expected.

“… … Why is Hong Seon-ah here?”

* * *

Chewy profit-!

A huge sandstorm crashed against the Great Wall of Fire. The dust of sand turned into ashes and fluttered. It is a day when black frost flies.

Gulping, Hong Seon-ah swallowed dry saliva.

And slowly moved on.


At the same time, the Great Wall of Fire started advancing in her footsteps.

The fierce flames and sandstorms mingled, making a sound close to thunder.

Dust mixed with ashes, and the world was enveloped in terrible darkness.

And in that darkness, something was approaching.


The silhouette beyond the dust was immeasurably huge.

The body of a snake swimming in the desert was like a wriggling mountain range.

It should stop here. The hunter’s judgment is over.

“… … !”

Like a general giving an attack order, Hong Seon-ah raised her hand and headed forward.

The fire wall began to shake. And it collapsed like an explosion.


Like a tidal wave rushing across the horizon, the Great Wall of Fire began to run across the horizon.

A tsunami of sparks swept through a sandstorm. The powder of sand turned to ashes and scattered.

Waves of flame pushed the sandstorm away. It was a war of sand and fire.

“Ugh… … !”

Her fire barrier was enough to protect a village, and the storm that knocked it down was comparable to a meteorological phenomenon.

Thanks to this, blood gushed out of Hong Seon-ah’s nose. Black blood dripped down his chin and wet his white shirt.

Dust and ashes fluttering like snowballs permeated the lungs, and the red magical powers swayed throughout the body, heating up the veins.

So, a huge tidal wave rushed towards the center of the sandstorm, and a huge explosion occurred with a roar.

A blow with all his might.

After that, silence subsided.

“… … .”

The world, which was shaking as if it was about to perish at any moment, was enveloped in silence. The earthquake also subsided.

Only ashes fell quietly like volcanic ash on the ground where the storm of sand and flame had passed. Even the wind was calm.

But in the stillness there was a gloomy fear. The hunter did not relax and looked straight into the smoke.

As Hong Seon-ah’s eyes turned toward the darkness,

Darkness looked at her with red eyes.

“… … !”

Flashing, three pairs of red eyes shone. The monster’s eyes looked straight at Hong Seon-ah.

Darkness began to move. The darkness itself was a huge shadow of the monster.

As the shadow squirmed a little, the earth began to shake again.


A sudden shock wave pushed away all the ashes, and the desert sun shone on the world again.

The snake twisting the desert revealed its true form.

Its scales glistened like obsidian, its eyes gleamed with red magic, and its body was like a black mountain range rising to the horizon.

As the snake swung around, a great earthquake occurred. The ground collapsed and dust rose.

The snake raised its head. The sand that had piled up on his head fell to form a mountain, and the head that rose up obscured the sun.

And open your mouth,

Kyaa have been up

It was like a snake swallowing the sun.

* * *

“… … I have no hope.”

Hong Seon-ah’s fight was also communicated to the Australian Army Command. All the soldiers in the command watched her struggle.

Lieutenant General Herbert opened his mouth.

“There is no other way than a nuclear bomb.”

Hong Seon-ah fought in the sandstorm, but the command looked down through the satellite. Thanks to this, I was able to grasp the situation more objectively.

Her majesty was truly magnificent.

A barrier of fire stopped the sandstorm, engulfing the entire neighborhood with flames, and causing a huge explosion in the body of the gigantic beast.

Thanks to this, the monster even recognized Hong Seon-ah’s existence. So I stopped running for a while and turned to face her.

That’s all.

“You see that? That stinkin’ guy didn’t even get burned. In the first place, he was able to withstand the pressure and heat of hundreds or thousands of meters underground… … tt.”

Lieutenant General Herbert slurped his taste buds with disappointment.

“Where is the atomic bomb?”

“We are currently flying over Sandstone. About 25 minutes left until arrival.”

“Tell them to drop them as soon as they arrive. Whether citizens evacuate or not, hunters fight or not. The operation is proceeding as planned.”

The chief of staff, who was watching, opened his mouth.

He stood in front of the lieutenant general with a nervous face.

“… … Do you even want to do this? Lieutenant General.”


The lieutenant general answered with a very tired look.

The Chief of Staff protested to Lieutenant General Herbert with wide eyes.

“… … Foreigners who have absolutely nothing to do with each other are fighting for us. But the soldiers drop nuclear bombs on the heads of their own people without even thinking about fighting?”

“I’m not just a foreigner, I’m the president of the Korea Superhuman Association. An estimated S-rank pyrokinesis. Even such a person could not inflict a single wound. How much do you think he will die if he goes wild?”

“Thousands of refugees have not yet been evacuated! Lieutenant General!”

“Then are you going to stop that monster?”

“You should try to do that! Isn’t that what the army says it is!”

“What if a monster attacks Perth while you try it? So what if 900,000 die instead of 8,000? Can you take responsibility for that?”


There was no hesitation in the chief’s reply.

Whether he did not know the weight of the responsibility or whether he had the capacity to bear the weight, no one knew.

“I… … ! I will take responsibility! So, get the order to drop the nukes now!”

“Girl… … .”

The lieutenant general smirked, using profanity.

The sudden burst of laughter didn’t look normal. Especially since that laughter wasn’t from a normal person.

“… … .I’m out of my mind. Just put the baton. I will no longer sin against history.”

“Are you going to take responsibility for someone else’s death? Have you seen this kind of bullshit? … .”

The chief’s mouth shut. It was because the lieutenant general’s eyes were not normal.

The lieutenant colonel, unable to hold back his laughter, looked at his wristwatch to estimate the time of the nuclear bomb dropping.

“Anyway, from the moment I gave the order to drop the nuclear bomb, I crossed a river of no return. A lieutenant general like me is doing this shit, but the High Command has not said anything yet.”

“… … .”

“But because I don’t know what this means? I’m not saying I’m going to overwrite it all.”

The lieutenant general let out a sigh.

He just looked tired without any emotion.

“… … In the end, the nuclear bomb must drop, and the monster must die. That’s all. I’m ready to take on the secondary issues.”

Lieutenant General Herbert is ready to take responsibility. All those who could not bear the responsibility have left this land.

The fact that he is still holding out in this damn place without running away proves his humanity.

So, a general who wants to drop a nuclear bomb on the people’s heads, and a government that tolerates him.

Everyone wants to protect this land.

But the world was not so easy. In order to save humanity, we had to give up our humanity. Someone had to put blood on their hands.

So someone has to be a superman.

“You can’t save everyone in the end.”

“Lieutenant General!”

“Bring this guy out.”

Watching the Chief of Staff being arrested and dragged by the Military Police, Lieutenant General Herbert lit a cigarette.

“… … under.”

With light self-help, the lieutenant general’s gaze turned to the satellite image.

The monster is wriggling again, causing a sandstorm. A small town running away from him looks like a toy.

If you look down from above, the world is so funny. People living in it are so miserable.

Up close it was a tragedy, but from a distance it was a comedy.

So the lieutenant laughed.

“… … I ordered 15 nuclear warheads, so tell them to stop the knights from dispatching them. That way it will come out later.”

* * *

In front of a large transport plane, numerous hunters and one officer confronted. The officer was blocking the entrance to the plane like an iron wall.

“Why can’t the plane take off?”

A rare roar erupted from Lumiere’s mouth. She even pointed at the soldiers and pushed them.

“We are Hunters! I’m going to catch the monster now! Need more reasons? Launch the transport now!”

“Sorry, there are no pilots.”

“No pilots in Sydney? Are you talking about that?”

But the soldier did not move even a single step. It is an order from the superior. To delay the sortie of the Knights Association as much as possible.

This was intended to incite the necessity of the use of nuclear weapons.

Because the Knights Society is unable to help, saying that they used nuclear weapons will help the people.

Above all, if the Knights Society gets involved in a nuclear explosion, that would be more of a disaster than a monster, and if the Knights Society does not help at this point, responsibility will be distributed later.

Of course, the Knights Society is not an idiot who doesn’t know that.


Eventually, Daniel Wellington took off his rubber gloves. The shaggy-bearded Westerner called out to the soldier with a gloomy voice.

“Hey, soldier.”

Suddenly, thick pink rubber gloves fell to the floor. A flashing electric current was revealed.

It was derived from superpowers so powerful that even a skilled psychic could not control it.

Cheeky! Wellington clenched his fists and pounded, sparking with a flash of light.

“If I catch you by the neck, you will be free.”

“… … .”

“Just ask me. Do I look patient? huh? How long do you think I’ll be watching this damn thing? This f**king head cub- ”

At that time, profanity of native English pronunciation was about to pour out.


The soldier fell with the sound of an electric splash.

“Rul rum… … !”

“… … !”

“… … !”

Daniel Wellington was startled and reflexively raised his hand. Lumiere’s complexion darkened, wondering if there was really a murder.

There is only one person who is relaxed in this situation.

It was a cold who stunned a soldier with a stun gun.

“Gosh. My hand slipped.”

“… … .”

“… … .”

He hid the stunner in his back pocket and sent a bright smile to Lumière with a fluent French.

“Are you going anywhere?”

“Ah, no, that was just a stun-”

“You must have been wrong.”

“That, that, the stunner, that… … .”

“I have a license for that plane.”

“let’s go.”

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