A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 199

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 199

EP 30 – This is all because of Han Seung-moon (3)

“Should Korea be the world’s police force? Should we help countries more difficult than us? Of course it could be. To be honest, I didn’t even go to college, so I don’t know.”

“But even if I have a bad brain, only these two eyes are smart! And what catches my eye are our people who have to pick up waste paper in the cold winter!”

“My fellow citizens! This Shin Soo-kwang will only see the people! No need to go far, we will take care of only the most basics! And I will firmly believe that the foundation of this country is our people!”

Shin Soo-kwang’s actions were truly daring.

As soon as Lee Ho-jung, who received my guidance, showed a passive attitude, he took over the Nationalist Party leader and wielded the right to nominate and declared the cut-off for pan-passport lawmakers.

Thanks to this, the power of the Kuomintang passed to Vice Chairman Shin Su-gwang, and the key positions of the election camp were dominated by those from the Gyeongin refugee camp.

And now, he gave me the nickname of a tax thief, and he was excitedly clenching his teeth and gathering supporters.

“Persons who were once even ministers poured their blood money overseas. And the incumbent president is abusing his power as if he succeeded to the throne. Is this country? Is this democracy?”

Thanks to the daily shocking remarks, the news portal was covered with Shin Soo-gwang’s face. Naturally, the support group who opposed the hard line gradually fell away.

However, Shin Soo-kwang’s core supporters were refugees from the metropolitan area anyway, and they were the mainstream class with more than 10 million people.

Therefore, although the statistical figure has been lowered, the actual bottom-up people gradually flocked to Shin Soo-gwang. And that was the point I was aiming for.

The more you expect, the greater your disappointment.

And the time when public sentiment reaches its extreme is just before the election. So the original plan was to let them play for a few months and then blow them up right before the election.

However, Jeju Governor Chung Jung-yeop seemed to be warmer than expected.

“Jung Woo-seop, chairman of the National Party’s Talent Recruitment Committee. Excommunicated for looting and robbery.”

* * *

“Jung Woo-seop, chairman of the National Party’s Talent Recruitment Committee. Excommunicated for robbery and robbery… … .”

It has been about half a year since Yang Il-ho took the role of Minister of Portrait Management.

Perhaps it was wrong to say that a place makes a person, and he now has the appearance of a mature politician.

“… … Whose work is this?”


“Somehow, I was beaten in Cho Jung-dong… … .”

Chung Jung-yeop started an offensive against Shin Soo-kwang in earnest.

It was still at the level of touching his entourage, but it was clear that he would soon bring down the Shinsu-gwang by grinding the carpet bombing.

After arranging Shin Soo-gwang early, there was a sign that he would become a relief pitcher in this general election. That way, it will be easier to eat as a party representative later.

Anyway, the audience was self-deprecating for power, so it wasn’t too bad for me either.

“Now only Yoo Jae-kyung and Won Ok are left.”

“… … Are you okay?”


“No, the weight class is a little different… … .”

Yang Il-ho’s words were correct. It’s not just about political weight. It meant the weight class of the base force.

Although Shin Soo-kwang was a star politician with support of 10 million people, the national approval rating had no meaning unless he was running for the presidential election.

Shin Soo-kwang’s home ground was the National Assembly. And the current National Assembly was an institution that lacked authority to the extent that the word “Plant National Assembly” was insufficient.

Yang Il-ho pointed out that point.

“… … It’s usually called the Botanical Assembly. They fight with the ruling party and the opposition party, so they can’t work.”


“But now that the ruling and opposition parties do not fight at all, the National Assembly has become a real vegetative man.”

The Korean National Assembly had strong powers. Impeachment, hearings, state investigations, etc. are all powers that can overthrow the regime.

However, when the ruling party tried to do anything, the opposition usually blocked it, so its power was practically useless. Therefore, the true power of the National Assembly was to preempt social issues.

Roughly speaking, if there is an argument in any part, the news will sweep the entire Republic of Korea. So when the people start to shake, only then the government, prosecutors, and the media move.

That was the way the National Assembly wielded the Republic of Korea.

“But because of the coalition government, there was no fight between the ruling and opposition parties. So… … .”

“okay. The National Assembly has become a beacon, passing only bills sent by the government.”

I don’t know how far Pan-Seok Yang had foreseen, but from the moment I was appointed Minister of Portrait Management, the National Assembly was in a state of disrepair.

Without a fight in the National Assembly, the National Assembly lost all its driving force. At best, sometimes when someone made an accident, they called reporters and yelled at them, but in reality their hands and feet were tied up.

There wasn’t even a right person to overcome such a situation. Most of the members of the National Assembly are newcomers to politics, and who would dare tackle the mighty coalition government?

Fortunately, there were established politicians who were active in the conservative-progressive party in the National Defense Party, but they are already people who give absolute loyalty to Yang Pan-seok and Won Ok-bun.

therefore. No matter how successful Shin Soo-kwang was in the National Assembly, in reality, he was nothing more than a face madam.

“But Won-ok is different.”

Yang Il-ho added:

“You have the prosecution. Do you remember how we trembled when that grandmother was acting president?”

“Of course I don’t remember… … .”

“And even though Prime Minister Yoo Jae-kyung is always looking around and running around. Field officials and officials all support him. you do a good job It’s because the atmosphere in the government building is getting worse as he’s been mentioned as the presidential candidate, isn’t it?”

“okay. I worked there too. Do I not know that?”

“But why are you arguing with them!”

“… … .”

It’s a problem for Ho-jeong Lee because he goes out too soon, but I’m worried about this guy Yang Il-ho because the wall seems too small.

Anyway, although Yang Il-ho was whining while grabbing his new breast, he had accurate insight as if he had passed the bar exam lightly.

As the guy said, Yoo Jae-kyung was no ordinary person.

Cha Jae-gyun, Wonokbun, Yang Pan-seok.

It is not enough to say that they survived three regime changes. He managed the administration of the Republic of Korea during three changes of government.

Of course, he’s not an economist on non-appropriation. However, there was no human who could match Yoo Jae-kyung in his ability to deal with the highest ranking officials in Korea.

“It’s not that the yangban twists the palms of a public official’s arms… it’s a player… … .”

“Yes? Is it because you are a civil servant from the inside out?”

The basis of administration is money. And Yoo Jae-kyung is a former head of the budget department of the Ministry of Strategy and Finance. Therefore, he was penetrating down to a single cog in the gigantic machine of the government of the Republic of Korea.

He was an animalistic administrator who looked at everything with a single sheet of paper and knew who made the revamp just by smelling the ink.

Moreover, since he was a generous person to the strong and strict to the weak, there was no person like Yoo Jae-kyung to push people hard.

Maybe it’s the exact opposite of me. I was able to roll my head around on a whim, but I didn’t have the same administrative skills as Yoo Jae-kyung.

Anyway, what I want to say is this.

“Ilho, don’t underestimate Prime Minister Yoo Jae-kyung. He’s a yangban that even that guy does when he’s doing it.”

“… … What does that mean?”

what does it mean what does it mean

“If we pat on the back and push. Won Ok-bun might win too. This is it.”

* * *

「靑, considering reorganization ahead of the general election, Prime Minister Kim Doo-shik likely」

“Prime Minister Yoo Jae-kyung fell out! Is it the election or the dismissal of the general election?”

“Kim Doo-sik, the ‘master’, as Prime Minister Yoo’s successor as ‘housekeeper’!?”

Public opinion was fluctuating. Hundreds of Internet news poured in. The hand holding the phone started to tremble.

Yoo Jae-kyung took off her glasses with trembling hands. Then, wondering if this was in vain, I brought my eyes closer to the phone screen.

“… … .”

Seeing dozens of calls coming in at the same time, it doesn’t seem to be in vain. Yoo Jae-kyung pushed the notification aside and started picking out the phone.

Deputy Minister of Strategy and Finance Kim.

pass over

Director of the Office of Government Policy Coordination.

pass over

Chairman of the Fair Trade Commission.

pass over

The first thing Yoo Jae-kyung received was a call from Yoo Jae-young.

“… … Uh, daughter.”


Yoo Jae-young asked about his father’s well-being with a worried voice.

– How did this happen? Commander Doo-Sik Kim as Prime Minister? Did you know?

“Uh, it’s okay. are you okay. I didn’t hear from the VIP in advance, but I expected it. It’s only natural that you’ll be photographed from the moment you stumble over the issue of overseas support for stimulants. No need to be so surprised.”

-Hey, once the office of Assemblyman Han Seung-moon was disbanded, but I’m still in an unreasonable state as a speech secretary, right? Han Seung-moon himself or his secretary, Chae-won, never had any contact with the Blue House!

“okay. Thank you. Dad, I’ll meet other uncles and have a meeting.”

Yoo Jae-kyung finished contacting her family and only then returned the call to her aides.

He looked very relaxed and bold.

“Uh, Vice Minister Kim. What do you do when the wall is so small? Is there anyone in Korea who knows how to run the economy other than our Vice Minister Kim? You know I’m close with General Kim Doo-sik, right? Maybe the minister will be able to stare at you, so stay calm.”

“Director Park. Are you very surprised? no? Heh heh, I know the personality of Director Park. huh, really Yes. Anyway, I have been close with General Kim Doo-sik since long ago. If you are new to the Blue House, they will tell you about the Blue House. I’ll tell you something nice.”

“I am well aware of Chairman Cho’s concerns. But you don’t need to worry too much. Maybe we can take this opportunity to liquidate our bureaucracy and go to the National Assembly? ‘Cause I’ll pave the way Let’s use our powers this time. haha.”

Most of Yoo Jae-kyung’s aides were high-ranking officials. It was even so high that there was no room to climb any further. Therefore, as soon as the Prime Minister changed, there was a high probability that the branches would be blown away.

However, Yoo Jae-kyung boasted that he would protect their rice bowl with a strong appearance, and that was enough to appease the anxious aides. That was the ability of a man named Yoo Jae-kyung.

The problem was that he was trembling with anxiety.

‘It was X… … .’

Now, the cell phone did not vibrate any more, but Yoo Jae-kyung’s pupils were shaking relentlessly.

The moment the boss can’t take care of the rice bowls, the dogs leave in search of a new owner. Yoo Jae-kyung was trembling with anxiety because he did not know about it.

Eventually, he called someone, as always.

“Rep. Han Seung-moon. What the hell is this?”

-… … Prime Minister? No, what’s going on at this hour-

If anything happens, it’s because of this guy nine times out of ten. It was Yoo Jae-kyung’s judgment that once he confided Han Seung-moon, something would come out.

However, the conversation began to flow haphazardly.

“If we have any dissatisfaction, we will resolve it through dialogue. Isn’t this way too violent? How do you feed your wife and children if you fire someone from your job because you used the government judgment theory? … .”

-Ah, no, I’m also in touch with the VIP… … .

“I was scolded over the issue of stimulant support… … ! I’m sorry! As time goes by, the more I think about it, the more my heart aches. A nobleman called the Prime Minister can’t help, but his ankle… … .”

– That’s not it, Prime Minister. In fact, I haven’t had any contact with you at all.

“Oh, no. I don’t know how special your relationship with Assemblyman Han is. So, let’s meet and unwind openly. If only I had been embarrassed in the past. I’ll take this opportunity to listen and fix… … .”

– Oh, it’s not really!

Yoo Jae-kyung began to suffer from a headache.

She says she’s not even a daughter. The informants planted in all mobile carriers have also reported that Han Seung-moon has never made any suspicious contact.

But did Han Seung-moon and Yang Pan-seok hit each other once or twice? Originally, skilled politicians were basically telepathic beasts.

However, Han Seung-moon’s voice clouded Yoo Jae-kyung’s judgment. Yoo Jae-kyung was in too dangerous a situation to come to his senses.

-Why would I check Prime Minister Yoo Jae-kyung? I have no intention of being president. If I wanted to eat it, I would never touch Jangjeon-eup. Others don’t know, but the Prime Minister doesn’t know? Where am I going to be president?

“Oh, no, of course, no… … .”

-Then who would have made Commander Kim Doo-shik Prime Minister?

Yoo Jae-kyung was a smart person, and thanks to him, he was able to recall the answer as soon as he heard the question.

When the defense lines in Seoul collapsed, who entrusted all powers to Kim Doo-sik, who was only a commander.

Who brought Commander Doo-Sik Kim to the present position? So, as Commander Doo-Sik Kim gets more attention, who really benefits?

The moment I remembered it,

Yoo Jae-kyung’s hand, which had been convulsing, stopped.

“… … Won Ok.”

* * *

“So Jae-kyung Yoo, after a long public life, decided to uphold the voice of the people.”

“The economy will be saved. For the first time, I will fulfill the promises polluted by politicians. That is the mission entrusted to me by this era… … 」

In the screen, Yoo Jae-kyung raised her voice with a sad face. At first glance, it seemed that he was going to the presidential election, not the general election. If you look closely, that’s what it was.

Anyway, as Yoo Jae-kyung grew in size, it was a good thing for me. While I was watching TV with a happy expression on my face, Pi Chae-won approached me and wrote a poll.

“… … Prime Minister Yoo Jae-kyung’s approval rating has overtaken Governor Won Ok-bun for the first time. It is within the margin of error.”

“Look. If you do, you are a good man.”

A smile naturally blooms on your lips.

Yoo Jae-kyung’s approval rating will never stop at the same level as Wonok-bun. It was because the audience was going to blow up the Shin Soo-gwang sooner or later.

What will happen to its supporters if Shin Su-gwang is blown away? The biggest issue for refugees in the metropolitan area is the economy. What will be Yoo Jae-kyung’s approval rating after absorbing them?

If so, will Won Ok-bun let the presidential candidate who has overtaken him stand still? And will the serpents of the National Assembly, who were quietly bowing their heads under Wonok-bun, let the fresh presidential candidate come in?

“… … It is already winter.”

The news in the second half of this year seemed to be particularly noisy.

SIDE EP – Dead Superman Society

In the early days of the Gates crisis, looters who committed horrific crimes taking advantage of social chaos were rescued along with ordinary refugees.

Criminals and ordinary people alike were wearing human skins, and in particular, there were very few cases where crime victims were alive, so it was difficult to distinguish them.

However, it was not possible to send an investigative team to the middle of Seoul to investigate the crime, and it was difficult to find the perpetrators, as simple theft and assault were crimes committed by the majority of refugees.

In such a situation, the public outcry to find the looters without evidence could lead to a people’s trial and aggravate the problem of discrimination against refugees in the metropolitan area.

So the problem of predators was slowly forgotten. Everyone turned away from that shameful aspect of history.

Until it turns out that incumbent politicians are from looters.

“It has been revealed that Park Geun-tae, a city councilor in Mungyeong, North Gyeongsang, was a serial killer who once acted as a ‘Wolak faction’. Rep. Park is also famous for being a superhero who played an active part in the Battle of Sobaeksan… … .”

“Amidst a series of scandals among the aides of the National Party Chairman Shin Su-gwang for their looting, the son of Shin Su-gwang, the son of Shin, is being investigated by the prosecution on charges of aiding and abetting murder. … .”

“Fellow citizens! I’m sorry! My son was just struggling to survive the kidnapped situation! The media should stop fake news right now… … .”

A mega incident that erupted in the National Assembly heated up the end of the year in Korea.

Shinsu-gwang Gate.

The politician, who gained popularity with his speech that his daughter was killed by a monster, quickly collapsed along with the looting crimes of his son and aides.

Some voices wondered why such a large-scale incident had been quiet for several years and then erupted during the election season, but rather, voices of anger filled the Republic of Korea.

It was Governor Chung Jung-yeop who filled the void in power. He appeared as if waiting, took control of the KMT’s election camp and began to lead the general election.

“We promise a strong human transformation! We will cut off all those who have been nominated so far. Rather than pretending to change the name of the party, we want to go back to the people with a sincere heart… … .”

Chung Jung-yeop, who took control of the nomination rights, ran a large number of pro-chaebol politicians from Jeju Island, that is, close to the chaebols.

It was in Gyeongsang Province that the leader of Jeju Island began the full-fledged amphibious operation.

Originally, Won Ok-bun would have been a defensive area, but as Won Ok-bun ran for Jeollabuk-do, there was a subtle sense of betrayal in Gyeongsang-do.

In such a situation, the influx of pro-chaebol politicians who can promise regional development with chaebol capital to Gyeongsang Province has had a huge ripple effect.

Therefore, Chung Jung-yeop’s ‘Gyeongsang-do Landing Operation’ was truly a godsend.

However, there is one variable here.

“Son of Busan! Jaekyung Yoo will save the economy! The problem is the economy! The economy is Yoo Jae-kyung!”

Yoo Jae-kyung, who was driven to Busan due to the change of prime minister, absorbed the supporters of Shin Su-gwang and gained explosive popularity.

“Who is the judge of organ trafficking in Jangjeon-eup? Rep. Han Seung-moon and I! Jaekyung Yoo held hands and beat me!”

Even Yoo Jae-kyung was an anti-chaebol person who stopped the tyranny of the chaebol throughout his tenure. It was the biggest enemy of the pro-chaebol figures of the Kuomintang.

As a relief pitcher named Yoo Jae-kyung appeared in the National Defense Party in such a crisis, the factional relations within the National Defense Party also changed once.

As the Gyeongsang-do lawmakers, who were oppressed by Won Ok-bun’s charisma, gathered to Yoo Jae-kyung, they began to build a subtle confrontation with Won Ok-bun.

“I’m Shin Eui-seop, the floor leader of the National Defense Party. I will ask the National Defense Party election committee. Why don’t you appoint former Prime Minister Yoo Jae-kyung as the co-chair of the election committee…”

As Won Ok-moon was already being attacked by Yang Pan-seok inside the prosecution, it was the worst situation for Yoo Jae-kyung to lose even the National Assembly.

But Won Ok-bun did not react strangely. However, no one doubted that her cloudy eyes were watching Gyeongsang-do.

Thus, Gyeongsang-do became the biggest battleground for this general election.

National Defense Party and National Party. Jae-kyung Yoo and Chung-yeop Chung. And Won Ok-bun, who quietly watches the situation.

With the destruction of Shin Su-gwang as a signal, a muddy battle leading to catastrophe was foretold.

* * *

Yang Il-ho and Lee Ho-jeong are a natural couple.

Yang Il-ho was from an orphanage, and Lee Ho-jung’s family was inferior to others, so they were each other’s only family.

Although they were denounced as Han Seung-moon’s puppets, they were also cruising in public life by utilizing their talents.

Looking at it that way, it would have been a couple who would have nothing to worry about, but they were making a gloomy death in front of the table.

It was because of Kang Si-ho.

‘I’ll take a stimulant and enter the Hunter Academy. Thank you for raising both of you so far.’

Han Seung-moon’s colleague, Kang Seok-ho, is now officially dead. It was a request by Kang Si-ho himself.

You might wonder what use it is when all life insurance companies have gone bankrupt, but Kang Seok-ho was once a superintendent who worked as an original member of the Apgu faction.

He also participated in the Apgujeong escape operation, had a career in the metropolitan area mobile strike force, and was decisively disappeared from the battlefield when the Seoul defense line collapsed.

‘National Meritorious Person’.

And Kang Seok-ho’s last brother. Kang Si-ho bought a stimulant with his brother’s net salary. And then he quickly left for the Jeju Island Hunter Academy.

‘I’m going to become a great hunter and go to Seoul to find my older brother. Please also tell reporter Gam and Jiyoon that you are thankful for that.’

After Kang Seok-ho’s disappearance, Lee Ho-jung and Yang Il-ho, who raised Si-ho Kang, decided to respect Kang Si-ho’s choice after much deliberation.

However, since there were only two people in the house where there were three people, it was inevitable that their hearts would be empty.

“… … I guess I haven’t been able to be a proper parent because I’ve been busy all this time.”

“Have we seen his face after work? Every day, I entrusted it to reporter Gam and did the work.”

Even at the time of the outbreak, Yang Il-ho and Lee Ho-jeong had a history of abandoning Kang Seok-ho. It was Han Seung-moon who entangled, but the guilt was theirs.

“Tt… … .”

“Ehh… … .”

The two of them sighed like that, so when the sudden phone call came, Hojeong Lee started to get dressed.

“Ho Jeong-ah. Where?”

“brother. sorry. Something happened all of a sudden.”

“What happened?”

“Shin Su-gwang’s gang shaved their heads in front of the National Assembly.”

Whether it was because he lost the long-awaited holiday or because he became sensitive because of Kang Si-ho, Lee Ho-jeong’s venomous remarks were more brutal than usual.

“How long has it been since you shaved your head last time? I don’t know if it’ll bleed if you put a barricade on your bare head. I just want to see.”

“Then are you going to take a look?”

“no. Governor Chung Jung-yeop says that Shin Su-gwang’s people will be expelled from the Kuomintang. They are calling people to the election camp.”

“Wow… … . It’s brutal.”

Yang Il-ho rubbed his mouth with a strange expression. Clearly, politics today wasn’t even a mess.

Shin Su-gwang and his faction were being shunned by the media and public opinion, and a fierce all-out war broke out between Yoo Jae-kyung and Chung Jung-yeop.

Then, if you’re bored, Won Ok-bun takes a picture of a person and sends them to the prosecution, so I think the season when the bloody General Dong-gun dances the sword has come.

Yang Il-ho suddenly muttered.

“Seungmoon hyung is also subtly bloody… … .”

It was all because of Han Seung-moon. Politicians are all fighting to create a sea of blood, and I am going winter fishing with the president.

It was fortunate that we were on our side, and Yang Il-ho himself added his hand to this plan, but that was that and the scary thing was the scary thing.

At this, Ho-jung laughed.

“That brother was poisonous from the beginning. We get along very well, so we often forget about it.”

“Well. In the old days, only the brain was good, but I don’t think it was poisonous… … .”

Ho-jeong Lee opened her collar with a meaningful smile. Then he kissed Yang Il-ho on the cheek and went out to the front door.

“brother. I come and go.”

“When you come, Merona.”

“I’m sorry I broke the bread we decided to eat out today, but my brother was also out of time, so don’t just stay at home and go see someone. Where do politicians have their holidays?”

“I have a place to go too!”

“Oh my, aren’t you dating a girl?”

“I don’t know about that either… … .”

“I am!”

* * *

“… … … … .You are a woman today.”

“Courage to break free from familiarity! Isn’t that the quality of a researcher? Anyway, come on!”

Yang Il-ho visited the Cheongsong Research Institute. As always, the gambler greeted Yang Il-ho with a loud chatter.

The gambler turned into a man and then turned into a woman in just a few seconds, and so on. It felt like experimenting with the end of human body transformation.

“Mr. Ilho Yang. You said you were a minister? good! good! To be honest, Han Ga was a little scared. It feels like you’re going to fall into the sea off Busan if you’re just a little sloppy… … .”

“Is your research going well?”

“then! The samples they send you are so good. Are you saying that these days, even those with transformational abilities are playing active duty? In the old days, it was said that they would confine themselves in the basement of Jeju Island, no, they would recuperate… … .”

After Yang Il-ho became a minister, the Awakenings of the Transfiguration World came to the surface.

This is because the people who were trapped in the body of the monster due to the side effects of stimulants were able to return to their human form through the gambler’s drug.

However, the transformational abilities were still being tabooed. So, most of them are active in Southeast Asia or China, not in Korea.

This was due to his bizarre appearance, but in the end it was a big political problem. This is because the deformable person made people think of Cha Jae-gyun.

While the government is obscurely covering up modern history, it was detrimental to the ‘historic cleanup project’ to highlight the history of Cha Jae-gyun.

Korean modern history is thoroughly recorded centering on the narratives of heroes. Therefore, the fact that the prototype of the stimulant originated from in vivo experiments had to be gradually concealed.

But the gambler mentioned it. It was very taboo in Korean society.

“Maybe the completion of Cha Jae-gyun’s style stimulant is a transformational system. Wasn’t that a drug that made a conscious monster?”

“… … It was a drug that turned people into monsters, leaving only their minds behind. Most of them became monsters in mind and went crazy.”

“okay. It would have been great if it had been fixed. After all, the body was the most important thing anyway. However, most of them were experimenting with criminals, so they were not compliant. So the study of the mind was very insufficient.”

Yang Il-ho frowned slightly. It was because the gambler’s remarks were very frivolous, from the standpoint of remembering the horrors of that time.

The gambler knew that too, so he slapped his white face and corrected his words.

“this! sorry. sorry. I keep touching my brain to raise my IQ for experiments, but sometimes if I do it wrong, my ethics becomes blurred. Wasn’t that just something a researcher participating in a biological experiment could say?”

“… … .”

“Sorry… … .”

The gambler, who returned his white skin to an apricot color, and bowed his head pale, was no different from an ordinary human woman.

But how can a person with the ability to transform even manipulate their own brain? I felt extreme physiological rejection and fear.

Yang Il-ho’s mood became vague. Was this the reason why Han Seung-moon kept the Hunters in check?

In the midst of an awkward atmosphere, Yang Il-ho, head of the Cheongsong Research Institute, was greeted.

“Long time no see. Rep. Ilho Yang.”

“ah… … ! Commander!”

“Should I call you Minister now?”

* * *

The gambler was a researcher who developed science by participating in biological experiments and eventually experimenting with his own body, and the director of the place was an NIS agent who would do anything for the country.

And the Cheongsong Research Institute was a place where these crooked human figures were isolated from society, and Yang Il-ho was a twisted genius in the end, so he visited Cheongsong frequently.

And whenever he saw Il-ho Yang, the gambler would bring out all his research results and proudly boast.

In the past, it was an act that was conscious of one’s own situation that could be discarded at any time. Now it felt like I was just bragging about my research results to my friends.

“This is an air freshener that keeps your legs from shaking unconsciously! This is an aqueous solution that turns transfusion packs into RH-, this is a strawberry-flavored stimulant that gives the ability to attract cats, and this is a magical grenade that explodes when broken… … .”

As they sit together and eat dumplings while listening to the gambler’s detailed explanation, Director Jang gently smiles and asks a question.

“By the way, how is the atmosphere outside?”


“It’s been noisy these days.”

“… … It’s always messy. What.”

Yang Il-ho smiled bitterly.

“Sometimes supporter murders happen, and if you’re bored, there’s a gunfight at the border, and hunters can’t control their emotions in their daily life, so there are one or two major accidents… … .”

“Hey, I heard you introduced the magistrate system, is that still true?”

“Now, there is even a controversy over oversuppression of police officers. Usually, the worse the guy, the more money he has. I’m going crazy because I’m going to call in a lawyer and play the press.”

“haha! That’s going to be really hard. When I was in Syria, a reporter reported the secret operation of the NIS to a human rights group… … My last name was Gam… … .”

As we were talking like that, Soo-Kwang Shin appeared on TV. He was kneeling in front of the camera with wretched humiliation.

“My son… … I was taken away by the killers and just did what they were told me to do. The media should stop fake news right away… … .”

While Shin Soo-kwang was about to continue the interview with a haggard impression, an egg flew out of nowhere.

However, the egg, which flew without strength, slammed into Shin Soo-gwang’s shoulder and fell to the floor.

It was only natural that the person who threw the egg was close to a dead body.

“Save my son! Hey! my son… … !」

“… … Yes. The on-site connection was not smooth. I’m sorry. By the way, what do you think of the current situation?”

“to… … It can’t be really sad… … .”

Yang Il-ho, who was quite a politician, was blushing in embarrassment for some reason, so Director Jang slightly smiled and continued.

“Hmm. I heard that looters were mixed in the Gyeongin refugee camp, so things get bigger.”

“… … I beg your pardon?”

“It is a social evil. I remember that Vice Minister Cha Jae-gyun was quite active in hunting looters. At that time, most of them were swept away, but the leader of the Incheon organization was the son of a member of the National Assembly… … .”

“… … Are you a member of parliament?”

“He was one of the 12 surviving members of the National Assembly, and is now dead as the Seoul siege collapsed. Anyway, at that time, cooperation with the National Assembly was so important, I heard news that the scoundrels even served as the refugee camp captain. To a friend of the security guard.”

“… … .”

In the end, it was said that the criminals were summarily disposed of using military force without a trial, and that was also a story of neglecting criminals as needed.

And Director Jang was smiling while saying that. The reason followed right away.

“At that time, the next best thing was urgent. It is not a denial of sin. I’m just happy that society is getting better little by little.”

“… … is that so.”

“Well, one day, villains like me will be erased from the history books. People will not be afraid of me, they will laugh at me lightly, and I will work hard in this country knowing only what I need to know.”

Director Jang’s smile when he said that was not much different from that of a good citizen. Yang Il-ho felt that one side of his heart had hardened a little.

As Yang Il-ho kept quiet, Director Jang stuck out his tongue in embarrassment.

“Hey, I’m worried about gambling because I think I’m talking too much. Was it the main book?”

“Why did you do this to me, who was still? Isn’t she going through menopause?”

“This country will get better little by little. Forgetting the scars of the past, little by little, little by little… … .”

At the same time, warm news came out on TV. Director Jang looked at the news and smiled happily.

“Look over there. The world is already changing a lot.”

“… … .”

“If we move forward little by little in this way from the past stained with necessary evil, won’t good days come someday?”

The announcer smiled softly and delivered the good news.

“Last in Sokcho, Gangwon-do, public nurseries were established nationwide. With this, the Republic of Korea became the first country in the world to take care of all disaster victims.”

“Children’s child support is completely free, and in the case of some particularly prominent children, the policy is to provide support for state-funded admission to the Jeju Hunting Education Center as well as taking stimulants… … .”

Yang Il-ho, Minister of Portrait Management, simply smiled quietly.


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