A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 192

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 192

EP 28 – No Country for Superman (23)

“The hero of Wise Hill. Hunter Hong Seon-ah made an official appearance for the first time. She had a short press conference in a wheelchair with her bleached white appearance, with WPO Council Chairman Noah Lumière and Vice-Chairman Han Seung-moon by her side… … .”

“The monsters have taken a lot from us. Family, life, safety and home. But they have not taken away our conscience. That’s what the results of this vote mean… … .”

“The international community is outraged by Lieutenant General Herbert’s admission to the use of nuclear weapons. However, the Australian military has not yet acknowledged responsibility, and Defense Ministry spokesman Reynolds said that it was the arbitrariness of the field commander to the end… … .”

The television hung from the bar’s ceiling heard some news, but the old man could not comprehend it.

At this age, your hair tends to harden.

“… … Hmm!”

Instead, the old man went out of the pub reluctantly. The desert sun is very warm. The old man saw the world in reality, not in the news.

The old man’s view of the village was close to a construction site. Thousands of people moved timber, cleared up rubble, and procured building materials.

“hey! there! Give me the hammer!”

“Eat your lunch and do it!”

“Come on, one, two, three and you’re going to get it.”

Wise Hill, who had witnessed the monster in front of his nose, was busy rebuilding. There was no oil to run heavy equipment in the yard, so the residents rolled up their arms by hand.

Of course, most of them have never done sawing in their lives, so the hands of the residents quickly became stained with blisters and wounds.

However, the smiles did not fade from their faces.

“The shelter will be completed soon!”

“ha… … Finally, the outdoor sleep is over.”

“Dwayne! You were alive!”

“Neither behemoths nor nuclear bombs could have killed me.”

“Teacher! The Red Cross is coming tomorrow!”

“Oh yeah? Then we will classify the patients as of today… … .”

Life is to endure today’s misery with tomorrow’s hope. In that sense, Hong Seon-ah gave them life back.

People who were driven to construction sites without drinking water, food or shelter, made their lives more lively than when they were refugees.

“… … .”

At this, the old man smiled quietly and looked at the corpse of the monster that rose like a mountain to the horizon.

The blue flame is still unquenched,

was spreading

* * *

The monster fell. It was close to a miracle. This was the first time the media agreed.

“Heroes stand on the corpse of the monster! Hunters have saved Australia! It is a valuable victory obtained after a long struggle.”

“The hunters have ended the tragedy that resulted from the arrogance of the government. We offer our condolences to the many victims in Australia, and our infinite respect for the hunters who kept the peace.”

Although the tone was slightly different depending on the political orientation, all the media praised the Hunters.

Considering that the media affiliated with political forces usually reports only information that suits the taste of the public, the reaction of the media represented the current psychology of the public.

In addition, focusing on the heroes also had a strong intention to cover up all the dark events that had happened.

Because everyone is responsible for this situation.

The Democrats in the United States joined hands with China to attack the federal government and drove Australia to destruction, and the federal government carried out a surprise nuclear bombardment, raising the underground monster to the ground.

The Australian military conducted a nuclear bombardment on civilians to capture the beast, and it was the Americans who decisively approved it and launched the atomic bomb.

No one could escape responsibility for this incident. Therefore, they mixed in the atmosphere of praise for the Hunters and tried to cover up all the facts.


“It is true that nuclear weapons were dropped on the Wise Hill area.”

The person who ordered the dropping of nuclear weapons with the acquiescence of the government. Lieutenant General Edwin Herbert confessed to the charges.

“As a field commander, I wanted to prevent further damage from the monster, so I used nuclear weapons on the day of the incident. Even at the cost of civilian damage to Wise Hill.”

Lieutenant General Herbert only made clear about the facts. He did not add any opinions, such as saying that it was an act in the national interest. He was consistent with a completely expressionless expression.

However, the soldier surrounded by reporters seemed somehow relieved.

* * *

“Australia-US Government. Making biological weapons?”

“The United States has studied how to control monsters!”

“Why did the United States bomb Alice Springs?”

When the issue of the use of nuclear weapons became a public debate, a whirlwind of conspiracy theories and truth began. If it was China or Russia, this was Australia.

Now, someone has to take responsibility for that. Somebody had to drink the blood and tears that had accumulated up until now. And the weight of that death was never light.

So, in order to avoid that responsibility, the political powers began an all-out war by exposing each other’s flaws.

“The low greed of the federal government has ruined Australia! Are you a bioweapon? Would you believe in a government that has abandoned the bare minimum of humanity? I cannot.”

“Retreat the international army with a nonsensical conspiracy theory. A lot of people have died because of it, so now it’s someone else’s fault. It’s good that our Democrats are so consistent.”

“I apologize. About the fact that the media reported the announcement of an Australian government spokesperson at the time of the last incident without verification, leaving painful wounds to numerous bereaved families… … .”

It was a state of self-absorption (各自圖生). The US presidential election gradually moved closer to positive biography, and a lot of stars fell from the Australian military right away.

Rather, there was a phenomenon in which the prime minister of Australia, who had fled to a foreign country right before the crisis, came back because he thought it was worth doing. The military and the government clashed to seize power in Australia.

In that way, the world that was revived through miraculous struggles was again caught up in the swamp of strife. The hopeful atmosphere suddenly disappeared, and only wolves trying to use it began to spread.

Australia is still infested with tens of millions of monsters, but no action has been taken. The world was still the same.

And what changed the world was a piece of miraculous news.

「People referendum for overseas support for stimulants. It passed with 72.8%!”

“Republic of Korea. Large-scale overseas support decision.”

“The Knights Society has organized a crusade.”

* * *

When it comes to politics, strange things happen.

When I was Yang Pan-seok’s aide, I listened to my ears with nails.

Notong became president while filming a 16-episode drama. And the Democratic Party of the 20th general election that defeated the Saenuri Party even after losing Honam to the People’s Party.

Even as an incumbent industry worker, I was a person who watched in real time the anonymous member of the National Assembly, Yoo Jae-gwang, defeating Lee Nak-yeon and Yoo Si-min in the Democratic primary.

“But then I was not as shocked as I am today… … .”

“… … .”

“Is 72% a reasonable number?”

Of course, most of those who oppose overseas aid for stimulants chose not to vote, rather than voted against to kill 7 million.

Nevertheless, the number of people participating in the referendum exceeded the majority of voters, and according to an opinion poll by the National Intelligence Service, about 58% of the people are in favor of overseas support.

Even giving up the opportunity for economic recovery. To be honest, it was something I pushed for, but the result was unbelievable. it’s a win

As I was so slightly out of my mind, Lumière looked at me with questionable eyes.

“Isn’t that a good thing?”

“It’s a good thing, but… … .”

“Isn’t that what happened?”

“that… … Yes.”

“Then let’s have dinner. The soup will be all cold.”

“yes… … .”

The biggest beneficiary of this situation was Lumière. She did not abandon Australia until the very end, and the hero of Europe was elevated to the hero of the world.

Thanks to this, the image of the Knights Society has been reborn at the level of an international organization rather than the ruling party of the EU. It is said that stateless hunters, who were created as many countries collapsed, flock to the Knights Association.

That’s why Lumière’s expression looked brighter than ever. She tilted her blonde hair back and smiled softly as she ate Ottogi powder soup.

“Don’t make it too complicated. Doesn’t it mean that there is still justice in the world? Being too engrossed in political dynamics blurs our view of the world.”

“… … is that so.”

“Yes. So sometimes, like me, you look at the world with blind eyes.”

She burned her tongue while eating soup at one bite.

“Awkward… … ! big… … !”

shit. Did you also watch YouTube? Haha, it was also on the news, so there’s no way you wouldn’t know.

I hurriedly came up with an excuse.

“… … Oh, I’m not saying I’m really blind-“

“Now come and change your words. Are you an occupational disease?”

“… … To be honest, I wasn’t really wrong, did I!”

“Until that shamelessness?”

Like a westerner, she stared at me with big eyes and continued the conversation.

It was such a burdensome look.

So she rolled her eyes and smiled as if she wanted to stop teasing her.

“I don’t see any signs of remorse, but that’s about it.”

“thank you… … .”

“By the way, what are you so worried about?”

“… … .”

Her point was correct. Although he actually won the referendum, there was a problem with that.

“ha… … .”

A victory of 70% had the same meaning as the opposition of the remaining 30%. Since there were so many voters, it was clear that the actual opposition would be much greater than the 30% number.

Of course, being insulted. Being a politician is obviously different from being insulted and hated. The root cause is that the core issue of the Awakening System was ‘the economy’.

I told her my secret.

“… … the poor in Korea. Especially for refugees from the metropolitan area, this vote was not a matter of conscience, but a matter of livelihood.”

“But for some it was a matter of survival.”

So this is right-

‘ said Lumiere without hesitation. It was a possible answer because he was a person with such firm beliefs, but politics is not just resolved by justice.

“It is, though. The opposition is pushing the theory of neglecting refugees in the metropolitan area.”

“By the way, the general election in Korea is just around the corner.”

“yes. However, in this current situation, it is quite fatal to touch on the problem of the gap between the rich and the poor. Already, the whole nation has a feeling of relative deprivation against the Hunters… … .”

“that… … I don’t know if this would be appropriate even in terms of comfort, but it’s not that the money I received has been taken away, it’s that the money to be received is gone, isn’t it?”

Lumière’s analogy was appropriate. We didn’t ruin the economy, we missed an opportunity to revive it. But for those who are really in a hurry, it makes no difference.

What is right is still debated, but at least it was clear that I had violated my duties as a public official. Because the public interest took precedence over the national interest.

So, as she is making a porridge, she asks with a slightly worried look.

“… … Are you feeling very uncomfortable?”

“Since I have neglected my duty as a politician, I should be uncomfortable.”

“… … Do you have any regrets?”

“It’s not, but… … .”

At least, it was necessary to take responsibility.

Sometimes he runs away from responsibility.

* * *

Although the referendum on the awakening system ended in a cataclysmic event, the domestic situation was still in a tense confrontation. Because each other’s cause was very reasonable.

“20 million refugees in the metropolitan area have been reduced to the poor. An economic crisis that infringes on the basic rights of the people has been defined as a constitutional national crisis to the extent that the late President Kim Young-sam issued an emergency order. However, the government gave up on overcoming the economic crisis. Why are you betraying the people?”

Shin Su-gwang, who represents the interests of refugees in the metropolitan area, poured out a sharp attack. It was intended to mobilize the people of the constituency ahead of the general election.

As the division between the rich and the poor grew stronger, the refugees were able to support them.

“Of course, I think that President Yang Pan-seok also did it with good intentions. But if you ask, is it in the national interest? As someone who once served as acting president, I can definitely say no.”

Won Ok-bun undermined Yang Pan-seok’s authority and gradually revealed himself as a leader in power.

Her remarks were at a very moderate level, even to include the middle class, but it wasn’t too difficult to guess that she was behind all the incidents.

“As long as the stimulant support has been completed, I think that additional economic measures are necessary. It is not just a one-time sponsorship, but it should create profits through continuous economic exchanges. In particular, in the case of the Maseok market, Korea accounts for most of the demand. So, while maintaining global competitiveness in energy batteries… … .”

Prime Minister Yoo Jae-kyung took the concept of an EBS instructor and started exposure to the media. Unlike usual, he explained the economy very easily and started to imprint the image of an economist in the people.

It was an act with very political intentions hidden.

In addition, the Jeju governor Chung Jung-yeop intervened in numerous interests by going back and forth between the chaebols.

As the general election draws near, the eyes of local governments have become blurred. Thanks to this, it was possible to gradually restore the economic and political coalition cartel that had collapsed into Jangjeon-eup.

At the same time, the blades of all these anti-government forces were pointing towards Han Seung-mun. This is because Han Seung-moon has been stigmatized for public performance by the Korean poor, and has been reduced to the easiest prey.

Han Seung-moon then escaped from the political arena.

“It is clear that I have neglected my duties as a public official. This vote clearly contradicts the national interest of the Republic of Korea, and I feel a deep sense of responsibility for the fact that the people of the people have suffered great divisions because of the controversy. In response, that Han Seung-moon resigned as a member of the National Assembly… … .”

Of course, in the eyes of the supporters, it was the appearance of Han Seung-moon being kicked out due to the persecution of the enemy forces.

Again, a headwind began to blow.

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