A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 198

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 198

EP 30 – This is all because of Han Seung-moon (2)

「kikk: No, everyone, think with common sense. Is Han Seung-moon the person who would say that he is running for president in this country? And if I was going to declare my candidacy, I would hold each other. What would you do with this shit? Ah Hehehe”

“Namjeong Woo: I sold my country, what can I do?”

「kikk: Just by looking at it, it is saying that Han Seung-moon’s legs are going to be ripped apart as we enter the election season. Is this a public scam?”

「Butterfly soup: During election season, everyone has a taste. Seungmoon Han is no exception. How long has it been since you announced that you would not run? … This time, it is quite disappointing.”

「Rambo 88: Refrain from brain damage」

「dk0dk: Don’t try to convince me. Because people who don’t have money just want to curse at someone ^^”

「NAM: Overseas support for stimulants is decided by a referendum. Now, Seung-moon Han told me that the economy was ruined. This is why Korea should not be a democracy.”

“Cesium Up: People don’t know what to do, but lawmakers never speak their minds. The person I know is from the industry, so I know it well. Of course, the talk of lowering the age limit for the president fell from the top… … Now the young man was slashing his head thinly and got a big burn… … . This is the answer.”

「dnkm: After all, the public will tell you everything! Refugees are shivering from the cold and hungry, but a traitor who favors taxes!!! I will finally see you being judged.”

「Equus: This is the karma of playing a hero with taxes」

* * *

Since I had decided to start a full-fledged dog fight, I decided not to give any frivolous explanations. I was consistent in ignoring all allegations and interviews.

As the situation became so, the attacks of Won Ok-bun and Yoo Jae-kyung gradually subsided. Of course, it wasn’t because they showed little mercy to me, it was because their main enemies were not me, but each other.

The Korean presidential election was a three-way system.

First, Won Ok-bun, the Jeonbuk Governor, took the lead in the Saemangeum New Town cruise. Who is going to stop a human being who is a former acting president and has a prosecutor? She was eating slowly from Gyeongsang-do to Jeolla-do.

Prime Minister Yoo Jae-kyung is after her. As the economic crisis worsened, it was natural for economists to draw attention.

Moreover, the theory of judgment of the regime did not work because it was erecting a corner with both sides of the table. However, the lack of a clear regional basis was both an advantage and a disadvantage.

And although Commander Doo-sik Kim, who protected the southern provinces with the Chungcheong defense line, was third in the presidential race, he had no interest in politics, and people were treated as great men rather than politicians.

Therefore, it was much more important for Won Ok-bun and Yoo Jae-kyung to put me aside and beat each other. However, Shin Soo-kwang’s story was a little different.

‘… … If you want to eat the Kuomintang, you have to catch Lee Ho-jung. If you want to catch Lee Ho-jeong, you have to catch me.’

Shin Su-gwang, chairman of the National Party Emergency Response Committee, was a spiritual supporter of refugees in the metropolitan area.

Over the past few years, he has been shaving and fasting, zealously protecting refugees. He himself was the leader of the largest refugee camp.

Refugees from the metropolitan area had many financial difficulties, and the more they hated me, the more they hated me.

So I decided to step on him first.

“hey. Ho Jeong-ah. Talk to me.”

Lee Ho-jung served as the floor leader of the National Party and served as the vice president of my faction. However, I used the National Assembly purely as a legislative body, so in fact, Hojeong Lee was the leader of the faction.

“First of all, I want to say I’m sorry. If I had been a little bit more interested in domestic politics, things would not have gotten this big.”

“… … no. It’s not like you’ve spent time fooling around either. Not empty words, I worked hard for world peace, but I am not in a position to say anything.”

“Thank you for saying that, but it is true that I was not good at politics. Actually, it’s ridiculous to call it Han Seung-moon. When did I take them and buy them food? I just left it to you and worked hard as a minister.”

“That is a fact.”

“… … Hmm.”

To be honest, the power that the media classifies as ‘Han Seung-moon’ was actually soybean flour.

Most of them were people who rushed to see my popularity during the election season, and when I was a minister, they were the people who played a big role when I shot a bill.

Even those with political careers were taken by the National Defense Party, so the reality was that the Kuomintang had fewer than ten multi-elected lawmakers. Besides, most of them don’t even see me. This is entirely my fault, though.

Chung Jung-yeop’s power was united with black money from Jeju-do, and Shin Su-gwang’s friendship and poison in the refugee camp, Han Seung-moon?

Expecting loyalty there was nothing short of a comedy. So, it was only natural that there was a legislator who made a mess this time.

In summary, the friendly forces within the National Assembly were people with very little nutritional value.

It sounded cold, but it was the reality.

“… … Ho Jeong-ah. It’s very embarrassing for me to ask you this. How many people do you think you can trust in the National Assembly?”

“For once, there are retired hunters from the Shinbundang line as proportional representatives… … What is the standard of ‘reliable’ in your opinion?”

“If I tell you a secret, will you keep your mouth shut?”

“There is no such person.”

write it I don’t know if I should like this or be sad about it. But in the current situation, it was good news.

“… … Ho Jeong-ah. For now, let’s give up on winning our general election. Even if I am a person who has been in politics properly since ancient times. I played politics like a scumbag. Do I have talent? do you have money I don’t think I have the ability to lead the general election at all.”

“I think so.”

“… … Hmm. Anyway.”

Should I say it’s good because it’s quick to accept? Should I say I’m sorry for not trusting you? It was a pretty embarrassing situation, but there was at least one thing I was good at.

“… … .Anyway. Let’s give up winning.”

Even if you tell me this much, it seems that he understands the meaning of the words enough. Lee Ho-jung shrugged his eyebrows and showed a fishy smile.

* * *

“For something you can’t win. Are you going to destroy it?”

“That’s it.”

In the beginning, the Kuomintang was a new party created to destroy the corrupt vested interests during the time when Won Ok-bun was acting as an agent. And, of course, the vested interests are as skilled and mature as they are corrupt. In other words, the Kuomintang is the exact opposite.

Moreover, at that time, Acting Authorities Won Ok-bun and the National Assembly were working hand in hand to put me in a cell, so the people gathered at the KMT were people who had been recruited in a hurry without any verification.

In fact, as soon as Won Ok-bun opened the prosecutor’s office cabinet, 11 out of 12 KMT leaders were arrested for s*x scans, drugs, and economic crimes.

Therefore, the Kuomintang lawmakers had big and small flaws, and we were in such a hurry that we had to run even a geeky person.

“But that doesn’t mean that the materials we collected at that time were discarded.”

“… … .”

“Guild. no. At that time, it must have been the Han Seung-moon Foundation or something like that. I still have the materials I put in the cabinet there.”

The audience will know about these materials. He has been with the KMT since its founding. However, Shin Soo-kwang was a human who joined later.

Shin Soo-kwang was a political extra. He appeared like a morning star only around the presidential election, not the general election. Therefore, there was a high probability that they did not know about the ugly reality of the Kuomintang.

I was planning to use it to blow the godsukwang into Andromeda. Also with the KMT.

And for that, I came to the reporter.

“Take this.”

“Uh, uh, uh, no! I do not like it! Why am I receiving these materials!”

“When I signal, I just pop and pop. How many journalists do you know? If possible, please do not know the source.”

“Oh, I hate it! I hate politics!”

Reporter Gam struggled, but I hurriedly put the materials in his hand. Gam looked at me with empty eyes.

“… … This is the last one. I will never do politics.”

“After all, there is only reporter Gam.”

“I don’t get compliments.”

“It’s not a compliment, it’s a fact. Except for Gam, the only person I will have dinner with this weekend is you or Chaewon.”

Suddenly, I felt skeptical about my life, and my shoulders drooped. The reporter hurriedly turned around.

“Ah, no, by the way, why do you still have these nasty materials?”

“Well, you know, did I not learn politics from Rep. Yang Pan-seok?”

Yang Pan-seok did not raise me as a political dreamer from the beginning, but most of the miscellaneous techniques I use were learned over the shoulder of the nobleman.

And Yang Pan-seok was a politician with some firm principles. He is a yangban with a very clear line of his own.

Preferably without making enemies. If there is an enemy, they will be unconditionally executed, and even if they commit corruption with their power, they will not harm anyone.

“… … that bastard. When I use people, I always put a bomb in it.”

* * *

The structure of the bomb prepared for Shinsu-gwang was simple.

Like Hogu, he hands over the nomination rights and the party rights. Then our people would figure it out and stick to the yangban.

Shin Soo-gwang would also actively recruit members of the National Assembly to swallow the Hola Party. Then he will take over the general election camp as the chairman of the platoon and begin to spread the spirits.

If lawmakers like cancer cells began to slowly mix in, the KMT general election camp would become a huge mass of cancer.

And when the general election begins in earnest, the data will be released.

Of course, blowing up the incumbent legislators with old data gathered a few years ago sounded too hopeful. However, it was a possible scenario enough to roll up the KMT general election.

And it was our political tradition that the leadership was responsible for the failure of the election. All the damage would eventually go to Shin Soo-gwang, the chairman of the platoon.

“Hmm… … .”

However, it is a plan with too many abrupt variables.

Also, it was possible to predict that the Kuomintang would lose the election, and there was no guarantee that Shin Soo-gwang had not prepared any countermeasures for this.

In other words, a helper within the Kuomintang was needed. The person who will control Shin Soo-gwang to fit within the bomb’s lethal range.

But Hojeong Lee was in a very prominent position, and I was outside the National Assembly. Of course, there was no need to sell his feet to find a helper.

The assistant walked in search of it on my own feet.

“Minister Han Seung-moon. How have you been? haha!”

“Gosh. Long time no see. Governor Chung Jung-yeop.”

Jeju-do Governor Chung Jung-yeop. Lobbyist of Jeju chaebol and local lord of Korea.

A middle-aged man with a fan club of tens of thousands of people came to my office with a characteristic stern smile.

And I greeted him with pure eyes that knew nothing.

“No, the weather is cold, so what are you doing?”

“haha. I heard that you are having a lot of heartache these days because of the piracy. This old-fashioned culture must disappear as soon as possible.”

Since they had looked into each other’s filthy side through organ smuggling with the audience, the cumbersome greeting was enough.

Chung-yeop pointed out that I was throwing a human bomb at Shin Soo-kwang.

“I heard that you are supporting people for the Nationalist Party general election camp these days. It will be of great help to the Vice Chairman Shin Su-gwang.”

“They are all the same, but who will send whom? I’m just going on my feet. Gosh. I am no longer a member of parliament. Oh yeah.”

“haha! Who would call the minister just a savage? If you have that level of weight, your seat doesn’t matter from then on.”

He brought out the main point in a more blatant tone than expected.

“… … Add this to what you have.”

He handed me a briefcase. Envelopes contained large printed photos and handwritten letters.

That was enough to change my plans.

“… … Where did this come from?”

“No one escapes the eyes of the chaebols in Korea.”

The beginning of the gate crisis.

In Seoul, where society has collapsed, there were countless people who committed looting and robbery. And the criminals of that time were rescued and joined the society without much punishment.

That was one of the factors that provoked discrimination against refugees and the poor in the metropolitan area, but it was a problem that was not paid much attention to in Korean society, which is currently in a very transitional period.

First of all, there was no way to identify offenders. This is because all refugees have had experience of stealing from convenience stores, and there are too many situations where they have to commit crimes in order to survive.

However, it was quite a shock to learn that Shin Soo-gwang’s son and his sister-in-law were looting criminals, and that a small number of criminal gangs were head of refugee camps.

After a moment’s silence, the shock was drowned out. The audience member smiled softly and spoke.

“Perhaps because Chairman Shin Su-gwang lost his daughter to a monster, he seems to be very fond of the one remaining son. Even though he was a soldier, he gave me a lot of convenience.”

“… … There must have been a reason why President Yang Pan-seok used Shin Su-gwang in the presidential election.”

“Hey. Does that happen? This is a bit of a shock.”

The envelope also contained a photograph of a corpse. I put the envelope down on the desk with a confused mind. And I spoke to the audience.

“… … I’m not going to tell you why you brought this to me. What do you want?”

“haha. It is also very convenient to have a conversation with the Minister. Is it because you are young?”


“Oh, it’s no different… … .”

The audience smiled softly.

“After this general election, I think Shin Su-gwang, the vice chairman, will probably disappear. In fact, I am willing to challenge the party representative election.”

“… … As the governor of Jeju-do?”

“I think the next local election will be difficult because of the restrictions on the third term. I don’t think it’s time to decide on a career path toward central politics. haha.”

“Ah yes. If that’s the case, then we should support you.”

It was an offer that I had no reason to refuse. Because there was no one to push him as the next party leader anyway.

But in other words, this meant that it was too natural to do anything that the audience could ask of me.

just as expected. The audience continued to speak like flowing water. It was another suggestion.

“Ah, and this time, the FKI meeting will be held in Jeju Island. They say they are going to elect a new chairman, but I think Samsung will take it this time. So it seems to be a good party atmosphere without any fights. Would you like to attend… … ?”

“… … That’s where the chaebols gather, don’t they?”

“haha! Isn’t that the National Entrepreneurs Association? It is a place for people who are interested in the life of the country to share their opinions. It is not a place where some wealth must exceed 300 billion won. By the way, can we omit the Minister of Portrait Management when discussing national life? They politely sent an invitation.”

So. It was a call to reconcile with the established chaebols. Those yangbans I beat down in Jangjeon-eup.

Naturally, I frowned a bit because it was something I didn’t like, and the audience naturally began to explain.

“If you are concerned about the Jangjeon-eup incident, there is no need. At that time, many people were pushed out, so there were quite a few people taking up seats. To them, the minister is a hero. hero.”

“… … .”

“This time, the archangel of GS Group also said that he would give me time. It seems that it will finally become a place where the old chaebols and the new chaebols come together. Isn’t Korea in a stable state now? Thanks to the Minister for clearing out the bitter past, a place of reconciliation is now ready… … .”

“Ah, I see. I’m not that hard of a head either. Don’t compromise.”

“That’s a really nice thing to say. haha!”

I promised to let Shin Soo-kwang go away in partnership with Chung Jung-yeop, and sooner or later I decided to reconcile with the chaebols. I’m not the kind of person who thinks of collusion with politics as a sin.

Thanks to this, the audience smiled refreshedly and got up. He seems excited at the thought of having a party representative hammock soon.

“Then I will leave. haha!”

“Oh, yes. Take a look.”

So Governor Chung Jung-yeop returned. I relaxed and sat down on the chair. It made my head clutter with so many things going on in such a short time.

But to some extent it worked out as expected, and we had to make it happen in the future. That way, I and the people around me can be safe.

It was heartbreaking under the heavy pressure, but it was better than the days when we gambled at the risk of 7 million lives in Australia. I laugh out loud wondering if people grow up like this.

He took out a cigarette and put it in his mouth.

“ha… … .”

So I sent one.

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