A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 197

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 197

EP 30 – This is all because of Han Seung-moon (1)

The direct system of councilors was passed.

It was said that the superhumans would directly elect the leadership of the World Superhuman Organization, which was appointed by the heads of state. Of course, governments around the world regarded this as a coup.

The essence of the WPO was, to the last, a ghost company for the interests of great powers. So the current situation is like a dog that was guarding the house biting its owner.

However, the situation changed dramatically when Republican campaign officials in the United States began to speak out.

“Hunters who have taken over the EU are increasingly showing their ambitions. Direct Council is effectively handing over the WPO to the mutants!”

This remark became a firewood and began to burn.

For the hunters who took over the EU, it meant Knights Without Borders, and they were gaining the greatest popularity since the Australian crisis.

In addition, whenever he praised him as a hero, and now he used the word mutant, he was nothing more than a common racist.

Of course, this was just one remark from one of many Republican campaign officials, but the story changed a bit when the Democrats began to drive public opinion.

“Finally, the dark insides have been revealed to the world! The racists who came to power with hatred of immigrants! Finally revealing the discrimination and hatred of hunters and psychics… … .”

When the Democratic presidential nominee grabbed the mic and raised her voice on the streets of New York, the Republican Party only came to rectify the situation.

The apprenticeship process included finding and killing the person who leaked the remarks in question, but that person had been on a plane bound for Russia long ago.

Holding the money bag that Han Seung-moon gave as a gift.

* * *

[This is all because of Han Seung-moon! Then for whom?! That bastard fed the naughty sheep lambs and carried them with taxes. huh? I’m f**king Seoul! People who lived in Seoul! How long do I have to eat salt and rice to live in a semi-subterranean dustbin, you bastard-]

[…] … Yes. It was a live broadcast, so communication was not smooth for a while. Please understand. By the way, the atmosphere at the protest site seems to have risen considerably. What do you think, Professor?]

[to… … It can only be seen that the problem is quite serious. So, is there such a thing as common sense? The government is making various announcements now, but in any case, from the point of view of the people, isn’t the government giving up on the people?]

[ah… … . Did the government give up on the people?]

[Not that I am. That’s what common sense is. So, according to the psychology of the general public? Overseas support for stimulants? It just feels very irresponsible. to… … . So. Whatever the case abroad! Isn’t the economy first? Well, this stance is very natural… … .]

Despite the sudden broadcast accident, the anchor, announcer, and commentator showed a very calm appearance. In particular, in the case of a field reporter, there was no change in expression even though it was obvious that he would be reprimanded.

“… … Hmm!”

And I didn’t miss any of these details. For some reason, I feel like there are more and more news these days insulting me. Is it because it’s election season?

I picked up the remote and changed the channel.

But unfortunately, there were roughly similar stories going around on other channels as well.

[Even after the announcement of the 3rd Honam new town plan, the real estate frenzy shows no signs of abating. In particular, the problem becomes more serious as you go to the southern part of the country. Meanwhile, Han Seung-moon… … .]


[The general election is five months away. While political circles are already expecting a wave of nomination rights, economic issues are gradually coming to the surface. Meanwhile, former Minister of National Assembly Han Seung-moon… … .]


[Household debt is breaking through the maximum every day. The number of people living without debt accounts for less than 10% of the total, while the housing problem of 10 million refugees from the metropolitan area is getting serious, experts are predicting the risk of freezing this winter. Yes, next news. Han Seung-moon… … .]


It is a tradition for the media to grab a person and beat them during the general election season, but it seems that I won as a side dish this season.

After overseas support for stimulants, he was severely caught in economic problems. The poorer you are, the more you resent me, so the aftereffects are serious.

After all, isn’t this election season?

It is a time when politicians close the 9 o’clock news even if they breathe. So I literally had to stop breathing, but it was a serious bad news that the news was all covered with my news.

So while I’m just staring at the TV gloomy, I hear some good news.

“Eat the oysters!”


My uncle has piled up oysters on a plate like a mountain. I turned my head like a meerkat, and Yeo Do-yeon, who had only touched her cell phone in every corner of the house, ran away.

Originally, winter oysters were the only food I couldn’t eat.

Because it is rich in vitamins, it is good to prevent adult diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes, and if you put oysters that have just come out of their shells and are flowing with luster in the grass, you will feel that everything in the world is prosperous.

Even Yeo Do-yeon vomited up by chewing the oysters with their skins. It was a nonsense that only a body magician could do.

Seeing that, my uncle (the owner of a sushi restaurant, 52) smiled.

“Is it delicious?”

“It’s sweet!”

“okay! okay! There are a lot of them, so if you want to eat more, just tell me!”

“Where did you get this precious thing? Prices these days are no joke… … .”

“mind! This year, the business is ruined and the fish is rotting! Eat a lot! Eat a lot! There is no one to eat without you! ha ha ha!”

* * *

“under. How can this economy be saved? … .”

When he talked about his concerns seriously, Ho-jung Lee answered with a grin and harshly.

“If I could save that, I would immediately become president.”

“Oh, don’t just say no, think about it!”

“Then will you build the Grand Canal of the Korean Peninsula?”

“I’d rather ask the IMF to borrow money!”

I realized the seriousness of the economic problem and called an emergency meeting. Even my uncle, who raised me like my biological father, looks at me with resentment.

It was an atmosphere where the more difficult the circumstances, the more resentment against me, and just looking at YouTube right now, there were not one or two people who said they were going to kill Han Seung-moon with the Jeongi-bong.

The winter in Korea was harsh.

In this regard, Yang Il-ho hesitated and offered his opinion.

“Just take a dive for a while… … ?”

It was said that people would be quiet if they stood still because people are pigs. I shook my head.

“I tried to do that too, but it doesn’t seem like this is going to be resolved by just sitting still.”

In fact, for the time being, I also tried to have a time of self-reflection. Celebrities also take a few years off if they get caught gambling, but it was polite to take a few months off if a politician got caught up in the economy.

More than anything else, the eyes of the yangban-seok appeared.

Haven’t I been too far-fetched these days? Why don’t we release 400,000 stimulants to Australia? Don’t you just throw the WPO to the hunters?

My position was about the right arm of Yang Pan-seok, but as my weight class grew, I was worried because it seemed to be moving away from Yang Pan-seok.

So, I was planning to take a moment to kill my presence… … .

“I feel like I’m going to die from being hit by something like this… … .”

“… … .I do.”

I was really feeling life threatening.

In fact, security in Korea was not as good as it used to be. It’s only been a few years since we experienced a chaos comparable to the Korean War.

The K2 rifles that Seoul survivors picked up from soldiers’ corpses were not yet recovered, so if they were bored, there were gun accidents. So, if the southerners don’t go well, they don’t go to Chungcheong-do.

In addition, not a small number of hunters were working in the shade as unregistered hunters. The thugs, the hitman, the minions of the chaebols, and the mind-readers on the backseat of politicians.

Of course, there are ways to illegally define unregistered awakening people and beat them up, but if they get carried away and blow them away, it will only harm the country. That’s why unregistered people are only banned from hunting monsters and exchanging manastones.

Anyway, if you want to live a long life in this harsh world, it’s best not to do anything you hate. And I was hated by about 30% of the whole nation.

Besides, I feel like the news that criticizes me is getting more frequent these days. Of course, I was old enough to soak up the chaebols who owned the press in Jangjeon-eup, but I couldn’t help but feel bad if I listened to my cursing all day.

“ah. this. The economy needs to survive… … .”

That was the time when he struggled with worries for the country.

A bell rang from Lee Ho-jung’s pocket.

“Oh, Choi Bo. What happen? He said that today the government officials are going to leave.”

Ho-jeong Lee’s expression hardened while answering the phone, and she turned on the TV with a very meaningful expression.

On TV, the National Assembly was floating with breaking news.

[trot. Proposed amendment to the Presidential Election Act]

* * *

“There has been a lot of discussion about changing the working age to 17. However, the limit on the right to be elected to the National Assembly was changed to 20. Do you want to change the limit on the right to run for president to 30?”

“It is a time for change and innovation. Why is it wrong to pursue youthful politics?”

“I’d rather change to the age of 32! Won’t former Minister Han Seung-moon be 32 in the next election?”

“In the first place, the reason the age limit for the right to be elected was so high was that the old military regime tried to check the theory of riders in their 30s. Come to think of it, wasn’t Won Ok-bun, governor of Jeollabuk-do, a co-worker of the military regime?”

“That, that, that… … ! What the f**k is that crazy guy doing on TV!”

“… … Gosh. two.”

“hello? oh, it goes Rep. Kim, at the time of his personal remarks… … ! Just tell me to shut up!”

The National Assembly was now in chaos and panic. This was because one Nationalist Party member held a real-time debate at the Standing Committee.

While the live broadcast is in progress, it is impossible to force an active member of the legislature. Therefore, Ho-jeong Lee, who arrived in a hurry, could not take any action other than sucking his finger.

This surprise debate ended only after stimulating the left-right camp logic and public opinion on Han Seung-moon to run for president.

And the member of the National Assembly who caused the incident was a human being classified as ‘Han Seung-moon’ within the Kuomintang, and after the debate, he turned off aggro at a press conference and then disappeared somewhere.

The ramifications of the incident were enormous.

“Former Minister Han Seung-moon declared war! It is safe to look at it that way. Maybe it was an attempt with the intention of the Blue House, but the reaction was not very good… … .”

“The human who ruined the Korean economy! I’m struggling to run for the general election! We must judge politicians who have turned their backs on the public opinion! this Saturday! Let’s gather in the National Assembly! Even if you can’t attend, support the rally with sponsorship and subscription… … .”

“By the way, is it fun? After this announcement, the approval ratings of the top three fell. Won Ok-bun Branch. Prime Minister Yoo Jae-kyung. And Commander Doo-Sik Kim. Where will this declining approval rating go? Why don’t you go to someone who’s just gone to the presidential election right now?”

The Kuomintang leadership immediately went into clarification. This is a matter that has not been agreed upon at the party level and is merely the subjective opinion of one member of the parliament.

However, the public reaction was cynical.

I went to run for the presidential election, but I resigned because public opinion was not good. This time, it is simply dismissed as an individual deviation. There was support from the supporters, but the negative reaction was mostly.

This was due to the fact that the image of Han Seung-moon recently hit the bottom, but the person who caused the incident made very provocative remarks in a row during the discussion.

First, he provoked the conservatives by selling Governor Won Ok-bun as a co-worker of the military regime, and while discussing the working age, he provoked both the women’s circle and the poor at the same time, saying, ‘Women have to wear doll eyes’.

As a result, the only thing that was not criticized was the Honam region of Jeolla-do, and the situation began to roll erratically in that Jeolla-do was the base of support for President Yang Pan-seok.

“Prosecution. President Yang Pan-seok’s son. charged with a drug offense.”

“The Ministry of Strategy and Finance. Honam-type civil engineering works. A gloomy prospect.”

This is where the lame duck started.

* * *

The elections that precede the primary elections are the primary elections. Therefore, the president who has a big election during his term begins to lose power little by little from that point on, whoever wins.

However, Won Ok-bun moved the prosecution, and Yoo Jae-kyung moved the Ministry of Strategy and Finance. This was a signal that the Korean government was starting to lose taste.

Thanks to this, the biggest victim of this situation has become a yangban-seok. This is how the case where I distributed stimulants abroad continued.

“… … .”

Originally, I was going to be quiet for a while. Since I had been out of politics for a long time, I tried to take a break.

But it probably won’t.

Right now, there are rumors that the prosecution is investigating my aunt’s career as a lawyer at a law firm, and within the Kuomintang, Shin Soo-gwang’s children are taking advantage of our lack of power to seize the nomination rights.

In addition, the Ministry of Strategy and Finance was holding a loudspeaker and rapping because the economy had collapsed. Only then will Prime Minister Yoo Jae-kyung, an economist, gain strength.

“… … .Whoa.”

total chaos.

It was a situation that could only be explained like that.

“Senator… … .”

“… … .”

“criminal… … Shall we find it?”

“… … Now, what good is that?”

Pi Chae-won, who returned in a hurry during vacation, gave him a worried look, but I shook my head to discourage him.

And instead of forcing Pi Chae-won to find the culprit, he looked at him with a gentle smile.

“Chaewon-ah… … .”

“yes… … .”

“Originally, politicians are insulted no matter what they do. Even if I can’t do it and pick up trash, I get cursed as image-making.”

“… … .”

“So what can a politician do to restore his image?”

“… … Are you good at your job?”

“no. All you have to do is turn everyone else into an asshole.”

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