A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 194

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 194

EP 29 – Hunter’s World (2)

“All agents working at WPO have been fired.”

Director Seo Ki-seop’s voice was lower than ever. Even in front of the president, he couldn’t hide his wretched feelings.

After the Cha Jae-gyun incident, the government has been in the doldrums from start to finish, but it was because it was a close aide to the president who inflicted another fatal blow to the NIS.

Thus, it was more of a rebuke than a report.

“All information networks were paralyzed overnight, and there was a huge setback in external operations. It has also lost its influence on Australian politics.”

“… … .”

“I know everything under the direction of Minister Han Seung-moon. dismissal. How did this happen?”

At the NIS chief’s interrogation, Yang Pan-seok rubbed his cigarette into the ashtray. And without any hesitation, he spoke without hesitation.

“Hey, if Han Seung-moon’s fingertips paralyze overseas information networks, Han Seung-moon should be the head of the National Intelligence Service.”

“Uhhhhhhhhh… … ! Sir, don’t say that… … .”

“A person who is neither a minister nor a member of parliament paralyzes the NIS? Then there’s a problem with the NIS, isn’t it?”

Although it was a lot of laughter, Yang Pan-seok was a human who used words as his weapon. While the head of the National Intelligence Service stiffened, a cat climbed onto the old man’s lap.

However, the cat didn’t like the smell of cigarettes and quickly ran away, and Yang Pan-seok looked at the cat with regretful eyes and muttered a little.

“Tt… … . You have already figured it out.”

“… … .”

“People are more dangerous than monsters.”

* * *

When I entered the office, there was a beanworm on the sofa.

“… … .”

“… … .”

it’s a chaewon

The boy was asleep, as if no one knew who was carrying him. Even without turning around like a bean worm.

I don’t know why my hair is fluttering while I’m sleeping. I pulled the damp hair out of his mouth and covered him with a blanket.

As I was sleeping curled up, I snuggled into the blanket. And at his bedside was a sheet of paper organized in a cute handwriting.

“Let’s see… … .”

– Relief and Welfare Committee. Seok-Jun Jeong.

– Manastone Management Committee. this theory.

– Steering Committee. Marco Pei.

-2 Secretariat. Lorraine Cobilia.

– Tactical Advisor. Joanna Meyer.

All of them were related to national intelligence agencies. There is no physical evidence, but it is certain that Pi Chae-won picked it up. That was the task I had given to Pi Chae-won.

Finding spies who put the national interest ahead of the public interest.

This was to quickly remove the variables moving within the WPO, and at the same time served as a warning to the US CIA, the Chinese Ministry of National Security, and the Russian Intelligence Service.

How terrifying would it be if the top agents of the secret intelligence agencies were fired at the same time one morning. It is said that the other party has a more capable intelligence organization.

“… … .”

“… … .”

Of course, the terrifying reality of the intelligence organization was taking a nap like a beanworm on the sofa, but that wasn’t really important.

* * *

“The important thing is to hit people.”

“… … Hitting people?”

“You don’t have to touch the organization. You just have to hit people.”

World superpopular organization WPO.

Contrary to its name, the WPO belonged to politicians, not superhumans. But I decided to return the WPO to the Hunters.

And as long as I made up my mind it had to be so, I was the first to convince Noah Lumière for him.

“The WPO must contain the great powers.”

“… … uhm.”

“What would you believe in entrusting world peace to humans who are trying to kill 7 million people to win the election?”

“… … I feel the same way, but it’s as easy as it sounds—”

“no. It’s easy.”

I’ve already made all the plans. When he gestures to Pi Chae-won, who was waiting next to him, he hands him a whiteboard and a magic pen.

Whoops! When I opened the lid of the water-based magic, a large picture appeared on the whiteboard. Lumiere leans over as if interested.

“The organization itself, the WPO, is nothing more than a ghost company that was created in the first place to secure the interests of great powers. So the governance structure is very poor.”

“… … .”

“One council of only five controls 21 standing committees and 93 affiliates. Besides, the Russian share of the councilor was not elected because it was in the Cold War.”

So this powerful international organization was moving in the hands of only four people. And the fact that the head of state of a powerful country has the right to appoint the four people proved that the WPO is a scarecrow organization.

Of course, the information books that infiltrated the sub-organization were spread like tree roots, but they were all pulled out by Pi Chae-won and I.

In other words, if you control only a four-member council, you rule the WPO.

“But, fortunately, the two people I’m talking to now are councilors.”

“… … .”

“Even I am the vice-chairman and you are the chairman.”

Of course, since it was a position with only a name, there was no special power. Besides, I couldn’t even get one more person to make a majority here.

The Chinese councilor was a hunter belonging to the Ministry of National Security. Since the right to escape from life or death is held, it cannot be brought in hastily. Besides, China was in the early stages of Ri Chung-bin’s reign, so he was quiet to catch up on internal discipline.

And the US senator was not a representative of the federal government, but a lobbyist close to large corporations. He is absolutely not a human being who can move as an individual. Much less the fact that he was stuck without a presence in the current situation was proof that he was truly a wise person.

In other words, you cannot take control of the council at this point.

You could use it to fight the US and China, but that was too risky.

“But what if we bring in Russia?”

“… … russia?”

In the original council there was one seat for the Russian share. However, Russia has been divided into two factions and is still in the midst of the Cold War and has not yet produced a representative.

Even the US is using it to weigh the powers of both sides, and Russia is playing around with that trick, knowing that it is being used to upset the other.

But what if the WPO escapes from the influence of great powers? Russia could also escape US intervention.

Moreover, if the WPO returns to the hunters’ hands, the Russian hunters may independently exert influence over the WPO.

“How about this?”

“… … .”

“If you make a board like this, isn’t it worth trying?”

* * *

Of course, things don’t always go according to plan. There are unexpected variables in everything, and there are bad-tempered disruptors.

Lumiere pointed it out to me right away, but in my opinion, this work was still worth doing.

“Minister. But will other countries just sit and watch as we take control of the WPO?”

“Of course not. So we have to do it that way.”

“Is there a way?”


Fortunately, now was a great opportunity. In the wake of the Australian War, the world is crazy about hunters, and above all, the United States is entering the presidential election season.

And no neighborhood is more vulnerable than a democracy during election season. Because by then, the politicians will lose their taste. Of course, the United States is no exception.

Presidential candidates are always yes men.

I dug into that.

“Of course the WPO should be the Hunters. Aren’t they the heroes who saved Australia from crisis? The hunters who have defended Australia despite the accusations of the Democrats and some ignorant pecuniary powers deserve to be treated worthy of their noble spirit. I firmly believe that is the spirit of America.”

The secret meeting with Republican candidate Mike Pence was very successful. As a nobleman who served as governor and vice president, the negotiations ended in a calm and respectful atmosphere.

I chose not to investigate all allegations of the US federal government in Australia, and instead was promised tacit support for expanding my influence in the WPO.

As soon as the negotiations were over, my photo was uploaded to the social media of the US president and media play started.

“Despite the atrocious behavior of the federal government, I believe that it is entirely the hunters’ merit that the citizens of Australia can enjoy the safety and happiness. We have always sought harmony and coexistence. Hunters are no exception.”

Negotiations with Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton were also quite successful. Contrary to the fact that for the past four months, she had driven me into a bastard of the world with all kinds of personal attacks and media play, she came to lunch with me in a very friendly manner.

And I decided to avenge all the swearing, slander, and political offensive that the Democrats of the United States had committed against me over the past four months. And in return, the US Democrats were promised no comment on my taking over the WPO.

Considering the fact that the Democratic Party is winning the election with the theory of government judgment, it was an action that somehow revealed the intention not to intervene in the current situation.

“… … .”

Of course, I had no doubt that these bastards, Republican or Democrat, would hit me in the back as soon as they were elected.

* * *

“For now, the US side will be quiet for the time being. Of course, the story will be different after the US presidential election.”

“Hmm. It is an expected betrayal.”

“So before that we have to hit the player. What about the Chinese side?”

Lumière seduced China while I seduced America. She informed me of the results of her meeting with President Ri Choong-bin.

“As expected, China’s biggest concern was Australia becoming a US logistical base. Then we lose the initiative in Southeast Asia. So Australia decided to be taken over by the Knights, not by the United States.”

“… … I beg your pardon?”

“Ah, of course with the WPO and South Korea. I don’t want to be a colony conqueror any more. but… … .”

“yes. I know what you mean.”

If Australia was to be stabilized, a slaughter of all powers would begin. In a world full of monsters, the most lacking thing was land.

land where people live. land for farming. land where the airport is located. A land safe from monsters. Originally, the United States should have taken over the land, but now the story is a little different.

The US withdrew and South Korea poured stimulants into Australia. So, shouldn’t you take as much as you invest? Of course, the same goes for knights.

So China’s claim was that it would put a spoon on the land. It is questionable whether he would eat just one bite after asking for only one bite, but that’s what he said.

In doing so, we obtained a temporary silence between the United States and China. And before these thugs soon betrayed them, they had to devour the WPO as quickly as possible.

Still, it would be the first step.

I breathed a sigh of relief.

“… … Now the disruptors are cleared.”

“Is it Russia’s turn now?”

okay. Now we just need to bring in Russia.

I responded with a quiet nod of my head. Lumiere also let out a small sigh as if he was nervous.

Russia is at war with the Moscow government over the Vladivostok military. Intervening in this situation was like touching the most dangerous powder store in the world.

“First, I will convince the Vladivostok military. So Lumière, please convince the Moscow side.”

If we had a friendly councilor from Russia in the Cold War, we could take over the WPO and get rid of the big powers’ intervention.

And since Russia was playing in the hands of the United States fighting over who would produce its councilors, it would be relatively profitable if the WPO itself had nothing to do with the great powers.

So there is clearly an intersection with us. That was my decision.

At this, Lumière said to me with a sad expression on her face.

“I have a close relationship with the Moscow government. It has been a united front since Putin’s lifetime. I have experience fighting with Spetsnaz Hunters in the St. Petersburg retreat.”

“By the way, was the Moscow side willing to help in the past when you were in Calle?”

Lumiere nodded slightly and confidently shook the phone. But her expression wasn’t all that good.

“I can speak to Prime Minister Medvedev of Moscow right now. With the exchanges so far, I think that persuasion is enough.”

“That’s fortunate! Things will turn out better than expected-”

“However, there are some problems.”

“Yes… … ?”

“that is… … .”

Lumiere smiled brightly and avoided my gaze.

I get a little anxious.

what the hell did you do

“that… … In the past, the Moscow side reached out to Europe. It would have been a decision that the EU could not be turned into an enemy in confrontation with the Vladivostok military, but it was not bad for us either.”

“Ah yes… … .”

“Since then, Europe and Moscow have had a pretty close relationship. As a result, European political circles often made critical statements about Vladivostok… … .”

“… … Is this a serious problem?”

Lumiere still hadn’t made eye contact with me.

Vladivostok desperately needs help. If there was any problem, I had to brush it off.

“… … No, what the hell did you say to Vladivostok?”

“The fake government… … ?”

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