A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 201

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 201

EP 31 – Winter trip is not going (2)

The debate about airplanes was so complicated that there is a joke that the history of nationalization of airplanes is the modern history of Korea.

It’s not a reason such as the appearance of flying monsters or skyrocketing jet fuel prices, it’s just a purely political issue.

Immediately after the gate incident, President Yoo Jae-gwang nationalized all planes and closed the airport.

This was to prevent chaebols from fleeing overseas in the name of managing national strategic resources. It was the last fit for a politician who had fought the chaebol all his life.

Although President Yoo Jae-gwang died in the midst of a riot, Cha Jae-gyun’s military took over the policy.

The military regime, which strictly emphasized only efficiency, had no intention of returning airplanes to the civilian population.

They returned the requisitioned plane to Seoul and used it well in the initial response to the emergency situation.

Acting authority Won Ok-bun, who succeeded him, led a relatively stable society.

Around this time, as the power of the chaebol was revived, there were a few requests for the return of the plane, but it was absurd.

The 12-member National Assembly, which boasted extra-legal powers, made it illegal to ‘have personal means of flying’.

In fact, this was a sign of a thief saying, ‘Almost all airline officials are dead anyway, but the plane will just gulp the country’. It was very effective in preventing them from fleeing abroad.

Thanks to Yang Pan-seok’s democratic government, airplanes are still owned by the state.

The National Pension Service even ate the entire aviation sector by sweeping away existing airline stocks. With this, I thought that all planes in Korea would be subordinated to the state… … .

“But we found the answer. As always.”

“… … No, how seriously do you say that you bought a private plane?”

“Shh. Just listen.”

President Cheon Geum-soon explained how he got to own a private plane. Her expression was more serious than ever.

“Defense corruption freed the planes from the state.”

It was the Air Force that managed the planes. And the Air Force generals needed money.

They received ‘investment money’ from the chaebols and rented out airplanes. Surprisingly, the whole process was said to be legal.

“It was me who set the rough plan, but… … Samsung’s legal team was the most active. Taking the former defense minister out of prison and pressing it in his spare time is a genius idea no matter how you think about it… … .”

“Stop, stop! I don’t want to hear any more! Why the hell are you telling this to a public official?”

“It’s the norm to take the low tide on the original road trip. There is still a long way to go until we arrive in Jeju Island. Are you not interested in why the hunting device factory is not a defense industry?”

“ah! Because I’m not interested!”

* * *

After listening to President Cheon’s story, I arrived at Jeju International Airport in an instant. As soon as we got off the plane, a bitter winter wind greeted us.

“General Dong is wielding a sword… … .”

Heavy snow began to fall. In less than five minutes, fluffy snowflakes fell, and Pi Chae-won opened an umbrella from her bag and handed it to me.

“Sir, are you not hungry?”

“Are you still hungry after eating two bowls of tteokbokki on the plane?”

“… … !”

Startle. Pi Chae-won trembled as if a dagger had been pierced in his chest.

I took a green grape-flavored candy from my pocket, handed it to him, and asked President Cheon a question after talking with the crew of the private plane.

“therefore. What is your next schedule?”


“It doesn’t seem like they called for a walk on Jeju Island Olle Trail in the freezing cold weather.”

* * *

[Meeting Jeju Island Olle Trail… … young leadership

[Han Seung-moon and Cheon Geum-soon meet on Jeju Island… … “Are you my best friend at this point?”]

[Korean ‘Thank you for leading the economy’, 千 ‘Operation of an entrepreneur’]

[Shin Su-gwang, “Is Han Seung-moon economic luck? Shameless!”]

They bought me pork cutlet, so I followed him and it felt like I got an injection. In this freezing weather, you can feel the sea breeze from Jeju Island Olle Trail.

After walking around Jeju Island for about half a day, the internet was hot. And because I was walking around in cold weather, my cell phone battery ran out.

From my own reaction, it seemed like a very nutritious meeting politically, but I felt like I had a hard time in the cold winter, so my heart was tight.

“Did you have fun today?”

“Go away.”

“a. Still, tomorrow is the FKI meeting. Shouldn’t it be worthwhile to do this kind of publicity?”

“I want to increase my voice while making friends with the chaebols. Aren’t you saying that they used me thoroughly and threw me away?”

“Instead, we shoot the dinner big!”

“Do I look like someone who just falls for food?”

The meat was too delicious to say. The steak melts as soon as you put it in your mouth. Butter-flavored juice dripped from between her teeth.

How much of a star is this? To the point of wanting to steal even the portion that came out of Pi Chae-won.

“… … !”

Startle. Pi Chae-won, feeling an ominous feeling, took the plate. CEO Cheon smiles round and round and gives thanks.

“Thank you for today. There were a lot of things, but thanks to you, it seems to have been resolved neatly… … .”

“What happened?”

CEO Cheon took off his sunglasses without saying a word. The dark circles hanging from the eyes were revealed. It was almost panda level.

No matter how drunk she was to make money, even if she was a human who spends the night as a daily routine, it was strange that she would not collapse right away if she was so ignorant.

“actually… … Today is the one week anniversary of the listing of GS Aegis. The caucasian made a short sale and spread fake news in America… … .”

“Ah, is it resolved anyway?”

“Thank you.”

President Cheon swears at Westerners while swearing at them. How much alcohol went into a small head.

Even now, countless calls were pouring into her cell phone, but she drank a glass of wine and concentrated on the conversation with me.

“Did you say you were nominated as the chief of staff of the president?”

“Aren’t you talking too casually about things that were not even announced at the Blue House?”

“Money is honest. The people in the president’s office were behaving strangely.”

Probably. She seemed to see the world through her own eyes. I suddenly asked her.

“Hmm. Do you think I can do well?”

“Are you not confident?”

Frankly, it was.

“Probably, the hearing will be held in time for the reshuffle in January next year. Then I’m not just thirty. It is unprecedented to become the Chief of Staff to the President at the age of 30.”

“Then, has there been any precedent until now?”

That’s it too. As soon as I got elected, on the first day of my tenure, the roof of the National Assembly building collapsed and there is no other politician who fell out of control.

“but. If the world hadn’t been like this, would I have made a career out of it? At best, I must have been a member of the National Assembly for 4 years and then lost, so I went on a full-length variety show.”

“I think so. To be honest, you’re not the type of person to be politically staunch, are you? There is no particular award for great success in public service… … .”

okay. To be honest, my heart aches. I feel a sense of emptiness in a world that has suddenly become a key point. President Chen smiled lightly.

“But do you know that?”


“I thought we were going to lose in Australia. Things are only getting worse, and I wondered how people could survive there.”

“So did I.”

“But my expectations were wrong. So I thought carefully about why. Where did my calculations go wrong?”

She pondered something.

“Looking back, that was always the case. Australia, Europe, Seoul, Uijeongbu… … .”

“… … .”

“There is always someone out there that is out of my expectations.”

* * *

the next evening. A hotel in Jeju Island.

“Im here. aide. Get off.”

“Yes, Senator.”

I served Pi Chae-won like a driver. Because he didn’t have a driver’s license. I’m probably the first politician to drive with an aide.

We got off at the hotel entrance. While the staff picked up the vehicle, I muttered a little to Pi Chae-won.

“Don’t overdo it just because there are a lot of people with complicated heads. You can just pick up something delicious and eat a lot.”


The answer, though, was that Pi Chae-won had already swallowed 4 painkillers. There was a sign that they were trying to understand the inner workings of the chaebols. It would be nice if I didn’t fall over while overdoing it.

I grabbed my cane and hurried my steps. We arrived on time, so the lobby was crowded with people.

You can see a large banner hanging from the ceiling.

‘The General Assembly of the Federation of Korean Industries’.

“Hey. long time no see.”

“Have you been there before?”

“I went there once when I was an assistant.”

I’ve been to Yangpan-seok once in the past.

At that time, several lawmakers held up pickets and clamored for the need for chaebol reform, and ate sashimi with representatives of large corporations in the evening.

In any case, the atmosphere of the general meeting at that time was very calm. It’s because the heads of chaebols are basically grandparents, and the meal comes with some pumpkin porridge and sujeonggwa.

However, compared to then, it is very lively now. It is clearly visible that the overall age of the chaebols has become younger.

Is it natural to say that he was so upset about the Jangjeon-eup incident? Even the chaebols think it’s a very tiring world to live in. because of me.

“Come on, Minister, are you here?”

As the people around me started to murmur when they saw me, the receptionist ran out of the hotel front with tabi feet.

However, someone restrained the staff and claimed to be a guide. It was a familiar face.

“Minister. Thank you for taking such a long step.”

“Governor Chung Jung-yeop? This is nice.”

“haha! I think it’s nice to see you in Jeju Island!”

He walked around the banquet hall with me. I felt a little burdened because it seemed like I was showing off my friendship with someone I wasn’t very close to.

still. Since I didn’t say hello to anyone for nothing, it seemed that they didn’t think of me as a subordinate at all.

but. Since you gave me the seat of the party leader of the Kuomintang, wouldn’t some people look like an angel?

After guiding me to the reserved seat, Chung-yeop slipped away. It was nice to say goodbye.

The problem was after that.

“… … Why is no one coming?”

I’m sitting at the table while eating pichaewon and olive chicken salad. No one came to my table.

Pi Chae-won provided the answer.

“Maybe it’s because the congressman’s expression is so hard.”

“I always look like this.”

“Honestly, Senator, as you get older, your impression has become very sharp. Especially after the Australian crisis, he seems to get angry even if he stays still.”

“shit. That’s why we need to stop politics.”

Although I answered jokingly, I actually thought it was because of the Jangjeon-eup incident. Because it was an incident where more than half of the business world was split up with a little bit of exaggeration.

There were countless chaebols who had their hands on the organ trafficking market in North Korea due to the critical condition of their families, and all of them were searched out by Yoo Jae-kyung. Of course, I was motivated.

There were also those who killed Korean hunters and sold their organs, so the government thoroughly smashed the organ trafficking market without exception.

Even the hunters who robbed the organs have not been caught yet.

First of all, it is estimated that it is a foreign force trying to study the recipe for the stimulant, but they said that the investigation was difficult because the tail was neatly cut.

Therefore, the Jangjeon-eup incident still remains as a rebellion by the Yang Pan-seok administration.

Thanks to him, he was sentenced to prison without probation. And the chaebols gathered now were those who inherited their positions from them.

In other words, someone took the opportunity thanks to me, and someone sent their parents to prison because of me.

No one knew what they would think of me. For once I think so.

“Hmm… … .”

anyway. Since no one came to visit me, I sat still and watched the banquet hall.

Soft classical music flows. People sip champagne floating around on trays. If you look closely, you will find that a lot of people are surprisingly familiar with it.

I chatted with Pi Chae-won.

“Isn’t that person Lee Yoojung Hunter? The head of the 3rd generation guild in Mt. Geumgang joined the chaebol as a daughter-in-law. What company are you doing?”

“It is an APT agency. The president of the CEM affiliate made it independently, but there are a lot of legal problems with the holding company now.”

“Huh? That person is also a Hunter. 8th grade hunter Seo Joong-seop. She was a psychic who was known as an electric eel in Apgujeongpa, but who is the woman next to her?”

“The second daughter of the Daesung Life Insurance family. First of all, I’m in a public relationship… … I am pregnant.”

Pi Chae-won spoke as if she knew the information she had just found out. Thanks to this, I was able to collect various information.

I was worried that Pi Chae-won would also get a headache at this point, but it seems like he’s used to this, and he was just eating a salad.

“Is it delicious?”


“okay. Eat a lot.”

It was around the time when Pi Chae-won looked at me because I was embarrassed to be treated as a child.

“What are you two doing? Put me in too!”

“Oh, Mr. Chen.”

President Cheon always insisted on wearing a white suit in public, and he came to us today dressed like a snow rabbit.

she asked me

“Is your seat comfortable?”

“It’s comfortable. Not many people come.”

“It’s all because I spit on you yesterday.”

“Should I say thank you for this?”

“You’re welcome!”

Perhaps because it was an official statue, she looked more lively than in private. you must be very tired a little pitiful

CEO Cheon, who was seated at the table, took a bite out of the chicken salad we had been eating. and frown

“Ugh. it’s puffy Why are you eating salad in a place like this?”

“Then, shall we eat back ribs at the regular general meeting of the FKI?”

“There’s nothing you can’t do.”

“Do not. It’s embarrassing.”

It was in the midst of such a bittersweet talk.


Something came from the hotel lobby. The sound was too heavy to be dismissed as someone dropping a load.

The president was suddenly filled with murmurs. And what calmed that chaotic atmosphere


It was a clear gunshot.

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