A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 202

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 202

EP 31 – Winter Travel is Not Going (3)


gunshots were heard. It was a clear gunshot that anyone could hear. A chilly silence descended on the banquet hall where gentle classical music was playing.

However, most of the people gathered here were exempted from military service, and of course they had never even set foot on the battlefield, so at first they were more puzzled.

I couldn’t tell if it was a gunshot or not.

“What, what?”

“Gas explosion… … Maybe?”

“Ah, haha, I was surprised by this-”

When only a few hunters noticed an unusual sign, several shots were fired again. This time, it was quite naked like a gunshot in a movie.


Everyone froze as if time had stopped. Everyone looked at each other and rolled their eyes, and voices filled with anxiety began to come out little by little.

“… … It was just a gunshot, right?”

“Secretary Kim. Get the helicopter on the roof right now.”

“Isn’t that a monster, a monster!?”

As the room was covered with all kinds of noise, I quietly closed my eyes and fiddled with my inner pocket. There was a 38-caliber pistol issued to the generals of the Armed Forces. It was a gift from Yang Pan-seok.

And as I slowly pondered why I was carrying this pistol, now was never the time to worry about monsters.

“… … tt.”

The gun was a weapon for killing people.

* * *

From the moment the gunshot was heard, I started to reflexively roll my head. First, let’s take a quick look at what the gunshot really is.

On the day of the regular general meeting of the FKI, the monster who had not seen a nosebleed until now. It was not a sensible decision to suddenly appear in a hotel banquet hall.

Even if a monster appeared, there was no reason to hear gunshots. Because monsters don’t shoot guns, and civilian bodyguards can’t have guns.

In other words, it is concluded that it was an outsider who used the gun.

“… … It’s terrorism.”

“I beg your pardon?”


Judgment was quick.

You must first get out of the attacking point of the terrorists. I moved with Pi Chae-won and the Archangel.

“Let’s go to the emergency exit.”

I moved a little and looked around. A few hunters belonging to the chaebol family were preparing for battle. Dresses and tuxedos did not hide their lives.

Rather, it seems that the hunters, who had been crouching among the chaebols, are starting to show their vigor. Since they were one of the top high-ranking hunters, they even seemed quite relaxed.

“Uh, CEO Lee Yoo-jung. Long time no see.”

“Let’s start charging at the time to say hello.”

“Oh, it’s already over.”

The telecommunication magician in a red dress crumpled a fork and knife to make bullets, while the hunter in a tuxedo slit his tie around his fist and spit sparks.

He looked quite reliable, but he had no intention of fighting with them. This is because bullets are usually faster than Hunter’s cognitive abilities.

I don’t know if it’s a rigid body magician who can’t use bullets at all. Hunters are human beings who eventually die if they get shot in the head. And no matter how strong it may be, it is no exception. I was the one who had read reports of several battles that had not been released to the public.

At the time of the Jangjeon-eup suppression operation, a telecom sniper, who was believed to be a class A or higher organ trafficking force, was killed by Yeo Dasol’s anti-material sniper rifle.

Moreover, if you look at the occasional shootout between the hunter thugs and the police commando on the North Korean border, the relationship between the hunter and the soldier is clear.

Moreover, even the number of hunters was too small.

“Tt… … .”

There was no bodyguard in the banquet hall. Even if there was, he wasn’t a Hunter. Everyone is waiting downstairs. It was because he couldn’t dare bring human butchers with superpowers to the gathering place of the chaebols.

So, the only hunters in the banquet hall are members of the chaebol family. Although each individual was a high-ranking hunter, the number was less than five. It was not enough to deal with the terrorists who attacked with determination.

So, while the Hunters blocked the entrance, I hurriedly moved to the emergency exit. It’s a gambled choice, but it’s the best for now.

“Come on, let’s go quickly. There may be bombs installed in the banquet hall… … .”

I opened the emergency exit door.

And as soon as I opened the door, I made eye contact with a gas mask.

“… … !”

“… … !”

Startle. I was surprised and so was the terrorist. After about a second of silence, the terrorist grabbed me roughly.



I struggled to escape, but the terrorist snatched me up from behind and grabbed my neck.

Pi Chae-Won was startled and threw himself to save me, but another terrorist smashed Pi Chae-Won with a butt.


The guy sags and falls. My head turned white because I didn’t know if I was dead or fainted, but seeing the convulsions little by little makes my head cold again.

And, it felt like something in my heart was falling apart.

“… … .”

Three terrorists.

Everyone is wearing a gas mask. The guy holding me is bare-handed, the guy who looks like a woman is bare-handed, and there’s only one guy with a gun.

That was the time when I was trying to make an improvisation somehow.


The sound of gunshots coming from the side of my ear shook my head. One ear seems to have gone away for a while. When he lost his sense of balance and fell, he was caught by the terrorist and leaned against him.

As the man with a gun approaches the left crowd, people scream and run away. The man with the gun fired again into the air and shouted at us.

“Hands up!”

It was an awkward Korean pronunciation. The terrorist is probably a foreigner. The guy with the gun took the place and started threatening us.

“Stay still! don’t hurt! stop! Still-“

Then, iron chopsticks flew into the temple of the man with the gun. It was an attack from our telecasting magician. Then the terrorist woman reached out and blocked it.

great. The terrorist woman had a telemetry accident. The guy with the gun is a non-Awakened person because he has a slow reaction. When the man with the gun noticed that he had just died, he got angry and pointed the gun at me.

“Still! be there! Still!”

Even with the gun pointed at my head, I slowly grasped the enemy’s movements.

A total of 3 people. At least the guy with the gun isn’t a physical wave. The woman is a telemetry magician. Then this guy holding me… … .

Look down. The marble floor he is treading on is dented. abnormal physical abilities. It’s a body magician!

Kwajik! I grabbed the beak that touched my head. and crushed

When the gun is disabled, the guy with the gun panics and retreats. The person holding me seemed to be startled.

As a signal, the hunters on our side rushed in, and I decided to kill the guy who was holding me from behind first.

“f**k, f**k you… … !”

He staggered when he slapped him in the chin with all his might with the back of his head.

I can’t match it upside down because my legs are sick. I just put my weight on my back and fell with the terrorist.

Just hug the terrorist and roll on the floor. The terrorist punched me in the face, but it didn’t do much damage. Because he and I had exactly the same physical abilities.

And I was a human being who was sparring against an incumbent mixed martial artist throughout my school days.

“this… … dog… … !”

What you learn while being hit is the way your body remembers.

I took the mount position and hit the terrorist in the face.

To be precise, it was a posture called Knee On Belly, in which one knee strikes the opponent’s face while smashing the opponent’s teeth.

Since I did not have one leg, it could be said that the posture was optimized for me with an unstable center of gravity. At least, that’s what Yeo Do-yeon said.

“Profit… … !”

And since this posture was not completely riding on the opponent, I was able to jump straight to the arm bar, but the terrorist started punching me at random.

I grabbed the fist and fell to the side and crossed my legs. And as it is, he put on the arm bar and started pulling his forearm out of his torso.


Whoops! With the sound, his arms stretched out from his shoulders.

“aah-! Chi-“

The terrorist manages to hold back the scream. I tried to take a picture of my face with my heel, but I failed because I didn’t have a heel. The prosthetic leg was removed.

In any case, in order to survive this chaos, I had to somehow make contact with this body magician. I cling to the terrorist moaning in pain.

And in that state, I grasped the war situation. The chaebols were running away from the entrance, and the hunters were struggling to see if the terrorist telecasting magician was quite strong.

And the gnome who beat Chaewon with a butt was being protected by a terrorist teleconsist… … .

“I, I, I… … !”

He pulled something out of his inner pocket and pulled out a pin. And threw it in the middle of where the hunters were fighting.

Goosebumps rose from my spine. The moment that grenade explodes, a swarm of deaths will follow. I shouted out in fear.

“Watch out for grenades… … !”

It was a flash bomb.


Something flickered and flashed and blinded my eyes. The sound was so loud that it reached my ears. It felt like someone was grinding a rifle into my ear.

About 30 seconds passed. As I rolled on the floor in a panic and shed tears, the rigid body magician I had been holding on to disappeared.

He wiped the tears with the sleeve of his shirt and looked around. Hunters and ordinary people alike are lying on the floor, while three terrorists wearing gas masks are standing by the window.

To be precise, the only intact terrorist telecaster was tying the other two.

As I fell to the floor and shed tears, I looked at them with bloodshot eyes.

“hey-! These f**king things!”

When he pulled the revolver out of his inner pocket with trembling hands, the terrorist saw it and smashed the window in anger.

The chaebols insisted on having a party while watching the night view of Jeju Island, so one wall of the banquet hall was entirely made of glass. And this is the 24th floor.

Are you planning to fly away with your telekinetic powers?

I can’t let it go


bang! He shot the terrorist with trembling hands, but of course he missed as he had just been hit with a flash bomb and had never had any training in his life.

Then, the terrorist telecaster quickly removed the window and jumped out of the building with the two dangling terrorists.

And it began to fly into the night sky.

“These cubs… … !”

I crawled to the window and fired five bullets at those flying in the distance.

He dragged Hunter Seo Joong-seop (Apgujeongpa electric eel), who had been wallowing on the floor, and hurled lightning bolts into the air like crazy.

However, the three terrorists eventually disappeared into the dark night sky.

* * *

“Fortunately, there are no fatalities.”


It was then that he managed to relieve himself and wiped his chest. The elderly policeman continued to report with a soft smile.

“It seems that after breaking the wall on the 23rd floor and breaking in from above, the bodyguards were subdued with special smoke and entered the banquet hall on the 24th floor through the emergency exit… … .”

“No, you mean there were only three terrorists?”

“As far as we know, yes.”

The hotel lobby where the sound of an ambulance rings loudly and all the injured people can be heard. I was being treated by a doctor and listening to the police report.

I asked a police investigator whose rank I didn’t know.

“This doesn’t make sense. Only three people hitting the FKI General Assembly? Are you saying that only three people took down all the guards on the 23rd floor?”

“It looks like they used a special gas, but it’s not just three people.”

While the doctor gave an anesthetic injection and pulled out a piece of glass stuck in his forearm, the police explained step by step.

“First of all, it seems that the telecommunication magician, who is presumed to be a female, is an A+ grade. Of course, this is only when calculating simple output. If you look at the ability to subdue the Hunters, their ability to fight against one another is almost the highest level… … .”

So even though the high-ranking hunters were so close, they couldn’t win. Because Korean hunters are used to fighting monsters. except for some.

“and… … The hunter with the gun was a B-class bodybuilder. Although he is not capable of strengthening the whole body, seeing that he is carrying a gun, his reflexes are estimated to be of the highest level. I think he might be an observer.”

“Yes? Wasn’t it common? I reacted very slowly to Hunter Lee Yoo-jung’s attack. I flew my chopsticks, but I was slow to dodge… … .”

“Ah, that’s why Hunter Lee Yu-jeong is the highest in the country in the field of telemetry, but it’s no different than the hunter you dealt with… … .”

The old policeman sighed slightly. He also seemed embarrassed about something to say.

“That is, based on the situation at the scene and the surrounding testimony, it is presumed that the terrorist you suppressed is an SS-class bodybuilder.”

“… … I beg your pardon?”

“They said it was a close encounter that was almost invisible. Even in the eyes of other hunters.”

“… … .”

The guy who held it like a dog’s fortune is said to be SS-level. I was a little embarrassed, but I put my thoughts together for a moment.

“… … Class B observer. A-class telekinetic magician. Were you an SS-class rigid body magician?”

“That’s right.”

“But those guys caused the terror. No one died?”

The policeman laughed awkwardly. I felt something strange.

“hey. Chaewon-ah.”

“yes… … ?”

“Are you okay?”

“yes… … .”

Pi Chae-won, who had fainted for a moment, was guarding me with a bandage on her head. Although the shock had not yet gone, his complexion was pale, but he said that there was no major threat to his life.

However, the person who hit Pi Chae-won with a butt is a B-class rigid body magician. And since Pi Chae-won was not a stone head, the terrorist had controlled his power and hit him.

In other words, the 0 deaths are absolutely no coincidence… … .

“… … .”

A terrorist attack at the Jeju chaebol general assembly. But there are no fatalities. So, what is terrorism for? Why did you target the chaebols?

I looked around. Since the victims were chaebols, reporters did not even dare to cross the police line. All the hospitals immediately flew those expensive emergency helicopters.

The chaebols were so terrified that they summoned all the bodyguards, and Jeju-do Governor Chung Jung-yeop, who had his feet caught on fire, convened all the police forces to accompany them.

In other words, there is a gap in the teeth at different points.

And Jeju Island is where Korea’s core institutions are gathered. The most important of these is… … .

“… … Hunter Academy.”

A super industrial complex built around the Hunter Academy.

And the ‘stimulants’ being studied there.

As soon as I got to that point, the true purpose of the terrorists became clear.

I got up from my seat and yelled at the policeman.

“Stimulants are dangerous! Is there Jinwoon Seol at Hunter Academy right now? Don’t ever come here from the Dongdaemun faction-“


“… … !!”

He turned around, startled by the familiar voice. Seol Jinwoon Hunter was looking at me with a puzzled look.

“The stimulants are dangerous. what is that… … .”


A cold breath flew through the bitter winter wind.

When I looked up at the sky with a cramped heart, the dark clouds that had grown suddenly obscured the crescent moon in the night sky.

The current time is 11:36.

The night on Jeju Island has just begun.

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