A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 193

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 193

EP 29 – Hunter’s World (1)

「Chamisul: Resignation of Assemblyman Han Seung-moon? They say that they want to save a foreign country with their money and go abroad. How much would you like to receive from the Knights Association?”

「Yeon Seon-woong: This guy is talking strangely!!」

「Chamisul: What is strange? Right now, a family of four is living like a parasite in the semi-underground of Chungcheong Province, and throwing it away and throwing money abroad is not something a politician should do.”

“Yeon Seon-woong: Isn’t that what politicians do? Killing 7 million people just because they want to eat well and live well is not for humans to do! The Japanese invaded the Korean Peninsula to eat well and live well. Was that the right thing to do? 70% of the people who knew the lesson were proud of their stern conscience, but honestly, I hate to see some socially maladjusted people messing around on the internet!”

「Chamisul: There are a lot of people with broken heads. Try starving once.”

「Friendly Loyalty 6: The most shameless revisionists since Dangun!! It is said that all of the pioneers fell apart like Wonok Bunha. However, Yang Pan-seok from the North Left of Jeolla-do and his servant Han Ga-nom covered up their ears and sold out Gear Inara!!! There will be no shame in the fact that the people of the Prosecutor’s Army will immediately go out and beat the rebels and achieve the right freedom!!!~~”

「adm53: -frame-」

「Hyeolmaengahjae: I resigned because I was responsible for resigning. Was there any problem? People who are still arguing about the results of the referendum in the first place are amazing. In a democratic society, you can’t win the election results. Weren’t these people often called dissidents in the past?”

「Rhubarb ㅤㅅㅡㅋ: The government provides free medical care, free meals, and priority to reside in Honam New Town. … . yep”

「Excuse me: -Hong-」

「Nyangi Nobi: For fighting like this, there hasn’t been a single protest in real life. ^^ In my eyes, I only see people who are dissatisfied with society making a fuss on the internet.」

「adm53: Academia orthodoxy that chaebols who sold organs in Jangjeon-eup spread comments part-time」

“Fountain Pen: This election is actually a psychologically biased election, and it is also a reality that a professor at In Seoul National University committed suicide by smoking briquettes in a semi-basement area because he was an earthen spoon. But I think Han Seung-moon is right. I don’t want to wait for a lengthy reason. as a person.”

「Chamisul: You say that you broke your head when you saw that. You don’t think.”

「Fountain pen: Are you dyslexic?」

「Chamisul: Ehuh」

* * *

I quit the National Assembly, but I didn’t become a white man. With the aid of stimulants, the Australian War has entered a new phase.

Mainly, I was in charge of the military side of the Lumière side, and I was in charge of the administrative side, and I was conducting the second advance in Australia.

“Minister. Restored the Queensland line of defense. However, the firepower put into the front lines is not as good as it used to be. When do you think cooperation with the 7th Fleet will proceed?”

“I do not know. U.S. aid is delayed. If the support is successful, the Republican Party will have an advantage in the presidential election, so it seems that the military is also taking notice of the politicians… … .”

“Then we will quickly supply 70,000 stimulants. If there is a chance that only 10 A-class telecommunication magicians are awakened, the situation will be very comfortable.”

“However, new Awakeneds cannot be put into the battlefield right away… … Shall we go through training on the knights’ side? It might be a good idea to turn it into a knight at all… … .”

“… … That’s fine!”

“I think there will be more knights in the knights’ society.”

We didn’t even feel a little busier than before. All of this is because the countries involved are halfway there.

Needless to say, the United States entered the presidential election and the opposition and opposition started an all-out war, and in Australia, the military and government shifted responsibility to each other and started a power game.

China, which has been the culprit of all kinds of fights, has washed its mouth and is diving in the international community, and even the Republic of Korea is facing a backlash against the support of stimulants, making it impossible to take additional measures.

Eventually, it will return to the starting point again.

“Politics stands in the way of justice… … .”

Lumiere lamented me every evening. She threw the spoon away and banged her head on the table.

“Why did Southeast Asia cut off supply? China is also standing still and I can’t understand… … .”

I explained to her kindly.

“The Korean PMC is in charge of security in Southeast Asia, but the US PMC is mainly in charge of escorting politicians. Horses are a escort, and in fact, they do assassinations and purges at the same time. But the US PMC is on the side of the Democrats, and the Democrats benefit only from the collapse of Australia.”

“… … Politicians, after all.”

“… … !”

The First War was truly an all-out war for mankind. Numerous hunters pushed the front line in a state of disrepair. A large number of large military companies joined in and took charge of supply.

However, the fear of the underworld stopped the capital. So, although everyone is outwardly shouting for the retake of Australia, they are not hastily stepping in.

Even if you give a Japanese speech with tears on SNS, in reality, you are in a situation where you are turning over the desk in the National Assembly to block support.

That was the reason Lumiere moaned while holding her head.

“How long do we have to play with the rhythm of politicians… … .”

“… … .”


I was sure at that point that Lumière would agree to my ‘plan’.

* * *

“Co-representative of GS Group.”

“… … Yes?”

As soon as I entered the office, I heard a strange noise.

President Cheon Geum-soon, dressed in a slim suit, was leaning on a chair and staring at me.

“Aegis shares 33%. Defense agencies are 21%. There is an S-class exclusive Hunter Daewoo. I’ll give you the salary so you won’t be disappointed, two houses with underground bunkers in Busan and Jeju Island, and even a private plane. call?”

“… … .”

What do you mean? It’s a scout offer. President Cheon Geum-soon was looking at me with the eyes of a hawk looking for food.

It’s not too bad to see him smiling confidently, folding his arms and crossing his legs to form a form. I smiled softly and declined her offer.

“If it was CEO Cheon, would you have called?”

“… … I didn’t!”

It was a bright and courageous answer.

“But why are you asking?”

“Even if I stab a persimmon I can’t eat… … .?”

“You say such things only to reporters in ‘Gam’.”

“… … .”

Throwing in a light humor, he sat down on the sofa in the office. GS Group’s president’s office boasted a bizarre interior today.

Worn-out three-wire slippers in a splendid wardrobe. Elementary school crayon drawings in a luxurious frame.

While looking at things like that, the archangel pouted his lips.

“What… … If you’re not here to find a job, what are you here for?”

“Oh, really. What do we have to do to see each other?”

“Do you need money?”


She raised her eyes and looked at me.

I politely responded to the uncomfortable gaze.


“… … ha.”

She sighs and presses her temples with a tired look. It looks like you’ve started mind control.

And I started to drug her.

“Chief Chen. In the original business, the most important thing is to get people. In that sense, isn’t helping people in difficult situations the best investment?”

“It’s not… … .”

“I am not asking you to help me. 7 million refugees in Australia. The moment you help them, the GS Group becomes a multinational corporation supported by hundreds of thousands of hunters… … .”

“Did you leave money to me?”

“Honestly, haven’t you made a lot of money because of me?”

“that… … That’s right, but… … .”

“If you made a lot of money thanks to me, wouldn’t it make sense to pay back that much?”

“that… … Run?”

“Leave everything else. Have you ever lost money by investing in me? No?”

“No… … Was it?”

“Think about it for a moment.”

As I said, she thought deeply for a long time.

At first glance, it looked like a ferocious figure, but no one knew what kind of devilish calculation was going on inside that tiny head.

As a result, she spit out an odd sound.

“… … What the hell are you up to?”

* * *

Hong Seon-ah, lying on the sickbed, looked pretty good.

Even the reddish skin returned to normal, and the white hair that leaked like an old man was shiny no matter what shampoo he used.

Surrounded by bouquets of flowers from all over the world, she was eating tteokbokki at a convenience store with cheese and mayonnaise triangle gimbap with a happy expression.

“… … Can the patient eat that?”

“uh! Senator!”

She sat down while watching TV, smiling softly and got up from her seat. Then he grabbed my hand and shook it all over the place.

The joy of being alive after dying is evident.

“Nice to meet you! Nice to meet you! Glad to see you alive!”

“If you were so happy, would you just give me a bite of tteokbokki?”

“It’s a bit… … .”

She hugged a large bowl of tteokbokki and looked at me. I was able to humble myself with her only after handed over the set of sweets brought in secretly by the nurse.

We watched the news in our kettle beaks. Maybe it was the influence of YouTube or something like Western news.

“After Minister Han Seung-moon resigned in a timely manner, everyone became dumb with honey. Can’t you just force someone who has already resigned to resign?”

“I resigned because I was resigning, and I also apologized because I had to apologize to the public. Then what are you going to do with the special prosecutor? Are you completely out of control right now?”

“you’re right. The common strategy of the pan-opposition solidarity was to beat Han Seung-moon, but after getting hit enough, he ran away alone, so he became a dog chasing chickens.”

Hong Seon-ah, who was muttering while stuffing potato chips in her mouth, said to me.

“Did you say you resigned as a member of the National Assembly?”

“Oh, yes. That’s how it happened.”

“Then, are you going to quit politics? … ?”

“I am still a WPO Council member. I just came to talk about it, so please listen for a moment.”

I could see Hong Seon-ah’s smiling face slightly hardening.

I asked her.

“The President of the Hunter Association. Are you going to hit me?”


“I expected it.”

The story flowed like water.

We knew each other enough to know each other anyway, so it was easy to talk.

“For now, the government has decided not to raise any objections to the past. After all, it was a decoration. In addition, it became known to the world that Hong Seon-ah stopped the nuclear bomb.”

“that… … Maybe a NIS agent later told me that I became too strong, shouldn’t I be squeamish?”

“Honestly, it is true that it is a headache, but the Korean government is not an organization that goes to such a dead end. And Hong Seon-ah is not close with me. If any official makes a strange noise, call us immediately. We will fix it.”

“But the public official who says strange things to me the most is-”


I also thought a lot about this situation. In particular, he seems to have thought a lot about whether the value of life can be distinguished according to nationality.

But they are all unanswered questions. But one thing was clear.

“… … Politics is not always the answer.”

“… … .”

“Politicians are the words, but we are human beings struggling to win elections. They are the embodiment of collective selfishness. You shouldn’t expect them to do philanthropy.”

I opened up to her.

She stared at me quietly with blue eyes.

“So… … We need something different.”

“… … .”

“Isn’t this the transitional time?”

The world was changing. Changes beyond the industrial revolution have come. The old order is breaking down and a new one is being formed.

Until now, we tried to suppress and control change as much as possible, but it has already been proven that Hunter has more power than a nuclear bomb.

And I realized that the existing order loses its morals and reason and goes crazy when it comes to election season.

Something had to change.

“It is the election season in the United States, and the taste is gone, and China is not able to exert political influence in the international community. Russia is in the cold war, and it’s the hunters who rule Europe.

“… … .”

“WPO. How about we take control?”

“… … What if we?”

“Our Hunters.”

“… … Are we, Hunters?”

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