A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 203

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 203

EP 31 – Winter Travel is Not Going (4)

“Are you saying this could be a two-way operation?”

“That is the situation.”

“this… … .”

Governor Chung Jung-yeop frowned. To be precise, it was a face that wanted to deny reality. Do I have to say that I have lost my country?

It’s not that I don’t understand the sentiment. After all, this incident happened in Jeju Island. Isn’t that also a matter of the lives of the chaebols?

But the fact that his expression changes strangely as he keeps biting his nails seems to be trying to taunt him by turning it into a strange happy circle.

just as expected. The audience began to lay the ground rice.

“that… … Senator Han Seung-moon. So… … So far, there is no evidence of that for sure-”

“The police must be released immediately.”


“We need to send a special police force to the institute.”

I put a strong pressure on the audience.

In the beginning, people tended to be closer to excuses than reasons. So, I had to move the police first before I started talking nonsense.

And the command of the Jeju Provincial Police belonged to Chung Jung-yeop.

“Let’s go to the Police Force Research Center right now. Perhaps the stimulant has already been stolen. Catching the already over terror site in a yard that is not enough even if you search the entire island of Jeju… … .”

“Oh, hey, I know what you mean.”

“Governor. The terrorist fled into the air. Why don’t you unpack the helicopter and inspect it thoroughly? How many helicopters are there now?”

“Well, that’s the situation where there aren’t any helicopters available right now—”

So. Now, terrorists may have attacked the stimulant lab. Can’t send police, can’t fly helicopters?

At those words, it was an uncle who was strangely listening next to him who burst out a roar. He rushed to Governor Chung Jung-yeop and threatened him.

“no! Governor Cheong! What do you mean? No helicopters!”

“Ha, ha, isn’t it Chairman Jung? Just calm down-”

“Didn’t I just ask you to take one out! How long do you have to be at a terrorist site like this? Was it that hard to tell you to prepare a helicopter?!”

“Now there are not just one or two people like that… … .”

“Who can be and who can’t? Are you ignoring me now? her. Let’s put it somewhere. Bring the helicopter right now!”

The uncle, who is presumed to be a chaebol, was angered by the gibberish and anger at Governor Chung Jung-yeop. He seems to have lost his senses because he had just come out of the threat of life.

Perhaps it could be said that his nature was revealed. And they weren’t the only ones like that.

Everyone threatened Governor Chung Jung-yeop, saying that they would take a helicopter and go to a safe zone. The police tried their best to put a stamp on them, telling them to be reassured.

“… … .”

In the end, it was a situation where all public powers were used as helpers for the chaebols to return home.

I put one final question to the roaming audience.

“Governor Chung Jung-yeop. Just tell me this. Do you have any troops available right now?”

“Yeah, that’s right! Well, don’t worry. Once we clear the scene… … .”

“Oh, yes.”

damn. It seems like this is not cooperating with the police.

I left the poor Governor Chung Jung-yeop alone and quietly grasped the situation. Since the Jeju-do governor has the authority to command the police in Jeju Island, the police have nothing to do anymore.

However, the chaebols were a problem to convince the governor of Jeju Island. All helicopters were mobilized to return the chaebols home, and the police were more focused on protecting the chaebols than chasing terrorists.

Of course, it was a problem that could be solved by hitting some official letters, making a few phone calls, and eventually twisting the official arm, but the time was too short for that.

at that time. Chaewon Pi said.



Pi Chae-won pointed at someone with her finger.

“Hunters aren’t the only civil servants, aren’t they?”

* * *

“Chairman Cheon Geum-soon!”

The police investigator shouted at President Cheon. However, he was soon stopped by the bodyguards and pushed out. All of the bodyguards were hunters, so it was natural.

However, the investigator did not give up and caught the archangel. and shouted mournfully. Then the CEO also reluctantly answered.

“President! Please cooperate! Witness cooperation is needed to understand the situation… … .!”

“Haha, I’m sorry, but I don’t want to be at the terrorist site any longer. He seems to have anemia as well. Because I’m afraid that someone will attack me again. We’ll talk about it later. yes… … .”

“A word of testimony right now is very valuable. please!”

“Once you are safe. I’ll tell you later. I. Yes?”

“President! It really takes a while. for a moment. So please take your time… … .”

“Oh, I see, so don’t look at me. I’m dizzy… … .”

“sorry! thank you!”

“And not the president, but the president… … .”

The earnest request of the police investigator was granted. President Cheon Geum-soon stopped walking towards the underground bunker and bit the hunters with his hand gestures.

Just dying and coming back to life is pretty sensitive. She perched on the bonnet of a police car, messing with her flaky hair.

“So, let’s explain it step by step from the beginning… … .”

She began to explain, glancing at the dark circle’s mockingly dangling eyes. A police investigator clings to her and holds a notepad.

There was a sense of gibberish because he had just left the scene of the terrorist attack, but it was still quite a nutritious testimony.

“When Seungmoon opened the emergency exit door next to the podium, gas masks came out. Were there three? I was startled and hid behind an open door, but somehow I didn’t get caught and I’m still alive.”

“Emergency exit next to the podium… … And?”

“One of the terrorists is Mr. Seungmoon, no. I caught a minister. Secretary Pi Chae-won threw herself to save the minister. And I fell down after being hit with a butt by a terrorist, and I think Seungmun-san’s Yama turned there… … . Your eyes have changed drastically.”


“No, because the man held hostage suddenly smashed the terrorist’s gun and then slashed the person he was holding and slaughtered it? Mak, mak, how do you twist your body like a snake and make it flow like water? … In the blink of an eye, a person… … .”


“Later, he crawls and shoots with seven packs of blood, but his eyes are, uh, a little… … Do you know what it feels like?”


“I touched someone I shouldn’t have touched… … ? feel that way? Uh, just like that.”


The police investigator shook his head at President Cheon’s point. At that moment, Han Seung-moon was walking with a cane.

It was a full blown man, but his two eyes were the same. The bewildered investigator is unable to speak, so Han Seung-moon comes up to him and gives him a word.

“Chief Chen.”

“I’m glad you’re safe! No injuries anywhere? Oh really-”

“Let’s hire some hunters.”

“How long have you been looking for?”

* * *

“Team A. The lab has arrived. So far, nothing outwardly looks like.”

“Team B. Enter through the underground passage. We are currently on our way to the lab on the second basement floor.”

“This is Team C. We have secured an air defense system. There is nothing wrong with the sky. till now.”

It employed only 15 people, but the labor cost was astronomical. Even now, because I’m a civilian, I didn’t get any tax treatment.

I feel like I want to get an acquaintance sale from the head of the GS group. I picked up the radio with trembling hands.

“Well, you did well. Terrorists have guns, so please be extra careful.”


This is what I think the terrorists are doing.

If you threaten the lives of the chaebols, even if someone warns you of a double action, the police will be paralyzed. because. Because the chaebols mobilize the police for safety.

Of course, Korea was a sane country, so it was only a temporary chaos in the end, but it was enough for the terrorists who mobilize hunters who go from A-class to S-class or higher.

So it’s a race against time.

Who steals the stimulant first?

Who will guard the lab first?

Who catches the thieves first?

The fate of the country depended on it.

By the way… … .

“There is nothing more than a laboratory. Senator.”

“I beg your pardon?”

“Attack or something. or stealth. No special features were found.”

Was my prediction wrong? It was unbelievable news. Hunter even replaced the NIS agent in the research lab.

“I am glad that you are safe. Minister. I heard that there was a terrorist attack.”

“No, Chief Choi. Are you really okay?”

“The NIS protects the workplace no matter what. That’s the principle. And Hunter Seol Jin-woon was also wary of Yang-dong, so he went out with half of the hunters left.”

“Perhaps… … If you are being threatened by terrorists. Please be serious without laughter.”

“ha ha ha! Thank you for your words, but we are really safe.”

at that time. Seol Jin-woon Hunter, who had been sent to Jeju International Airport, also received a call. I put in the walkie-talkie and picked up my phone.

“Uh, Seol Hunter. Are you okay?”

“The airport is fine. Minister. The ROK Army has already dispatched special forces. By the way, is the lab safe?”

“Uh, uh, uh, there’s nothing wrong with that.”

“Fortunately, the… … .”

What the hell is this? there’s nothing wrong with it? Did the terrorists just go away like this?

I don’t know if I’d have left a message, but wouldn’t this kind of thing mean nothing?

Then, a thought flashed through my mind.

“… … I am a terrorist.”

I am a terrorist

If I were to steal a stimulant, would I steal the stimulant? Or steal the recipe for stimulants?

It is currently 2:03 in the morning. I called Chief Researcher Hwaran Cheon.

“… … .”

don’t answer the phone

okay. Gam Ji-yoon, who boasted a cold, was left in Busan and was living alone in Jeju Island, so if she is asleep, she may not be able to receive it.

Instead, I contacted the National Intelligence Service (NIS), which guards the institute. Whether the radio was still connected, the answer was immediate.

“Are you talking about Dr. Cheon Hwa-ran?”

“Yes. Do you know where I am now?”

“maybe… … I know that you are almost always in the sleeping room. Let’s check it out first. The situation is so chaotic that the number of people can be identified… … .”

“Yes Yes. We ask for it as soon as possible.”

2 minutes after that.

The news of Dr. Hwaran Cheon’s disappearance has been heard.

* * *

“… … Did you succeed?”


“Good job.”

Two masked men made contact in the wild. Both spoke awkwardly pronounced Korean, and one was holding two hostages.

The man holding the hostage opened his mouth.

“Leader. What about the kids at the hotel?”

“Originally, it was supposed to be a hostage play, but an unexpected engagement resulted in a hasty escape. Heard that he was injured… … .”

at that time. The man called the captain stopped talking.

“What is that child? Weren’t you taking only one person?”

“Ah, well, she probably looks like Dr. Chen’s daughter. They were sleeping in the same bed. He saw my face, so I just anesthetized him and brought him back.”

“Ts. useless thing… … .”

The terrorist chief shook his head.

“I can’t afford to take the little one. You take care of yourself.”

“What, what?”

“Wherever you put it in the shopping center.”

As the two terrorists were trying to figure out how to deal with the child, three terrorists staggered down from the sky.

The telecaster collapsed as soon as he landed on the ground. So were the two terrorists she was carrying.

“Wow, what’s going on!”

“Something happened, Shi X, I almost got shot… … Ouch!”

The telecommunication magician spoke perfect Korean. She took off her gas mask and started making a statement. Pointing your fingers at your colleagues.

“Takashi this bastard got sick because it was smashed, and Uncle Ishizuka was beaten by a hostage and stretched out.”

“What, what?!”

“I barely managed to fight the hunters there, but I managed to escape when Takashi exploded a flash bomb… … .”

The telecaster trembled as if he was traumatized.

“What kind of madman chases after a terrorist and grinds his gun… … .”

“What are you talking about?”

“Is that the guy who pulled off Uncle Ishizuka’s arm, crawled and shot with his leg cut off? I’m not crazy… … .”

The telecaster was almost in tears.

That time when the captain calmed the telecaster.

The held hostage flinched quietly.

“… … Ohh.”

Ga Ji-yoon slowly opened her eyes.

* * *

It has been two hours since Dr. Chun Hwaran disappeared.

The police, who were calmed by Yang Pan-seok’s response, began to function only then, and the police officers from the portrait management department also arrived at Jeju Airport and started a search.

In the middle of the night, not the national army, the Jindo dog was issued and all the soldiers gathered. I heard that vacations and overnight stays were all cut off.

“No, so… … .”

And I am holding the phone and conducting an investigation. The first person I caught was none other than Yang Pan-seok.

“You really don’t know anything, don’t you?”

“Hey, aren’t you blatantly suspicious of me?”

“sorry. There is no one as dangerous as the President at the end of his original term… … .”

“… … Although it’s our tradition for the original president to gossip at the end of his term. First of all, I am not.”

I also interviewed many other people. Actually, this was all I could do for now.

Meanwhile, shocking news came.

“So, reporter Gam. Dr. Cheon Hwaran and Jiyoon were together?”

“Ah, that’s right… … ! Today is winter vacation, so I went down to Jeju Island in the morning-”

Shit. what the hell is this Reporter Gam called out in a voice mixed with tears at the loss of his wife and children.

My hair went white as it was completely unexpected for me. By the time I finally calmed down the flu and started to deal with it,

Gam Ji-yoon received a phone call.

“… … !”

Calling the kidnapped person’s cell phone. There was no such thing as brittle hair.

I swallowed dry saliva and answered the phone. And he opened his mouth in a tense voice.

“… … hello.”

“Oh, uncle!”

“Ji, are you Jiyoon?”

“I escaped! Where can I go?”

“Dr. Cheon Hwa-ran! Are you okay, Doctor!?”

“Yes. Mom passed out and woke up As soon as I woke up, I passed out again from my fear of heights. It’s the sky now… … .”

As soon as I finished the call, I collapsed to the floor. Suddenly, a cold sweat dripped down.

I pick up my broken phone and look at the time. It was 4:50 am on the 25th of December.

“Oh, Senator! Are you okay?”

“Chaewon-ah… … .”

His body relaxed and he fell to the floor. I couldn’t lift a single finger. I left a message to Pi Chae-won in a thin voice.

“Jiyun… … I escaped… … .”

“yes… … ?”

“Send a Kakao Talk to the Blue House… … .”

Chae-won Pi took out her cell phone from my pocket and reported the case was closed. It was only then that my forearm, which was covered in glass shards, started to hurt.

Heavy muscle pain pressured my whole body, and I slowly close my eyes to the drowsiness that slowly creeps in. It seemed like I was going to faint on the street like this.

“life… … .”

body hurts Head is tired. clothes were torn The bankbook was empty in an instant as it had hired 15 hunters. I wanted to cry.

I can’t stand crying, so I quietly close my eyes on the street. Then something cold fell on the bridge of his nose.

Pi Chae-won suddenly looks up at the sky.

“… … It’s snowing.”

Cold snowflakes began to fall. It was stinky eyes.

President Cheon, who was squatting next to me, opened his mouth with a smile.

“Wow, it’s a white Christmas! In fact, because of this, I asked to go on a trip-”



be quiet.

yes… … .

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