A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 191

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 191

EP 28 – No Country for Superman (22)


Flames erupted from the cracked earth, biting the neck of Black Death like a snake. It was relatively small in size, but the heat was unparalleled.


Like snakes mating, two snakes intertwined and intertwined. and wrestled hard.

Cool, blood dripping down his chin wet the sand.


It can’t tell if it’s the sound of sand rustling in the wind or the sound of a snake crowing. Snake cries from all directions echoed in the storm.

When you close your eyes, you can see the red snake eyes, and when you open your eyes, you can see the huge jaws. Earth, sky, wind, everything was the domain of the monster.

At that moment, the giant tail of the monster attacked her.

“… … !”

Her body disappeared like a flame. It was evaded by a short teleportation.

However, the ‘tail slap’ had an effect similar to that of a meteorite impact.

woo woo woo-!

A huge shock wave blew away Hong Seon-ah.

She rolled four or five times over the desert and crashed into the sand. So this time, the monster’s jaws attack again.

“Ugh… … !”

He used blinking without a moment to catch his breath, but blood was already leaking out of his mouth.

Tears of blood flowed from the pupils that were torn by the scattering of sand.

In the end, Hong Seon-ah vomited up tears of blood, nosebleeds, and cut blood, staining her upper body with blood.

It was a creepy look.

After she escaped the monster’s sight for a while, it was her turn to attack again.

“die… … !”

The witch cursed the monster.

Blood pus flows from his eyes full of madness.


Flames rose from all the scars that appeared on the monster’s torso.

It was as if thousands of goblin fires were lit up at the same time, but the movement of the superman, who entered the state of Hwanggwang Banjo, made this possible.

Cool, the superman is bleeding, and the monster is screaming in pain and struggling.


The screams of the black snake ripped the wind.

The monster looks at her. She sees monsters too.

The fight isn’t over yet.

* * *

“how… … why… … .”

Questions leaked from the mouth of the signalman who was watching the scene through the aerial image of the combat helicopter. Why are you fighting like that?

The appearance of blood dripping from his eyes, nose, and mouth was more like a critically ill rather than a hero. The onlooker automatically becomes terrified.

The strangest thing is this.

Hong Seon-ah was smiling while wearing a bloodbath. The lieutenant colonel asks a question while the signalman observes the scene with a nervous feeling.

“How is Hunter?”

“yet… … I am struggling.”

“What is the status of the evacuation of Wise Hill?”

“There is a lot of earthquake damage due to the riots of the monster. Since an earthquake of magnitude 7 or greater is occurring, the evacuation is very delayed.”

“… … Is the evacuation late?”

“Most of the residents evacuated on foot without vehicles or oil, and the earthquake struck. If nuclear weapons are deployed like this, the entire Wise Hill will become involved.”

“… … okay. I see.”

The Australian military command had recovered its composure. Most of them were veterans, most of all because Lieutenant Colonel Herbert took control of the scene.

“It makes no sense to build a defensive line against him. Tell all the Satans who will return to the rear. Millions of ants are scarier than one big one.”

“Send a combat helicopter to secure airspace. If a squadron of atomic bombers collides with a blind monster, then it really is the end of everything.”

“The police are going to help evacuate Wise Hill? It’s already late. Don’t waste oil and keep Perth safe. If we don’t stop here anyway, we’ll all die.”

His orders were efficient apart from the ethical side, and he was unwilling to evade responsibility.

And the government has blatantly placed all the blame on one person. For the Air Force Command, that’s a good thing.

Meanwhile, bad news came.

“Lord, lieutenant general! The Knights Society has sortieed!”

“What? How!?”

“Looks like they got the pilot there… … !”

Originally, a fighter squadron had to accompany the transport plane to take off. That way, the minimum safety is guaranteed, and even that is an imperfect yard.

However, the knights traversed this danger zone with only one transport plane. Even without hesitation in all kinds of aerobatics.

Of course, the driver was caught by a cold.

“There is a monster ahead! Everyone, hold on tight!”


“Lewin! Push the plane with telekinetic power! Mayed! Create an updraft! I will stop the monster with a barrier!”

They were accelerating the transport planes with all sorts of paranormal powers, and they traversed the skies of Australia as a variable no one expected.

It was not impossible, as there was no such experience in Europe anyway, but it was a very embarrassing situation for the Australian Command.

“shit… … !”

If the Knights Society participates in the war, there will be a huge setback in the use of nuclear weapons. Moreover, there is no guarantee that they will succeed in catching the monster.

In the end, the lives of 3 million Australians fall into their hands. And the lieutenant general had no intention of making such an uncertain gamble. It was a human life at stake.

“Atomic bomb… … ! Where is the atomic bomb?”

“Now, because communication is uncertain for a while… … !”

Will the atomic bomb squad arrive first? Or does the Knights Society arrive first? Australia’s fate was in the sky.


The plane that arrived first dropped a bomb, not a parachute.

It was a tactical nuke.

* * *

In fact, I didn’t feel like I was fighting a monster.

The biggest enemy was his own heart.

Even in the midst of that torture-like battle. At some point, even when the flames hit her.

She was able to run away.

“… … .”

It’s not about avoiding the monster’s attack by teleporting, it’s about running away from the monster. There is no meaning, no loyalty, no will to fight.

So, go back to Korea, stamp Han Seung-moon’s policy, enjoy power and wealth, and let these living hells go down the bottom of the 8 o’clock news.

I just couldn’t.

Why was that?

“… … .”

Only one question floats through my head.

why fight

To make time for the old man to escape? Are you sure you can win? Trusting that someone will come to help?

no. I don’t think so.

It is Kim Chun-sik’s shadow that now dominates her. Her obsession and lust for only one person dominated her everything.

His intense desire to understand him, his love-hate and innocence towards one person, drove her crazy. That’s all.

So, what we want is the human heart.

“Ugh… … !”

why fight

In the indelible question, the answer already existed. If it was Kim Chun-shik, I would have fought. He would have thrown himself into the battlefield with a refreshing smile.

So he disappeared into the gate. Not even a body was found. And a word left behind.

‘You do it.’

what the hell do you mean Should I put on a funny jumpsuit and save the planet? I didn’t do it, but I did my best.

But this world was a den of demons.

Australia, once called the hope of mankind, became a forgotten treasure trove in a matter of days.

Politicians valued the next election more than the lives of seven million people, and the media ran the story with blood and tears.

And the public did not see people as people because they were trapped in the façade of nation and nation. Humans did not give up being human even in the face of destruction.

It’s funny.

“Heh heh… … !”

Did he just die to protect this world?

A world like this where you have to be silent because there is no alternative to taking young orphans and brainwashing them, and the stimulants are so regretful that they even vote for 7 million lives and try to kill them?

I can not admit it.

“… … you.”

You weren’t superhuman either. All his life he feared the infants burned to death on the battlefield, and for his atonement he dragged several people into the fires of hell.

After all, he is a human being who lives his own way.

okay. as you please.

Neither profit, nor morals, nor the glory of the country. All he wanted was the human heart. The position, the situation, the line, you have to break them down for the heart to work.

If the world denies it, I will make it right. It is only with that heart that I stand before death. So your flame remains in someone’s heart.

So your life is not over yet. Your dream must not end here. So I decided to be your meaning.

“… … !”

Even when you died, you didn’t leave my side.

Thanks to you, I always look into your eyes.

Blue eyes that jumped into danger without hesitation. That blue that burned with boundless goodness, justice, and guilt.

The world was just like you.

The color was spreading blue.

The heat that seemed to melt his body gradually turned into warmth.

very blue.

dyed blue

* * *

“Nuclear explosion… … . Stopped.”

“… … What does that mean?”

The lieutenant general pushed the soldier away and looked at the screen. There was a blue sun in the satellite image.

In the center of the nuclear explosion, which should have burned 2km in all directions, instead of a mushroom cloud, only blue flames were burning.

The signalman muttered in a dazed voice.

“All, fortunately, the village is safe. The spreading shock wave was also compressed along the way, and there was no firestorm. Radioactive fallout… … I don’t know what it will be like, but it seems that citizens continue to evacuate-“

“… … The monster, the monster!”

The lieutenant general wandered in search of the monster with a venomous voice. And the monster answered with a huge dragon frame.

“… … !”

The black snake was in full swing. The majestic giant swayed and twisted his body. Black blood oozing from the wound soaked the desert.

But. He was obviously alive.

“shit… … !”

It was even observed with satellite images that the tentacles, which seemed to function as blood vessels, wriggled and quickly regenerate the wound.

And the monster had his head thrown into the desert and returned to the sand again.

Lieutenant General Herbert saw this and shouted.

“… … You can’t miss it like this! Drop another nuclear bomb right now! Surely these idiots didn’t come with only one, did they?”

“Oh, no. As originally requested, 15 tactical nukes were loaded, and there are currently 14 remaining… … .”

“Drop it now!”

“But the squadron is returning!”


Lieutenant General Herbert grabbed the communicator and protested.

And Darwin Air Force Base answered.

No matter how hard you go, you can’t kill the WPO leadership.

* * *

When I woke up, a terrible pain came over me.

“Ouch… … .”

The clothes and the skins were all burned down. It seemed that bones were exposed in several places.

It was difficult to open my eyes because of the dried ooze on my eyelids, and the exposed muscles gave me extreme pain every time I wriggled.

“Ugh… … heh heh… … !”

But it is not rationality that rules her now, but obsession close to madness.

Hong Seon-ah staggered and stood up.

Even though the melted skin shook, and yellow ooze dripped from the blister, he eventually stood up.

Standing up like that, I saw the monster.

The monster’s mourning was similar to his own.

Kee eh eh-!

Its head dug into the ground to escape underground, and its tail lost its sense of direction and struck the heavens and earth in all directions.

The destructive power of that huge mass was overwhelming, but it was really funny to see her as she was dealing with a monster in a healthy state.

“Ugh. heh heh… … ! Ouch!”

she burst into laughter. Of course, it was close to the sound of breathing.

A monster who was likely to destroy the world like that, trying to run away like that.

The monster, who was struggling to dig up the ground, eventually gave up on escaping. And it seems that they decided to wait quietly for a natural recovery.

Tentacles protruding from the wound like parasites filled the monster’s flesh, while the monster’s eyes turned to her.

“… … !”

Kugugugu -!

The wounded snake raised its head. Flesh skins that could not even withstand gravity fall down.

The blood of the snake staring down at him fell like rain. The three pairs of eyes flickered with red eyes.

“… … .”

The monster opened its mouth in the desert where even the sand had melted. Container-sized fangs revealed themselves.

And then when he rushed to stop the hunter’s breath.


An overwhelming mass collided.

The monster hit the yellow wall. Hong Seon-ah was surrounded by a barrier.

While the monster shook his head, shocked by the unexpected headbutt, a huge thunderbolt hit the monster’s temple directly.

Gripping Jigsaw-!

At the same time, her vision returned to normal. The blurry world became clear. The eye damage has been cured.

So were the hands and feet. In an instant, new flesh sprouted and the bones reattached. The blisters from the burns sting and burst.

“Wow… … !”

A drop of black blood spurted out of his mouth, and even the pain in his intestines subsided.

And there was only one person who could make such a miracle happen.

“… … You have held up very well.”

knight chairman. Noah Ann-Marie Lumiere.

In the desert where even the sand had melted, she ran and guarded Hong Seon-ah’s back.

Next to him was Daniel Wellington collecting electricity in his hand, and Lewin Schmidtseva floating in the air.

“I’m coming-!”

paladin. Mikhail Seehoff ran out with his white hair waving, and the transformation system. Mayed al-Muwalid followed him, transforming his arms into tentacles.

Although Gwynn Schmidtseva was a rigid body magician, she applied her weak telekinesis and ran through the air, wielding a spear.

Zuhi Wilter drew waves and extinguished the flames, while sniping the monster’s wounds with a water cannon of great water pressure.


The knight, Seol Jinwoon, pulled out his sword and walked out.

“… … .”

“… … .”

As the blue sword flutters violently, the eyes of Hong Seon-ah and Seol Jin-woon, who were supported by Lumiere, pass.

Seol Jin-woon looked at Hong Seon-ah, who had become seven years old, and smiled bitterly, and Hong Seon-ah smirked and gestured towards the monster.

No words were needed.

One sword.

As Seol Jin-Woon swung his sword, veins of blood flowed down from the monster’s neck like a waterfall. With the screams that followed, he rushes towards the monster.

Hong Seon-ah looked at him silently.

and smile softly

“… … .”

I thought that the back of the person heading to the battlefield without hesitation was just like you.

And when I look down into the puddle of blood, you look at me with blue eyes as always.

But today, you in the mirror spoke to me for the first time.

“… … The flames will spread.”

* * *

next day.

The morning sun rose from the wilderness horizon,

A woman watching the dawn graced the cover of Time magazine.

Rather than silver hair, it was close to the white hair of an old man. Reddish skin that looks like it has just been treated for burns.

And with dried bloodstains and all sorts of dust and ashes.


With her eyes burning with blue magic. That bright smile that turned back and smiled, that radiant smile that turned against the morning sun.

It was so beautiful.

SIDE EP – I Told You We Was Filming

The cold person who got off the transport murmured carefully.

“The earthquake is a bit severe, but… … .”

When I set it up on a tripod, the camera shakes so much that I can’t take pictures. I decided to just hang it over my shoulder and become a human gyroscope.

Ouch. Maybe it’s because there’s a rhythm that holds the camera even when a gun bomb explodes next to me, so I get a good shot in my own way.

“OK. Ready!”

All the preparations are ready. Australia’s panoramic horizon. A sunset that looks like something out of a western movie. and… … .


“hey! Stop it! Stop that!”

“Aren’t you going to order Lumière straight away!?”

“Ah, this is all work!”

A giant monster running rampant! And heroes!

* * *

“Mikhail! Provocation!”

“Well, don’t give orders like Pokémon!”

Lumiere fired a ball of light, and Mikhail reflected the light on the side of the hammer and shone it into the monster’s eyes. It was close to acrobatics.

This is a tanker’s skill called ‘OME’ in a slang term. As the monster rushed towards him, Mikhail swung his hammer to dodge the attack.

“Shit… … ! Mayed! Catch this guy!”

“Already caught.”

In the gap, Mayed’s tentacles grabbed the fangs the size of a container and pulled them. The power is so strong that the monster’s head loses balance for a moment.

Kwajik! Soon after, Mikhail’s hammer smashed the monster’s fangs.


terrible pain. The monster cries out in pain. And he runs towards Mikhail with hateful eyes.

“great… … ! It’s here! here!”

While the tank was successfully dragging out the aggro, Gwynn Schmidtcheva sprinted around and identified the most burnt part of the monster’s torso.

“The reconnaissance is over! This is it!”

Daniel Wellington and Zuhi Wilter run to it. Then, Zhuhi sent a large stream of water to soak the affected area.

Then Daniel grinned and took off his rubber gloves.

“great. It’s a ready-made table… … .”

Before long, a huge thunderbolt pierced the monster’s wounds. The monster’s flesh burned to a tan, and the monster writhes in pain and twists its back.

When the monster started to riot, all the hunters who approached retreated, except for Lewin Schmidtseva and Seol Jin-woon, who were waiting in the air.

They were looking for the wound Daniel had made.

“Anyway, I baked it crispy… … .”

“Are you ready?”

“It’s tough. okay.”

Lewin lightly avoids the monster’s tail and takes a position. And he put Seol Jinwoon on top of the monster’s wound.

Seol Jinwoon, falling from the air, concentrates his mind.


“… … !”

One island.

A blue flash flashed, and the monster’s body was split in half.

And before Seol Jinwoon’s feet could even touch the ground, Lewin flew in, snatched him up, and quickly retreated. A breathtaking aerobatic flight continued between the beating monster’s torso.


The monster screams in pain and opens its mouth, and a blue fireball rushes into it.

The flame did not go out, and only after it had tormented the monster in the esophagus for a long time, it was extinguished.

“Heh heh… … !”

Hong Seon-ah, who was almost like a chunk of overcooked meat with all her skin peeled off, used her powers as if she was fine.

And there was a person who took a picture of that figure from a cliff in the distance.

“OK. nice picture… … .”

A cold person admired the hunters’ hunting. He is holding a large broadcast camera. It was something I had planned and brought with me.

The monster’s body was torn in half by the hunters’ pincer attacks, and the writhing of a snake shaking in the desert shook the earth.

In addition, the Australian sunset was only seen in western movies, so the hunters’ battles were drawn with more excitement.

at that time. A huge shock wave was applied to the monster’s head.


The shock wave is so powerful that it reaches here.


The monster’s skull was crushed, leaving scars that would have killed a normal beast. He recovered quickly, but the monster shook his head in dizziness.

However, seeing the hunters panic, it seems to be an unexpected variable. The flu was also startled and muttered.

“That… … ?”

“It looks like Jiyoon has joined.”

The answer came from behind.

The colder looked back.

“A senator?! How are you… … ?”

“That is what I am going to tell you. What are you doing now?”

“What is that… … . We are filming.”

The cold laughs bitterly.

I answered the previous question with a tired look.

“… … I boarded the plane as soon as the situation broke out with Jiyoon. It almost flew away with telekinesis.”

By the time we arrived, the plane was half stern. Still, it looks like it’s a bit late.

“… … .I thought I wouldn’t detonate a nuclear bomb if I was there, but I guess I’m one step behind. Or have they just left?”

“Are you here with Jiyoon?”


“Then why don’t you fight together? … .”

Are you telling me to go out and fight without rest? I answered with a slight glance at the cold. My stomach was still nauseous, so my reaction was a little sensitive.

“… … I did all the driving. I used my telekinesis for several hours throughout the 7,000km run, and my nose was bleeding.”

“ah… … . overload… … .”

The cold-blooded man seemed to have noticed his blood-soaked shirt just then. He even turned the camera to take a peek at me.

“Gosh. Are you okay?”

“It’s better with a bowl of potion. If you want to get really dangerous, you have to go back and fight. Besides, I heard that Hong Seon-ah went beyond the overload level and was even hit with a nuclear bomb. Are you okay?”

“Oh, yes. The skin almost peeled off and then regenerated, and my hair was leaking white, but now I’m playing in the field.”

“… … .”

Other than the fact that the nuclear bomb had been blocked, it was inevitable that other thoughts came to mind.

Although it is said to be a small tactical nuclear weapon to minimize damage to civilians, nuclear weapons are nuclear weapons. It means that if you can stop it, it could cause a big explosion.

The dangers of a walking nuclear bomb. Thinking about it, it felt like a stone was slammed into my chest.

“… … .You have a very bad complexion. Please sit down.”

“Oh, yes.”

I slumped down next to the cold.

He asks me with a worried look.

“Are you feeling okay? Is it because of radiation? … . Have you ever taken any radioactive immunizations? It’s been a while since the nuclear bomb was detonated here… … .”

“I was met at the airport at the UN General Assembly. Also directly to Lumiere. By the way, aren’t you worried about Jiyoon?”

“Hey, the whole family was right that my wife got ripped off in the lab. Hwaran took part in improving it.”

“Ah, right. right. It was. I painted it, but I forgot it… … .”

A huge monster shakes and causes an earthquake, and the hunters hunt the monster with pincer attacks, and we chatted on a cliff far away.

I also went through all the antenatal and antenatal care experiences, so the wall seems to have grown a bit. Even in the midst of the earthquake, I took the sand out of my shoe and asked him.

“… … I brought Jiyoon to the battlefield, don’t you feel any resentment?”

“He said he was going, didn’t he?”


“Then you are doing what you think is right, well. Is there anything Daddy has to hold on to?”

“Dr. Cheon Hwa-ran must be very rotten inside.”

“I hear that a lot. I feel a little sorry for not being able to do my part as a father or husband.”

“that… … It wasn’t meant to be.”

“it’s okay.”

The cold-blooded smirk and fixed the camera. He was taking pictures of his daughter’s face.

Jiyoon, wearing a hoodie and jeans, was in contact with Lumière and was given a task. The serious expression on his face is very reliable.

“I like Jiyoon because she seems to be a big person.”

“… … ?”

As he tilted his head to see what this meant, the cold-jaw slurred his words out as always.

“Ordinary people love their families, and less-than-human people don’t even care about their families. right?”


“It is a good person to cherish even friends here, and it is very difficult to become such a person. It is even more difficult to cherish the country.”

He was discussing the vessel of man.

“After all, everyone has their own good. There are limits to compassion and responsibility. Who cares about the other side of the world? foolishly.”

“… … .”

“So, how great would it be to treat the other side of the world as if it were mine and to fight for them? Also, how great would a person who does such a thing be?”

This is what it was saying to me.

That’s what it sounded like to me.

“I didn’t have the strength to fix what was wrong. That’s why I’ve been a journalist all my life, begging someone to fix it.”

“… … .”

“But doesn’t Jiyoon have power?”

he looked at me

And smiled softly.

“So I want Jiyoon to become a big person. Are you not an ordinary child?”

“… … Yes.”

“So if you want to do the right thing, you have to help it. The role of parents is when they do something that is not right. I think stopping it is enough.”

He suddenly grabbed his camera and immersed himself in filming.

And his eyes were brighter than ever.

The cold-jaw watched her daughter roaming the battlefield as if she was looking at a school festival.

“Aww. Well done. do well.”

When Hong Seon-ah creates a large fireball, Gam Ji-yoon grabs the monster’s head and throws it into the fireball as if torturing it with water.

Meanwhile, the other hunters are cutting the monster’s body back and forth again. It also protects the village from the splintering tail fragments.

It would be a fierce battlefield when viewed from up close, but it was also quite interesting from a distance.

I am so fed up with my thoughts.

‘He’s a big guy… … .’

People with colds should do the right thing, but it was a world where they couldn’t tell what was right. So I drew a line.

Think of work on the other side of the world as your own work. So I drew a line.

But now I’m hearing the call to break the line.

What are you saying to me?

“Whew… … .”

Tired of these worries now. I just want to ask Pi Chae-won what I want to do.

First of all, I’ll have to go get George or something from that guy. That’s how I’m going to lift this damn Australian floor.

I got up.

“what. Where are you going?”

“I’m going to catch the monster.”

“Are you sick?”

“But what do you do when you’re still? I need to catch him quickly and go to the hospital to get some sap.”

I smirked and made a joke.

“Well, now I am not a politician, but Hunter Han Seung-moon.”

“Oh, what’s the difference?”

“Hunters think less than politicians. And maybe it’s good. Like Lumiere.”

“Aha… … . Lumière has no thoughts?”

“Honestly, don’t you look a little blind every now and then?”

“is that so?”

Cold-jaw grabbed the camera and got up.

He took a picture of me and smiled.

“Then, one last thing to say to the viewers.”

“… … what?”

“this. It’s a YouTube live broadcast.”


You said you were filming


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